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Chat log from R8 of 2022: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R8 of 2022

Crippa9: Afternoon all, VC on Witts or not today?
frenzy: howdy
Pokerface: don’t need a vc this week Crippa. Just chuck C on Lachie and enjoy the weekend
Pokerface: my only question is does zorko line up in the guts again. if so im boosting
Swans Star: @Crippa9 I have Witts, he has been in beast mode
bhg26: Can brenton speed stop commentating swans games
Pokerface: far better than the ch 7 comms
Pokerface: lol mills
Social: What the heck?
circle52: @Pokerface Fagan at interview hinted Zorko may have a different role today.
circle52: Continuing his desire to deveop some flexibility.
Pokerface: lol that ol we can’t say brisbane coach thing
Pokerface: surely an exception rule for coach/player names can be made!
Yelse: mills lift ffs
Pokerface: thanks circle. did it hint what that role was?
SwaggyP: Spent all my cash on Mills. Sorry everyone
Pokerface: you jerk Swaggy
Baldfrog: Swaggy the new Stu7
circle52: Unfortunately not .
DEESareSAD: I don?t get how people payed that much for mills this week
SwaggyP: I will wear my new crown with honour and pride
Yelse: watching the other game where is mills playing?
m0nty: Weller playing forward, less kick outs but lots of touches so far
Pokerface: where he always plays
TheFlagger: witts has had so many easy matchups
duckky: Sorry everyone – i brought Heeney in this week
Pokerface: tahts why he was such a good early selection flagger. kicking myself for not going there, i considered it
Yelse: @deesaresad i had mills the week before the 200
DEESareSAD: Touk is back lads. Must have after this week. Shoulde chucked the vc on him
circle52: Was tempted to put C on him Dees after Dunkley VC fail.
Yelse: mills my POD is spudding it
Bluebagg11: Let?s go VC ToukTouk!!
SwaggyP: Mills just hates me
2Ph0nes: took Maccas vc eventhough i got touk and neale, cant knock back 144
Dogs5416: VC touk. Need 170+ for me to not take Neale tonight haha
Pokerface: 2phones youll regret it when neale double tons against eagles 4ths
bhg26: Goal kicking masterclass this
duckky: Is this game being held in Cairns?
pcaman2003: Heeney DE = 0% 3 tackles 20 points. Lol. Too easy!
DrSeuss: What?s Rowell up to today? Seems like not much??
Gotigres: Lift my new recruit Parker
Gotigres: Good to see Thompson play a game. Could be valuable in a couple of weeks
pcaman2003: Why is Witts on the bench so much today?
Social: Def rooks are very rare
bc__: Get busy Rowell
duckky: Can a new player have a mare? Rosas not doing well
Social: Weller Heeney smells like a Florent of Rosas
bhg26: Touk Miller with a good first quarter, 300 incoming
Tommy_C: Good ol Touk
Raspel31: Hmm, Mills not exactly setting the world on fire.
AlsoGmax: Hi all, and wtf – why is my VC Mills on 5?
navy_blues: syd need to switch on
bhg26: Bring the 2012 team on
2Ph0nes: probably poker, not worth the risk tho. could get injured you never know
TheFlagger: ok start for parker and heeney. they’ll turn it on as will mills
Dogs5416: Hope Mills pops under 80. Rosas channelling his inner touk (last few first quarters)
zadolinnyj: Miller best trade in I made 3 weeks ago
TheFlagger: same dogs. want mills and walsh/parish/brayshaw to finish my mids off
zadolinnyj: Get moving mills
circle52: My apologies as well I brought in Parker this week.
sMiles: rosas on the pitch – ughgh
TheFlagger: 26 not bad for a quarter
pjw1234: rowbottom tagging touk
TheFlagger: fuck yes parker
DEESareSAD: Let?s goooo Parker. Make that price tag high for people next week mate
ausgooner: another 150 will do nicely, Parker
TheFlagger: missy heeney
amigaman: Is Rowbottom available for trade. Swans giving him stuff all playing time
zadolinnyj: Miller wing
Yelse: seriously whats going on with mils?
