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Chat log from R9 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Richmond

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Richmond, R9 of 2022

Tommy_C: Afternoon all
frenzy: tigers today
a1trader: Sicily has his own ball
robbieg: dylan moore AA thoughts
original: 80+ please nank. Draft team needs you
navy_blues: riewoldt begs for free
bhg26: Riewoldt plays like an inflatable arm flailing tube man
original: Nank ffs man
Hazza09: Ffs Rioli jnr today you?re going to dish up a 30
bhg26: He was due for a 30 hazza
Migz: i looped rioli as the E so if he shits the bed which it looks like it i can bring in SDK
bhg26: im loopholing rioli with butters lol
DrSeuss: DRioli with the E on my bench – just can?t wait to get rid of him. Gets worse each week it seems
thesilentl: Why are tigers fans booing bruest? Typical
SwaggyP: Dioli and Short giving my plenty of grief
Breezey: It?s the Hawks fans saying Broooost
thommoae: silent are you sure it’s not Hawks fans doing what they always do after Breust kicks a goal?
MrWalrus: It’s hawks fans silent brooooost
Breezey: Just like last night the Dogs fans saying Buku
Dredd: Why tf did Vlastuin just sit on the bench for the last 7 minutes.. ffs
MrWalrus: Or rooooo for Ricciuto Roos or nroo
thesilentl: Except last night @breezey everyone in here claimed he was being booed when he clearly wasnt
BigChief: Believe what you want Silent. Coll WERE booing him.
Breezey: Yeah I seen that. It?s not hard to work out really.
BigChief: Why don’t you do what your name says and be silent.
bhg26: Because every single collingwood fan is a racist silent, it is just facts
HolyNorf: Was at the game last night and it was most definitely bulldogs supporters not collingwood
circle52: Any one with the teticles to VC or C Sicily
thesilentl: As you can see @breezey people like @bigchief couldn’t, too dense
thesilentl: Don’t say that @holynorf, bigchief is adamant it was all racism and nothing else
BigChief: I know the truth CHAMP. You are a typical pie and I bet you think Lumumba wasn’t abused either.
MrWalrus: Silent, you’re a goose, Ginnivan apparently in trouble for racial villification last week against Edwards
BigChief: When did I say it was a racist boo moron?
Social: hey whats up you guys 🙂
MrWalrus: Why Mansell (indigenous) hit him, because Collingwood have a racism problem
Breezey: Lumumba has nothing to do with Dogs fans cheering for Buku.
thesilentl: Last night @bigchief, several times. Why lie for
Migz: imagine being team mates with frost. Would be the worst.
Social: holy flying fish!
thesilentl: @mrwalrus now you’re just making stuff up to justify a bloke sniping another bloke
Breezey: Anyway back on the game
DrSeuss: Enjoying your work Sicily – but you haven?t done much since the first 15 minutes. Your work is not done
BigChief: I NEVER said it was racist you dumb …. I said Coll were booing him. That is it. Your pea brain took it that way.
HolyNorf: So because Ginnivan is an apparent racist, Collingwood supports were booing Buku?
Dredd: D Rioli more game time then Vlastuin.. what a circus
a1trader: Lumumba needs to deal with it and move on. Every one else has. He must have spent the last 10 years stewing
bc__: Short mare
Hazza09: Absolutely killing me Short FFS
MrWalrus: Nope
Breezey: Come on Hawks. Enjoying this
navy_blues: go hawks
pcaman2003: Enjoying Hawks game so far,but not so much the chat. Play friendly children.
MrWalrus: Nice 1 handed handpass before :/
original: Get off the bench nank
bhg26: Siu
Baldfrog: God to see nothing’s changed on here lol
Migz: 12 SC for MRJ no touches. Good stuff lad
Baldfrog: My keyboard is religious. Good*
bones351: Big Bank! There you go Original
Dondeal: Someone tells Bucks to shut up. Talks way too much
bones351: Nank
original: Yes nanky boy. Just call it immediate impact off the bench
Social: are hawks taking half time early?
pcaman2003: Deja Vu from last week. Break away,then fall over. C’mon Hawks!
navy_blues: where is dusty???? lol
DANGERous: wtf sicily slow down please
MrWalrus: High on Pickett there
pcaman2003: navy. Getting Tattoo on his eyeballs. Only space left.
