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Chat log from R9 of 2022: Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Adelaide vs Brisbane, R9 of 2022

TheFlagger: neale (c) and dawson lets go
Gotigres: Go captain Neale
beerent11: Gee Kayo must about 2 minutes delay
Fatbar5tad: Carn Nealey
DANGERous: freezing all the time for you beer?
beerent11: Nah not freezing just behind a fair way.
exatekk: mine too Beer. i just hit play from live every Q
TheFlagger: keays is too good to be tagging
exatekk: the worst part is when you’re trying to load up a multi and Kayo says game starts in 6 minutes, and its already started
wadaramus: Nice work umpires, we’re off to a good start with free kick bashing.
Gotigres: Big O to score 200 tonight against Strachan
DrSeuss: Nice throw from Keays there
Gotigres: You know your in trouble when Rowe is your best player so far
zadolinnyj: crows playing a few players that are not afl level
Fatbar5tad: Crows fans would be hating the Charlie show
Fatbar5tad: Wakey wakey Lachie FFS
BRAZZERS: a few? 15 players not afl level
Gotigres: Do something Neale
DEESareSAD: Zorko, Dawson and Boak haven?t been good so far for people that traded them in?.
Fatbar5tad: Neale FA fuck off
Gotigres: Come on Neale, Jack Payne is doing better than you
DrSeuss: Looks like tonight is where Neale (c) screws me and all my opponents uniques go off for massive scores
Stikman35: Berry. Well done. Scoring like a snail
Gotigres: You are obviously an optimist DrSeuss
PAFC4eva: vc neale tonight might need a capt tomorrow
DrSeuss: Haha I try Tigres – Neale rising but opponents uniques are killing me in the other game
TheFlagger: good finish to the quarter for neale and dawson
original: Cmon cluggage
DrSeuss: Dawson has gone bonkers in the last 10 minutes
cherry9: Good start Neale, but of a roller coaster but working into it
Silz90: Hinge can’t wait to trade you ..
navy_blues: omg umps
DrSeuss: How TF do you miss that – but we can?t challenge umpires
MrWalrus: The crows are surprisingly competitive this year
Torz: Here comes Zork
TheFlagger: wow zorko
mattmac24: I really need Neale to stay low.. like 60 would be perfect
DANGERous: wakey wakey choccy
Fatbar5tad: Why does Neale score shit every time I put the C on the cunt
BigChief: What are you on about Fatbar? He has 50 1/2 way through 2nd qtr
DrSeuss: Rich is having a mare – so is the entire Brissy backline
wadaramus: 49 half way through the 2nd is not so bad fatbar5tad?!
zadolinnyj: 8 minutes left and neale just under 50. why complaints
MrWalrus: Fat, he’s on for 130+ here, you’re being a bit silly I feel
DrSeuss: Also how do you miss that Coleman tackle on Soligo?
cherry9: C?mon Nealo, only 67 shy of Macrae?s VC score. Keep giving that up
cherry9: *gobbling that up.
Ash777: I bought in dawson this week
Dredd: God we look so bad.. wtf
DrSeuss: Faygan is going to rip into the Lions at half time – playing soft and lazy in defense
zadolinnyj: easily harley?s best game
zadolinnyj: hatley
cherry9: Crows have the on switch on tonight
circle52: Could not agree more Dr.
tor01doc: Thought Fitzroy were bad!
TheFlagger: hately so much better than last week
Ash777: hately must love playing against the lions
Crave: Lions missing McStay n Daniher, fwd talls giving them nothing
tor01doc: Hiptwig is so hot and cold
original: Free for nice touch mcluggage
DrSeuss: Lions need to stop kicking it straight to Dawson – play your game
TheFlagger: that is rubbish
wadaramus: That was fucking HTB, stupid cunt umpire.
zadolinnyj: that?s absolute dropping the ball. rubbish
bhg26: Boo
_Wang_: Game is so over umped now
DrSeuss: That?s a tough 50.
Breezey: HTB all day every day
mattmac24: That was harsh
wadaramus: Ned plays on thinking it is HTB.
cherry9: Micromanagement.
Wahab_18: Stupid playing on inside the mark rule cost neale a touch there ffs
TheFlagger: boo
wadaramus: It’s no wonder I am sitting at home watching the game, the AFL is fucked.
