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Chat log from R9 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2022

frenzy: Krayon is back
PAFC4eva: last chance butters carn the pear
DrSeuss: Butters gets a good start – then gets stuck on the bench
amigaman: PA doing a great job of ruining Butters
Torz: Butters had a good start, so naturally went and sat on the bench for 10 mins
Raspel31: If Butters doesn’t ton against Norff it is truly time to release.
amigaman: @Raspel give hin TOG and he’d do it easy
DrSeuss: Yep Butters just needs a consistent role and TOG. Unfortunately, Hinkley is his coach
NewFreoFan: North are crabs. Soft shell mud crabs that exist only for other teams to feast on
NewFreoFan: Just scuttle around the field accomplishing nothing
PAFC4eva: marshall improved this year about time!
Social: Buttery goodness
original: Flower off wines
original: Realise I type flower instead of the naughty word
PAFC4eva: flicked to other chat tiges abusing umps whats new
Baldfrog: Haha PAFC what else did u expect
DrSeuss: Come on Butters – you started well. No need to hit the brakes now – get involved lad
original: Really have destroyed Ziebell sc haven?t they
PAFC4eva: it looked like walrus complaining who would have thought
Hazza09: Has Butters gone home?
wadaramus: Butters R12 bye, good excuse to trade him.
Manowar: Norf doing good today, kicked 2 goals so far…keep up the good work!
HolyNorf: Halfway to beating our goal count from last week!!
Manowar: Butters R12 bye bye?
DrSeuss: FFS Butters – you started so well…not sure I can wait till round 12 to trade you
Social: Butters hasn’t added to his score in 30 minutes
BigChief: Happy I traded Butters weeks ago.
pcaman2003: Boak you spud. Get the ball, if you remember how.. Pathetic so far.
bhg26: Butters you were the chosen one!
Tig-Train: Thought about trading butters out, didn?t? and bought boak in also? argh
DrSeuss: Butters about to be overtaken by a rookie ruckman
bhg26: Please. Please Butters slot this
Migz: whats happened to dursma. He had some good years but seems no where to be seen anymore
Torz: Injured a lot Migz
tor01doc: Moz Butttteerrrrrrssss more please
Hazza09: Butters can go next week, better off playing Durdin
NewFreoFan: shoulders made of glass Migz
Migz: ah ok, thought he was gonna be the next whitfield haha
Ash777: butters moving on up
pcaman2003: Have Sicily going gr8 in one game and Boak dragging me back down. Help me here Boak.
Tig-Train: Butters started of great and then ken decided to change his roll and destroyed him
bhg26: This is the butters i expected
Social: Butters sizzling
SwaggyP: lol I got rid of butters this week im such a fool
PlungeMe: not sure butters’ body can hold up to playing mid full time Tig
pcaman2003: Boak just not getting involved and can’t even stick a simple tackle.
MrWalrus: At the other game, just checked in, attaboy Butters!
DEESareSAD: I don?t get how people were trading butters @420k, that?s literally not even worth it at that point
BigChief: Well I went from Butters to Dunkley, so I will take that every day.
mattmac24: Butters inconsistent with a high ceiling, will hover around the same price all season. No issue with trading him
Social: Look away Walrus, the umpiring here is appalling
bones351: Is Butters just one of those guys that looks knackered all the time? Robert Harvey would be benched a lot in today’s ga
Gotigres: wtf Butters just got 35 points
tor01doc: Walrus – hehehe –
pcaman2003: I wonder of Boak will get to 50. Played so bad I have my doubts.
Gotigres: looks like Butters will go missing for 30 minutes again
pcaman2003: Who else is unfortunate enough to have Boak this week? Should start a class action.:)
DrSeuss: Butters is an enigma. Will get 1 touch in 20 minutes, then super involved for 5 minutes to save his score (sometimes)
Hazza09: Butters has to go, can?t deal with this every week
BigChief: Haha I switch games and I see Butters picking splinters.
