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Chat log from R7 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Essendon, R7 of 2022

RooBoyStu: AFL Footy Quad on TAB Footy Bet is an underrated bet type, need WB 1-60 for a collect in last leg
masterhc2: do not understand players being “dropped” to send a message, then brought back as sub, makes no sense.
masterhc2: if you’re going to send a message, make them play VFL. Hawks did it with Worpel too
Urbs: Afternoon everyone
masterhc2: mccrae starting on bench? interesting
navy_blues: thats how much dogs rate ess lol
RooBoyStu: McRae struggling, lift FFS!
bhg26: Just need one good game from Hobbs
RooBoyStu: MacRae*
BigChief: Who is McRae?
Spifflicat: We enough tools on here BigChief, don?t join them
Fatbar5tad: Think late outs gave Worpel and Shiel a reprieve.
Yelse: need treloar to hit 110 to win my game
BigChief: Excuse me Spifflicat? If some is going to bag a player at least get the name right. SMFH
DrSeuss: So glad I traded in Baz Smith for the weeks that he forgot how to find the footy
Dredd: Chief is the player spelling police. Don?t stuff names up or he is onto you real quick
Social: cmon MackRay
cmperrfect: Cmon Capt Macrae. Time to fly.
Migz: ridley is a shadow of his past 2 years.
dabombers: If you flop the head faking a high tackle. Should be able to deck them behind play. Fairs fair.
bhg26: Lets go on MacCare
bhg26: Would have been handy against weightman last year dabombers
dabombers: Theres a few small fwds who need to re learn their place.
Dredd: @bigchief where you at? Time to crackdown
bhg26: Please for the love of god hobbs, just get more than 40 thats all i ask
Social: This is no time to rest McCrayrae
Migz: needs 46 now bhg haha
navy_blues: hobbs started like touk lol
bhg26: Not a great start migz, hope he has a touk miller-esque comeback
duckky: I wish there was a stat for dropped marks. Wright must be up to 5 by now.
Migz: never in doubt a 4 gamer can pull a 100 game out his back pocket
bhg26: He can be the first migz
LuvIt74: Macrae average and not been on the pine a bit
bhg26: Come on McKrare
Spifflicat: Nice one Social
LuvIt74: And been on the pine a bit i mean..
navy_blues: dont mind if macrae stays low
Migz: i wouldnt mind if mckrayfish scored a nice 110. I’ve got him so thats nice but so it burns all the CAPT choices haha
DrSeuss: Baz and Macrae – pull your fingers out
Fatbar5tad: Are we allowed to complain about Jacrae yet??
Spifflicat: MuckRake sux atm
Hazza09: Shocking Hobbs
Raspel31: Jacrae will come good- but changed cap to Mills at last minute.
navy_blues: 148 touk lol
Manowar: Yeh, it’S time to start sooking about Macrae
Migz: i dont think ive ever seen a game where dunks/bont/macca/libba have combined for less than 100 in a qtr. very rare
wadaramus: Macrae gonna kill my SC this week.
hinsch: First time this year I want McCrae to stay low and he is doing OK at the moment.
Fatbar5tad: Why do my premos suck balls
Fatbar5tad: Should have made Rachelle captain
Swans Star: Im guessing Hobbs wont be playing next week, went missing 2nd half last week also
FLAG: nice ridlee
wadaramus: Martin stuck on 20 for a while.
bhg26: Should have just brought rachele on instead of hobbs
LuvIt74: Wow what has Ridley had
RooBoyStu: How the hell did the crows beat the dogs?
pcaman2003: Touk scraped in his 160 pts.
BRAZZERS: shocking to see macca without any contested footy
RooBoyStu: Macrae looks lazy, lift!
dabombers: Ridley has a reid.
pcaman2003: On track for 2509. Be nice to get there.
bhg26: I dislike Hobbs very much at the moment
Raspel31: Was on track for that too pcaman- but aint gonna happen sadly.
wadaramus: Hobbs going to end up M11 floating donut…
Hazza09: Hobbs was a desperate horrible trade
bones351: We are so crap. Handball sideways on the wing and refuse to move forward at speed
pcaman2003: Raspel. I’ll need Macca to lift to pass 2500.
HolyNorf: 179 + Berry for me vs Dunkley, Smith and Hobbs in my matchup
Migz: The stand rule is the worst thing i think i’ve ever seen in afl. And i’ve watched every eagles game this year!
bones351: I avoided Hobbs but wished him well.
Number 8: Kudos if you managed to get through all four quarters on Friday night, Migz
LuvIt74: What do you guys think would be the Avrage score for Round 7?
