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Chat log from R8 of 2022: Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs, R8 of 2022

stemy1243: Who wins tonight? Tough one to tip. Leaning towards Port..
Swans Star: Bulldogs 39+
stemy1243: Hope so @Swans Star
Yelse: So who is everybody VC C
Baldfrog: Think 🐕 are mid heavy and will improve with bont out
Baldfrog: Had Macca but he doesn’t do that well against port so went Mills
Baldfrog: Neale has to be C doesn’t he?
Goldie: Dunks VC
navy_blues: its naughton or bust for dogs english out hurts them
PJ39301965: Evening all
MrWalrus: Evening, Brayshaw into Neale for me
Tommy_C: Evening lads
Yelse: thinking gawn into neale
PJ39301965: Neale and Gawn at this stage
navy_blues: worried bris win easy and rest their mids more thru game
Yelse: everyone got rid of Xeri?
Swans Star: Brisbane can smell blood in the water and will go for the kill
Baldfrog: But neale will have 200 by 1/2 time Navy
PJ39301965: Maybe vc on Brayshaw
Swans Star: Taking it easy against poor opp is not the way to win a prem
Baldfrog: Got rid of Daicos andHorney this week
TheFlagger: neale into crippa
MrWalrus: I did Yelse, with Hewett & English out I’ve had to get creative
st_steve: Dunkley into Neale for me
Goldie: Hey Tigers
AlsoGmax: Good luck, all.
missmagic: why is duursma named on ch 7,but not listed here or afl website?
missmagic: sorry he is listed afl website,is there a late out?
Froggy: he’s a late in for Farrell
Baldfrog: Maybe c7 made a mistake Missmagic
zadolinnyj: I gents
TheFlagger: who plays ruck when stef martin goes to the bench? cordy right?
Baldfrog: Farrell is out
missmagic: thanks,ok cool dont have him or farrell so all good
duckky: Get off the bench Macrae
zadolinnyj: Go dogs
TheFlagger: go pear
duckky: Isn’t that staging? LoL
Yelse: coaches and starting their guns on the bench hate it
Cottees: McNeil stole a goal from Dunkley
exatekk: Go Jackjumpers!!!!!
TheFlagger: bazlenka is a star
TheFlagger: great start hayes and butters
DrSeuss: nothing – give away a free – run to bench – ffs
thesilentl: Do port fans not know the rules? Booing the clearest of free kicks
Napper: Hello? Any points for Hayes hitouts?
Swans Star: Butters looks like he is in for another big game lol
Baldfrog: Silent last week driving with the head was htb this week high contact
DrSeuss: First week I put the VC on Dunks – can?t pick the right Bulldog to VC all season
thesilentl: He was picking it up baldfrog, not the same as driving when you have possession
zadolinnyj: Rubbish free
original: Untouchable
Baldfrog: Watch it again m8
thesilentl: But @baldfrpg i think my position on the htb is pretty clear, its a mess and impossible to officiate
dezlav: @Thesilentl. Answer: NO!
MrWalrus: Tonight is Libba weather
zadolinnyj: Hate watching footy listening to boos. Like that South African World Cup horns
mattmac24: Can’t believe how much Port Adelaide supporter’s boo decisions.. makes games very hard to watch
Baldfrog: Thats the point i was making can’t blame fans when it changes every week
StuL: Macca in for 180. Pity he’s not vc
Ash777: That south african world cup was a blast lol
bhg26: Macca 180 not enough for what Neale is going to do to west coast stul
mattmac24: Bald, you can blame port Adelaide supporter’s when they do it every home game
StuL: I was saying boo urns
Raspel31: StuL- one fears so. Damned pity Clark and Hewitt out- hmm?
