Chat log from R8 of 2022: Fremantle vs North Melbourne

frenzy: want sumone to tag brayshaw, thats all
Baldfrog: No Frenzy
PJ39301965: No Frenzy. Sorry I have vc on him
fruity: medi subs???
wadaramus: Brodie and NOD, let’s go boys.
BigChief: nope frenzy. Not this week thanks.
zadolinnyj: Half time switch games. Love it
Baldfrog: Much more pleasant listening to Chief rather than BT
Yelse: prefer thurs night games than the double friday @ zadolinnyj
BigChief: fruity Erasmus and Mahonry are subs
DANGERous: treacy the bye round specialist, this isnt quite the bye week
zadolinnyj: Agree yelse
fruity: No BT no Brashaw or the commentating so far..
DrSeuss: Hate these ?double headers? – what?s the use?
Swans Star: Nomiss
DrSeuss: Lol the Brodie ?Time on the Pine? starting already
original: Shocking scheduling. Play thurs instead
Manowar: Horney-Francis get into it!
Manowar: Time to get Brayshow onto the reserve bench
Baldfrog: Gunna be a massacre
Swans Star: I would love to be able to trade Brodie and Butters out of my team
zadolinnyj: Build an ark north, the floods coming
DrSeuss: JHF, Brodie and NOD in this game – what a start.
beerent11: Why whinge about Brodie tog? You know by now it?s gonna happen.
mattmac24: People already complaining about Brodie on the branch? Lol
Baldfrog: Hasn’t brodie only had one average game?
beerent11: Been a gun baldy
Manowar: looks like JSOS was right
BigChief: Who cares how long he is on the bench. When on ground he scores heavily.
Baldfrog: Yeah beer for the price we got him for
mattmac24: Brodie a 76 game 1, last week 75 and every other round has been 90+
gazza39: Darcy double ton coming
beerent11: Somethings amiss with number 24 for freo
Cottees: is this Jye Amiss first game? Never seen him before
BigChief: L plate for Amiss Urbs
zadolinnyj: Yep
m0nty: fireball replaces L plate
NewFreoFan: L plate hidden under the flame
Baldfrog: No ticky touch frees here which is nice to see
NewFreoFan: Umpiring in the west much better since Margetts retired
Swans Star: North are really missing Hall
zadolinnyj: Is that like some sort of trumps game Monty or does fire beat l -late in pokemon
original: Freo kick a goal and all we talk about is north Melbourne and a tug fest over JHF chasing
aces-high: Why aren?t they paying these tackles to jhf?
Baldfrog: Zad it’s like the potato beats your club emblem
original: Missing hall lol why wouldn?t they put ziebell in defence
zadolinnyj: For wahab it does Baldfrog
Torz: Didn?t cause an ineffective disposal aces
NewFreoFan: Tackle has to disposses or stop play to count doesn’t it?
TheFlagger: big shrek darcy eno will be happy
BigChief: WTF is that call? Not even close to a dangerous tackle.
beerent11: Hall is an ineffective easy ball accumulator.
MrWalrus: Correct new freo fan, also effecting disposal ie turnover, just grabbing a guy doesn’t count
NewFreoFan: his head hit the ground, don’t know how Greenwood can help that though agreed BC
beerent11: They don?t miss him
TheFlagger: drizzy the game has started mate
DrSeuss: Can JHF get 2 possessions in a qtr.
MrWalrus: Yep, Hall is poo, good fantasy scoring doesn’t mean you’re a great player
Silz90: Why did I start nod on field fml
Cottees: Amiss looking great. Keen to pick him up potentially in 2 weeks
NewFreoFan: Not sure on job security Cottees, Lobb and Tabs aren’t out long
beerent11: Brodie killing it
BigChief: He will be a monster after a full pre season to build that tank beer.
poolboybob: Jeez North look as bad as the Eagles
Catatafish: Another master-stroke by GC moving Brodie on
NewFreoFan: Love the Suns, we got Brayshaw for the pick 2 they gave us for Weller
TheFlagger: 116 BE for Darcy. might be a sneaky play for non gawn/witts owners
MrWalrus: Glad i have NOD as a loop, sad I sold Brodie
Yelse: Whats wron with NOD
BRAZZERS: darcy a great option if you’re happy him playing half the games for the season
DANGERous: assuming erasmus is the medical? no green shirt
MrWalrus: Glad it was with JHF to get Trac & Doch
NewFreoFan: Ball not making it to NODs wing, we keep our wingers wide
BigChief: Yes Kasca. Erasmus and Mahony subs.