Oddsy5: 2100 + berry vs 1923 + b smith and heeney for me. surely i win
Migz: i actually attended the first 3 home games. had free tickets for friday but turned them down to eat KFC at home instead
TheLegend6: I’ve seen lots of 2.4k this week
bhg26: Wise choice migz
Manowar: pass 2500, yeh we believe u
Ooost: I learned my lesson with Hobbs by fielding him last week
bones351: Can we have few more Nic Martins?
wadaramus: Macca’s game just looks off.
pcaman2003: Manowar. So you should.
HolyNorf: Been a good round to this point, a decent score would be close to 2.4k
Number 8: McGrath reduced to tagging. Wow.
Ooost: My proj is 2538 but I don’t think i’ll get there. Jmac and Smith with the tag
bhg26: Im 2490, i also have hobbs on field so should be less than that
Raspel31: Martin a great find eh bones. Hmm- Macrae might fall short of that 138.
Manowar: I have the C on Z. Cordy
mattmac24: I forgot to take Cripps as VC.. need Macrae to go big 🙁
Crave: McGrath is 100m off Smith he isn’t tagging him lol
bones351: Martin gets in to great spots. Thing is I think a player like Hobbs could do that to. Unless coaches instruction is dif.
Migz: selfish stringer twice now
bones351: We need those guys around the ball. Perkins I like too.
Oddsy5: guy in my league proj 2583, im 2534. sure theres higher
bones351: Must be coaches instructions
TheLegend6: I had a bad week, should get 2350, will probably drop out of top 1k
DrSeuss: Not sure is Smith has anyone tagging him – just playing too outside – nothing contested
RooBoyStu: Macrae out tonight, as useful as a vegetarian holding the BBQ tongs
pharace: That look on Macraes face was not about the ball but about what Bevo would say!
Migz: wow. you must have gawn and stewart and miller and decent rookies.?
Ooost: I’d be guessing the 2700 mark gets in this week
dabombers: Ive got a proj 2601. Need McNug?s to have a blinder 2nd half
navy_blues: martin best rookie id say
pcaman2003: But Manowar doesn’t believe anyone will get over 2500. Lol!
bones351: Naicos has been good navy. But may be tiring.
bhg26: Shows what kind of week hes had pcaman
Raspel31: Given Ridley didn’t touch the pill in first 15- good work lad. And Martin a future primo.
Manowar: u wont Macrae lol
pcaman2003: bhg26. Too right!
pcaman2003: Manowar. I still have Treloar and Neale and Martin as well. Lol!
Fatbar5tad: 36 massive half ya blouse
mattmac24: 100 point second half please Macrae.. needs the Miller treatment
Raspel31: Mills, Neale and Heeney for me pcaman- but still need Macca to step up.
Migz: top team currently on 2628
pcaman2003: Nice Raspel. Good combo
mattmac24: McComb has the $ icon but has only played one game.
Number 8: Martin looking every bit the keeper. Impressive first half from McComb, too
banta: macrae lol
zadolinnyj: On track for 2550 then McRae c happened
pharace: McComb on track to go up $70k at AF that’s worth a $ sign
banta: caldwell another great recruit from GWS essendon. terrible. add him to shiel and smith who all need to be sacked.
Urbs: Whoops will fix McComb
pharace: Well deserved aye @banta
Number 8: No need, Urbs. AF players are loving McComb’s work
dabombers: @banta. Maybe westcoast package deal. Those 3 for Darling and Yeo.
Stu7: Dunkley in for a big one
Manowar: Shiel dropped, read the riot act now playing, what a joke Rutten is! should be sacked
duckky: What a stupid 50.
Stu7: That?s a big score Zado well done
HolyNorf: Go macrae
dabombers: May go watch the other game. More sc point on there.
bhg26: Came back to this game to say get a flowering move on hobbs
duckky: McRae on fire
duckky: Macrae even
Catatafish: Come on Jye gone Coldwell
pcaman2003: The Kraken has woken up. Go Jack.
dabombers: Mills on track for a 300.
RooBoyStu: Ying yang Macrae coming up surely
upweydons: Baldwin lifting at last
pcaman2003: Need Treloar to lift now.
duckky: Yes but Hobbs has had been gifted one game too many
mattmac24: Yay Baldwin!
pharace: You need Hobbs with games into him @ duckky!
duckky: He was way off the pace last week pharace. The team isn’t playing well enough to carry one let alone 2 or 3 develplayers
dabombers: Cant win when there is 21 field umpires making calls. Oh I trust him. Even though I cant see it.
