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Chat log from R7 of 2022: Collingwood vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
Oddsy5: evening ladies
bushranger: hello to all
Spifflicat: Afternoon all, anyone reckon Sam Collins looks like the Leather guy from the Village People?
thommoae: Sam Collins is the second iteration of Sean Wight.
Spifflicat: Good call Thommo!
hinsch: Touk looks like he is giving them a head start again this week -1
bhg26: Touk always loves the fast starts
Manowar: GC17 should win this one without to many problems!
original: 2 weeks in a row Miller. Ffs
thommoae: Bit early for ‘Ffs’, original?
Yelse: looks like the pies gonna have a shit load possessions
Spifflicat: Most folk only come in to whine Thommo
Yelse: pies to win Rosas diazos and miller to go big
Manowar: miller is in the positive now, u can stop sooking it up now!
bhg26: Now he?s on track for 24 manowar lol
thommoae: Wonder if Jack is ‘Crisp – you lazy ***’ or ‘Crispy’ today.
bhg26: He?s Crispy at the moment thommoae
hinsch: Cameron on track for 200+
Swans Star: @Bhg26 Confident the swans can win today?
Manowar: no one angry with Rowell yet?
bhg26: Fairly confident swans star, now Paps is back. It?s going to be a good game
Dredd: No one should have him anymore @manowar
navy_blues: game over already
Swans Star: @Manowar Most people have sold him now, me included lol
Tig-Train: Can?t believe Touk was my teams first pick this year?
bhg26: touk can?t get a disposal without turning it over at the moment
navy_blues: omg freekick pies everywhere
bhg26: Pies getting a decent run here
Legix: Suns getting it rough from the umpires
frenzy: Touk a chance Tig, didnt work out
Yelse: callum brown is shocking can’t kick for goal and keeps turning it over
sMiles: umpires burying the GC -= these umps should be sent to the country for a spell
pcaman2003: Someoene please teach Touk how to handle a ball for correct disposal. Shocking stuff!
Fatbar5tad: Fuck off touk.
Yelse: miler what is wrong with you this year ffs
Fatbar5tad: Rage Trade imminent.
Tig-Train: GC should go play in the VFL they have had long enough, this is just embarrassing
thommoae: I’m still a Rowell owner. Not panicking yet.
original: Didn?t want him in draft but if he sinks to pick 8 you have to take him. Miller FML you stink
pharace: These umpires are bloody girl’s blouses!
pcaman2003: Hate sideways trades,but Touk to Steele bef0ore his price drops too much further. BE will be high.
Manowar: Touk sooks, u all have a T button use it!
Social: P Lippy back in town
Yelse: i rated rowell for miller two weeks ago and since then rowel done 100+
Fatbar5tad: It’s never fun when a premo duds it. If one of yours does I’m sure we will hear from you. 😉
pharace: Shots of Dew in the coach’s box never look convincing
Yelse: *traded
Fatbar5tad: What about shots of Dewars?
Manowar: it will be Clarkson soon!
Fatbar5tad: Wish I did Yelse
Legix: Miller not attacking the ball as he usually would
Oddsy5: omg miller, lost a bit of touch it seems
bhg26: You have to be shitting me touk, that?s a chest mark
Torz: Touk drops a sitter 🙁
pharace: Wow Miller, lost 6pts
AuroraBore: Hatchet for Miller
pcaman2003: Miller tanking it.Sigh!
Yelse: miller going backwards even though hitting target last hb
hinsch: Hoping Touk can end first qtr in double figures
Ooost: People own Miller?
Manowar: That wont be happening anytime soon!
Fatbar5tad: Great stuff Touk you fucking pretender
Swans Star: How much longer are they going to give Dew?
pcaman2003: Yes Ooost they do.My oppo has him too,so could be worse.
frenzy: Pies single hitout
sMiles: Need Miller to channel his inner 2020 and 2021
Manowar: really enjoying Touk Miller’s game today!
Ooost: Miller seems to be the new Whitefield / Crisp
Tig-Train: 6 disposals for 6 sc? well done so glad you ain?t a POD today or id be livid lol
Social: Dew makes you believe Sizzler still exists
navy_blues: lol tissue time in here and id def take touk over whitfield!
mattmac24: What on earth is Miller doing!