DrSeuss: Miller has stopped this quarter and Rowell still yet to start it seems.
Gotigres: Keep going Rowell. You can get 100
pcaman2003: Seuss. I think Miller had a tag this qtr.
Raspel31: Mills and Heeney-sigh,simply sigh.
Catatafish: 70 at HT with tag, I’ll take that.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Heeney has done okay considering 0% DE. Not sure how he got to 28 pts really.
DrSeuss: Cheers pca – not good. Suns team mates not mature enough to try help him out
Pokerface: people still have rowell?
zadolinnyj: Was thinking the same poker
pcaman2003: Poker. Don’t have him but he’s still making good coin and has low BE too.
wadaramus: We’ve all “still got” players we probably shouldn’t.
zadolinnyj: Rankine getting his game r4ady for move back to Sa
marls: Was Rosas a trap?
sfenda1: mccartin been great
TheFlagger: he’s a small forward. doesnt have a SC friendly role
Pokerface: he’s made 14k since i turfed him 3 weeks ago pca – thats not good coin?
TheFlagger: mccartin already outscored NOD lol
bhg26: Well that was shithouse
Yelse: has miller got a possession this quarter?
pcaman2003: Poker. Made 14k last week and proj for 22k this week on a BE39
Gotigres: His breakeven is 31 or something like that Poker
Pokerface: cant be unhappy with 70 at HT still 🙂
Ash777: Is Rosas playing for the other team?
duckky: Rosas’s breakeven is +6 Not looking good
Pokerface: pca with trade boosts available he should already be premium. he was my move to mills. its new rookies that get you coin
Pokerface: lol ducky
pcaman2003: Just hope Touk breaks the tAg 2nd half
Pokerface: stepping stones are the first to go. they dont supercharge your cash and they dont score premium.
DrSeuss: Fuck Taggers. And under performers lol
swandane: pretenders bhg
pcaman2003: Poker. I moved him on ages ago for an upgrade too. The thing is,I can’t move them all at the same time,it’s gradual.
Pokerface: yeah correct pca. thats why you upgrade the rowell types first. they dont require as much coin and dont make same coin
Pokerface: i also have lipinkski (didnt go berry). only reason i still do is he got dpp.
bhg26: Hi swandane xoxo
wadaramus: If you’ve traded Rowell, its possible youre still dealing with spud rookies on other lines?
pcaman2003: Fortunately my strategy is working so far and worked my way to 2368 overall.
Pokerface: wada, without injuries rookies id have on field are hayes and martin
wadaramus: I chose to fill the spud rookie gaps and keep Rowell.
Pokerface: wada no witherden or hewett means i am fielding rooks this week though
DEESareSAD: Paddy on field feels good lol. I have been saying it all week that Parker is a must have. Did my trades around him.
wadaramus: Now Butters is another thing altogether!
pcaman2003: I traded J Smith 2 weeks ago, then got injured. Those r the breaks.
Pokerface: well yeah. he was picked as a supposed premium. what a let down he is!
pcaman2003: Wada. I tossed him several weeks back for Dunks. Glad I did now
Munky14: Rosas has a chance to not make his breakeven if he continues this way
Pokerface: mmm. the comms think zorko might swing between mid and hf with no joe. think i might boost.
mattmac24: I fielded Gibcus over P.McCartin 🙁
Pokerface: theres rumours a virus has swept through essendon and there will be changes tonight
Pokerface: no news on who, but have subs at the ready
pcaman2003: Poker. Expect another season of carnage I think.
Pokerface: yeah, thats why im super keen on zorko today
wadaramus: Rankine is on today.
pcaman2003: Zorko worries me with his big scoring swings. Only 1600 owners too.
DrSeuss: Casboult – do something useful and take out Rowbottom
Pokerface: its the only 1600 owners i love. missing 2 premium defenders i guess is a factor for me 🙂
pcaman2003: I need a good rookie DEF. Any thoughts as to who ?
duckky: It better not be Martin @Pokerface… I have Rosas as my emergency
robbieg: i love you luke parker
Pokerface: think you have to wait on that one pca..
