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Chat log from R9 of 2022: Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Sydney vs Essendon, R9 of 2022

TheFlagger: parker, heeney go huge
DANGERous: early stay down heeney
navy_blues: and mills mcartin
duckky: Since the start of the century, there have been 21 games in Sydney vs 8 in Melbourne.
Tommy_C: Hey Urbs and all
mattmac24: Let’s go Paddy Mac!
Tommy_C: good one Mcdonald
TheFlagger: given the suns beat sydney at the scg last week its not as much of a fortress as it has been previously
Tommy_C: I still like them to beat the dons Flagger
duckky: Hard to attend thoiugh
TheFlagger: thats fair
DrSeuss: Damn that was Martin?s goal – no one has you Francis lol
exatekk: i have Francis for a Goal LOL
Gotigres: Another 60 plesase Mills
pcaman2003: Slow down Mills. No hurry.
pcaman2003: Mills has scored as much as Boak for a whole game in half a qtr. Also half Steel’s score
DEESareSAD: Keep going Parker, Heeney, Blakey. Pick it up Martin
Hazza09: Ofcourse Hobbs will ton tonight
beerent11: Be happy with what you got from Steele. Tough mf played the game out.
Hazza09: Ofcourse Hobbs will ton tonight, Just to rub in the Rioli 7
DrSeuss: First time I play someone with Hobbs and not Martin – unbelievable
Gotigres: Did you go Hobbs to Maurice Hazza?
Hazza09: No gotigres I fielded Rioli over 5 other rookies
beerent11: Rioli not a fieldable player in my humble.
Gotigres: Oh, ok Hazza
MrWalrus: To be fair beer 7 points is pretty unfoseeable, especially after going at 80, 50 ish sure but 7
Silz90: Ripley taking the bulk of kicks in. Beautiful to see
TheFlagger: essendon gettings screwed by umps
frenzy: 92 and 72 he went MrWalrus
duckky: Dont need any help from the umps to get screwed @Flagger
bhg26: Class from Buddy there
MrWalrus: Correct frenzy, averaging 82
Ash777: Essendon’s defense is so horrible
DrSeuss: WTF is Martin doing – other than not much?
bhg26: Buddy is ridiculous, it?s not fair he is still this good
Ooost: People had Rioli Jr on the field?
TheFlagger: how is that not a free to merrett?
Yelse: is G clark playing i don’t want to get rioli score
TheFlagger: he is yelse
bhg26: I don?t know how Hobbs had a game where he scored 13, he looks really good
Silz90: Should be a bigger margin, swans are being wasteful
bhg26: Bloody oath silz
TheFlagger: need parish for m7 after his bye
bhg26: Should be 12 goals in front
Fatbar5tad: Parker living up to his name. Off the pine!
Stu7: Blakey okay?
DrSeuss: What are you doing Martin? Running around doing sweet FA
MrWalrus: Hindsight heros pretending like they knew Rioli was going to get single figures
Bluebagg11: About 10mins on the bench for Parker there. Ffs. Should?ve captained Neale
Gotigres: I feel a brick wall coming up.
Yelse: why did i bring in parker so he could play off the bench
MrWalrus: Parker on track to ton, boo Parker!
Fatbar5tad: Ha ha ha Walrus. You’re right of course but he had to get on the field first 😉
bhg26: Mills is so good
Fatbar5tad: Parker Goalden Goodness!
Silz90: Peter u gun . U guys happy now?
Silz90: Parker*
bhg26: Oh Parker stop it!
DANGERous: parkerrrrrrrr
Fatbar5tad: Giving the Bombers shit too
Fatbar5tad: Did any Ladhams owners hold?
Ooost: Parker 😀
Silz90: Steele set for scans for his ac joint. How many weeks
Ooost: Fat: two of my opponents did 😀
bhg26: Not a bad kick
Fatbar5tad: He was always going to struggle with Hickey back I reckon
TheFlagger: anything over 2 weeks is a sideways to parish
TheFlagger: maybe not with the bye coming up though
Fatbar5tad: And he nearly gets a snag lol
Manowar: T button Martin
MrWalrus: Looks like it Manowar, in the running for best rook of the year, it’s been a good ride
DrSeuss: Martin just needs a 60 point second half – he should be fine
MrWalrus: True Seuss but I think he’s probably right for being turned into a premo
Pokerface: who exactly are the forward premos tho walrus? happy to hold him till after r12 dpp additions
DrSeuss: Good start, but goal would have been nicer
TheFlagger: shiel to the 2s
cmperrfect: Shiel to anyone that’ll have him Flagger
Hazza09: Brett Ratten says Jack Steele will go for scans to determine the severity of his AC joint injury. No guarantee to be fit
DrSeuss: Put a man on Mills FFS – absolutely killing them
TheFlagger: wow essendon are pathetic
Yelse: keep going my man mills 150 will be nice
Pokerface: he kills them when they are on him Seuss – 8 tackles! a machine
bhg26: Champagne footy that
Hazza09: Ofcourse McCartin having a mare
sammyo7: made that harder then it needed to be
Pokerface: come on vc callum
TheOnyas: Onya Millsy
exatekk: C on Mills. Yawn
DrSeuss: All Draper had to do was pick up a ball and Martin would have had a goal….but no – thats too hard
Fatbar5tad: Luke Parked
beerent11: At least mcartin is past his breakeven
beerent11: Maurice Rioli made cash today too
DrSeuss: Why do they have Martin playing forward – you need someone winning you the ball
Fatbar5tad: Hooray Parker back on. Even Nic Nat has a bigger TOG
Hazza09: Rioli is a Relton Roberts 2.0, useless
Pokerface: Rioli got a 3rd game tho hazza.
