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Chat log from R9 of 2022: St Kilda vs Geelong

Chat log for St Kilda vs Geelong, R9 of 2022

Stu7: Afternoon all 🙂
TheFlagger: stewart, steele, sdk go go go
wadaramus: Looped Daicos, taking a punt with SDK.
zadolinnyj: that was amazing
cmperrfect: is a FF to advantage awarded to the player who got the initial free kick? i.e. SDK
Fatbar5tad: Loving SDK’s work. King a tough opponent.
DANGERous: SDK been a very nice inclusion, good draftin
zadolinnyj: they missed free to duncan
zadolinnyj: CD missed
pcaman2003: After woeful disposal last week Gresh, I hope you improve this week.
Hazza09: Great start Steele, what a mare of a week
TheFlagger: nice start steele
bhg26: Looks like im going to get steele in nice and cheap
pcaman2003: Need Stewart,Gresham and Steele to be much better this week after mares last week.
TheFlagger: very frustrating
DrSeuss: Knevitt had a handball and a kick – are the stats guys not watching?
Fatbar5tad: Even Miers can’t miss from there. Nice Hawk.
cmperrfect: Could Duncan get the DEF added as DPP? Would be a nice POD.
mattmac24: Half expected Miers to stick
mattmac24: Half expected Miers to still miss that
yeah_nah: cm brought duncan in this week. loving his role off half back.
Silz90: I am hoping he drops a low score this week. Brayshaw next week and steel the week after for me
cmperrfect: def on my watchlist yeah nah
zadolinnyj: i nervously got duncan in for butters. happy so far
pcaman2003: Who’s tagging Steele for him to be so low?
Fatbar5tad: Hope Stanley is ok. Saints have a lot of talls
TheFlagger: duncan has horrendous injury history. staying well away
yeah_nah: hopefully the later start to the year for duncan helps him.
Silz90: I rather zorko over duncan.
Hazza09: Ffs Steele seriously
DEESareSAD: Steele gonna be cheap as chips comes round 13
Fatbar5tad: Narkle fumbling again
TheFlagger: mckenzie is a really good role player
zadolinnyj: he?s been on bench for a long time
cmperrfect: Steele could turn into Clark next week at this rate. He’s in rare poor form.
pcaman2003: Lol! How did Gresham earn a proj score of 110? Funniest thing out,that.
Catatafish: Steele had one poor week since round 1. I’ll be bringing him in soon
mattmac24: Is Steele in poor form? A 75 last week but prior to that hasn’t gone under 100 sine R1
original: Flower off steele
cmperrfect: that should be a sufficient rocket to get Steele over the ton now
TheFlagger: its just frustrating as a steele owner because non owners will get him really cheap after his bye
Catatafish: It’s QT, he could finish on 70 or 170. Too early to get mad guys
thesilentl: Saints due a 50 50 call soon, been very unlucky
zadolinnyj: got touk cheap and will take steele as well
LuvIt74: Steele is fine, he scored a 87 in R1 & 75 in R8 if u dont have him get him in your side in 2 or 3 weeks
zadolinnyj: monty can you tell Duncan to run out the square on kick ins
m0nty: hang on I will yell out the window
BigChief: Thats better Stewart. Don’t let Duncan take kick ins
zadolinnyj: I thought fan footy was connected to those electrical things in the back of there jumpers Monty. Every complaint zaps em
pcaman2003: Get that DE up Gresham. That’s your main downfall.
m0nty: oh I wish zado, I wish
BigChief: Butters would be dead if that was the case Zado 🙂
zadolinnyj: lol Chief
DrSeuss: Knevitt looking a lot more average in his 2nd game
zadolinnyj: like that episode of simpson chief where they just continuously zap each other
EatEmAlive: Point. Did the goal umpire need his head closer to make the correct call? LOL
BigChief: LOL Zado. And how was that not 15?
mattmac24: That’s why they have a review system EatEm.
original: Steele hawkins and crouch quiet games please. Hawks points are BS
zadolinnyj: that ump has lost his ruler. 2nd one not 15 that easily was
navy_blues: steele gone
BigChief: Oh no Steele injury
TheFlagger: for fucks sake
navy_blues: shoulder
zadolinnyj: looks like a steele stinger
cmperrfect: is that bye bye Steele ?
Social: wa wa wee wa
Social: I was going to trade you in Steele
Social: cock
Gelly: broken collar bone
frenzy: shipping Steele, shipping steel
wadaramus: rooster
Gotigres: I regret starting McCartin ahead of sdk so far
BigChief: Cmon Saints. Do it for your skipper.
Social: Schtankle!
Hazza09: Ffs Steele
a1trader: dont like to see anyone injured but happy to see Windbager on the field
hokkien34: Is it Steele broken collarbone? What happened to Higgins?