BigChief: Couldn’t decide which dog to make vc so went Brayshaw v Nth
Torz: The one time I VC Dunkley over Macrae..
marls: MCComb started well with 2 FKA
Baldfrog: .lol Matt agree with you on other decisions
thesilentl: @bhg26 neale might rest a lot vs wc though
DEESareSAD: Macrae scoring so well lol
DrSeuss: Same Torz – Slowest Dunkley has started all year – has my VC
zadolinnyj: Remind me why there is two games
Napper: How is Hayes on 1. He has gotten multiple hitouts
dezlav: @NBHG. Whats your prediction for Neale then, if 180 is not enuff.
zadolinnyj: Watch holey go big coz I almost got him
cherry9: Wonder how many are running Hayes at R2
st_steve: I got sucked into the article that pointed out Macrae?s fourth quarters.
MrWalrus: Can’t see Neale resting, why brother playing at all?
zadolinnyj: Watch goldy
frenzy: mothers day zado
DrSeuss: Dunkley and Butters doing me proud so far
Baldfrog: Think brissy will want all the % they can get
Raspel31: So cap Dunkley they said, sigh. Happily I didn’t but come on lad
J.Worrall: I have Hayes at R2. Hoping for the return of English next week.
Froggy: Neale will be hunting the 3 votes
zadolinnyj: Thannks Frenzy
dezlav: Puttin it out there. If Macrae tops 175, I’ll loophole him in as He’s wearing the VC.
duckky: Is Rozee cutting Butter’s lunch?
PJ39301965: How dumb from alir
Raspel31: We all appreciate you letting us know dezlav.
beerent11: Dunkley will be fine
cherry9: Neale seems hungry
dezlav: @Raspel. YOur welcome
Manowar: get off the reserve bench Houston
gazza39: Was sooo close to putting the V on Dunks this week, just checked thankfully still on the champ macrae
ajconodie: Bye Butters. Hi Dusty
marls: Was it Bonfs that said Macrae was finished and a sook?
cherry9: MacCrae might be unique VC this weeks after last week
beerent11: I?ll be sticking fat with butters
cherry9: The AFL third umpires are wayyy more confident than cricket DRS umpires on wayyy less evidence
st_steve: Butters will be my F6 but is on the never again list
PJ39301965: Where?s the FF on Butters
Torz: This feels like a generally low scoring quarter. Bar Macrae.
MrWalrus: The review system is a joke, they just guess
wadaramus: I agree MrWalrus, total speculation.
bhg26: Anyone seen butters?
beerent11: Look at libba in with the ferals. Legend.
DrSeuss: FFS Butters – Hayes is out scoring you and he doesn?t even have a possession
Gotigres: Butters looks unco
beerent11: Whitfield
BigChief: Review system just following the umpires lead with guessing.
Raspel31: Ghee Butters!
original: Reviews been accurate so far tonight
Napper: Why does Hayes keep losing points. He hasn?t got a possession so he can?t turn it over. He is getting no points for hits
Yelse: ffs i took VC off macca for mills
beerent11: Dunks playing forward a bit too much
SwaggyP: Serves me right for holding on with butters
wadaramus: Could you really tell Naughtons kick was touched/deflected?
Harambe: I never realised how physically weak Butters is. He’s fallen over every time someone breathed on him tonight
MrWalrus: Because dogs are sharking him, counts (unfairly) as a clanger
a1trader: I took VC of Macrae for Dunkley!
Fatbar5tad: Ffs Butters stop falling over. Fuck Port.
wadaramus: WHy has Macca’s SC continued to go backwards?