Bluebagg11: 15mins in to get first touch of the qtr Parker. F U BRO
bhg26: Push in the back is ridiculous, that?s just holding the ball
navy_blues: thats not front on contact
gazza39: I thought Rutten was a poor choice as coach for the Bombers when appointed, even more convinced this season, has to go
bhg26: No way that is a free either, eyes on the ball fuck off
navy_blues: both going for ball
MrWalrus: Hazza Rioli can actually play, still did lots of good pressure stuff while having a bad game otherwise
Hazza09: Haha Poker, I?ll be surprised if Rioli gets another game after today
duckky: While Rutten may be a problem, the real problem is higher up.
pcaman2003: Stay on the bench Mills. Better still,go grab a coffee
Pokerface: they need Dank back
duckky: We need Tuddy back Poker
bhg26: Just kick a goal ffs!
Pokerface: lol duckky
Catatafish: Nice to know Lloyd is completely dead now. Add that as a trade.
Pokerface: callum
gazza39: checking his shoulder? i’d be checking if he knows what year it is
happytimes: Where have the brave bombers gone?
bhg26: Huzzah!
Grimes Jr: jeez, the dons really are a shambles of a footy club
pjw1234: caldwell in the rooms will it be 1 week or 2?
pjw1234: for mccartin
DrSeuss: Lets go Martin – time to get involved again please
Yelse: will M rioli get dropped what will his price rise be?
BRAZZERS: i warned ppl not to get rioli
duckky: Why did the AFL give Ess a few fri night games in the next tranche of fixtures?
pcaman2003: Go away Mills and stop destroying me. Sigh!
bones351: I love footy but geez it must be a difficult game to umpire. They’re woeful. The advantage rule is a mess for one.
Pokerface: duckky cos darcy is pretty
duckky: Caldwell subbed out.
DrSeuss: Mills killing me too pca – Martin isn’t helping either
MrWalrus: Yelse, will be a healthy price rise still & I reckon they’ll persist with him for his hustle
stocko12: Yelse… doubtful about getting dropped. Will be rested from time to time. Gives them an element they need.
bones351: Atta boy Nic
navy_blues: martin best rookie imo
beerent11: They love Rioli at tigerland. Won?t be dropped off one game.
beerent11: Easy navy
beerent11: No one listens to you brazzers it appears
beerent11: 4 in a row
BRAZZERS: lol true that, all well ppl get that they deserve dont they. Hopefully he plays so they can get another 10-15pts lol
DrSeuss: Mills with 12 tackles – next best Swan with 4
Gotigres: Finally Martin
navy_blues: warner doing well
DrSeuss: Come on Martin lets see if you can get to 70
Stu7: Come on Blakey do something
poolboybob: Merrett magnifying glass
nbartos: whats the story with Zerret? 14 pozis?
Pokerface: sorry Clarry. you miss the captaincy again.
Silz90: I reckon heaps of people will be trading Martin next week.
Pokerface: he’s lucky he isn’t concussed bartos. real heavy hit from Rowbottom
BRAZZERS: ya if martin doest at least get 60 plus he’s gone
bhg26: Should be a 100+ margin
pjw1234: merrett did get a head knock early
Hazza09: Well those with Steele will probably need to trade also
nbartos: righto cheers pj
DrSeuss: Go have a rest Mills – you have earnt it
gazza39: Merrett prob miss a week with a head knock
BigChief: bhg your Swans still terrible kicking for goal. Must be very frustrating.
Fatbar5tad: Don’t listen to the Doc. Back on the field please Millsy
Pokerface: Mills dont listen to Seuss it’s a trick. Plenty of time to rest after the game
Pokerface: they were being selfish earlier. taking potshots from 50 or so instead of looking for forward options
BRAZZERS: surely Lloyd McChips, gets the bin
nbartos: head knock costs ya ya multi
Silz90: I would drop Kennedy next week. Stole that from parker
DrSeuss: Yep Lloyd can go to the bench as well – seagull on the pine
BRAZZERS: llooking like daicos and martin will have to go
nbartos: how on earthe the Bombers beat Hawks i dont kno
The39Steps: stunning game from Draper.
pcaman2003: Looks like Mills my next mid upgrade. I better start saving.
Stu7: Great stuff Blakey
bhg26: Fucking pathetic this from Essendon
Fatbar5tad: Here come the Banjos!
frenzy: lol, the seagull is in fine f
DrSeuss: Great seagulling Lloyd – more of an ibis – absolute junk
Yelse: parish just stopped this quarter
BRAZZERS: lloyd wa son 49sc at 3/4 time, gonna end up on about 95 lol, classic from the chippymaster
Pokerface: still 150 points to come. alot of scaling

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