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Chat log from R9 of 2022: Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Collingwood vs Western Bulldogs, R9 of 2022

ReggieOz: Pendles late out?
zadolinnyj: dogs by 22
Yelse: diacos horne francis bowey, for D cameron crisp and rioli good?
Yelse: how many trades everyone got left?
Gotigres: 22 before this round Yelse, how about you
Yelse: down to 21 after three trades just now
Yelse: VC Macca into neale/oliver for me
Cottees: 22 trades left. VC Mac into Neale at the moment
DANGERous: down to 17 :/ but teams almost finished. hayes n.martin m8 left to upgrade
Yelse: This great dangerous plenty trades left for injuries who the rucks?
DANGERous: Witts Hayes Dixon the 3 rucks
BRAZZERS: 21 trades, 2 upgrades left, the rest will be luxury upgrades really
Social: Good evening gentlemen and ladies
Ash777: Martin is good enough to not trade until after the bye.
hinsch: 23 trades and 4 boosts left after this week average SC score 2290 at the moment.
beerent11: Ffs crispy. Do something!
Tig-Train: Martin is fine to keep? no really flashy forwards anyway
Raspel31: Being a mere Pom is it a prerequisite of being ugly, tattoed, a thug or have a mullet to play for the Pies?
beerent11: So you only got one premo out of that yelse?
MrWalrus: Evening all from suprisingly warm Melbourne
beerent11: All of the above rasp. And a criminal record.
Social: biggishht cwub in ozh mate
Yelse: geez treloar get off the pine ffs
NewFreoFan: Don’t have to have the criminal record, you’ll have one assigned to you in no time
DANGERous: you woke him up yelse, lmao
DrSeuss: Treloar did ok with his 1 minute on field so far Yelse
Raspel31: I capped Buku tonight.
Yelse: game getting ugly already
navy_blues: gee id like a dollar every time macrae hballs to smith
Social: goodness
NewFreoFan: Buku having a blinder
beerent11: Bont just working on that fwd percentage time to dpp in rnd 12
Tig-Train: Game over?
wadaramus: Jack Mac 8 possessions, 4 clearances, 17sc?
beerent11: By the end you could have Dunkley, English, treloar, libba and smith in your fwd line.
Migz: ahh dunks is my favourite dogs player by far. Wish he was at the eagles
Danstar: Know buku can kick goals. So put 50 on him 3+ last week! Gonna happen tonight!
Cottees: go Dunkley!!
Tig-Train: Nice mark by dunks
Cottees: good game guys, see you tomorrow! Am I right? lol
fruity: wowee!!!good golly gee !!! how good are the doggies atm…
Crave: seems like dunks is everyones dogs favourite (mine included)
beerent11: He should play fwd all the time
a1trader: had the VC on Dunkley and changed at last second to Crisp……
pjw1234: 1 bounce 1 hand rule. go dunks
Raspel31: Dunks, Macrae and Bailey- that’s what we want lads.
zadolinnyj: it?s at least exciting how powerful they are playing
m0nty: Bailey and Dunkley both playing forward but topping the DTs as the ball has been in the Dogs 50 all game
navy_blues: 1 way traffic here
Nurfed: i sense an entire team witches hats incoming
Tig-Train: There is a 6-8 goal wind to left of screen? it?s always window at marvel
Tig-Train: Windy
a1trader: Craig McRae should have brought his boots
cmperrfect: The was an 8 goal breeze for Ess last week too.
dezlav: Wow, walk away for 15 Mins and Doggies go, BANG!!!
Torz: Pies playing two shorts with the Brown bros
Danstar: Holding ball rule needs to be changed to any tackle is rewarded
Raspel31: No one should gloat or smile about The Pies being absolutely hammered. That would be ungentlmanly.
Migz: if you have prior and get tackled it should immediately be HTB.
Tig-Train: Hahaha raspel
Nurfed: dont walk away again thanks dez
zadolinnyj: liking the new quick htb calls. now just get boundary umpire to throw in straight away with one up in ruck but no nomina
BigChief: Did Coll go to the MCG?
