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Chat log from R7 of 2022: Sydney vs Brisbane

Chat log for Sydney vs Brisbane, R7 of 2022

Raspel31: Come on cap Mills- and Neale and Heeney.
zadolinnyj: Got mills in and out 6 times and finally went touk. Watch mills go nuts
masterhc2: looking forward to this one, should be a ripper game.
Raspel31: Well Touk didn’t actually do nothing zado.
daniel87: come on lad
daniel87: go ladhas and neale
pcaman2003: Touk went for afternoon tea 1st qtr before playing next 3 qtrs.
pcaman2003: A 150 plus Mr Neale wo0uld be gratefully appreciated.
bhg26: Some woeful inside 50 entries from us
navy_blues: go mills
bhg26: Mills already off to a flyer
DrSeuss: Time to put a lock on Mills Faegan
navy_blues: no lock let him go lol
bhg26: That is embarrassing
Dredd: Bruh, it?s 9 mins into the game and only a 1 pt margin. Chill out ffs bhg
Dredd: It?s gonna happen. A goal at this point ain?t gonna kill ya
pcaman2003: Raspel. Your 3 are cruising along nicely.
bhg26: I?m not allowed to comment on two players fresh airing a spoil on the line
Raspel31: Well yes pcaman- but would help if Mills got off the bench.
mattmac24: I need 137 from Berry to win, not liking the chance of that
bhg26: I don?t really get the double fist, you can get two hand to the ball why not just mark it
bhg26: This is a much better first quarter than last week
bhg26: Insufficient evidence, how
bhg26: Insufficient evidence, how about get better cameras
Raspel31: Just imagine if Mills didn’t live on the bench.
pcaman2003: 58%game time and Mills ain’t stopping for no one. Star!
HolyNorf: Come on berry get involved
DrSeuss: Brisbane need to put a tag on Mills
original: One for the ages
Social: nice start from my latest trade in Parker
Social: lilttle motorcycle for Cameron hehe luv it
Stu7: Trading you next week Blakey you tvrd
BRAZZERS: good start lloyd get those chips
DANGERous: Berry get onto Mills
Migz: i have my POD coniglio 🙂 what a hero he is
wadaramus: Mills becoming a must have as I don’t have him!
bushranger: Mills in my starting 22 . Star
sfenda1: good boy isaac
Hazza09: Parker or heeney next week
beerent11: Damnit. Played safe took steeles vc. Now touk and neale killing it. Ah well. That kind of year
Raspel31: Brought in and capped this week wada- fingers crossed.
wadaramus: Good luck, hope he goes big!
bhg26: Anyone want to fucking do something
navy_blues: mills get back on
navy_blues: ty
Tig-Train: Anyone ever gone back to back 200?s?
bhg26: This is woeful, seems like every lions player is uncontested
m0nty: Daniher looking cooked
pcaman2003: Raspel. I can see that huge grin on your face. How good!
navy_blues: papley never passes
banta: wtf is zac bailey doing. they don’t use him to his potential. don’t waste him in a forward pocket
DEESareSAD: Parker and Gawn coming in for me this week
Raspel31: Well at least Papley’s back- changes everything.
bhg26: I want my fucking hour back
Stu7: Do something Blakey ya flog
wadaramus: Gee whiz, hadn’t looked at the game score, Sydney getting pumped.
Raspel31: Well pcaman, back on target for 2550 which for a Pom is pretty good. And you?
beerent11: Not often raspel mentions scores.
Social: Waiting for Preuss to max out before I Gawn him
Raspel31: With good reason beer- lol.
Dredd: Daniher subbed out? just when he was back in strong form. Hopefully not a bad shoulder injury
Stikman35: Will jack Carroll get another game
Dredd: Good to see you are backing up what I was saying earlier @bhg26.. chill out man
HolyNorf: Need 69 from Berry to win this week
beerent11: Kinky
Stikman35: Last game for berry in my team. He?s been good. But time for decent numbers.
bhg26: I can imagine you watch footy in complete silence dredd
wadaramus: Dredd, what the drokk man??!!
navy_blues: cmon mills bring home the win
Spifflicat: He?s averaging 88 Stik, there are premos going worse
Oddsy5: berry + 73 for me vs heeney. playin same opp in a $50 and $100 league lol
pcaman2003: Raspel. Will be close to 2500 but think I’ll just fall short thanks to Macca.
wadaramus: Yep, Macca gonna cost me 2500 too 🙁
Raspel31: Yep- just factored in pcaman- same.
bhg26: Was a combined Macca and Hobbs effort for me falling short of 2500 unless heeney wants to score 168
pcaman2003: Raspel. If Neale scores another 59 pts,I’ll get there.
