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Chat log from R8 of 2022: Carlton vs Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Adelaide, R8 of 2022

zadolinnyj: go crows
navy_blues: not today zado
navy_blues: love a big % game here plz boys
pcaman2003: Go Cripps! and stay low Rachele. Amen!
TheFlagger: go dawson, crippa, durdin on the bench
DANGERous: go crippa
TheLegend6: I lost a multi by Steele missing one touch – he marked a ball then went off blood rule haha. Fun.
MrWalrus: C’mon crrom
TheFlagger: got a feeling keays goes 130+
pcaman2003: TheLegend. Bloody stiff mate
zadolinnyj: Think ur right navy
Tommy_C: I agree Flagger
Torz: Jones hasn?t been near Walsh
AlbySmedtz: “talk about Butts at the other end…..”
navy_blues: 2 turnovers 2 goals grrf
AlbySmedtz: Brown, Doedee….
zadolinnyj: Good roving
pcaman2003: I have Cripps against 59pts + Rachele. He goals already. Bad omen!
m0nty: holding free on Butts
Social: Butts passes a Doedee
DrSeuss: Hately tagging Cripps
frenzy: wots up Laird
pcaman2003: Seuss. Saw that earlier. Cripps defeating evil so far
zadolinnyj: No free there at all
Social: this could all Hinge on Butts Brown Durdin… Owies!
pcaman2003: Yes Crippsy Yes! Keep going and going and going.
Oddsy5: go captain crippa. need 139 to win my $100 league
mattmac24: The free was there but it was soft.
wadaramus: Head count please, there are 21 on the ground for Carlton!
pcaman2003: Good luck Odsy5. Hope you get it and we both win. Cheers!
TheFlagger: cheers umps
Stikman35: Cripps might be my only positive this weekend as capt. Hopeful
Silz90: Cmon minge do something.
navy_blues: omg umps put whistle away
pcaman2003: Hately holding Cripps before getting ball but not pinged by umps. Typical!
Oddsy5: bloody oath pca, few rough scores for me this week hurt me
TheFlagger: happens every stoppage
AlbySmedtz: why are there so many s4!t jokes about the Backline of Crows?
BRAZZERS: wheres the muppets that got carroll?
MrWalrus: Yeah, blues are really getting a rough deal right now, boo more frees for the blues!
Dredd: Nearly a free kick every minute.. umps are shockers
m0nty: have a shot Rachele
wadaramus: Players get tackled just before they take possession all the time!
TheFlagger: great quarter dawson
Silz90: lol calm down brazzers seriously
wadaramus: Cripps threw the ball out, gets a stat for a contested handball, please!
Dredd: I got Carroll and traded Hinge to get McCartin?s score to win my money league match.. fair play I thought
DrSeuss: Dawson the new seagull?
bhg26: Who brought carroll in this week?
BRAZZERS: great decision, dredd. he’s gonna give you a donut. fair play indeed lmao
Yelse: Just got home and seen the scores Gawn steele another 2 premium disasters. Whats with this round
nbartos: Saad sad
zadolinnyj: I?m having a good round. 2400 plus easy
banta: Yep same 2500 easy
zadolinnyj: Saad will have to be accountable on mcadam
TheFlagger: very nice zado
nbartos: Williams on McAdam zado
MrWalrus: Nice Zado, funny game supercoach
Oddsy5: im 2030 plus captain cripps. bye bye top 800
pcaman2003: Stay low Rachele and let Crippa tear you a new one.
zadolinnyj: How was that holding the ball.
navy_blues: go crippa nice
Silz90: cripps kicking straight this year. love it skip
bhg26: Love ya Crippa
zadolinnyj: Ok dragged in at end
TheFlagger: on another level
pcaman2003: Superman Cripps is going to give me a win if he keeps this up.
Oddsy5: cripps my favourite player in afl, pleasure to watch
nbartos: embarrassing umpiring this
DrSeuss: Carroll has been around the ball a fair bit – just no clean hands – needs to put in a tackle every now and then though
MrWalrus: I dislike Cripps, just don’t, never have, can play but prefer to see sad Cripps of the last few years
pcaman2003: Cripps hoping for 300 today. He likes his chances.
BigChief: Umpiring has been very good in this game so far.
Dredd: Carroll finding the ball now
pcaman2003: Chief. Definitely better than most games this rnd
MrWalrus: What game you watching chief?
DEESareSAD: Fucking oath lads, I have gone from an average looking week to the best one yet
zadolinnyj: Surely crouch better then hately
TheFlagger: boo free kick carlton
BigChief: Carl v Adel Walrus. DUH
mattmac24: Also think umpiring has been pretty good this game, some bad calls but crows have been poor
AlbySmedtz: Oh Brien!!