Torz: Nick Daicos seems to have the dreaded HFF role at the moment
pcaman2003: And here cometh Crispy. Keep going !
original: Draft league I picked miller and titch. What a time to be alive
original: And ziebell
Fatbar5tad: One of their best kicks going fwd ha ha
pcaman2003: original. That’s a good pairing. lol!
NewFreoFan: Rock the Casboult
banta: Anderson is always very loose. Teams need to start mannig him. Will be their number one mid soon
BRAZZERS: touk did this last week and got 90’s
Catatafish: Just do that 30 more times Touk
Migz: does draft league have limited trades? i might give it a go next year
Tig-Train: Who wants 90?s from a 650k player? Lol
pcaman2003: Touk last 3 disposals without a clanger. Miracles do happen.
Migz: i want miller to be 550k yum yum
BRAZZERS: he’s a 578k player now
Tig-Train: That?s because he gets 90?s hahah
BRAZZERS: who keeps a player whos lost 80k lol
pcaman2003: Wiits has been a gr8 pick up this year. Very happy with his output.
amigaman: Everytime GC kick to Lukosius they stuff up. Maybe he should give kicking lessons
Stu7: Cold pies anyone???
Yelse: miller to reach his BE?
Stu7: Pca – true that mate
navy_blues: touk is coming
Fatbar5tad: Absolute gun this Miller………. 😉
pcaman2003: I think Touk had those disposal lessons at qtr time. A new player emerges.
navy_blues: wow hear the silence
banta: crisp has such pig tendencies. One minute on 10 and dudding it the next 40-50. Epic
BRAZZERS: touk 140 plus
sMiles: good comeback Touk – now set and repeat please
thommoae: Sudden change of heart noted, Fatbar. lol
Tig-Train: Hahaha Fatbar
frenzy: Touk comedy today
original: Miller! I never said a bad word I promise..
Fatbar5tad: Aw man why put the bloke down after he kicks! Silly stuff Suns
Fatbar5tad: Never in doubt boys (FFS)
pcaman2003: Stu7. I chose Witts over the big two right at the start. Never looked back.
sMiles: umpires again …
pcaman2003: I have to tell myself: Oh ye of little faith
navy_blues: lol how far he run
Fatbar5tad: Blondie runs an absolute mile there
Nurfed: nick daicos hitting a wall i reckon
Legix: Has to be goal of the year
Nurfed: jacky G!!!
Stu7: pca same here
pharace: Gee GC lose momentum when Miller goes off – not that he is match winning, but its a difference
Fatbar5tad: Naicos for Clark and dud removal next week.
circle52: How far did Ginnivan run there
Fatbar5tad: Pies have shown they can kick a lot quickly. Good team to watch
Yelse: is De gooey playing fwd because he had gastro?
BigChief: Did Ginnivan just run a marathon?
bones351: Glad I?m not the only one who thought that must have been close to too far
navy_blues: dbl marathon lol
mattmac24: Calling goal of the year in Round 7.. settle down! Lol
pcaman2003: circle. 9.65 metres
NewFreoFan: Gotta have a sense of theatre for goals like that
Dredd: Def not goal of the year? clearly didn?t see Langdon or Bolton?s goals.
banta: Two very loose checking teams here. Nobody wants to play defensive in that midfiedl.
feralmong: GOTY. Shai Bolton says hold my beer…
Fatbar5tad: My underperforming spuds could have done with a snag there
Tig-Train: More embarrassing for GC than goal of year contender lol
Fatbar5tad: Bit of vision by Touk there.
pcaman2003: Touk over 50pts for the qtr. Gr8 comeback from shaky start
banta: Langdon GOTY for sure
Fatbar5tad: HTB if it wasn’t Pendlebury
sMiles: umpires again …
navy_blues: 50+ qtr by touk not bad from someone who was copping a lot of abuse in here lmao
sMiles: get off the bench Rosas
Fatbar5tad: Bout fucken time he’s been shite this year
Oddsy5: touk gives me panic attacks too often
Ooost: Where are the Miller haters at?
thesilentl: Chol being rewarded for dropping the ball is exactly what’s wrong with the htb rule
BRAZZERS: the haters were about slit wrists lol
thommoae: Standard face-saver there, Fatbar. Apology to Touk needed!