BigChief: Windhager more active than Higgins already.
wadaramus: It didn’t look extremely painful, hopefully he’s OK and will be back.
wadaramus: BUt he did run straight to the bench.
m0nty: Steele could be anything, he wasn’t showing much, but likely to be at least a subluxation
wadaramus: Make me some money Windy!
BigChief: @hokkien Higgins out with concussion.
hokkien34: Ah thanks! At the game and missed it
MrWalrus: Season over, last week Rosas, this week Rioli & English likely to miss again next week now too, SC such a luck based gam
DrSeuss: Freaking Stewart – Seagulling down the back
thesilentl: Held English @mrwalrus….must be your first season
mattmac24: Why is English likely to miss next week?
bhg26: Flu mattmac
MrWalrus: Silent you’re a complete nuffie, shhh
Fatbar5tad: Great half by SDK. Looping on for Paddy.
MrWalrus: Bad flu, hammy fine but he’s apparently super crook
Fatbar5tad: The English that comes back isn’t the same bloke you had before
thesilentl: You held a premo who was expecting miss at least a month….I know who the nuffie
NickR9: he was expected to miss 1-2 champ
MrWalrus: It was a 2-3 week hammy, he’s top fwd, you are special needs silent
thesilentl: Big men with hammy issues are absolute poison in fantasy
Social: oh dear, another episode of silent the drongo
thesilentl: Heard that before @nickr9….almost as if clubs lie about injuries
MrWalrus: Richmond crowd booing Breust, lol silent, you raise the bar each week
thesilentl: Pues crowd booing baku, lol mrwalrus, you lower your colours every week
MrWalrus: Honestly how silent isn’t the spud before wahab is a mystery to me
zadolinnyj: good win MrWalrus
bhg26: Here we go again
mattmac24: Weren’t you defending pies fans last night silent? And then you turn on tigers fans for thinking they boo Breust
thesilentl: Get you a little fish symbol walrus
MrWalrus: It was Zado, came to Melbourne to watch, hawks are surprisingly good
zadolinnyj: i was saying boo urns
MrWalrus: Silent you’re not clever, also I was not on last night fool
thesilentl: @mattmac24 no i pointed to the absurdity of claiming yesterday was booing and today wasn’t, when neither were
pcaman2003: Damn! I disappear for 25 mins and return to see Steele injured. What happened?
MrWalrus: Shoulder pca, might play on but didn’t look great
wadaramus: Shoulder crunch pcaman.
MrWalrus: Silent you’re gaslighting, you claimed the tiges were booing Breust, don’t go trying to rewrite history
thesilentl: Literally said it tongue in cheek, but go ahead write your own story
Hazza09: SEN are saying Steele has been subbed. Surely not? Can?t believe it
thesilentl: I get youre slow @mrwalrus , apologies i didn’t spell it out for you
bhg26: Just stop responding to silent, he might go away then
Catatafish: Fielding SDK might work
pcaman2003: Oh boy! Between Steele and Boak I might be screwed in a close one.
zadolinnyj: did I miss something. Yesterday definitely appeared to be booing
TheFlagger: shhh
MrWalrus: Can’t be subbed Hazza, higgins was
thesilentl: It ws dogs fans saying bakuuu @pcaman2003, it was happening pre bounce. No more booing than a normal game
pcaman2003: The silent.I think you’ve answered to the wrong person. Haven’t mentioned it
zadolinnyj: ok.
Gelly: steele on field
DEESareSAD: Steele back on with his shoulder strapped lads, looks very hesitant
DEESareSAD: Got a feeling Steele will come off in a few minutes and call it
zadolinnyj: steele out there. SEN is cornes who has his own wolf pack if you know what I mean
pcaman2003: C’mon Steele you champion. Show us what you’ve got.
robbieg: love steele hes in my team, but odds on him re injurning or making his collarbone worse
wadaramus: Was just a stinger, Steele is tough.
Raspel31: Stewart somewhat mitigating the pain of Boak.
pcaman2003: Gresh already past last weeks score. Keep going young man.
Manowar: Steele juiced up at half time!
a1trader: Reluctantly dropped Gresham for Touk
pcaman2003: Raspel. He is indeed. I feel we both need scoring relief.
zadolinnyj: Thanks Monty. Duncan is not leaving square to kick.
TheFlagger: touhy so classy
zadolinnyj: is now leaving the square. You pulled strings well
m0nty: my bakes are fearful
DEESareSAD: At this point Steele might not even come into my team after his bye lol
royboy16: sinclair can really bucher a footy. I undersatnd nothing forward to hit. but go back or sideways to a Saint!
pcaman2003: Thought Steele would’ve been paid that last tackle. Looked good. Shoulder held too.