Napper: CD are deadset taking the piss with Hayes score. If this was Gawn he would be on 30
Manowar: MyComb better than Butter
Yelse: can’t believe my two opponents don’t have dunks
zadolinnyj: I have wanted to get rid of butters for weeks but no chance
beerent11: Hayes at r2 seems to be backfiring for some
MrWalrus: I’d say Butters has been getting ragdolled and should have 3-4 frees but umpires I guess
wadaramus: Hayes at R2 is bad coaching.
gazza39: Dont tell me it IS Butters
zadolinnyj: That?s amazing yelse
Raspel31: zado- I feel your pain.
cherry9: I?m guessing Hayes R2 means no Preuss. That?s prob backfiring
MrWalrus: If Hayes gets 70 I’m happy, that’s a solid rook score
Cottees: knowing my luck, when I get time to get rid of Buttrers. he will get 150 3 weeks in a row
pjw1234: both butters and dunks score quick so dont panic just yet, both do 40 point 1/4 regular
Yelse: where is dunks playing?
original: Walrus agree, should have had at least two frees
wadaramus: Hayes R3 cash cow.
pcaman2003: Treloar seems to have a low score for his stats.
MrWalrus: Got Preuss too, having rookie rucks is going great for me
frenzy: nah cherry, preuss is R1, Lol
beerent11: That?s way too sensible for ff chat pjw1234
DrSeuss: I like your faith PJW – not too worried about Dunks – Port don?t seem to look for Butters at times
J.Worrall: Your overall rank must be impre4ssive,MrWalrus …
cherry9: Preuss R1 Hayes R2 might actually be great. A boatload of cash spent elsewhere
Raspel31: Had made trades- Hayes to Witts but Heeney still out and reversed- agree- 70 just fine.
st_steve: Preuss R1, Hayes R2 and holding English. Did have other Hayes and Xerri and the flexibility was great for a while
J.Worrall: 70 onfield, I take it, Raspel?
frenzy: same here steve, but also Jackson
BigChief: Raspel what are you on about with Heeney?
Cottees: lol he played on
cherry9: Witts, Preuss, Hayes for me. Gawn after rnd 14
PJ39301965: Bullshower htb
TheFlagger: need gawn for next week. 160+ easily
bhg26: Butters, you’re grounded!
J.Worrall: I think there are many ways to coach your rucks, MrWalrus
Cottees: hayes to butters! finally
MrWalrus: Rank 3300, averaging 2300+ it’s a crazy tough comp up the top
gazza39: He lives!!
gazza39: kind of
J.Worrall: Tidy work, @MrWalrus!
Raspel31: Um BigChief- haven’t mentioned Heeney? And yep Worrall.
st_steve: If it makes everyone feel better about VC choices and ruck issues, know that 47% of SC teams don?t have Macrae.
MrWalrus: With proper rook selection elsewhere & C choices I’d be much higher, very much a luck game SC
beerent11: Obviously butters is not 100pc fit. Showing fair amount of ticker to still go so hard at the footy.
cherry9: Really st_steve? Surprising. Did many trade out McCrae last week?
navy_blues: rasp what yA smokin?
DrSeuss: Dunks get off the bench
navy_blues: think u meant hewitt but ya said heeney was out
BigChief: @Raspel yeah you did. “Had made trades- Hayes to Witts but Heeney still out and reversed- agree- 70 just fine.”
pharace: Comon Dunks!
Yelse: ohhh my macca going for 250
TheFlagger: keep it up pear
Baldfrog: Rasp snortes his Viagra
frenzy: rasp ment hewett
zadolinnyj: At least the games good
TheFlagger: have too many other problems to trade out butters at the moment, he’ll come good
cherry9: Good game this
Tommy_C: Free kick Port
Torz: For every touch McComb gets, he gives away 2 frees
AlsoGmax: McComb needs to get it together.
original: Could Mccomb give away more frees than he has possessions?
DrSeuss: Torz – he is taking the lead from Butters – do something, then do something stupid – repeat
beerent11: Don?t know how folks are getting 2600 plus each week. I?m battling to get 22 on field lately. Worst season ever for me.
Gotigres: Have a rest on the bench butters. You deserve it after that stupid free kick against
duckky: Why is Butters on the bench… he hasn’t done anything
gazza39: Boak just gets it done each week, SC anyway
MrWalrus: Looks like i get 2 captain scores this week, Macca & whoever I end up putting the C on
Froggy: Mccomb should have 5 FA’s
st_steve: duckky, back when I played, that was the reason you were on the bench!