DANGERous: ez thanks BC, reliable one you are
MrWalrus: NOD also plays the defensive wing and… Wellllll
cherry9: Mmm, glad I?m looping O Donut. Make VC/C trickier though
mattmac24: Good to see the big Cohuna (Treacy) playing well!
DrSeuss: Good to see Brodie has hit the brakes and JHF and NOD still waiting to get started
cherry9: This was the week to trade NOD but there were better options
2Ph0nes: you’re taking the piss if you kept NOD this week
NewFreoFan: Geez Tucker is terrible at disposal
Urbs: Thanks whoever mentioned the subs aha, bit of a rush to get this one up
DANGERous: all good urbs, just confused myself. no stress
Silz90: Whose the second phone for? Nod is playing a weak opposition (no offence).
BigChief: Okay Brodie get involved.
2Ph0nes: your mum mate
original: Had emergency on Mccomb and decided NOD would do better
Silz90: Lol tell her I say hi
BigChief: That’s not what I meant Brodie. Don’t give away frees LOL
2Ph0nes: lol
NewFreoFan: what a goal
hinsch: I think I should have left Hewett on the field and NOD on the bench
Yelse: NOD getting ignored
NewFreoFan: Geez I wish they’d stop calling him Brendan Cox
Silz90: I hope freo supports start booing the rest of the players. Give the ball to nod
gazza39: Why did i trade out Chapman!
Swans Star: I doubt NOD will get the Nod next week
BigChief: That was poor umpiring. Switkowski was never kicking it 55m
2Ph0nes: glad i wasnt one of the muppets that traded brodie this week
mattmac24: I’m thinking the same thing Gazza
marls: I moved NOD to bench with E and if he deserved it I’d loop him in with Hewett
DrSeuss: Nice 2nd Qtr from JHF
Valorlonga: McKay needs NOD to get points for him
mattmac24: A goal would have been nice NOD
hinsch: marls I went the other way thought I would have got more points lesson learn’t i suppose
StuL: Why did Geelong think Clark shouldn’t get a game?
MrWalrus: VC Brayshaw looking to make my choice an easy one I see
The39Steps: Because he was under 30 @stuL.
StuL: Why would we get games into Clark, Narkle, Costable when we can pick up washed up 31 year olds?
Social: He cracked the sooks StuL, just like Telly
Baldfrog: Yep social nothing wrong with Geelong recruiting just all sooks
Social: I spose the wanna-go-home factor works both ways
original: Schulz has had as many dive attempts as he has touches
Gotigres: 3rd qtr has started NOD
Yelse: darcy is going huge!
BigChief: NOD loves that pocket.
wadaramus: Come on NODdy, need you for the VC loop.
Cottees: yes NOD. THanks gotigres
Gotigres: That’s better NOD
mattmac24: There’s a very good reason why Constable wasn’t given games.. it’s just flat out not an AFL quality player
mattmac24: And Clark has been a totally different players at Freo, there was obviously something going on between him and Geelong
MrWalrus: McKay has had one hell of a good 10 minutes
DrSeuss: JHF seems to a real slow starter for every half – then warms into it
Baldfrog: JHF has been unlucky tonight has ran his ar$e off for only 48 points
Social: all true mattmac
dezlav: Pulled the trigger @ the right time with Horne-Fran end or Rd 6. Think NOD will go end of this round.
Gotigres: Just noticed Zieball’s score lol
Social: Where has Jye gone this quarter?
Hazza09: Well looks like NODs run is over
wadaramus: Amissing.
PJ39301965: @social he?s gone amissing
Gotigres: His last name gives you a clue Social
Social: aaah thank you wada 😉
dezlav: Just noticed, LD-U I only in about 700 teams in SC. Apart from the WCE game, solid scorer overall. PoD?
MrWalrus: How good are bad puns!
wadaramus: Pundemonium!
dezlav: @Walrus. I’m not LOL, but I can’t wipe the dopey smile off my face.
BigChief: Norf player dezlav, so nope.
MrWalrus: Yeah nah dez, looks great, but you’d wanted to have started him. Get 110+ guys now
dezlav: Oh, stop it Wadaramus.