Baldfrog: Who was whinging about short?
original: Keep going Sicily
HolyNorf: Switched the trades last minute to bring in sicily, so far so good
navy_blues: lol bolton
bhg26: No walrus lol, got him around the arms despite pickets best efforts to get a high free
Dredd: Sicily did this against Geelong and only finished with 130.. push higher son!
Manowar: is Rioli jnr unfit? why on bench for so long?
a1trader: Ridiculous Dangerous tackle free
MrWalrus: Over the shoulder when picking it up, shocking umpiring v Tiges as usual today
pcaman2003: Where’s my tissues. The umpires are favouring the Hawks and Tigers hard done by.Lol!
Baldfrog: Even the new kid has passed Rioli
bones351: For whatever reason I have resisted bringing in Sicily. Don’t think I can do it for much longer. Might have to pay the $
nbartos: fit looking chick behind the Rich goals
marls: Unfit? He?d have to do something to get tired
Gotigres: Normally I don’t condone violence, but I wouldn’t mind if someone punched Sicily out
Social: I reckon she does F45
DEESareSAD: That was me last week bones. Get it done mate
cmperrfect: Glad I didn’t get sucked into Vlastuin.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. I’ll allow that if I can do the same to Riewoldt
bones351: Sic actually suits my byes too.
DANGERous: dont get tired, get fit
Gotigres: Deal pcaman, or use your voodoo doll on Sicily
original: Brain: don?t say it, don?t say it. Me: Titch would score 200 today
Stu7: Come on Newcombe
bhg26: Wonder if rioli is actually going to do something today
bhg26: Off the pine sicily
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Haven’t even brought out this year.:)
nbartos: finn gawd that was poor
Dredd: still a whole half cmperrfect..
a1trader: Nice, got Sicily and Bolton vs Short
navy_blues: keep going sicily
Migz: sicily 3% on the bench, fookin lazy dog
pcaman2003: Opponent has MR jnr and me Sicily. Should I be happy? 🙂
Social: Forget Hamilton they said… get Maurice they said…
original: Just a casual 4 frees against in a half nank
Rebuild: Bolton is such a gun
MrWalrus: Had a fair quarter rebuild
Dredd: Love when money league opponent plays Rioli Jnr.. hehehe
Gotigres: Wouldn’t think so bhg as I have him as emergency
Hazza09: Ofcourse Rioli Jnr having a mare
cmperrfect: If his 7 possession first half is anything to go by Dredd …
bhg26: Rioli Jnr going to make me field butter, damn
bhg26: Wait flower me port game is on lol
original: Lol bhg
Dredd: could go and have double that in the second half going at above 80%.. dont write players off so early
amigaman: Sicily short time on bench. Loses 10 points. Unacceptable CD.
pcaman2003: Amigaman. I noticed that too.. Hard to fathom such a big sudden drop.CD is a weird beast.
MrWalrus: Rioli having a fantasy nare but doing good stuff IRL
pcaman2003: Sicily killing it but then I have Boak in the other game. Give me strength.
mattmac24: I benched D.Rioli for P.McCartin.. looking good so far, just hope Paddy does well
Hazza09: Had no loop and fielded Rioli, Ofcourse he?s having a mare, story of my year
yeah_nah: Geez, Worpel really struggling out there. He had so much promise after his first year.
Gotigres: Yeah, you deserve a rest on the bench Mioli
pcaman2003: yeah-nah. Worpel has been a shocker this year. Needs to lift big time or move on.
Migz: is MRJ injured? been on bench whole qtr hasnt he
navy_blues: riewoldt is a idiot
tor01doc: Stupid umpiring – give me 50!
MrWalrus: tor0 are you sui hawks are getting hard done by? My goodness you have issues if that’s the case
Hazza09: Rioli just running laps around the ground, absolute joke
marls: Rioli about to become an infamous burnman as a rookie
yeah_nah: pca – when he had the good year, was that without Titch in the team?
BigChief: That was a dive from Lewis. Balta never touched his legs.
MrWalrus: Oh umps, give me strength! This is disgusting
pcaman2003: Yes!
bhg26: Fuck i hate the goal review system. Get some fucking better cameras you knobs
Gotigres: Good to see missing 1 and a half quarters hasn’t affected your scoring too much MacDonald
Dredd: thoughts now cmperfect
tor01doc: Walrus – nah just the inconsistency drives me mad
tor01doc: Free kick count is often irrelevant anyway
Crave: free count is all that matters to tigers fans, who cares how and why they are paid
BigChief: How does Worpel still get games?
