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Chat log from R9 of 2022: West Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs Melbourne, R9 of 2022

Raspel31: Well, if Clarry scores 250 I’m safe in all my leagues.
Torz: Clark playing on the wing again, or inside?
bhg26: Blow the siren!
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
PJ39301965: I agree bhg I win my 53 to 1 multi. Lol
navy_blues: bout 110 max plz ollie
BigChief: Cmon Max get in there mate.
fruity: put the C on Oliver this week..150+ will make me very happy
Raspel31: Upgrade Maxxy to Hayes next week?
Napper: Bro Oliver getting shafted by CD. Far out
Raspel31: Is there anyone I can pay to get Clark’s score ahead of Boak’s
mattmac24: Gawn to stay very low please!
Raspel31: So glad Dixon a late inclusion- having a major impact.
bhg26: Gawn come on man, give us something
Ash777: Rucks are a shambles this season
LuvIt74: what the heck Gawn bloody shocking
mattmac24: Been pretty lucky with Witts and Preuss as rucks for sc
cmperrfect: Is today the day m0nty finally gets to put the mare on Gawn ?
duckky: Gawn shouldn’t have been playing.
beerent11: Keep going trac
Stikman35: Gawn, Witts and preuss. Whom should I trade out next week?
beerent11: Nice to have some variety in the rucks. Better for the game of SuperCoach
duckky: Look at your byes Stikman. Then make your decision.
Raspel31: Is it possible for Tracs score to go down every time Oliver scores= just asking?
feralmong: did u go oliver ducky?
duckky: Yep Feral. Owe you a beer.
beerent11: Dees play the same no matter how easy the opponent
duckky: Thanks
feralmong: reaches into fridge and grabs a beer. pizza on the way too.
Hazza09: Ffs Oliver
bhg26: Onya trac and captain clarry
BigChief: Looks like WC having a crack, just Melb too good.
beerent11: Cheers to Roy Symonds.
Raspel31: Gawn really should have been rested- a shoe in- but Clark does look the money.
Raspel31: Yeah, very sad new beer.
navy_blues: kelli watching diff game to me saying gawn in everything
Migz: kelli is fucking trash man. kick her off. last week she made so many mistakes
Ash777: stfu with the pineapple story!
Spifflicat: And yet nowhere near as shite as BT
beerent11: Dees should win from here
BigChief: not so sure beer. WC will fight and win.
Spifflicat: What gives it away Beer?
Migz: Darling took a mark! With hands out in front! never thought i’d see the day
beerent11: Heard about it too migz
Foursuits: Up by 15 opponent has Jackson, I have Gawn……tears
duckky: What pineapple story?
Migz: as he should. antivax dud. so much potential. so much wasted on dropping chest marks
Migz: the commentator had like a 5 min convo bout a pineapple. it lead no where.
beerent11: Supervoter. What the fuck? Now I?ve seen it all.
Tig-Train: Ohh here we go, we found the government slave covid vaccine pushing tosser in the chat
MercAm: Where is everybdoy sitting at, started the round projecting 2500, and now probs lucky to get 2200 haha
m0nty: tbh I want closure on the pineapple anecdote
Hazza09: Ofcourse I come up against someone with Jackson this week, absolute joke
beerent11: That?s aggressive tig train
Tig-Train: They still believe in covid in WA?
beerent11: Granted m0nty
Tig-Train: MercAm I?m the same?
zadolinnyj: Let it go Tig-Train. Not the place
Spifflicat: There?s left wing tools, and there?s right wing tools, doesn?t make you any better TigTrain
zadolinnyj: Closure was when he tried it at 18 Monty
frenzy: I would be happy with 2200 this week
beerent11: Friday proj 2380ish- likely 2250. Saved by touk cap
beerent11: Depends on tracca
Raspel31: My suggestion is sleeping with women twice your age- and vice versa for women here. Yet to get Covid. And same MerCam.
arbel: 2100 with game and Oliver to go … that’s with rioli 7 on field too
Raspel31: Friday proj 2470- lucky to ger 2250- thank you very,very much Mr Boak.
Pies20: Only hilight got trac this week gawn c flower me
Pies20: Rasp impossible you sleep with women twice your age your 80
beerent11: Game on!
Migz: come back is real
beerent11: Your boy migz!
DrSeuss: Why is Clark tagging Trac when Nelson is in the team? Let Clark win you the ball.
Pies20: Banned for 2weeks ragging on swanstar lift gawn 100 please
Raspel31: Good point Pies-hmm? Carn Clarry.
beerent11: Trac to finish on 90
Raspel31: Cock! Just testing a theory posited last night. Cock.
beerent11: Cock cock cock
beerent11: Works rasp
pcaman2003: Finished on a lowly 2318 after original proj of 2531. Sign of the times. Very volatile scoring shifts
Raspel31: Lol beer.
beerent11: 2318 will be good this round pcaman
m0nty: Don’t troll the swear filter please.
duckky: Should have been a 50 to McGovern as Petracca refused to leave protected zone.
duckky: Don’t you love Umpire Appreciation Round?