Pokerface: khmamis played last night pca, but dont like either his js or scoring potential
Pokerface: duckky move a non player on field for martin instead if so! its better than getting rosas onfield!
original: Miller Bro cmon
pharace: Really need Miller to at least chase down a few tackles to get involved
pcaman2003: Yah! It’s difficult down back at the moment. Hewitt coming back will ease things.
duckky: Reid at Ess is about the only cheap rookie with JS. Otherwise Perez at North (but he aint a great scorer)
Pokerface: whenever that may be..
duckky: Thanks Poker … it really is looking that way
Pokerface: given voss comments i dont like his chances next week
pcaman2003: Thanks Duckky! I might hold off a week or two now.
Yelse: last time miller touch the ball or got a point?
Pokerface: rory thompson with his first game for years right now will play. but you know he is bench fodder
Gotigres: Wake up Rowell. #rd qtr has started
sMiles: Jesus Rosas – please god no!!!
DrSeuss: Miller running for short leads – gets ignored. Doesn?t help having useless teammates. Also Rowell – get involved flog
duckky: Oh Rory Thompson also counts as a rookie now too. $123K
pcaman2003: Thanks poker! I think you’re right there.
cherry9: I just want to dig a hole. Rosas on field instead of Paddy. Terrible coaching. Did bring in Parker tho
Pokerface: cherry – ouch!
navy_blues: cant see syd winning this 1
duckky: Rosas just touched it
Pokerface: effective?
pcaman2003: cherry. My sympathy to you.
duckky: Ying/Yang for Rosas?
bc__: Did Rowell go home?
pcaman2003: duckky. The ball,or something else?
Pokerface: lol ducky
sMiles: Cheery – I brought in Curtis rather than Goldy and Have Rosas on field because of that …
Social: Paddy’s on my bench 🙁 could still take one of Cogs, Gresham or Martin off for him
sMiles: C’mon Rosas – get to 40 – you useless hack!
zadolinnyj: Ying Yang miller
pcaman2003: Lynch in other game going bananas.
mattmac24: Social if he goes high enough, I’d consider benching Martin
bhg26: Imagine we could kick straight
duckky: Rosas just hit his BE!
pcaman2003: Opponent has Paddy on field so must be laughing.
bhg26: Couldn?t get mccomb on field, McCartin will do
Pokerface: dont speak too soon duckky..!
Yelse: never would have thought miller mills and parker will have such low possession games
Pokerface: cape rosas?
DEESareSAD: If only My pet Lizard had of kicked that goal. Not a bad starting pick in the end.
original: What a let down touk
TheFlagger: parker frozen
Pokerface: rhys stanley out for geelong. blitz looking good
pcaman2003: Slow down Paddy and stay down Heeney and Rowell.
cherry9: Do not stop and smell the Rosas. Totally stinking it up
mattmac24: Stanley a late out but we still don’t play Neale 🙁
cherry9: I can only dream of a durdin-esque 14 from here
pcaman2003: At least Touk has tonned up now.
Pokerface: callum pls
Pokerface: is the seagull back?
TheFlagger: witts burning me bad
mattmac24: So happy I picked Witts
Gotigres: 100 is within reach Rowell.
cherry9: I love Wittsy
TheFlagger: witts gets so lucky with his matchups. always playing second or third string rucks. can only play whose in front of him
Catatafish: Well done Rosie you spud
pcaman2003: Witts was a bargain and paying back in spades.
bhg26: Absolutely fucking pathetic this
pcaman2003: Umpires havec swallowed the whistle last few minutes.
marls: What happened to Parker after half time?
Gotigres: You were on 80 at half time parker. Very disappointing you couldn’t even ton up
Pokerface: he parked her.
Yelse: shocked with the miller mills parker scores considering tour and parker qrt and HT scores
marls: 86 at half time and finishes with 89
beerent11: That?s what Parker does
Pokerface: lol swallow with the ghost. he was never fantasy relevant!
marls: About 200 points of scaling though
bc__: Give the scaling to Rowell. Kick started the win in the last
navy_blues: lol 16 poss game yeah right
DEESareSAD: The Lizard bets player in the league
pcaman2003: m0nty. GWS V GEE game coming up error 404.

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