NewFreoFan: Lol pies getting hammered
wadaramus: Tell me how B.Smith is 48 and J.Mac is 28?
Danstar: How is that not holding the ball by Adam?s?
zadolinnyj: never got tackled Danstar
Ninty: Smith kicks it and JMac handballs
The Hawker: Sorry but that was no where close to be a holding the ball
Danstar: It got
Migz: more kicks than Hb. Goal assist as well
Danstar: Didn?t it get knocked out of his hands ?
BigChief: Need to stick the tackle Danstar
Tig-Train: Jmac is all handballs and archiving nothing
navy_blues: lol @ advantage
frenzy: ah yes the archives
NewFreoFan: This game is just unravelling into a farce
DANGERous: if u wanna compare scores, its lipa and jmac. work that one out
wadaramus: DE is identical nad 4 clearances to 1, it doesn’t add up!
Danstar: Need to stick the tackle? He had 30 secs to release it and didn?t dispose of it
sfenda1: muppet for henry
Migz: clearances are meaningless in SC though
BigChief: 30 secs? Haha not even close mate.
NewFreoFan: You don’t see peripheral stats like score involvements and the like Wada
beerent11: Got the vc on khakis
DrSeuss: How is Bont on 28 SC? Have hardly sighted him all game
Raspel31: Spurs 3- Gooners nil. Yes!!!!Keep going Macca, Dunks and B Smith
beerent11: You are not your khakis
wadaramus: Normally, the base stats seen on this page give a fair inclination of SC score, at the moment it doesn’t.
cmperrfect: Because he’s Bont @ Seuss
Danstar: He had a set shot. So that?s his prior? didn?t properly dispose of it..simple
wadaramus: 5 possessions for Bont and he is equal to Macca, BS!
wadaramus: Bottom line is Macca is being ripped off by CD.
BigChief: That’s not the rules Danstar and you know it.
TheFlagger: buku js probably weak but finally a defender rookie
frenzy: same every week wada
DrSeuss: Just once I would like to put the VC on the right Bulldog
Ninty: JMac is clearly a spud at supercoach. Wouldn’t go near him
Danstar: It?s not? It was paid against Ed and another player in the same game
Tig-Train: Are you watching the game wada? Mac all handballs, under pressure and doing nothing to the game? probably has 20m gained
zadolinnyj: feel ya DrSuess
beerent11: 4 of bonts five possies are contested. 4 of McRaes 12 possessions are contested
Tig-Train: DrSeuss I know the feeling? had dunks last week and not this week lol
Raspel31: Aint that the truth DrSeuss- but you always have to go Macca. And did I mention Spurs?
NewFreoFan: Did you watch those highlights? All Macca is doing is handing to Smith, who sets up scores. Of course Smith higher
wadaramus: If hs possessions were shit, his DE would be crap and he would have multiple muppets!
zadolinnyj: Dansta is was knocked out with no tackle. no htb
Daitro: his DE i shit. 66% for mostly handballs is terrible
beerent11: CD is all about contested possessions
wadaramus: His DE was 75 before the break, CD reaming him again.
Danstar: That makes no sense. Knocked out with no tackle? Lol so it was knocked out w/out a disposal = incorrect dipoles l
zadolinnyj: collingwood to kick 8 with breeze
Danstar: Disposal*
wadaramus: Smith gets chips on the outside, totally worthy of all the SC value.
mattmac24: CD aren’t reaming him Wada. Has little influence for the dogs. Need to have more than just disposals to score well
navy_blues: wonder where silent1 is lol
wadaramus: Macca in close getting it, gets nothing!
Pokerface: long kicks are worth way more than dinky handballs
Raspel31: Traded N Daicos this week and already getting threats?
navy_blues: agree wada macraegives smith a lot of his posessions
Tig-Train: Wada is the president of the macca club?
DrSeuss: Bont kicks to Darcy Moore – SC goes up lol
BigChief: How is R. Smith only on 1 sc? Done nothing wrong all game. CD shafting him for sure.
wadaramus: CD obviously just love blonde mullets.
yeah_nah: Not sure how Ed Richards gets a game.
wadaramus: And proud to be 🙂
Ninty: how long was the kickDrSeuss?