Migz: low captain scores this week. plus a few duds from cripps and steele and cogs
navy_blues: on 2330 with gawn and oliver in this
pcaman2003: beerent. Like to think so but will drop a few spots in rankings
arbel: That was the most horrible call… how that isn’t 50 against petracca …
Hazza09: Oliver gone MIA
BigChief: Here come the Weagles 🙂
pcaman2003: Migz. I forgot to put Cripps on my long list of weekend duds.
BigChief: Okay Max you are 1/3 of the way to your expected 150 🙂
navy_blues: last thing eagles need is players missing weeks from head hgh bumps
cmperrfect: Cock and balls. Testing 123.
BigChief: He will get off because Bowey is playing on.
Migz: yeah ryan loves a bump. Needs to tone it down and tackle sometimes though
duckky: It is going to be lonely around here next week
Whiskeyjak: He’ll get a week, Chief.
pcaman2003: Gawn ,Oliver and Clark still keeping me in this. Oppo has them with C on Oliver
beerent11: Trac should be 150+
BigChief: He should Whiskey, but he won’t
J.Worrall: Bock and Calls. Testing 123.
beerent11: If you had neither clarry or McRae who would you bring in for Steele?
wadaramus: Kyle Feldt, another 4 pointer 🙂
Hazza09: Poor Qtr Oliver, piss weak
Whiskeyjak: Dees mids in second gear, Hazza. Rubbish game to watch.
Fatbar5tad: Surely there isn’t a coach in the land that doesn’t have Jacrae AND Coliver?
Ash777: That is indeed a week at minimum for Ryan
BigChief: I am thinking Clarry beer.
mattmac24: Me fat, don’t have Clarity.. yet
Migz: i have mac, steele, neale, miller, pet. Will be trading steel to oliver this week
BigChief: Fatbar oliver 41% and Macrae 53% owned. So clearly that’s a no.
mattmac24: Clarity? Weird. Don’t have Clarry yet
Ninty: I have B Smith and Trac instead Fat.
wadaramus: My mid-pricers have sucked, but Jackson should get me a league win anyway.
Migz: and cripps
beerent11: I know of one fatbar
beerent11: And that?s why draft is better I reckon
cherry9: Two fine players there Worrall
AlsoGmax: If we can’t look forward to our premos playing West Coast, what do we have left?!
BigChief: I like draft over classic. More of a challenge.
Fatbar5tad: In answer to your question Beer, I’d take Jacrae.
frenzy: I prefer Draft over Lager, Oh wait…
Fatbar5tad: Yeah but not having both Chief? Don’t reckon I’ve played a team in 10 leagues where they haven’t had one or the other.
Migz: id probably prefer draft but how do you get a league that doesnt fall apart
Migz: if you don’t know them or a cash league
navy_blues: i like draught chief
beerent11: Think jacrae at the price is great value
cmperrfect: Took Neale’s 115 but thought should’ve gone with Clarry. Didn’t work out so bad.
frenzy: macca deals with the tag better, imo
wadaramus: L.Jackson deserves more TOG.
Raspel31: Earth to starship?
BigChief: I don’t have either Fatbar. Neale, Petracca, Cripps, Steele, Brayshaw, Boak, B. Smith and Josh Kelly.
banta: Surely rest Gawn and let Jackson play more time on ground. If you don’t play LJ in the ruck in this sort of game when?
Raspel31: Ah- ignore last comment.
Raspel31: How many rage trades next week- Boak no 1. But nope methinks.
wadaramus: Get off the bench Jacko, FFS Goody, why do you put the clamps on him?
cmperrfect: Cmon Clarry. 5 more touches.
J.Worrall: the best, @cherry
Raspel31: Clark will buy us a great upgrade in a few weeks- good lad.
Fatbar5tad: Probs where I go wrong Chief. Spent too much early.
BigChief: Chandler in trouble.
Grimes Jr: pathetic oliver
bhg26: Oh what a shower day for sc
bhg26: Cogs, showerfield, Cripps, Gawn, Oliver c
arbel: @chief… start of the tackle was okay but the drive into the ground with arms pinned
BigChief: arbel I don’t think he should be but with Foley possible concussion MRO will suspend him.
arbel: Yeah that’s what I meant. That’s what they’ll look at.
Hazza09: Bhg horrific day
Raspel31: A mention of M0nty- I was blocked tonight for being cheeky but allowed back. All respect. He does a hard job with tou id
Migz: lots of negative scaling to come boys
wadaramus: Tuilagi 🙂
BigChief: Imaine Raspel being cheeky.
pcaman2003: Thank you Gawn and Oliver for giving me a miraculous win. Yeah baby!
Raspel31: C’mon Spurs!
BigChief: Imagine even.
wadaramus: Go the Reds (Liverpool & Adelaide United ) 🙂
Raspel31: Lol BigChief.
pcaman2003: Bye bye Boak and Steele and hello Millsy and ?
wadaramus: Do something, anything, Jackson!
fruity: lost my league by 6 .thanks oliver l only needed another 4 from you..
cmperrfect: Can the Dees go one better than the Dons of 2000 ?
wadaramus: Oh, the game is finished 🙂 Watching the Cowboys 🙂
navy_blues: 2400 dead on
bhg26: 2250 dead on, should have been so much more

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