Stikman35: Yes. Toss up between titch and berry to leave my team. Exactly. But berry has done his job. I?d rather Bradshaw or Walsh
bhg26: Punch in the face isn?t 50 anymore, good to know
Oddsy5: im just gunna fall over 2500. only need 54 between berry n neale from here on
Stikman35: Brayshaw
Stikman35: Neale going huge I think
pcaman2003: Oddsy5. I like your chances.
hinsch: Heeny below 114 for a win, somebody pls tag him
navy_blues: here come the swans
wadaramus: It’s the Buddy show.
beerent11: Losers. 2850 here.
bhg26: Goal umpires keep getting in the way
Oddsy5: i should win but stranger things have happened. heeney could explode
LuvIt74: I hope that person who asked who to take as C listened to me…
beerent11: With Neale and rich to come
Tig-Train: 46 point lead with berry and neale vs neale as captain lol my life
LuvIt74: @beerent11 and then you woke up….lol
beerent11: Probably end up about 3100.
beerent11: Bit of a down week.
Oddsy5: wow franklin is awesome to watch
navy_blues: multi back on!
LuvIt74: @Beerent11 and I’ll probibly end up with 4500 :o)im
wadaramus: Heeney put the cue in the rack, done enough?
Dredd: Crying now @bhg26?
Migz: i was asking last week about a 100 point quarter! might happen. What was franklin on at qtr time?
pcaman2003: beerent. Whatever you’re smoking, Id like some please.
Stikman35: I?m looking at 3101 probably
m0nty: this is a true cape quarter
bhg26: That we have kicked 5 goals in 5 minutes? Why would I be crying?
Social: go take a shower and look what happens
Stu7: Blakey on the bench well earned done nothing break
Raspel31: Heeney-pls- not just a pretty face. Do something when back on.
pcaman2003: Geez! Go Lachie. Only 32 off the 2500 now. Keep going.
Dredd: Yeah exactly. Funny how you cry all first half and now things are going good, you?ve shut up..
bhg26: Shut up muppet, allowed to be upset my team was playing shit
navy_blues: lol
DrSeuss: Charlie Cameron needs to get involved here with Daniher gone
bhg26: At least I don?t blame the umpires
swandane: bhg still sooking as usual
beerent11: How good was Neale then
bhg26: Hello again swandane long time no see
beerent11: Every chat descends into this rubbish eventually. Schoolyard stuff.
Social: Charlie’s looking around for his little motorcycle
beerent11: iPhone warriors
wadaramus: Neale going off tap! Should have put the C on him!
bhg26: I?m on Mac beer
bhg26: And apparently I?m not allowed to say my team isn?t playing well
Stikman35: He?s looking very good berry. His score will kept him on my ground
beerent11: His recent history against the swans was not good wadaramus
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, the bitching and moaning is painful, can’t we just chat and have fun?
pcaman2003: Thanks Lachie. Cracked the 2500 so very pleased along with others that have done better
Raspel31: Mills just diappeared??
wadaramus: Have they put the lock on Mills?
beerent11: Just don?t bite bhg. Ignore it.
Yelse: just put this game on where has parker been playing?
sMiles: Go Lions!!! Also, Go Heeney and Parker. ;-p lol
pcaman2003: Raspel. Better give your captain a rev up.He’s fallen asleep.
beerent11: Mostly mid yelse
Stikman35: Anyone trade OUT touk? In more likely I know
Gotigres: Looks like quite a few people have Neale as captain
beerent11: 200 on the cards
Bluebagg11: Neale best QTR of the year?
pcaman2003: Stikman. Thought about it 1st qtr, then gathered my senses.:)
pcaman2003: Gotigres. With a 132 Average he screams make me captaing.
CaptainWho: Sound the alarm, going 2700+ this week
wadaramus: Do something Heeney!
Stikman35: Last week dudes were all over getting rid of him and today he has a purler
Raspel31: A neagative qtr Mills and Heeney blow drying his hair- there goes my game, sigh.