Tig-Train: Yeah_nah his name helps
DANGERous: i traded daicos too rasp
Danstar: Ed has been killing it this year what you on about
DrSeuss: Is it not an intercept if it?s over 20m Ninty?
yeah_nah: Yeah nah.
Pokerface: first dogs game youve seen this year yeah?
Yelse: cmon pies finish your chances ffs
Raspel31: Seemed the time lads to wish Daicos junior adieu- but who did we pick?
BigChief: Richards has been good this year. Close to 20 disp a game.
Gotigres: What a waste of a vc Macrae
Ninty: a kick to a contest over 40m is considered effective IIRC
zadolinnyj: isn?t richard?s the 7th best kick in the league at the moment
TheFlagger: darcy cameron a decent f6
wadaramus: B.Smith kicks it to Daicos and gets 6SC!
Yelse: ffs smith get off give macca a run
BigChief: According to Kingy he is Zado.
DrSeuss: Interesting Ninty – won?t pretend to truly understand SC
NewFreoFan: Get over it wada
Raspel31: You and half the comp Gotigres-et moi.
beerent11: Think the pie backline is missing pendles. Disorganised and scrappy.
wadaramus: Never!
wadaramus: It’s a fucking rort!
BigChief: beer missing him in backline midfield and forward.
Gotigres: That’s it Macrae, tackle.
TheFlagger: they are missing jordan roughead
DANGERous: lipinski wowee
Hazza09: Ffs Macrae
BigChief: Madgen in trouble.
Raspel31: To err is human: to be a Pies supporter is insanity.
sMiles: Killing me Macrae – shit – shoulder – … Madgen
Ninty: wada u gonna do about it
Tig-Train: Have a rest macca?
wadaramus: Anyway, how’s your week been people?
Hazza09: What a waste of a VC
MrWalrus: Mmmm, meat maiden, macca vc please yourself champ, don’t care
beerent11: They know not what they do rasp
Ninty: CD love macca. He’ll pull out a 120 second half
Raspel31: We all went Macca VC- chill lads.
wadaramus: Double rookie downgrade to put some cash in the bank.
BigChief: Macrae will still ton up people.
Ninty: I went Dunks VC after having it on BSmith all week 😀
DrSeuss: Treloar with 1 whole kick and 15 minutes on the pine.
Oddsy5: boak into oliver for me
Pokerface: we did not Raspel!
Raspel31: Ah Ninty-sad call- but early days. And hello Poker.
BigChief: No way that was deliberate or whatever they want to callit now.
Yelse: where has crisp gone this quarter
Pokerface: hello Raspel. still deciding between Mills at home v dons or Neale v adelaide
Pokerface: adelaide by choice not playing crouch or ROB. are they tanking?
DrSeuss: Mostly to the bench Yelse
TheFlagger: piss weak free kick
DANGERous: if a defender could get the loose ball, but chooses not to trying to get the deliberate, that shouldnt be a free
wadaramus: Crouch ineffective, ROB overworked.
wadaramus: AFL rules suck arse.
robbieg: need at least 140 from macrae to consider the vc over clarry
Pokerface: soligio the more effective option then?
Raspel31: Or Cripps Poker- hard call. Not Mills for me. did I mention Spurs 3 Arsenal 0?
Pokerface: ROB not managed. He’s omitted.
BigChief: ROB was lazy last week. Refused to run.
beerent11: Not me rasp. Neales wearing the blue armband for me.
Pokerface: i may have heard that scoreline in here tonight.
beerent11: But I don?t have McRae
Raspel31: Same beer.
mattmac24: People thought the same about Neale against Weagles Robbieg but still only got 123
BigChief: Thinking Neale into Gawn or Cripps.
wadaramus: Coz he’s gassed out.
Pokerface: Cripps cuts it too fine to the Melbourne game
Danstar: This HTB rule killing me tonight lol
Raspel31: Agreed Poker- Cripps wedged.
