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Chat log from R8 of 2022: Brisbane vs West Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R8 of 2022

Migz: if eagles lose by less than 50 i consider it a win
Pokerface: dam zorko in the middle. will go big tonight
PAFC4eva: didnt take brayshaws 134 its up to you neale capt
BigChief: Both games tonight will be boring I am tipping.
Number 8: WCE fans: how on Earth did Hugh Dixon not get a game this week?
Pokerface: they were pretty furious at those who went to the nightclub Number 8
Pokerface: dunno if dixon was one, but you have to assume
Migz: no idea. best thing i’ve heard is he is more forward than ruck. All our tall fwds are playing. so hes 4-5th in line.
Migz: on top of shit weather so maybe hes trash in wet weather
Number 8: I think I heard Nelson and Brander, but wasn’t sure about Dixon, Poker
beerent11: Or they saw a weather forecast number 8
Number 8: Yes, fair enough, Migs. But I do like what I’ve seen from Dixon
ausgooner: was Nelson & Rotham
Number 8: Eep, not Brander
Pokerface: yeah im just speculating 8 🙂 its the story that makes most sense!
Migz: but after saying all that. surely dixon would be better in the ruck than… edwards?
Number 8: Yes, Rotham was the other name I saw
Number 8: Edwards looks like a player, but more of a 3rd tall defender. Agree, not a ruck
DrSeuss: C on Neale might not have been such a good choice. Tagged by Redden
Migz: might have to go get some red rooster soon if we don”t atleast score by qtr time
Migz: ayeeeeeeeeeee! pushed it back to half time
Gotigres: Neale won’t need to do much tonight
beerent11: Fuck Mathew knights was a great player.
Number 8: Google Knights 1995 second semi for three of the best clutch goals you’ll ever see
Dogs5416: Wasn’t Dixon dropped because “eagles were too tall”
Migz: this female commentator is trash. i’ve seen her mess up 3 names already
beerent11: Think I remember two of them 8
Tig-Train: BT messes up 80% of names
BigChief: Her voice is like sandpaper and she is shocking . But BT is still worse.
exatekk: usually shes been doing Crom games migz. Garbage. Kelli Underwood
ajconodie: You are a frustrating individual, D. Rich.
Migz: BT is actually the worst. clown.
BRAZZERS: neale will be fine, on pace for 120 and done fuck all so far lol
DrSeuss: One of those weeks. I have the C on Neale, opponent has Answerth
BigChief: Please kick the ball Neale.
BigChief: McStay in real trouble with ankle
Number 8: I was in the old Northern Stand, beer, it was an incredible game of footy
Gotigres: God has Florenca captain
beerent11: Amazing how clean Neale is in the wet.
Migz: florenca Cape with first AFL game. well done lad
dmc1301: Migz, BT is better than Darcy
BRAZZERS: needs 50 in dt to be a cape
beerent11: Wc might find a few good ones
BigChief: You are joking right dmc? BT is a Rex Hunt wanna be and he sucks at it. There will only ever be 1 Rex.
Yelse: would have thought nene would be 100 by now
BRAZZERS: this game is really fair but they having a crack
Urbs: Answerth cape is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
hinsch: Come on Neale a rookie Florenca is making you look like a SC beginner
Pokerface: not a wildly out there surprise though. he’s been superb this year
Stu7: Ed
BigChief: McStay subbed out
Dogs5416: Crazy WCE highest SC scorer isn’t even on SC.
Migz: oh i didnt knoiw brazzers haha. MY bad
beerent11: Weather is making this game much better
BigChief: Better or closer beer?
bc__: Beery
bc__: Berry ok?
TheOnyas: onya hurny
simma1978: What?s the deal with Berry?
beerent11: I like wet weather footy bigchief.
BigChief: Which 1 Simma? Jarrod or Tom?
pcaman2003: Have some kicks Neale. It’s called football you know
BigChief: I do also beer. Gives the lesser teams a chance.
simma1978: Jarrod
ajconodie: That was plain rude Charlie Cameron lol
Migz: one of the best free kicks ive ever seen paid
ajconodie: Should be detention too!
Migz: winder should have just had a ping.
BigChief: Not sure what rule Charlie broke though.
Migz: unsportsmanlike is a rule
ajconodie: It was pretty funny
Migz: 18.1 in the rule book chief
Manowar: should have stayed P-Seton, big mistake!
BigChief: Funny yes, but if it was paid for unsportmanlike conduct that is very very soft.
poolboybob: Umpire needs specsavers
Migz: i wouldnt say soft. it clearly goes against the spirit of the game 😉
Social: wheel lock his little motorcycle
BigChief: But need to look after WC somehow.
mattmac24: Probably good for Carlton Manowar
Gotigres: Eagles unlucky with the umps so far
italz: Eagles win without bad umps, agreed
Wahab_18: Hopefully Neale doesn’t go 90 at HT and finish on 115.. that’s been the trend today sadly 🙁
Migz: did she just say darling is our all time leading goal kicker?