Ooost: LOL @ Wahab icon
Fatbar5tad: What did you think of Pies v Bullies wada? Headscratcher
Fatbar5tad: Warm SA welcome for the maggots
wadaramus: The AFL rules committee has a lot to answer for.
wadaramus: They have fucked our great game over.
navy_blues: crows got a free goal earlier when ball out of play so evens it up
wadaramus: I’ve had a Crows membership since 1992.
hinsch: hopefully Hird is in the Lions room at half time we need something.
wadaramus: I am going to watch Glenelg vs South next week.
DrSeuss: Lions need a massive half time rev – have been out-toughed in this game.
wadaramus: The only thing that keeps me interested is Supercoach, watching the Crows win and Port lose.
wadaramus: The AFL can get fucked.
original: I love SuperCoach, but it is so sad cheering sometimes random bloke getting a handball
MrWalrus: wada, you are spot on, it’s actually not hard either, just umpire the rules
royboy16: but sometimesthat makes a Swans v Bombers game interesting?
MrWalrus: This”interpretation” garbage is an absolute gong show & stand, dissent etc is bad at best & farcical at times.
wadaramus: The AFL try too hard to pick up every little infringement.
wadaramus: Just let them play, err on the side of play on.
wadaramus: These days, the players are all isntantly beseeching the umps for free kicks, it’s pathetic.
MrWalrus: The worst part is they get them, they are actively rewarding divers
wadaramus: All fabricated by the AFL geniuses behind the administration of our great code.
wadaramus: Zacly MrWalrus, the umpires can’t see past the tomfoolery.
wadaramus: The probelm is we all love our clubs, so we continue to support them.
wadaramus: But by doing this we vindicate the AFL.
wadaramus: I am making a stand by not going to the Adelaide Oval, perhaps I may even forego my front row seats that are
wadaramus: 30 years old.
Pokerface: i think you should send 12 fanfooty indignant messages in a row. Thatll show them
beerent11: Dominating the chat there wada. Nice work
wadaramus: Do you think it will make a difference Pokerface?
wadaramus: Thanks beer, no-one else talking 🙂
Gotigres: Wake up Neale. Hately is doing better than you
st_steve: wadaramus, you?ve had front row season tickets for the Crows for 30 years?
Pokerface: i have no doubt.
wadaramus: Hately actually going OK, I have been unsure of his quality.
wadaramus: Yes st_steve.
Pokerface: hately destroyed by gws. absolute gun as a jnr
cherry9: It plays a bit like netball. Obstruction. Contact. Stepping.
st_steve: Guessing you haven?t paid for those passes for 30 years?
Yelse: oh nooo need cameron most goals to get 1k
cherry9: But AFL is a weird game. You have to do things while making sure you look like you are doing it accidentally
DrSeuss: That’s better Lachie
_Wang_: The game isn’t better for the newules
mattmac24: Another rough 50m
wadaramus: Do you think they are handed out for free?
beerent11: This 50m rule interpretation is fucking up the game
Gotigres: You can get 140 from here Neale
wadaramus: These 50’s are a fucking supporter killer.
st_steve: No, someone obviously has to pay. But your folks paying for tickets isn?t your investment
navy_blues: i hope so gotigs
wadaramus: My folks? I’m fucking 50 years old you peanut, I pay for my own season tickets.
MrWalrus: My favourite 50 currently is the ones they give out for someone daring to stand the mark
DrSeuss: Come on Coleman – get on the pitch
st_steve: That makes it even better lol
Grimes Jr: 120 pls dawson
wadaramus: I pay for them and I don’t even go to the game anymore, the AFL has ruined the game.
wadaramus: Laugh all you like steve, I went to the 1997 GF and watched Saints supporters cry.
beerent11: Remember when it was a 15m penalty and hardly ever enforced?
MrWalrus: lol wada, welcome to how the youth of today think, the likes of you & I are doomed when they end up in charge
beerent11: Or is that a made up memory?
TheFlagger: seriously tagging dawson wow
Pokerface: thats rough when your highlights were 25 years ago
wadaramus: You talking to me beer?
tor01doc: Players need to be made to get back on the mark in line with the goals
MrWalrus: No beer, it was good times
wadaramus: Plenty of highlights poker.