Pokerface: plus doesnt leave many options to take the loop if you wanted
mattmac24: Why do dogs not persist with Sweet? Should play along side English
wadaramus: Players beseeching the umpires for a free kick when a player is defending space is shit, umps are gullible.
TheFlagger: my only loop option is cmac so McCrae was the only option
cmperrfect: Clarry v WCE for C for mine.
Ash777: Sweet didn’t have a tank to play matt
BigChief: Sweet looks good but never given much of a chance.
Social: still got Huge Dixon for the VC loop with Pruess
Raspel31: wada- deep breathes- remember those classes- and breathe out. Atta boy.
navy_blues: dont think naughton will last the game out
Pokerface: wada is having a wada junior?
Raspel31: Hmm cmperrfect, hmm?
wadaramus: That last deliberate call was deplorable Raspel, surely you agree?
wadaramus: If you mean a chocolate hot dog?
blashtroko: lost bloody 24(!!!) points already from subtracted tackles… I swear CD are way stricter on that this year
Collywoble: It’s not deliberate, it’s insufficent intent. Poulter tapped the ball in a direct line out of bounds
Pokerface: no, just the breathing classes you were attending
Collywoble: Absolutely the correct call wadaramus you f*cking idiot
wadaramus: What the fuck do you want him to do Collywobble, please elaborate on how you would coach him in this instance?
BigChief: Not sure the tissue boxes will last the game either @navy
Social: wa wa wee wa!
navy_blues: lol
mattmac24: Calm down a little collywoble.. coming in a bit hot there
navy_blues: collywoble comes out with words of wisdom lol
BigChief: damn McCreery is dominating.
Raspel31: Yep, well said mattmac- all friends here.
wadaramus: Resorting to such insults only serves to highlight low level ignorance.
cmperrfect: Who you thinking Raspel for C ?
BigChief: Not sure Collywoble read the chat rules either.
Raspel31: Does anyone think Bailey Smith will ton up? And did I mention Spurs 3, Gooners nil?
wadaramus: Your pathetic keyboard slander is 100% ineffective.
Social: Let’s just all enjoy the live shots of pie fans being grumpy 🙂
pjw1234: whats wrong with gawn as c playing west coast seconds with no ruck?
Pokerface: CD would hate that
Ash777: you tell him to do it again wada. It helped the pies even if it was a free.
Raspel31: Neale cmperrfect I guess?
Pokerface: nothing at all pjw. you have to captain a melb player. we were discussing vices
BigChief: pjw only worry is how much time does Gawn ruck?
cmperrfect: Hmmm Raspel. Hmm.
Tig-Train: Smith 100 tog what a machine
Raspel31: Or Cripps or Olly-aargh!
Pokerface: actually thats a good point Chief. he was under a cloud earlier in the week
Yelse: @ Tig-Train smith a hog i thought everything was on rotations obviously refuses to come off
Pokerface: holy crap, cameron got scaled back. he was 58 after the siren went
BigChief: Gawn could play perma fwd this week and kick a big bag. 🙂
cmperrfect: If Gawn was a worry, why on earth would he play against the Bye team ?
TheFlagger: should I get gawn or darcy. Darcy is 70k cheaper
Pokerface: cos he’s Gawn. that’s what he does
TheFlagger: worse durability by a mile but way more upside
Raspel31: Gawn will play- but not in the ruck. Hmm?
Pokerface: for who flagger
cmperrfect: If Gawn isn’t cherry ripe, why risk home against the bottom side with no ruckman. Play Jackson all game and rest Gawn.
bc__: Darcy quiet that qrt. Lift son
Torz: Gawn playing forward might kick 5 anyway
bc__: Cameron*
TheFlagger: plan is NOD, Dixon and Butters to M.Rioli, Clark and one of Darcy/Gawn
BigChief: McCreery needs double donuts m0nty.
BigChief: Madgen subbed out.
Pokerface: who are you relegating to ruck bench?