BigChief: Yes she did Migz. SMH
Silz90: Agree Matt I would of traded him for a dim similar and can of cake
Silz90: Coke* but cake is alright too
poolboybob: All time leading goal kicker among anti-vaxxers
BigChief: And she said might be time for a late Eagles goal. She is terrible.
ajconodie: Dermie also said that Naish got in there and got the fist in there nicely. Commentators are weird.
beerent11: Agree wahab
Tig-Train: TV commentators are all bad? wish foxtel had option to watch while listening to radio lol
Manowar: Rotham wishes he was still at the pub! so do the WCE
beerent11: It?s called a volume button
beerent11: Or mute. Does the same thing.
poolboybob: You know your team is bad when commentators say you have to be proud of their effort scoring 7 points in a half
Manowar: Isn’t their a turn off the commentators button available yet?
Dogs5416: Umpiring in this game is as bad as I’ve seen this year….ever
J.Worrall: @Manowar = it’s called the volume control …
J.Worrall: Or you could take an AM Radio commentary = maybe 3AW?
DrSeuss: Coleman any chance for a touch?
Stu7: Off the pine Neale there?s points to be scored
fruity: Neale gets a mark and a kick and gets 2 SC points..doesn’t seem right..
Gotigres: He just got a touch DrSeuss
beerent11: Game on!
Gotigres: Pity it was a free against Coleman
beerent11: Takes a little while for possessions to be scaled fruity. Especially in the second half.
DrSeuss: Haha – yeah it was a beauty.
Gotigres: A goal by Coleman
beerent11: If you see a player go up or down without touching the footy that?s usually what that is
hinsch: Are the Lions far enough in front at 3/4 time Eagles coming back
DrSeuss: Ok Coleman – now you could continue onward and upward please
sMiles: yeah – but these commentators haven’t got a lot to work with though
Gotigres: A cabinet maker is one of the Eagles best players
beerent11: This game is still better than watching Essendon
sMiles: anyone else C’ing Hughit after tonights game. Surely most of us, yes?
beerent11: Neale my c. Dunks failed.
beerent11: I respect that creative Hewitt spelling
navy_blues: im honestly not a fan of women umps at the highest level
cherry9: C Hewitt or Oliver. See how this last qtr goes
macvinnie: Why is that navy_blues?
zadolinnyj: Is witheran injured
navy_blues: last 2 weeks they have been shocking not sure if same person or not tho
cherry9: Seems most people are not fans of any umps at the highest level. What?s the difference
Cottees: navy is sexist lol
Cottees: witherden is out due to covid h and s
pcaman2003: Get to 145+ Lachie. Don’t slack off this qtr. Need a biggie from you
zadolinnyj: Thanks Cottees.
DrSeuss: Love to see how much Coleman is open – just to get ignored
zadolinnyj: Not sure playing Rasputin after goal is good taste considering Ukraine invasion
TheFlagger: seuss will zorko be a full time mid or mid/fwd for the rest of the year?
TheFlagger: given he’s moved there since coleman came back i assume?
J.Worrall: It was asexist comment. Might be the first in 17 years …
zadolinnyj: At this rate gaff will be 50 cents by the time he gets match fitness and starts scoring
Yelse: darling not the player he used to be
DrSeuss: Hard to say flagger – I think he stays mid and then moves back or forward depending on need. Not sure Coleman effects
Sam_R01: Urbs give is something
Yelse: comnnn neale a couple of goals would be nice
TheFlagger: achilles is the only thing holding me back from picking him
Stu7: Off the pine Neale
cherry9: Unless Neale goes 140+ I reckon I?m going to be aggressive, cue greedy, live a little and C Oliver.
Gotigres: Get to 100 Florenca, then the SC site might add you
BigChief: Starce seeing stars.
fruity: If your the fittess you have ever been Neale then get back on the gound……
Tig-Train: Smothering with your face has that effect on you
DrSeuss: Flagger – he looks a lot more free the last 2 weeks
sMiles: I guess it has to be C Cripps or Beard – VC Neale not enough, right?
duckky: VC Neale is not looking like an upgrade
DrSeuss: Commentator just called that goal from Zorko – it was Big O you noob
pcaman2003: Neale on vacation?
Torz: To be fair DrSeuss they look identical :/
beerent11: Reckon you?ll get 130 from Neale
Oddsy5: ya take neales score dont ya? got gawn as C but idk
beerent11: Maybe not . On the bench
DrSeuss: I see the resemblence Torz – simple mistake
pharace: 70 Pt margin seems neat enough – let’s wrap this up!
Torz: Neale not coming back on, boots are off
Stu7: Neale very disappointing finish
DrSeuss: Coleman plays so lazy – never runs to space – great user – but show some energy ffs
Napper: Berry maybe 10 points in scaling for goal
beerent11: Max vs Ryder and Marshall no guarantee of a big one oddsy
beerent11: 123 is fine.
Oddsy5: is ryder in? my opponent has gawn c and i have neale vc dunno if i risk it
beerent11: Lions should win from here
bhg26: Big call beer
beerent11: Named oddsy
beerent11: Which one bhg
Oddsy5: yeah alright good to know, do i risk it and go cripps 😮
pcaman2003: Was expecting Neale to easily score big this game. Shat6 a let down
navy_blues: martin best rookie id say
BRAZZERS: glad i kept the C on macca! told you poker 😉
BigChief: Good choice to take Brayshaw’s score

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