Pokerface: imagine taking joy from someone who cried 25 years ago
beerent11: Talking about the old 15m penalty
DrSeuss: Coleman – walk 1 step out of the square then kick – please
wadaramus: Taking joy, I was talking to steve?
st_steve: Did you get a front row ticket to that game too?
beerent11: Damnit got vc Neale but no loophole
pcaman2003: Score big Mr Neale. I need you to carry Steele and Boak.
Fatbar5tad: What a goal Kiddy Coleman
beerent11: Can play that kid
cherry9: That was the sweetest finish
wadaramus: Irrelevant.
PAFC4eva: why are you bagging someone who has supported his club for 30 years st steve
Grimes Jr: Do something dawson
Fatbar5tad: No wonder the Crows fans are going crook. Frees are 16-15 instead of the usual 27-8 at the Crowval
PAFC4eva: should be applauded even if its crows:)
BigChief: Saints last premiership was when Steve???
pcaman2003: beerent. Who is your C now?
Pokerface: noone is bagging anyone for following the same club their whole life pafc.
wadaramus: It’s just a game these keyboard warriors play PAFC.
Fatbar5tad: Suitcase claimed by Walker
wadaramus: So what was he bagging me for poker?
Pokerface: neale vc-ers. whats your cutoff to take him instead of a melbourne captain?
st_steve: Haven?t bagged anyone, just asked questions
Fatbar5tad: Biggo Throw
st_steve: BigChief, it was 1966. Why do you ask?
mattmac24: Would still stick with my normal 135+ for Neale
MrWalrus: Stop gaslighting st_steve, you’re 100% going wada over his 30year support of his team
Fatbar5tad: Nice work Hipwood
DrSeuss: Ok back on now Lachie
Pokerface: if that’s what you read into it walrus you werent reading the whole thing
wadaramus: If someone insinuates that my “folks” pay for my season ticket, I am entitled to correct this.
Fatbar5tad: Yes Doc. Come on Lachivar!
BigChief: 1966 and you hang shit on Wada for supporting a team who has won 2 flags since joining AFL?
beerent11: Probably touk pcaman
original: Dear mccluggage, please stop being pinged HTB
beerent11: Or crippa
Pokerface: beerent you don’t have a melb player?
BigChief: Maybe it’s time Saints joined my Roys in leaving AFL
st_steve: Absolutely wadaramus, I agree.
wadaramus: Whoever steve is, it chose to be inflamatory.
beerent11: Is this still going wada/st Steve?
beerent11: Only trac poker.
Pokerface: in completely unrelated news, i love that abe simpson episode Old Man yells at cloud
Pokerface: yeah tracs a great vc but a risky c.. hmm
Pokerface: u got Cripps?
DrSeuss: Laird has outplayed Neale this half
Ash777: what about football to the groin?
gazza39: I’m hoping Oliver carrying the burden of Capt comes through
mattmac24: Very happy to have picked up Laird.. still only in 1% of teams for SC
Pokerface: not quite as relevant ash
TheFlagger: would love laird but way too expensive
Stu7: Good job mattmac
beerent11: Will be in mine by next weekend mattmac. Daicos upgrade
The39Steps: In hindsight, would the Crows still have taken Rachele with pick 6?
DrSeuss: Also Neale with 1 tackle is pretty average – seems to tackle less when tagged – lets hope he has a big 4th
MrWalrus: Oliver C for me, Laird likely in next week to complete my mids
beerent11: Yep poker. Maybe him.
Ash777: the 1 where abe guilts lisa n bart to behaving while babysitting.
gazza39: I’ve had him most seasons past @Matt, not this year so far, in ripping form again
MrWalrus: 100% 39Steps, could be the best x factor player from this draft class
TheFlagger: yes 39 steps every day of the week
beerent11: Classic ep ash
MrWalrus: More likely the teams with picks above will regret not taking him
DEESareSAD: Laird is a jet, I have been all over him but haven?t found the room in my bye structure as of yet
Ash777: That’s the catfish eps isn’t it
Pokerface: north and collingwood won’t regret their picks. but hawks may want their time again?
Yelse: north will regret its pick as he is gonna leave them
Pokerface: actually i retract that. ward was 7
Pokerface: wouldnt matter who they picked yelse, be the same boat..
Ash777: JHF? nah he’ll re-sign soon
MrWalrus: I think teams rate mids way too high, just about every team has a full deck of gun mids
Stikman35: Pies didn?t have a pick.