MrWalrus: Not irrelevant today, been absolutely shocking
EatEmAlive: The tigers finally get their quota of 2 free kicks per quarter! Was getting worried there.
NewFreoFan: Also how does Titch get dropped and Worpel doesn’t
bhg26: Tigers actually have to earn free kicks, they arent just given to them
EatEmAlive: @Crave, if you’ve had 7 years in a row being 18th on the free kick differential, then you can talk
Raspel31: Not a huge fan of the handball is Mr Sicily.
pcaman2003: If only the Hawks would stop hand balling to death. Kills their game badly.
bhg26: Rioli Jnr is rubbish
Migz: sic plays the game the way its meant to be played. its called FOOTball not HANDball. my other players should learn that
Hazza09: Ffs Rioli
Hazza09: Absolute useless
NewFreoFan: Maybe try giving away less free kicks EatEmAlive, might be a start
pcaman2003: bhg26. Of course he is. I got him in this week. Sorry about that chief.
Gotigres: mark and hanball to jnr
tor01doc: Short? Not happy
bhg26: About time Rioli performed a basic football skill
BigChief: Has short been playing in def again today?
Migz: rioli got 2 points for mark and hb. u wot CD?
Social: Maurice…. not happy
EatEmAlive: @NewFreoMan The last 2 months I got two mates that don’t barrack for Richmond to watch our games. They have both agreed
EatEmAlive: that we get shafted by the umpires
NewFreoFan: Well, that’s a conclusive focus group, I’m convinced
MrWalrus: You guys are cooked, should earn frees!? We do, never get paid
Social: Are their names Gil and Caro?
navy_blues: lol social
NewFreoFan: There’s 5 teams that have less frees paid for than the tigers over the last 5 years
wadaramus: Short playing on ball, not getting much of it.
Tig-Train: Don?t even bother guys? everyone is so against Richmond they won?t see what?s right in front of them
EatEmAlive: @NewFreoMan In AFL you can easily pay 100 free kicks a day, whilst also ignoring others.
Ash777: worpel needs a icon
MrWalrus: New freo fan, that is incorrect, we have both most against and least for comfortably
Dredd: Walrus on his usual umps rampage again.. some things never change
wadaramus: Tigers may not get many frees, but maybe they get away with not giving them away?
EatEmAlive: @NewFreoMan Look at the Free kick differential. 18 every season
bhg26: oh boo hoo everyone hates us! Oh poor richmond!
Gotigres: Another 5 points to reach your breakeven MacDonald
NewFreoFan: you have the highest differential walrus, which is for minus against. But you don’t have the least for
Hazza09: Wow how is Rioli going backwards
EatEmAlive: I can’t remember the last time Richmond won the free kick count by 10. Every team wins the frees by 10 regularly.
NewFreoFan: so like I said, you get free kicks just fine, you just give away too many
wadaramus: JR and TL get a pretty good ride don’t they?
navy_blues: all i will say is rich cant cry with the home games they get “we dont want to play at marvel”
Napper: Why is Rioli 8 now. Was on 12 then got a tackle. Should be on 16
NewFreoFan: Freo has the least frees for over the last 5 years, 1881 compared to the Tigers 2040
Tig-Train: We don?t need to play at marvel? why would we? Lol
navy_blues: cos every1 else does tig
EatEmAlive: @NewFreoMan You are looking at figures based on total games played over the last 5 years (INCLUDING FINALS).
MrWalrus: Sorry MCG is our home ground, today is an away game,, all our fault
BigChief: Richmonds home ground is the MCG. They don’t play at Docklands for home games.
Tig-Train: Yeh because they want to?
EatEmAlive: Given the tigers have payed MANY more games over the ast 5 games compared to Freo based on the finals they play
EatEmAlive: of course they got more frees in those 5 years
Migz: he was on 16 napper. then went to 8… Now 7. wtf
EatEmAlive: But the frees differential is -368 for the tigers (before this season which is the worst yet)
bhg26: Stop giving away frees then
duckky: What happened to Rioloi’s score?