Raspel31: pcaman- alas, I do and rather befuddled. Don’t be scared to touch it Mr Boak-it doesn’t bite.
Social: Butters is due for one of his spurts
pcaman2003: Raspel. Hard to work out how from last week 149 to this horror show.
Social: Boak’s probably hurt, they tend to play him whether he’s fit or not
pcaman2003: He’s even 106pts behind his proj score. Woeful effort.
Raspel31: My league game depended on Boak v Sicily pcaman- whoops.
pcaman2003: socilial. If that’s true,then I demand a refund under SC warranty.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Ouch! At least I have Sicily making up some lost ground.
original: That?s enough wines. Good boy. No more. Not a single point more
pcaman2003: You’re a useless tool Boak. Just go home.
Raspel31: Well, what’s a 100 or so points between friends pcaman.
DrSeuss: There goes Butters with a 6 minute burst. He needs the 4th to be all burst
TheFlagger: butters is still not a keeper
pcaman2003: RASPEL.Boaks don e nothing so may as well put the voodoo doll on him for upsetting my calmness.
Gotigres: You are within reach of a ton Butters.
original: Go butters
DEESareSAD: 20 point from less than half a qtr butters, good on ya mate. Hopefully you only have a small break in the last
pcaman2003: So much criticism for a player on track for over 100. Go figure!
navy_blues: glad i didnt get boak in
Tig-Train: My god boak you stupid fuck
bhg26: Nearly 7000 people brought boak in this week, ouch
tor01doc: Butters? farewell
bhg26: You should know how this chat works by now pcaman youve been here long enough
Blaircam: I just brought Boak in this week ffs
Raspel31: Well, at least Boak having a great last qtr.
wadaramus: Get off the bench Spudders.
Social: That’s not helpful Sam Hayes
Raspel31: Pity those who brought in Boak. Thank god I’m not stupid. I already had him.
DrSeuss: Nice little burst to end the 3rd and start the 4th Butters. When you are back on – more of the same please
Social: Steven Motlop is very, very good in these situations
Torz: Everytime you think Butters is on track for a nice score, he?s back on the pine
TheFlagger: glad i got hayes off the fied
pcaman2003: navy. Has a 124 Ave. but just a little inconsistent.
Social: Everyone’s kicked at least a behind except for you Butters… EVERYONE
Gotigres: Why can’t my opp have Boak this week?
DrSeuss: Oh great now Butters with a head knock – how bad is it?
Torz: He?s fine, still playing
Gotigres: Butters still on the field DrSeuss
TheFlagger: concussion test surely
Raspel31: Well, on the bright side, at least I didn’t cap Boak.
DrSeuss: Cheers Tigres – had me even more concerned than normal lol
myteamsuks: Traded butters out for bowl this week. Sorry
Social: A tasty buttery ton mmm nom
myteamsuks: *boak
tor01doc: Butters you cock tease
pcaman2003: Raspel. I gave it thought for VC playing Norf, but had late doubts (fortunately).
Gotigres: Why didn’t I get Wines in for 500k I ask myself.
DrSeuss: Ok Butters – one last burst to finish the game. Maybe a goal
Social: you can say cock!
cmperrfect: Clarkson has an option if he wants to keep living in Melbourne
DrSeuss: Aaaannnd Butters to the bench.
TheFlagger: not sure you can take much from this game given it is north
tor01doc: Anti-Social 😉
Social: All these years I’ve been typing shower and flower and cower when I could have typed cock!
Baldfrog: Wouldn’t coaching Norf drive you from Melbourne CM?
tor01doc: Social – was a slip of the tongue – my apologies
pcaman2003: I hope Boak has a conscience and donates his match fee to charity,cos he hasn’t earnt for himself.
Raspel31: Cock a doodle doo.
Social: hehe
cmperrfect: Clarkson was talking up Norf’s list on 360 Extra this week. Read into that what you will.
Social: Well butter my cock and call me Zakariah

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