Gotigres: Time to move Stewart to the forward pocket to be a decoy forward
Dondeal: How does Windhager only have 1 tackle against his name?
DANGERous: sinclair just stopped it seems 🙁
pcaman2003: Where was this intensity last week Gresh? C’mon SDK and get moving again.
Manowar: like Geelong!
TheFlagger: decent crowd
Ash777: must be tea time for cats players
mattmac24: Shocking quarter Geelong! Be better 🙁
Rebuild: Go sainters!
pcaman2003: Cats playing like the Hawks. Fall over after half time.
DrSeuss: Gotta feel for Knevitt – 2nd game and the ball has hardly been on his wing all qtr
Fatbar5tad: Getting flogged in the middle.
Fatbar5tad: Scotty told them to treat it like a final at halftime.
Catatafish: It’s Geelong, Knevitt won’t get consistent games until he’s at least 32.
pcaman2003: Steele starting to lift so hopefully will ton up.
wadaramus: SDK taken the 3rd qtr off?
pcaman2003: Wada. He has and Stewart slowed down too.
DrSeuss: Haha Catatafish – getting run over by Saints young guys
Crave: heart for Steel surely
pcaman2003: 2 consecutive clangers Stewart FGS.
frenzy: a heart made of Steele
navy_blues: wow saints good qtr
wadaramus: Getting close to needing to lock in the C, Neale, Cripps, Oliver?
Stikman35: Cats players must have forgotten their coaches post match instructions from last week
Ooost: Same issue wadaramus, I’ve gone Neale
hinsch: wada Cripps could get tagged by De Boer
pcaman2003: Wada. I’ve gone Neale but who knows.
navy_blues: olivervmight be rested a fair bit once they got decent lead
DEESareSAD: De koning making huge cash now lads
wadaramus: Got it on Neale too, will leave it there!
wadaramus: Had SDK and McCartin FWD/DEF rotation but traded Paddy.
pcaman2003: Has CD lost the plot. Where’s Gresh tackle form the centre bounce?
wadaramus: Gresh gone backwards from mid 90’s?!
DEESareSAD: Vc on Neale. Also cmon Stewart 120 matey
wadaramus: Was thinking earlier that Sicily is a good VC candidate, might try this when the fixture suits.
pcaman2003: Wada. He’s had a kick to advantage too,but still backwards.. Stupid scoring system
pcaman2003: Crank up Steele. You too Gresh and SDK. Don’t stop now.
DrSeuss: Someone stop Stewart and his dinky kick to kicks down back
wadaramus: Something is broken at CD. Maybe they have a query on one of his stats that puts a stop on it?
Fatbar5tad: How TF do you not notice Ryder hanging around your back 50 on his own?
Hazza09: Neale or Oliver C?
pcaman2003: Well! SDK went home at 3/4 time. Was 49 at half time.
original: Crisp 100 this round is a joke
pharace: Neale doesn’t have a good record at AO – doesn’t mean he can’t change that – just saying
wadaramus: We don’t have a notable tagger, he just needs to do his thing and accumulate!
wadaramus: Steele definitely not wanting to commit to hard tackling, could be a worry.
pcaman2003: Get back on Gresh and ton up. Stop hiding SDK.
original: BCrouch ffs stop
pharace: Hately went to Neale last time at the Gabba and he had a big one – still in the team
DEESareSAD: I agree original, Crisp should?ve had at least 115
wadaramus: Get your arse off the bench Gresham!
Social: Leaning toward Oliver
wadaramus: Despite my hope, Hately not much chop.
Fatbar5tad: Gutsy mark Billings
cherry9: I would be pretty happy with an 80 from Steele. Was looking like a 37 for a while there
pcaman2003: There you go Wada. He’s got his ton. Phew!
Hazza09: Steele can?t even tackle, could be a trade next week
Fatbar5tad: A real ‘slider’ loss this one
Ooost: Junk time Stew, let’s go!
Catatafish: Steele doesn’t look right
cmperrfect: Who was scoffing at Greshams Proj score earlier on ?
Fatbar5tad: If you got points for fumbles Narkle would be premo
Gotigres: Much better 2nd half Stewart
TheFlagger: man of glass
mattmac24: For sure fat.. not sure why cats supporters think he’s hard done by for not getting games
Fatbar5tad: Saints win their flag
Catatafish: @cmperrfect was thinking that too haha
TheFlagger: lol classic
pcaman2003: Disappointed in SDK scoring a mere 18 pts 2nd half. Looke like he was going to get at least 90 bare minimum.
Ash777: all cats fans want to miss finals
navy_blues: he was on king tho pca
Catatafish: SDK still a money maker though, I’m content

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