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Chat log from R8 of 2022: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, R8 of 2022

Harambe: Special accomplishment by West Coast’s Harry Edwards last night. Competed in 32 ruck contests and recorded 0 hitouts
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Stu7: Sinclair big one please mate
Stu7: True to his form King kicks yet another point
Stu7: Off the pine Bowey
Stu7: Nice quiet one please Petracca
Stu7: Bowey the ball is the leather thing
Oddsy5: bit quiet this afternoon!
bhg26: 5 in a row stu, impressive
bhg26: Can someone check if Boweys out there, says he?s on ground but can?t see him
Hazza09: Ofcourse Steele, Trac & Oliver all uniques this week and watch them spud it up
bhg26: Gawns got butter fingers today
CubanPete: Why is Marshall constantly on the bench?
Stu7: Off the pine Sinhair
bhg26: Gawn, Clarry, Trac and Bowey. Flower me
pcaman2003: I wish Gresham would look for targets rather than bombing it to opposition.
Stu7: bhg26 – Bowey is out there
HolyNorf: surely not
TheFlagger: lol
bhg26: He only showed up 5 minutes ago stu
bhg26: Yikes
Stu7: Point Kilda
pcaman2003: Useless reviews using blur vision. Get decent cameras FGS. You can afford them.
Stu7: bhg – that?s what st Kilda does 90 minutes into a game
Swans Star: Good Afternoon everyone. Happy Mothers day to all of your Mums
Stu7: I tossed up between buying Brayshaw or Sinhair – I took Sinhair hmmmmm
bhg26: I can?t see Melbourne losing a game this year
Stu7: Thanks SwansStar from Mrs Doubtfire
Stu7: I can?t see St Kilda kick8ng a goal
bhg26: There you go stu
Hazza09: Another stinky game from Trac coming up, ffs
pcaman2003: Pick it up a bit Bowey. You too Gresham.
bhg26: Love the Gawn to Oliver to petracca to Gawn to Oliver to petracca. Lovely stuff
oc16: maybe Brisbane bhg26
pcaman2003: Geez Gresham. Learn to kick will you.
bhg26: That?s the only chance I reckon, they?ll smack us
BigChief: Freo will prob beat Melb
Stu7: Nice turnover saints ffs
Stu7: Drag Jones
navy_blues: too easy
bhg26: Oliver 16 touches flowering hell
bhg26: 11 touches this quarter for oliver
pcaman2003: Gresham and Bowey dragging me down AGAIN. I give up.
fruity: Might need to say Bye Bye to Bowey..
BigChief: Bowey can’t score when the ball is not in Saint fwd line.
pcaman2003: fruity. Looks like it. Gresham will follow for me. On the ground but nowhere near the ball .
mattmac24: Are saints playing poorly or are Melbourne just too good?
hinsch: Luv seeing bench time for Gawn.
HolyNorf: too many people to trade it this week, JFH, NOD, Bowey, Butters
Stu7: What?s going on with Sinhair?
circle52: Think melbourne have lifted a gear – Been watching Dees a while and think they have been cruising,
Stu7: Thank goodness Sinhair he?s alive
circle52: Their games against Freo and Brisbane may give us an idea wghere they actually stand.
DrSeuss: Keep going backwards Maxy – might as well finish off a weekend of mediocre scores
mattmac24: Yeah thought the same Circle, really looking forward to that Melbourne Vs Freo game
pcaman2003: Gresham 2 touches with 2 clangers,a gr8 effort. Can’t see him anywhere
Stu7: Gresham was due for a bad game
pcaman2003: Stu. He should be doing a lot better than this tripe though.
hinsch: Melb vs WCE next week not to sure what that score could be.
BigChief: Dees have Wc and Norf next 2 weeks
bhg26: Gawn, Oliver and Trac 200+ each that game hinsch
pcaman2003: Stu. I have Gresh and Bowey against Sinclair. Making me very nervous at this point
hinsch: Oliver might be a lock and leave for C for the next two weeks then.
Stu7: Fair recovery Oliver
Stu7: pca – I think you?ll be fine mate
Stu7: Sinhair I meant
sMiles: Bowey – Steele – Gawn (c) grrrr
BigChief: How was that not a free to Wood?
pcaman2003: Off the pine Bowey. I need you to score.
marls: Capt Gawn Zzzzz should have taken Neale 123
pcaman2003: Put some effort in Bowey.
Wahab_18: Come on steele no more clangers
pcaman2003: My goodness. Bowey got a HB, his only possie this qtr
Torz: Steele having a mare of a quarter
Wahab_18: Steele may aswell not touch the ball he goes down every time he touches it 🙁
navy_blues: had a kick in as well pca
bhg26: Oh Bowey and Gawn
pcaman2003: Torz. Gresh and Bowey the same. They’ve murdered my SC
Wahab_18: This game bringing down everyone’s overall score
pcaman2003: navy. I must’ve blinked and missed it.
pcaman2003: Apologies for Steele. Got him this wekk. All my players stinking it up this game.
mattmac24: I don’t have anyone from this game but Oliver probably coming in next week.
Torz: Amazing how often a player having a poor game picks up an injury at the 3QT break
pcaman2003: Meanwhile, Gresham twiddling thumbs stuck in FWD line getting cold.
dipstick: do something steele you piece of tinfoil
Migz: im gonna be lucky to make 2000 at this rate :s
Social: he’s up again oliver dip, forget about it
Torz: Steele gets a shot at goal and has the blood rule ffs
Catatafish: Having Ross full time mid and Jones back is going to stuff Gresham
TheLegend6: Steele cursed today
navy_blues: lol
pcaman2003: Stop Sinclair, just stop
RuffLeader: Zak Jones is a terrible footballer
bhg26: Ffs bowey get off the pine you numpty
pcaman2003: Catafish. I think Jones is last nail in the coffin. Will have to dump Gresh now.
amigaman: Poser Oliver
pcaman2003: bhg26. He’s not hearing us today.
bhg26: That was disgraceful from oliver
bhg26: We’ll just have to say it louder pcaman
hinsch: Steele you might as well have gone home at 1/2 time
sMiles: lol – my flowering language directed at Gawn seems to be moderated.
Stu7: Sinhair spending too much time on the bench
pcaman2003: bhg26. I’ve given up already. Gresh and Bowey have flowered my SC badly
Catatafish: @pcaman I reckon. He’s on the list now
TheLegend6: If Steele and Gresh could grind out 80’s please
pcaman2003: I’m down 67 and have Cripps against Rachele next game. Need massive Cripps game.
RuffLeader: Lots of points up for grabs in the last 10 minutes
mattmac24: I think you’ll be fine Pca. Can’t see Rachele going too big
pcaman2003: mattmac. Just my luck this week he’ll kick 5 to rub salt in. lol!
bhg26: Boo Bowey Boo!
pcaman2003: Boo from me as well.
zadolinnyj: wow steele quiet
DropCox: Booowey
pcaman2003: What’s more frustrating? SC or golf?
Torz: Imagine if golf had a SC type scoring system
pcaman2003: Torz. That sounds like a form of torture to me.
hinsch: pcaman SC at least you can belt the crap out of a golf ball
thesilentl: Best officiated game of the year so far
pcaman2003: hinsch. Lol! I know what you mean.
cherry9: Very nice C Oliver, happy with that
pcaman2003: Will have to rely on Cripps for my win. Pooh!

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