Gotigres: Time to do something again NOD
Torz: JHF has a lot of almost-tackles
Social: as good as putting player names together, like Corr Cox Tucker
marls: All this talk of Brodie’s tank…has JHF ever finished strong in the 2nd half?
banta: Young with two tackles but awarded none? Wtf
dezlav: Fair nuff Chief,Walrus.
Gotigres: There he is Social
banta: Simpkin lol
Social: he no amiss dat one
mattmac24: Gibcus or P.McCartin to score better?
zadolinnyj: At least win the fight north
BigChief: 6th year player vs 1st year player marls.
marls: Gibcus
Gotigres: Apache has Chapman in his team 🙁
MrWalrus: 3/4 time conundrum: J&S Selwood or A&A Brayshaw?
wadaramus: This is not the time to NOD off!
zadolinnyj: Joe?s the limit as he can?t amiss
MrWalrus: Gibcus
zadolinnyj: Jyes the limit
Stikman35: If Brodie played decent ground time he?d be a keeper
marls: Brodie is a keeper. Are there ever 6 players averaging over 100?
wadaramus: Agreed Stikman, but he’ll probably be one of my last upgrades at this rate!
zadolinnyj: When?s Fyfe due
MrWalrus: Yep marls, will be this year too, for me Brodie was nearly but not quite
marls: ok there are 7 but i wouldnt be tradinging him until F6 needs replacing
Stikman35: Love stirring up Brodie anti objectors.
BigChief: Okay Brayshaw I would like a 40+ sc point qtr thanks.
Torz: McKay injured, or needs time to get to Adelaide?
MrWalrus: Not silly either marls, I only traded him for bye structure & 2 absolute keepers
poolboybob: Banfield blue moon
marls: The tank comment about Brodie v Horne was purely from SC perspective as both were just over $200k
MrWalrus: Love how old man Mundy goes about it, he’s as good as ever
Dredd: Lost big time with Chapman and Bowey.. both screwed me around.. big sad
wadaramus: Why does Brodie get bench punished so harshly?
pcaman2003: Chief. I’m pretty sure he’ll get them as no one makes him accountable.
gazza39: good one flog
Social: Got any work on next week?
marls: Waiting for the scaling to kick in. This is a low scoring game
Social: yeah I’m gunna Pearce Cox Mundy
BigChief: Kermit for Anderson?
Gotigres: That’s enough Chapman. Stop it.
pcaman2003: WTF! Good play by Brodie and gets given a clanger. F me!
BigChief: pcaman clanger was for free against mate.
MrWalrus: Dunstall averaged 4.66 goals per game, will we ever see anything like that again?
pcaman2003: Chief. Didn’t see the free in the last few mins. Just saw the clanger given later.
MrWalrus: Brodie been very lucky SC, 100% by foot is/was simply wrong
zadolinnyj: Doubt it MrWalrus but hopefully
BigChief: Pcaman it was holding after Young’s goal.
pcaman2003: Wasn’t JHF 44 at half time?
DrSeuss: Ok NOD get up to 70+ please lad
MrWalrus: I like good defence but the ridiculous 80s & 90s bag kicking full forwards were fun
Napper: Brodie 115 Curtis 45 please
dezlav: NOD, gone. Maybe Rowell, maybe Lipinski or trade down. Tuff week for many I think
DrSeuss: He sure was PCA – only really had a good 2nd qtr – 2 possies in every other qtr – not much else
MrWalrus: How did Brayshaw get just 3 points for basically single handedly setting up that goal then?!
pcaman2003: Never thought I’d see North be this pathetic.
Social: not quite the shellacking it could have been
marls: Silvagni was right 😀
BigChief: OMG Norf kicked a goal.
gazza39: ok Social, 80 not enough lol
Dogs5416: I’ve said this before, is Ziebell the worst captain?? Wouldn’t get a game otherwise
Social: I honestly expected 120+
Hazza09: Decided to hold JHF but he can go after tonight along with NOD and butters
marls: Thinking the same 3 Hazza
Social: Same here Hazza, held on for that nice herd of cows next week
pcaman2003: Hazza. He’s had a poor 2nd half yet agian and not worth the hassle.
MrWalrus: Thankyou mr Brayshaw, I’ll be banking this I reckon
Stikman35: JHF is good. But needs to eradicate these useless dinkie kicks
Silz90: Lol who interview brodie after the game. He asked about his tog lol

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