DEESareSAD: Captain Cripps looking good lads
navy_blues: very nice harry
zadolinnyj: Wow
pcaman2003: I’ve just hit the front by a point. Keep it up Crippa.
BigChief: ROB out rucked by Silvagni twice LMAO
Silz90: great tackle hinge cmon umps
Oddsy5: chief silvagni has a basketball background hes got hops
TheFlagger: yes dawson
nbartos: oh there u are Saad
Social: could use a few from Hinge to cover Ridley
zadolinnyj: We have been slaughtered yet a goal here is close
pcaman2003: I might have to put a permanent C on Crippa. He’s a new man this year.
Catatafish: Hinge was worth holding on to..
a1trader: Frampton has been a good earner for me. On track for 80 again
zadolinnyj: Htb had free arm
Silz90: Young has been a great pick up. suprised me
wadaramus: Don’t be silly zado, wrong end of the ground.
navy_blues: agree zado
Silz90: zado u cant complain against every free kick
mattmac24: Looked like Williams thought there was a free kick from the umps whistle blow.
BigChief: Did Williams think it was a mark
Social: here comes the Hinger
zadolinnyj: Pretty sure I can Silz especially htb in front of goal with both arms free
Stikman35: Carroll seems to be no muppet
zadolinnyj: Wow that was lazy by Schoenberg
navy_blues: carroll no muppet a lot of u prob trade him in
mattmac24: Carlton have really missed Charlie in the last few years
Silz90: Goes both ways. Umpires are shocking in general
BigChief: No def pressure at all from Schoenberg Zado.
wadaramus: I just give up with this fucking umpiring, it’s just absolute fucking rubbish.
nbartos: crazy free
BigChief: Nice gift for Harry.
zadolinnyj: Was disgusting Chief. Will get a break next week for that. Coach would have watched that on tv clearly
Gotigres: Wow Carroll. Good 2nd qtr
wadaramus: A game should not be significantly impacted by over officious umpires.
banta: Siren went about 5 seconds after it hit 0:00 weird
zadolinnyj: I don?t think Carroll was in bad spots in first quarter. Just wasn?t used. Could be a cashy
beerent11: Finally bought crippa in this week. Nice to barrack for him now.
zadolinnyj: Tv clock not the official clock banta
cherry9: I dropped Crouch for Cripps this week. Then Crows dropped him. Clearly if not in my best 22, not worth starting
frenzy: I rage traded Cripps 3 weeks back
BigChief: I need a 50 point 2nd half from Dawson to win cash league game.
cherry9: Hurts not having any Crows players in my SC tho. Eyes on Laird if any of my 8 premo kids go down. Cripps not a bad m8
Yelse: i need hinge and walsh combined 40 for second half to win gonna be close but doubt it
BigChief: Jack Martin subbed out
zadolinnyj: Who?s off
zadolinnyj: Ta chief
Danstar: Does the kick off the floor keays did b4 count as a disposal?
BigChief: Some do some don’t Danstar
zadolinnyj: Crows defensively very lazy
Danstar: Interesting. I need him to get 30+ lol
hinsch: Will Carlton be far enough in front at 3/4 time to win this game.
Danstar: Lol @ hinsch
BigChief: Carroll looks like a nice cashy.
nbartos: Carroll was incorrect disposal, not called of course
zadolinnyj: Dansta. Kick off the ground not considered a possesion
beerent11: O?Brien gives the crows nothing around the ground
BigChief: Nice throw Silvagni
zadolinnyj: That?s a Rochelle mark
nbartos: Rach mark?
Stikman35: Cripps might be a cotton wool bench player for last few qtrs.
beerent11: All youse heading for 2500+scores again?
beerent11: Not me
BigChief: Not even close beer. Won’t get 2150
mattmac24: Of Doc, Laird and Tex can all get to 100, I’ll make 2300
nbartos: my man Saad robbed a posi!
Oddsy5: omg cripps is that good. what a jet
BigChief: Stikman not quite in cotton wool.
beerent11: I?m about there too bigchief
bones351: Not this week beer. Currently 2167 with Cripps and Carroll still playing
Migz: im barely scraping 2000 this week. Ridley donut. 1 person in fwds and def over 100. shit
zadolinnyj: 2400 plus for me. Think banta is a 2500
BigChief: beer 2412 last week and lost and if Dawson gets 125 I will get 2117 and win.
sfenda1: Cripps special player. Silvagni underrated
Stikman35: % on ground is what I mean. Obvious. If game closer theyd not take him off.
Dredd: Will pass 2250 with Cripps score
beerent11: Lot of low premo scores. Nearly every captain failed. Neale was ok in the end.