TheFlagger: s.hayes poker
TheFlagger: would much rather just get parish but i need more people with the r14 bye and i dont want brayshaw or tracca
Pokerface: see how hayes goes first with the E on him. port boys will go big
zadolinnyj: sick of dropping the ball not getting paid. is the easiest to call
Torz: That?s a rubbish 50
zadolinnyj: massive push in back and 50 to just top off the bad decision
BigChief: that 50 was BS
Pokerface: he got that ton raspel
Pokerface: i tipped it
Raspel31: Agrre Poker- and thank you Mr B Smith who is finally returning my investment.
Malaka: What a load of crapola! Blatantly wrong decision, and then a 50 metre for looking a bit puzzled.
Yelse: want push in the back zadolnnyj
DrSeuss: Push in the back not called – then ridiculous 50m – umps are going to be hated more than ever. Good idea AFL
Olli32019: Haha stupid umps would of pushed him straight through a brick wall if it were there
BigChief: So you can’t protect the mark now? Fucking pathetic.
Migz: wtf was that moore
zadolinnyj: almost pushed him into next week Yelse
Raspel31: And Mr B Smith still 100% tog- wow.
Tig-Train: Moore has gone stupid in the head
zadolinnyj: u jinxed him Raspel. Straight to bench
BigChief: Friday 13th. Just saying LOL
zadolinnyj: great movie
Yelse: crisp lift where u been today missing peddles
Pokerface: oh cool thanks chief didnt realise. usually good movies on tv on friday 13th
Raspel31: Set B. Smith free- sorry zado.
BigChief: WTF was Callum Brown thinking?
navy_blues: with naughton not wantinng to jump limits dogs frwd options could open up here for collingwood
BigChief: Movies better than this rubbish umpiring.
Ninty: McCreery has finally got a kick 🐐
navy_blues: hmmm maybe not lol,
original: Ah crispy boy
Pokerface: probably old news but i just heard. greg clark is a doubt if u got him. didnt get on track today
DrSeuss: Crisp – Dunkley – want to get involved?
Pokerface: back on field Pin
beerent11: Dunkley fwd?
Raspel31: Lost another tooth this week- just playing soccer. Shall we pool and offer them up?
Migz: dunno why people are bringing clarke in this week. hes only played 1. and eagles are terrible with rookies
BigChief: Which pies fan are you thinking of giving them to Raspel?
beerent11: All the highly owned going shit doesn?t matter really
Yelse: pies have been so poor today very disappointing
m0nty: lots of junk time coming up, nom nom nom
BigChief: Could Cleary be a good rookie bench option?
DANGERous: sleepy quarter Baz, thats ok
Hazza09: Where did you hear that Poker?
beerent11: Is he a defender bigchief?
BigChief: I think he is beer
BigChief: Yep he is beer. Just checked.
mattmac24: One of my opponents has none of Macrae, Dunks or Crisp.. but have Treloar and Smith.. Oh no
Pokerface: @hazza lachy reid from ch10 tweeted it
beerent11: That?s what we need
Raspel31: Calling this early- Doggies for my money?
Migz: this feels like the end of the 4th. whole quarter to go!
zadolinnyj: u called smith 100 Raspel so have to back you in on ur doggies win call
Social: I think Oli Henry’s trying to get traded home
beerent11: Dunks McRae and crisp still on track to ton up. No bother.
m0nty: the junk, the junk!
Raspel31: So half of us vceed Macca- who to from here?
dabombers: Is Macrae any good at junk time??
Yelse: surprised with macca and crisp TOG
The39Steps: De Goey wants a near $1m contract. He’s not auditioning too well.
frenzy: finish it off Naicos, Im sure peeps would have traded you. Burn em
sMiles: Darcy Cameron still worth it next week?
boges11: Anyone from Melb, Freo or Brisbane Raspel
Social: what the heck jock macare?
Raspel31: Sure boges- Neale and Olly.