Gotigres: Would have thought a lot of people would have had Gawn vc pcaman
Migz: berry is very hated by CD it seems
pcaman2003: Raspel. I’ve monogrammed this Kleenex tissue for you.
Spifflicat: Didn?t think 2500 was possible until? hello Neale u star!
LuvIt74: @Gotigers I agree most wouldn’t wait until last game considering Gawn, Macrae, Crips, Steel to chose from.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. I had VC Cripps this week. Had C on Macrae,but took Cripps score.
cherry9: Thankfully trading after 1 qtr is not allowed, otherwise how many prems would have been raged out
LuvIt74: I’m projected to score 2507 at this stage
LuvIt74: Heeney doing jack
DrSeuss: How was that not HTB? Just dropped it in the tackle
beerent11: Through some loophole trickery I have Neale Stewart and Gawn as captains this week.
Oddsy5: just seen a pic of a mate in a diff league. on 2730 atm with neale parkers last q to go
Migz: the worst thing with millers score today is it roasas didnt play i was gonna bring in miller instead!
Migz: but i chose the cash gen thinking miller next week. tough luck eh
Bluebagg11: Berrys score is a joke CD
Stikman35: Trying to sweat this Covid out in 40 deg spa sipping turkey rare. Want to work tmrow. Cmon berry. 2500
DrSeuss: How TF was that a high tackle – you freaking MUPPET UMP
Dogs5416: Will score 2600+ and lose. Unless Heeney beats Berry by 42 🙁
pharace: 37.13m qtr – giving the Swannies every chance!
daniel87: my squad not matching it with big boys only projeted 2450 work to be done
Dredd: Damn what a high tackle? that ump fkn hates Brisbane
Spifflicat: Nice Stik, good drop
Raspel31: Clever work beer. And methinks many people tell fibs about their projected scores.
DrSeuss: Agree Dredd – that young blonde Ump regularly makes some dodgy calls against Brisbane.
Dogs5416: Some might, mines posted on Twitter, tagged with last years winner as my h2h
Stikman35: Berry tells no fibbs, Raspel.
Oddsy5: @dogs u will defs win. heeney will beat berry by 42
bhg26: Need 40 from Neale and Heeney to get 2500, which isn?t bad considering I had Hobbs on field
Raspel31: My girlfriend’s uncle knows a guy who will get 2900 this week.
navy_blues: only 35 points up bhg and i have mills might be close
Stikman35: Swans always Finnish hard
pcaman2003: Raspel. Omly 2900? My dead cat is proj for 3150
Dogs5416: Oddsy I hope so. Heeney hasn’t touched it lately.
Raspel31: But that cat was prescient pcaman
cherry9: Way over-umpired, but bris not getting any calls
bushranger: Five straight for the great man. Awesome to see
LuvIt74: Heeney has been cold since half time. Get out of Antartica Heeney…
pcaman2003: Dogs5146. He’s touched it alright ,but just not the ball.
DrSeuss: So you can jump on Gardners back and then Ladhams can throw the ball and umps missed them both?
beerent11: Ffs Neale do something you muppet
bushranger: 2380 in dream team .I’ll take that
Dredd: Umps helping another team against us @DrSeuss? we gotta find a way to get used to it sadly
Oddsy5: yeh heeney not touching it but berry isnt either
Bluebagg11: My brothers partners husbands brother is projected 2899
beerent11: Is that you bluebagg
Bluebagg11: Goodbye Berry. Just running around aimlessly on the wing. You become Cripps nw
Snarfy: So Bluebag, does that mean that your brother is having it of with someones wife?
BigChief: I am projected to get 1471 🙂
beerent11: I?m projected to get another beer out of the fridge in 3..2..1
bhg26: Great effort bigchief
hinsch: Bluebagg I think I know him.
marls: Yeah this is Berry?s last game. Goes out with a fizzle?and loses me my league matchup
BigChief: bhg and that’s with Gawn as C
Stikman35: Goodbye my berry, goodbye my love. You have been the one. You have been the one 4 me. I?m so hollow
cmperrfect: 3k could be cracked this week. Some monster scores.
bhg26: Lace out lloyd
pcaman2003: Stikman. You’re scaring me.:(
cherry9: I win if Heeney goes less than 99. Bound to seagull a couple goals in a minute
Stikman35: Sorry pcaman. Turkey/Covid at work
Dogs5416: Heeney?