Gotigres: Rioli just lost 8 points during 3qt
Hazza09: Frikin joke Rioli, absolute joke
MrWalrus: Lol, all you bloke’s hate tigers so much it turns you into complete clowns
Social: Some people call me Maurice
NewFreoFan: No, just the constant whining of you two, I usually like the tigers, fun to watch
Social: Some call me the gangster of love
navy_blues: i know chief but what im saying is richmond get a good run at their home ground compared to rest of comp
SwaggyP: Note to self-don’t put any rioli on the field in SC or DT
hinsch: At least MRj got pass his BE, 30% of SC got sucked in there including me
Napper: Are they not gonna fix his score? Lost 8 points for nothing hello
cherry9: Had Rosas on field 18 last week. Any chance of double figures Rioli. Loving M6
NewFreoFan: Also imagine the differential if dusty’s high fend offs were actually paid haha
BigChief: No they don’t navy. Look at Melbournes games. You can’t blame Richmond if the AFL schedule away games at the MCG
duckky: They added 2 clangers to him at 3/4 time Napper
EatEmAlive: I always feel most comfotable with Soldo having a set shot at goal from around 40m out.
Silz90: Good news. Opp has mrj on field..but I brought him in this week on the bench. Hopefully not a dead rookie now 🙁
circle52: 25% DE and 3 Clangers not helping MRJ score and yes I have him on filed should have taken McCombs 40
Baldfrog: Haha Cherry I took Rosas off this week for Rioli to
EatEmAlive: @Navy_Blues Richmond got shafted the most out of the big teams. Playing Games in Geelong, and North in Tassie
NewFreoFan: I do enjoy seeing Sam Mitchell unhappy
navy_blues: chief 1year they had 11 of last 14 home and away games there
EatEmAlive: Meanwhile Carlton, hawthorn, Essendon and Collingwood never had to do those for decades
Gotigres: Things are dire when you are hanging out for a single sc point for a pressure act from one of your players
bhg26: Can the commentators stop pumping up Rioli
cherry9: Do Riolis effective high fives get any points?
EatEmAlive: Carlton Finally play games in Geelong only when Richmond won a premiership.
Social: You had one game in Geelong in 2017
cmperrfect: Hawks about to roll over like last week.
Silz90: Cmon short junk time
EatEmAlive: The tigers got games in Geelong all throughout the 2000’s. The other so called big 4 never did.
EatEmAlive: I personally never cared about playing in Gelong as such, but why did the other 4 teams now get that schedule?
Gotigres: looks like no single sc point to Maurice for a pressure act, so he’ll have a rest on the bench instead
BigChief: navy that happens when they play Melb, Coll, Ess, Carl etc as away games.
EatEmAlive: This is all directed at @Navy_Blkue who seems to think tigers get it great because of “no games at Etihad”
original: Bring it home nanky boy
Social: It’s all about revenue, ask Gil. When the fans jump off you gotta travel.
Baldfrog: Have a whinge when u have to play in craphouse Ballarat EEA otherwise shut up
duckky: Roili is like my new shirt. Guaranteed not to run in the rain.
EatEmAlive: @Baldfrog Have a whinge yourself. Sorry for eloquently refuting the crap that comes out of everyone’s mouth
Fatbar5tad: Tiges play a high pressure game that is on the edge and gives away frees. I’d take 7 years of 18th for frees for 3 flags
Gotigres: Doubt Maurice plays again this season. Waste of a trade.
Fatbar5tad: But LOL@Walrus. Sorry mate Richmond just aren’t that important.
MrWalrus: No chief, it’s all a conspiracy to make it easy for the tiges
EatEmAlive: @Social I know its about revnue. But for some reason 4 teams never played there. Including Carlton who were the
EatEmAlive: worst performing team for 2 decades, and Essendon not far behind that
Baldfrog: Thanks gotigres only got him this week
duckky: I got Dusty by downgrading to Maurice. No complaints there.
NewFreoFan: Is there a way to hide the chat window for Richmond games so I don’t get baited into replying?
Fatbar5tad: Relton Rioli Jnr 🙁
EatEmAlive: Again, no problem with the Tigers playing in Geelong, but share it out. All teams should go there.
duckky: Duck tape over the chat window works NewFreo
cherry9: There?s going to be a Ff Rioli Memorial League next year.