TheFlagger: trade macrae
mattmac24: People booing Khamis..? oh dear
TheFlagger: what did khamis do? not watching the game
BigChief: Are they boos or Doggies yelling BUKU?
sMiles: @TheFlagger – no – for both
boges11: Hopefully Yelling BUKU
beerent11: Daicos is so calm for a rookie
DANGERous: might be a buuuukuuu instead of a boo, not entirely sure
Torz: Surely Buuuuku
Danstar: These umpires are too easily influenced / deterred by crowd
dabombers: If the Pies lose it will be beacuse of the umps right???
BigChief: Nope they are boos. Fucking Collingwood flogs.
TheFlagger: pretty sure you’re right boges
Danstar: Noble tackled. Tackled. Dropped ball. No free
beerent11: Same for the dogs dabombers
DrSeuss: Haha Bont gets points for a tackle when he loses the ball in a marking contest lol
Social: Gil said his proudest achievement was the increase in revenue, not fairness
Yelse: this descent rule makes this game softer than any sport
TheFlagger: put em to bed dunks
zadolinnyj: dropped ball and wrong call then again another dumb 50
mattmac24: This dissent rule honestly just sucks for the players
Gotigres: With all the meaningless 50’s they might as well play tiddly winks
Raspel31: Is 92 enough to keep Macca as cap?
bhg26: Players arent allowed to have emotion anymore
thesilentl: @danstar imagine being a dogs fan and sooking about umpiring
DrSeuss: Dumb Rule. Ruining the game. Not going to make more umps get onboard. Turns off fans.
DropCox: LOL Danstar thinks the umps favouring the Pies. Joke. The umpires simply SUCK
Migz: always a good night when JDG gets a 50 against him leading to a goal. B e a u tiful
BigChief: Robbo was right. Send out the robots.
Ninty: Gotta bank it rasp.
Social: Joseph De Goseph
bhg26: Thats one of my shots on goal
mattmac24: Umps have been shocking both ways tonight, hardly favoured one team
original: Crisp elevated bench time
Yelse: can crisp and cameron tone up
Gotigres: Yes Raspel.
Raspel31: Joking Ninta- maybe Clarry-or Neale- or Cripps??
DrSeuss: Crisp TOG has been crazy low today
sMiles: I don;t know – Daicos looks sore – reckon I will expunge next week
Gotigres: They won’t be singing the club song tonight Yelse
sMiles: probably also get rid of Daicos too. he he.
hinsch: Will De Boer tag Cripps is the question if you go C
DrSeuss: To the bench for the remainder please Bont
beerent11: Crisps game deserves a ton
thesilentl: Dogs 48 pies 6 points from free kick chains….rough
Social: but you’re the biggest club is oz silent! that’s gotta carry some weight?
Raspel31: Agree hinsch
thesilentl: @social at least let me work for my fish, you’re just jumping in the boat
frenzy: thank goodness CD dont do the brownlow votes
mattmac24: Watched the whole game, umps didn’t favour the dogs anymore than they did Collingwood
DrSeuss: Time to give Bont the trash can?
Raspel31: Love a close game.
Pokerface: mccomb earning $?
beerent11: Just watched bonts goal of the year from 7 years ago. Ridiculous.
zadolinnyj: why they booing him. disgrace
bhg26: be of -47 so yeah poker
Social: woof
Pokerface: bhg there might be an icon for that
BigChief: That is pathetic from Coll fans booing Khamis.
thesilentl: @zado you legit? They are saying his name
frenzy: first gamer with more TOG JMac
DEESareSAD: Crisp has been hella underscored IMO
thesilentl: @bigchief you as well bigchief, you guys seriously battle sometimes. Its his own team saying bakuuuuu
Social: It’s like Goodes and O’Brien all over again, expect more ‘proud’ days for Collingwood
BigChief: No it’s not Silent. My brother is there and he texted me saying they are booing him.
Social: and Winmar of course
thesilentl: I’m there and its literally bakuuuuu, its been happening since minute 1
original: Crisp robbed
Pokerface: does the silentl name come from pies silencing Lumumba?
thesilentl: Its not even debatable, its clear as day here what is being said
thesilentl: Few racists in here cling lumumba by another name, disgusting from you @sociial
original: Good junk icon on dale. Jeepers those were soft points
Social: my boat is full silent

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