BigChief: Great tackle Charlie.
pcaman2003: Stikman. That’s a gr8 relief.Sorry to hear you still have Berry.:)
Dredd: That was amazing fwd pressure. Absolutely relentless
DEESareSAD: I?m 10 points of 2500 lads
Stikman35: Yes. Berry has held on and made cash until this week. Hes gone now though babbbbbbyyyy.
frenzy: give Cameron a trash can
BRAZZERS: news flash muppets no one cares about projections
cherry9: Anyone thinking about bye structure with prem trade ins or just going full bunga
Raspel31: I need Mills to score another 25- big ask I know- but pleez?
pcaman2003: Choices for C next week a difficult choice. Some huge scores this week.
cherry9: Not too many thx Parker, don?t wanna part with too much cash for you this week
BigChief: News flash BRAZZERS no one cares what you think.
HolyNorf: and needing just two above his lowest score for the season to win my matchup, berry serves up a 46
pcaman2003: BigChief. I think Braxxers and Manowar are brothers.
boges11: I was just looking at that cherry9. I was deciding between Cripps, Mills or Miller. Cripps will screw my team for 12.
bhg26: Surely wagging your finger at the ump counts as dissent these days lol
pcaman2003: Did Wahab get banned? Hasn’t been commenting this week
J.Worrall: all about my 2 new recruits now … Petracca and Parker!
Stikman35: Berry will go close to losing my league game. Fairdimpkum.
BigChief: pcaman might be twins.
Social: coulda had short, cripps, dunkley, neale, parker even oliver for C… no went with macrae
cherry9: Henry?s been sighted just once this half but he will ton with that free and kick. Ah well
DrSeuss: The ump realised he made a terrible decision bhg – so realised he deserved more than a wagging finger
Stikman35: But lucky berry is up against Bailey. So I?m a Chance.
Snarfy: Me too Social!
bones351: I just joined the 2500 club. Please don?t lose any points Lachie. Keep it going up!
beerent11: Me three
J.Worrall: @cherry … full bunga!
Oddsy5: 2555 atm and could lose in 2 cash leagues playing vs the same opponent 🙂
HolyNorf: Potential second 200 of the season?
pcaman2003: Oddsy5. Pooh! That’s pretty tough
beerent11: 124 points left
beerent11: Less now
Stikman35: Damn. Should have made Neale captain over Gawn. Just as big an error as fielding a zero if I hadn?t have fielded Clark
LuvIt74: poor bugger who needed Heeney to score below 99 – On the bench and just gained 2 points… lol
Oddsy5: yeh berry really hurting me. think ill still get over the line just
Yelse: at oddsy5 I am currently 2589 and losing my paid league needed mills to get 180 to win 🙁
bones351: Some big scores this week when I thought it might be a low one with Hewett missing and Grundy gone etc
cherry9: Yeah that is me luv it. The truck is to own the SC golden children and I do not own him
beerent11: Mines a low one bones
Oddsy5: fark thats stiff as @yelse?
LuvIt74: how long to go
pcaman2003: Swans wore themselves out flogging us last week.
LuvIt74: @cherry9 that hurts
Stikman35: If you don?t own Neale. Then I feel empty
Oddsy5: omg heeney no?was up by 25 points before that goal
cherry9: And here?s the second seagull goal from Heeney to seal the deal, as predicted.
Stikman35: Heeenayyyyy
pcaman2003: SC points will actually scale down end of game.
Crave: give heeney the bin, junk time specialist
LuvIt74: @cherry and u said Heeney will goal late dude ya jinxed yourself
Crave: there it is
cherry9: Heeney owners owe me one
LuvIt74: Feel for ya cherry but thats funny, change your nick to Nostradamus
cherry9: SC score 2568 numbs a bit of the pain!
boges11: Thx cherry9
beerent11: 21 contested for Parker
Dogs5416: Need some scaling magic. 2599 vs 2599
MercAm: Currently sitting on 2575 with C on Mac. Ahh if only I had it on Neale ;(
beerent11: 26 for Neale
pcaman2003: Good win Brissie. Have a good week everyone. Cheers!
LuvIt74: 2526 im happy with that
Stikman35: Being a pies supporter I want heeneys teeth. But I want to trade them in for hair.
Stikman35: No Covid next week please
CaptainWho: Pre scaling 2732
Dogs5416: Scaled 2596 and drew with last years winner on 2596. Scale heeney +1?
Dogs5416: League is ranked 188. Scores 2596 and draws. Filthy

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