Dredd: No English and Hewett either so pretty happy with 2250
pjw1234: I have cripps +80 pts v Dawson and Curnow thought I was home but not now.
beerent11: Those with the c on crippa Will have a big advantage
zadolinnyj: None over 2400 in fanfooty sc league except me. Unusual week
BigChief: Surely Max is everyone’s C next week.
fruity: Looking at 2220..thats my average also..
pcaman2003: Sitting on 2258 thanks to Crippa
circle52: 2307 currently with quarter of Cripps to go. Neale as C worked reasonably.
beerent11: Normal for most years zad. The scoring this year has been ridiculous
Oddsy5: 2270 with cripps c. saved my week a little bit
Stikman35: Hopefully max is rested so I can have an advantage maybe with preuss
TheFlagger: da da da da da
circle52: Been running Witts and Preuss after Grundy injury.
mattmac24: Me too Circle, working well so far
beerent11: They might do that stikman. Would make sense.
DEESareSAD: Poor Keays owners are crying rn
zadolinnyj: We would like to apply the mercy rule please
Stikman35: I want to move preuss on during byes
DEESareSAD: 2400 if Cripps gets up to 140
mattmac24: It’s gonna be hard to justify moving Preuss on if he continues a 100+ average.
TheLegend6: I win my game if Doch gets 114. Gonna be close!
BigChief: If Flynn plays Preuss scoring drops. GWS please don’t play Flynn.
Stikman35: No point having so much cash on ya bench
DEESareSAD: Flynn has been playing hasn?t he?
mattmac24: If Preuss keeps a 100+ average, I’d only trade to Gawn if the rest of my team was finished.
Stikman35: I have Gawn, Witt?s and preuss. Rather upgrade two players to premos Bt trading a bench players in ore
nbartos: who said Cripps 300? LOL
BigChief: Cmon Dawson. Getting closer to 125.
Dredd: Been running Hayes and Preuss with English out.. Hayes been a solid recruit so far
BigChief: Since when do you need to give the ball back after a behind?
beerent11: Games gone 50 happy. Getting ridiculous
zadolinnyj: When Carlton winning by this much, why boo. It?s a bad look
navy_blues: would be dead ball after behind
zadolinnyj: Not with new play on rule navy. It?s silly
navy_blues: cant put your hands up to umps gotta give ball back after behind what next
Yelse: all i need is RACHELLE on more goal for 780 bucks :(((
zadolinnyj: That?s soft. Umps paying soft frees
navy_blues: u will need a law degree to understand the rules at this rate
cherry9: On field lottery this week but plenty of great rookies on the bench to keep cash gen up
BigChief: Okay umpiring has gone to shit in 2nd half.
zadolinnyj: Yep crazy. Good article by Malthouse in herald sun this week re rules
nbartos: how is that HTB? no prior at all
BigChief: no attempt nbartos that’s how it was htb
pharace: Kick it Walsh, kick it to Walsh!
DEESareSAD: Did anyone end up starting Curnow?
nbartos: what did Tex do to cop the boos each posi?
pharace: Curnow since Rd1
BigChief: What he did last year. Not right imo.
m0nty: I am a Curnow starter in SC, was nice and cheap
Stikman35: Retrospective boos for walker nbartos
m0nty: Butts getting the wrong end of the stick from the umpies
nbartos: ah yep just wondering if he clipped someone in this game
zadolinnyj: Probably being bood by fans for racism. And Goodes said the fans are racist.
Oddsy5: needed cripps 139. bench. ffs
BigChief: Carlton been poor in this qtr.
pharace: Comon Charlie, bank through another couple just to round out the game!
TheFlagger: lovely crippa and dawson
Stikman35: Cripps had a good half. He shut up shop mostly since.
pcaman2003: CD love throwing clangers at Crisp. Last one was a doozy.
Oddsy5: omg cripps gooooooooo!!!!!
BigChief: Thanks Dawson. You got me a win.
pcaman2003: Cripps,not Crisp
nbartos: Charlie seals the BOG
mattmac24: You been living under a rock Bartos?
mattmac24: Happy with Cripps, Doch, Laird and Tex
nbartos: 3 cheap handballs by Cripps ends in Ade goal, but go on give him the star
BigChief: There ya go @pharace 2 late snags for Charlie.
navy_blues: this is why carlton wont beaelb bris etc take foot off to much
pharace: Love it Chief andf I needed tham mate, scraped in by that goal this week!
navy_blues: beat melb bris etc
Hazza09: Another week another cash league loss
TheFlagger: top four how good. wont last long but ill enjoy it while i can.
pharace: Thank you MrCurnow
zadolinnyj: Have a good week lads
Oddsy5: needed cripps 139 for my $100 league win vs a guy ranked 105. wowee

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