bhg26: People commenting on “Miller haters” act like we are supposed to be happy a premium we payed 670k for was on 6 at qt
original: Miller this is some come back
zoomba23: thesilentl maybe time to give the ump bashing a rest mate
Migz: atleast its consistant silent. Pies got a free earlier for the same thing
Yelse: why is Rosas hardly been on this QRT
RenoMan: but trading him out for another promo is just plain stupid hahaha
Fatbar5tad: 150 is bended knee apology time Thom 😉
Dredd: Miller might be solving my 7th mid premo headache
navy_blues: miller to steele was mentioned steele wouldnt of comeback like that
thommoae: It’s a 4 quarter game though, bhg and Touk has runs on the board. He’s earned some slack cut his way.
thesilentl: Happy with it being called @migz after the pies one but its just a terrible interpretation all round
mattpanag: I think Miller is owed some massive apologies, what a quarter
DrSeuss: Nice little finish by N Daicos there as well.
thesilentl: @zoomba didn’t mention the ump at all, pull your head out of your arse
Fatbar5tad: Quarter – touk !@#! Half- My man!
navy_blues: next week prob crisps turn again to get abused
thommoae: And ol’ Matt Rowell non-owners might be havin’ a wee sniffle into their beer as well.
Fatbar5tad: Touk did well that quarter thanks to my tender loving care
bhg26: He also hasnt had a score over 110 the last 4 weeks thommoae, but anyway good comeback touk
Dredd: Macrae, Steele, Neale, Oliver, Miller, Cripps and Green sounds like a good midfield aye
Ooost: Radio silence from the Miller haters
BRAZZERS: bunch of teenagers behind these accounts surely
Fatbar5tad: It does Dredd
zoomba23: thesilentl ur always complaining. Going on about an interpretation the Pies benefited from earlier is petulant
thesilentl: @zoomba back to school champ if you think that’s what petulant means
thesilentl: All I do zoomba is fish for pelicans like you who get upset when someone on the internet doesn’t agree with them
wadaramus: Did Crisp drop a couple of clangers, I saw him on 50 just before hT?
TheOnyas: Onya Lipy
thommoae: Tbf Rowell is only a handful of weeks into a comeback season, bhg. Can’t expect him to be a Steele (or a Touk) 🙂
bhg26: I was talking about touk
hinsch: Need McCrae to stay about 100 today
zoomba23: Not upset that you disagree with me. Just annoyed that every time I’m here I can rely on you to bitch about umpiring
pjw1234: who is Need McCrae
RooBoyStu: Going by the dye colour on Chol’s hair he wants to come to Arden St. Hope he does lol
thommoae: Oh, my bad.
Yelse: Geez theres no defence in this game
BRAZZERS: lol stu
Number 8: Pies will lose this if they don’t become more accountable
Migz: i like chols kicking action.
m0nty: that’s teal not royal blue
Migz: he should teach casbolt how to freaking kick
BigChief: @thommoae Rowell played 12 games last year. So this isn’t a comeback year.
Oddsy5: ill never bag out touk again 🙂 beast
RooBoyStu: Lol close enough m0nty
Migz: rosas running to the wrong spots? team mates constantly kick over his head.
Tig-Train: That?s what happens when you learn to kick at an older age instead of picking up bad habits as a kid
RooBoyStu: Maybe Power then for Chol adding his natural hair colour
BRAZZERS: need to change degoeys icon, played deep forward all game
Stu7: Saints need to take a Leaf out of Suns book for kicking straight
Migz: thats a good point tig. you would think casboult could be taught to drop the ball straight though. 15+ years of playing
thommoae: Missed the whole second half of 2021 though, Chief, with a pretty serious injury. ‘Swhat ahm talkin’ bout.
Migz: i know im saying this as he has kicked 4.1 BUT you know what i mean. even he isnt convinced when he kicks it
banta: anderson gun, could be a breakout year
Manowar: what happened to all the Miller sooks?