MrWalrus: End up playing 25-30 touch blokes out of position but genuine X factor game winners are rare
Ash777: Dons dont have a full team of gun mids lol
beerent11: Touk or crippa c? What do we reckon?
MrWalrus: Zerrett, Parish, McGrath. That’s a fair 3, Heppell can play a bit, just saying
Pokerface: cripps by a country mile
_Wang_: Cmon neale
st_steve: Touk. The DeBoer factor lingers.
MrWalrus: I was going Touk until I saw Gawn fit so he’ll feed Clarry all day long
beerent11: Leaning that way for that reason st steve
beerent11: The fact that you?ve changed your mind mr walrus seals it. Touk it is.
Pokerface: theyve tried tagging cripps this season. untaggable
Fatbar5tad: Off the bench Lochivar!
pcaman2003: Off the bench Captain Neale.You’re killing me along with my other premos.
nbartos: insuff intent is just crapshoot, umpire decent
fruity: Time to have a rest Neale..The games won stay on the pine..
DrSeuss: Damn it is annoying watching Coleman – such a good user – but he just walks around and never runs – needs a rocket
Pokerface: you look tired Lachie. game in the bag. no point in risking injury
MrWalrus: Haha beer, I wish I could do the opposite of me sometimes too
beerent11: How good would the dockers midfield be now if lachie stayed?
original: Mccluggage u better hit 100+ ffs
nbartos: good call beer
Silz90: Does anyone think rayner is gifted games in this team?
gazza39: Please Beer…don’t go there
DrSeuss: Laird is killing Lachie – he has looked very average this half
nbartos: all the commentators talk about is Melb and Bris – Freo might just surprise
frenzy: what did they get for lachie though
Gotigres: Stay above Hately please Neale
gazza39: Yes Silz agree
MrWalrus: Dunno beer, not sure if Brayshaw and Lachie would work together too well, current freo set up is pretty dynamic
Wahab_18: Umpires never pay advantage when neale gets the ball ffs
st_steve: Have not got a SC captain call right this season
nbartos: Brisbane gave up picks six, 19 and 55
Silz90: Get to 65 hinge
pcaman2003: Staring down at my 2nd loss this year, unless saved by a miracle.
st_steve: Wadaramus, are you still here?
Wahab_18: Neale gonna get that very annoying 129-125 again and make us all think hard
beerent11: Soligo showing signs of life
Fatbar5tad: I had VC Jacrae so 125-130 wouldn’t annoy me
pcaman2003: 32 touches, but only 1 tackle. Pretty ordinary.
BRAZZERS: not as annoying as your garbage comments mate
wadaramus: Yes, I am still watching steve.
PAFC4eva: why cant rob,crouch,milera,schoenberg make this side?
Fatbar5tad: St Steve naughty boy.
boges11: If you’ve got the ball you don’t need to tackle pcaman
Fatbar5tad: Because they are trash PAFC
beerent11: Yep pretty awkward score zone wahab
DrSeuss: Laird 10 tackles – Lachie with just 1 – that isn’t great
st_steve: End of the day, you got to see your team win two flags. Sucks you?re disillusioned with thee
pcaman2003: boges. Opposition still has over 300 possies,so yes,needs to still tackle.
st_steve: *the game but keep the faith.
Fatbar5tad: Keep going Lachievar!
wadaramus: Unfortunately, the older you get, the better things used to be.
beerent11: Jimmy Rowe looks like don drapers secretary
DrSeuss: Where was the prior there? Shit call ump
st_steve: That we can definitely agree on.
happytimes: These umpires are cooked
beerent11: From mad men
Silz90: Why Steve giving wada a hard time. Crows will come good in the next couple of years
Wahab_18: Captain Clarry it is i guess
Fatbar5tad: FA and turnover the very opposite of Junk time ffs
wadaramus: Steve going easy on me now.
tor01doc: Cripps Touk Clarrie or Preuss?!?!
bhg26: Same here wahab
Pokerface: Preuss definitely a smokey. but you have to go a melb premium
Pokerface: good save zorko. that first half was not great
wadaramus: Goodnight all, don’t forget to update your EPL Fantasy team 🙂
pcaman2003: Clarry will be good as C cos my opponent has him. Guaranteed massive score.
MrWalrus: Me 3 on Clarry, sorry in advance gents
bhg26: Deadlines tomorrow wada
wadaramus: Oh, so I still have tomorrow to make my trades 🙂
bhg26: Precisely

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