Torz: Lucky not to be HTB there again after his kick DrSeuss
Baldfrog: Thought u said brayshaw walrus?
BigChief: I took Brayshaw Baldy
MrWalrus: Brayshaw VC, so he’s in the mix to be C by the end of the weekend
Social: Oh Mr Macrae, you’re so funny
MrWalrus: Macca got nothing but gonna go 200+ single handed
pcaman2003: C’mon Treloar you peanut. You’ve gone backwards this qtr.
TheFlagger: great half from hayes
Gotigres: Thought I had a keeper with Butters
Fatbar5tad: Butters never again. Seriously shit.
cmperrfect: Where is Caleb Daniel? Did he fall in a sprinkler box?
original: Treloar and butters fml
Yelse: ppl complaining about butters not like treloar is much better on 25
DrSeuss: Hayes on my bench while Butters and Treloar stink it up on field
Baldfrog: Gee these umps are quick on the whistle tonight
Urbs: Hey monty, could you check messages quickly, thanks
MrWalrus: Butters is going to be a gun, reckon he’ll finish the season top 10 still
PJ39301965: Wtf
pcaman2003: Seuss. Treloar in nowhere land this qtr and hardly competing for the ball . Become lazy?
DANGERous: wakey wakey zaky waky
Fatbar5tad: Butters blows. Only scores when oppo has him.
DrSeuss: Top 10 bench players Walrus?
MrWalrus: Also may even be ok tonight yet, is constantly on screen just not falling his way yet
BigChief: Top 10 what @walrus? Surely you don’t mean fwds?
DrSeuss: Pca – Treloar has been running into space a bit – has been missed a lot
Social: you know port are on top when motlop and pimple-popper are getting a kick
MrWalrus: He’s had 2 lower scores due to injury and illness, he’ll be fine long term
StuL: They boo for nothing. It’s a point. So? Boooo
original: Couldn?t even see butters for last 5 mins
cherry9: I reckon snicko might have picked that up
mattmac24: Butters in incredibly inconsistent. He needs to score high more consistently to be a top 10 forward.
Fatbar5tad: Another quality 58 on the way by Margarine
beerent11: Has anyone else got butters?
pcaman2003: How is Butters only 9 points behind Treloar?
Silz90: Who is pimple popper lol I am lost
Social: can we get a matchcentre on the other game m0nty?
mattmac24: I still have Butters, had bigger issues to deal with. Will be upgraded to English when he’s back
beerent11: Powell pepper I think
Social: yes beer, power-pooper
Silz90: Thanks beer. I think we are the only butter owners BTW
st_steve: I have Butters. He can be the F6 that throws out 70s but hope the occasional 130 wins me a league match-up
TheFlagger: hayes more than double butters lol.
MrWalrus: I’ve got Butters and will be persisting, reckon he’ll be fine, shown plenty so far
MrWalrus: Not too many blokes can turn it on like he does
beerent11: He?s great for puns too walrus
mattmac24: Even if he scores a 50 tonight Walrus? He’s fit, should be scoring better than he is.
dezlav: Glad I dropped Butters after round 3 now. Picked up Macrae instead 🙂
DrSeuss: Agree Walrus – when he is involved, he looks unreal. Some games just can?t get involved and Port never look for him
TheFlagger: mccomb rebounded well after a poor start
BRAZZERS: lol he’s shown 4 scores of 50’s in 8 games lmao
BRAZZERS: 3 sorry
Fatbar5tad: Rest up Marge useless cunt
Baldfrog: Do I hear 2 Brazzers
TheFlagger: maybe worth going to parker but a bit late now
BigChief: How good has Boak been over the years.
cherry9: Boak is a total pro
beerent11: Butters is threatening whitfields Fanfooty whipping boy title.