EatEmAlive: @NewFreoMan Your argument is so crap. Togers with more frees than Freo over the last 5 years…..
Gotigres: Same Baldy. Lucky he is on my bench.
Social: Agree on that EEA
EatEmAlive: forgetting that the reason for that is Richmond played about 15 more games than Freo due to finals
TheFlagger: anyone who brought in maurice didnt learn from rosas, durdin etc. dead role for sc
tor01doc: Enjoying the game EEA?
Social: Hopefully when the new stand is complete we get 11 home games like everyone else
original: Mate convinced me to go rioli over Hamilton
Gotigres: Maurice doesn’t even look like getting a crumb
duckky: Have they put hot water in the away team’s change rooms yet @Social?
BigChief: Why would they do that duckky? 1 of the home ground advantages 🙂
EatEmAlive: On a sidenote, is Sciily for hawthorn the new Kevin Bartless? 22 kicks 0 handballs.
Gotigres: Maurice lol
duckky: OMG. Maurice will wind up in negative points at this rate
tor01doc: If only EEA – need him to play 400 +
pcaman2003: Keep going Sicily. Need you to make up for Boak’s useless effort.
Hazza09: Absolute useless Rioli
EatEmAlive: @Gotigres Shame about Maurice. Had 2 very good games prior to this. Do you think they retain him for next week?
BigChief: Sicily plays SC and knows kicks get more points than HB LOL
bhg26: Rioli the new samson ryan?
TheFlagger: rioli will still play but cash gen dead
Ash777: I just hope it’s just a bad game for jr and responds next week
Gotigres: Probably not EatEm
pcaman2003: Chief. Helping his own SC score mate,.
cherry9: Rioli, pls go backward another 8 points so I can get the Emergency score. Will be most useful as a DPP floating donut
Gotigres: Worpel lol
BigChief: Worpel you spud. You just blew any chance Hawks had.
MrWalrus: Rioli will play, at the game, his F50 pressure work is elite
BigChief: @pcaman Sicily knows what to do for his sc score 🙂
Migz: that doesnt happen cherry. even if he scores 0
pcaman2003: Worpel having a mare year. Back to the magoos my boy.
original: Cherry9 it doesn?t work like that lol
Gotigres: Ball bounces off Maurice’s chest to Sicily
SwaggyP: Worpel has regressed significantly as a player
bhg26: Sicily handball, boo!
Silz90: Are you joking cherry lol
original: Newsflash worpel was never good lads
navy_blues: last 3mins of game 1st hball lol
cmperrfect: dollar sign for Maurice. His BE is minus 92. Only had to turn up and warm the bench.
cherry9: But we can hope no-one spotted him on field
Social: To think I traded out the prolific Macdonald for you Maurice 🙁
duckky: Come on Short – time for some scraps
yeah_nah: interesting with Martin back in the team, short is down on points
pcaman2003: original. But a lot better than he is now.
original: Finish it off nank
bhg26: And Rioli on the bench, what a game
Gotigres: Oh no
Fatbar5tad: Hawks are back here
pcaman2003: Did I mention Worpel going well?
BigChief: Should be a 4 point margin if Worpel hb before.
cherry9: Maurice. Last weeks game from Rosas was the worst SC game Ive seen. But he scored twice as many as you
Social: Get the Space Cowboy out there!
Fatbar5tad: Come of Flossy ton up lad
TheFlagger: wow
Blaircam: I feel ya Cherry – I have them both
wadaramus: Maybe a little too much midnight toking?
tommy10: Are you kidding me Rioli Jnr. You spud
EatEmAlive: Shai Bolton. So good to watch.
Catatafish: Looks like my team has fallen Short this week
BigChief: Nank the star? Seriously?
TheFlagger: 15 Contested 8 clearances as a ruck is a good day out
EatEmAlive: Good game Hawthorn. Well done tigers. Pretty good standard of game.
pcaman2003: Gee Hawks. Why not give them an extra 30 metres to work in? FGS!
tor01doc: Short high 80?s is OK
Social: that was underwhelming
BigChief: No it’s not tor. He is a premo def and should be high 90’s at a minimum.
pcaman2003: EatEmAlive. Good win by your guys,but the Hawks have to improve disposal drastically ,especially HB.
MrWalrus: Fair call pca, your lot are surprisingly good this year I have to say but disposal has let you down today

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