RuffLeader: Parish is the new Tom Mitchell, lots of meaningless touches
pharace: Today maybe duckky, but he is ball getter and needs to get used to it at this level
DrSeuss: Macre, Baz and Treloar – time to lift – do something
duckky: Essendon cannot help themselves – every intercept they kick backwards and then stuff it up.
Stu7: Dunkley in for a big one
pcaman2003: Martin travelling nicely too. Good pick up.
pharace: McComb is a player – good Vermont boy!
banta: dunkley a freak. terrible disposal but such a magnet
Stu7: Pca and making money
DrSeuss: Remember when Bailey Smith used to get the ball – yeah good times. Playing way too outside & uncontested last 2 weeks
duckky: Why wasn’t that an unrealistic attempt?
Oddsy5: dunkley beast
Migz: dunks easily my fav bulldog player
bhg26: Hobbs I hate you
Stu7: Dunkley has been an awesome SC and DT Captain this year
banta: macrae the stepladder lol
banta: macrae looks tired and slow always
DANGERous: can u do something macca
navy_blues: bad decision ump
navy_blues: lol bhg i like hobbs
Social: big last qtr mukrai
Spifflicat: Lmao, so many lols on Macrae
dabombers: Is it time for the umps to lose the earpieces. Who knows what channel its on. This is sponsored by Sportsbet.
marls: Love when people try to subtle brag about players they got when they are over 50% owned
Social: I understand Dunkley can also play the saxaphone
beerent11: Hopefully another sub ton for McRae. Will drop a nice amount of cash in the next few weeks
frenzy: you’ll get burnt beer
Catatafish: Fucks sake Caldwell
Hazza09: Looks like Hobbs will be a floating M11 loophole, garbage
bhg26: Get a touch Hobbs you shitstain
banta: wtf how’s weightman trying to trip the essendon player!!
DrSeuss: So glad I traded in Baz for a couple of 80s – get your mullet near the ball
Catatafish: Yeah Hobbs was a woeful impulse rookie trade
AlsoGmax: Good old Handball Hobbs.
Social: sitting down again ray ray? save that for visiting your mum
sMiles: off the bench Macrae, please
Oddsy5: need b smith to stay low fark
Fatbar5tad: Fucking Jacrae. Useless cunt.
J_Herer: Come on Hobbs!
Catatafish: Can you break double digits at least Flobbs?
pharace: @DrSuess, I’m sure I saw Smith mouth, “thanks my SC needed that”
Oddsy5: one good thing this year is nic martin, he can bloody play
Social: timely ton from Ridles
HolyNorf: please slow down bsmtih and dunkley
DrSeuss: I am glad @pharace – seems like it has given him a nudge in the right direction
J_Herer: Going to lose by 6 this week thanks to Hobbs 🙁
bhg26: Hobbs is a literal waste of space
banta: Keep dunkley off. rest him
Stu7: Off the pine Dunkley plesaseeee
AlsoGmax: Hobbs kicked it!
Raspel31: Well, glad I pulled the big C from Macca- hmm?
Stu7: J_Herer – shattering
duckky: Hobbs kicked it opver the head of his target
J_Herer: Hobbs rise up from the ashes and get a few more points!!!
Stu7: Merrett bad value for 35 possessions
Torz: McComb has been a real handy cover for Hewett
frenzy: any chance macca
Stu7: Back on Dunks please
Stu7: Thank you
DANGERous: does Macrae actually exist? i think no
wadaramus: Should have fucken taken the 119 from Oliver!
banta: macrae forgot hom to football
duckky: Is it time to rage trade Macrae?
TheFlagger: time to trade macrae
Hazza09: Hobbs will get dropped
J_Herer: Hobbs is a keeper, no free kicks no pleeeease!
Social: Oh Mr Macrae, what a mess!
wadaramus: N.Martin picking up YOUR slack Macca!
Gotigres: Great stuff Martin (no, not you Stef)
DANGERous: essendon have the best Martin in the comp
beerent11: Yes Macca
beerent11: Drop that cash
Yelse: Has brodie smith return and tOG affecting macca? has he moved to wing?
frenzy: he’s all yours beer
duckky: I think that’s close to all we have Danger. And the best Redman.
beerent11: Damn why did I field Rachele over Martin?
bhg26: Fuck you Hobbs, utterly useless
bhg26: Rachele quadrupled your score you spud
Hazza09: Going to score 2400 and still lose my league game, where is Wahab?
duckky: What does the green box mean?
Catatafish: Guess I’m stuck with Flobbs a while.

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