Baldfrog: If he ever gets off the bench
MrWalrus: 2 of the 3 with reason, 2 130s. Tonight is looking poor though
BigChief: Listen to those idiot Port fans
Fatbar5tad: Butters to be subbed off by dodgy Hinkley
original: Weightman there. Disgusting dive play
TheFlagger: hayes get off the pine
DrSeuss: Is Butters looking still a little under the weather?
myteamsuks: I benched butters this week. I think its trade time
BRAZZERS: yeah mate he has got a case of spuditis
TheFlagger: butters’ role is not great either more outside and deep forward more often
Fatbar5tad: Undersized Doggies
BigChief: Can’t watch this game because of commentators and Ports booing 🙁
MrWalrus: Dumont been a handy pick up for free
Baldfrog: Thought if the dogs wanted to be a contender they would win this
DrSeuss: Treloar, Dunkley, Butters and Baz might combine to get 200 between them. What a start
MrWalrus: Butters just got saved from the sub, C’mon lad, salvage this to 75
pharace: Dunks seems to be playing a very outside game this week
mattmac24: Anything less than a 80 from Butters and he’s gone
_Wang_: Cmon butters junk it up
MrWalrus: I do right now wish I’d traded Butters instead of Brodie but long game my gut likes Butters
Tig-Train: Butters done nothing in weeks?
wadaramus: Butters SC is atrocious.
MrWalrus: Hayes R2 going nicely just quietly
2Ph0nes: hilarious logic
DrSeuss: Funny how Butters performance is distracting from Doggies getting beaten by Port. Very disappointing
Swans Star: @mattmac24 I cant wait to trade him out, I’ll cop a doughnut to do it lol
original: Wait for butters to get 100 lads
Tig-Train: Dogs are trash? port were always winning this game
Silz90: Dam macca has slowed down this half
Yelse: might need to pickup boak as last mid POD
MrWalrus: That Yelse isn’t silly 2nd most impressive old boy in the comp
Raspel31: Almost traded Boak as looking old and tired last 2 rounds- glad I didn’t.
wadaramus: Macca crawling to a possible VC score.
Yelse: Macca has had a poor last QRT last 2 games lets see this round
Yelse: can’t believe the TOG smith gets
wadaramus: Dunks stinky stinky.
Raspel31: Kept Hayes 1 last week as not much comp in Martin. Welcome back next week Mr English.
DrSeuss: Just glad that I have Butters and Dunkley while my opponent has McComb to outscore them both
Hazza09: Your a joke Butters, you can go next week
Gotigres: Not even Turdin is this bad Butters, at least not usually.
Social: Butters on the chopping board
Raspel31: Butters hasn’t gone backwards in ages? Yep, I have him too, sigh.
wadaramus: Come on Macca get some cherries on top for the VC.
Stikman35: Butters never again. Straight Vegemite in the future
hinsch: Butter is doing better than 45% of the Bulldogs player so why the bitching
MrWalrus: No kidding Yelse, Smith’s ability to run is incredible, almost Blicz like
dipperD: get a move on dunkley
frenzy: Hayes 89 for R2 thank you
MrWalrus: And the rest frenzy, Preuss R1 too?
J.Worrall: Why is Buttless playing in the backline?
frenzy: yep walrus
MrWalrus: Ghee has been everywhere, just not going his way, been amazing how much I’ve seen him not get the ball
Social: um because he’s good at the spread?
pcaman2003: I think it’s time I moved Treloar on.
MrWalrus: Nice frenzy, me too, best $350k I’ve spent in SC, started Preuss even and held
J_Herer: Last week the same Walrus
MrWalrus: Noice social!
zadolinnyj: I think bulldogs need to rethink the way they man the mark. Giving away ground
Yelse: treloar was ignored so many times today
cmperrfect: 140 odd scaling pts left.
Social: woof
boges11: Just tuned in. Is Dunks getting Bevo’d?

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