BRAZZERS: preuss and witts look related lol
Stu7: Manowar- instant healing
Yelse: N.Daicos and Rosas spending too much time on the pine
bhg26: You act like we are supposed to be thrilled a top premo was on 6 at qt after failing to get 110 the last 4 weeks manowar
Ooost: Manowar, Miller has gone quiet for 5 mins, let’s abuse him!!!!
pcaman2003: bhg. In fact he only scored a mere 99 last week. If he kept that up he’d be gone for sure.
frenzy: cmon Rosas find the pill
Catatafish: What, no touches in 5 minutes Miller? How’s that? Haha
Stu7: bhg26 good point
Manowar: time to step up@bhg26
navy_blues: we just dont need dummy spits in 1st qtr of games
mattmac24: It was fair to be disappointed with Miller at QTR time. 6 from 6 possessions was not a good look
pcaman2003: mattmac. Very true to a lot of his owners I’m sure.
Stu7: Dummy spits any day versus people hacking into each other 👊🏻
bhg26: Gee about time touk got a touch
Tig-Train: Turning on crisp now? usless dog hahah
pcaman2003: Anyway, he’s going okay now so all is good.
navy_blues: 100 up with still 8mins in 3rd to go lol
banta: Levi’s hands are incredible
Migz: i wish darling could take a mark like casboult. Darlings kicking with his hands would be .. nice
bhg26: This is one of the most ridiculous turn arounds ive seen in supercoach
banta: If only levi could kick, would be 50+ goal a season player
pcaman2003: bhg26. Could end up 150+ which would be incredible.
Migz: its like centres who cant hit free throws in basketball. theres just no excuse
bhg26: Or 6 foot 10 Australian point guards migz
banta: Biggest flog in afl? Ginnivan up there? Papley maybe?
amigaman: Greedy Ginnivan. Could have let Begg get his 1st goal
Migz: he who shall not be named
bhg26: Whats happened to maynard?
Nurfed: hes got colourful hair and is a bit animated, better call him the biggest flog in the afl!!
mattmac24: Ginnivan just doing his role as a forward, could have been touched or hit the post, safe thing to do was mark it.
banta: probably more the ducking of the head for frees, gestures to the crowd etc Nurfed
Tig-Train: The biggest point for the flog is he plays for collingwood
BRAZZERS: lol its not his hair mate
sfenda1: wasnt miller on 7 at qtr time?
mattmac24: Nothing wrong with gestures to the crowd Banta. You sound like you’re trying to hate on him just to hate on him.
bhg26: 6 sfenda
pcaman2003: Kygrios is a flog whereas Ginnivan just colourful without the tantrums
bhg26: If only crisp didnt have 6 clangers
Fatbar5tad: If your man is a flog that means he’s a good un.
bhg26: What papley done?
Nurfed: funny that soon as anyone shows a bit of animation theyre auto labeled a flog
Migz: thats right we shouldnt pick on ginni because theres 22 flogs out there in pies colours 😉
Nurfed: id understand de goey for his off field stuff but cmon now how dare a young bloke show some character
Spifflicat: I reckon Ginni is box office, always worth watching
RuffLeader: There is the flog conversation, then there is the De Goey being a horrible human being conversation
pcaman2003: Good stuff Crispy. I like you again 🙂
bhg26: Ill take a goal though thanks crisp
Ooost: Crisp 😀
BRAZZERS: any whispers for late outs for sydney lads?
Catatafish: No issues with Ginnivan at all, and that’s from an Essendon supporter.
Fatbar5tad: Papley hasn’t done anything. Small forwards who kick goals on your team seem to annoy the fans.
m0nty: good quarter Weller
BRAZZERS: even gc players think he’s a tosser lol
banta: Im an essendon supporter and I’ll admit Stringer is a bit of a flog
pcaman2003: Ginnivan reminds me of Brereton
Stu7: Q: what do you call a Collingwood player who has been who?s been on fire for a game and then cools down after the game?
frenzy: Begg goes alright with 50 % tog
banta: animation is different to arrogance mate
wadaramus: Cold pie.
Spifflicat: Wow, that?s bad Stu
Fatbar5tad: Dunno pac Ginnivan needs to keep that up for a bit longer than half a dozen games. Dermie was a gun.
Stu7: Ok settle down with all your response – the answer is – Crisp. Sunday dad joke 😂😂😂
Tig-Train: Small forwards have always been known to annoying opposition team and fans
frenzy: May have to Begg Steele and borrow
Spifflicat: Still bad, but I?ll pay it
pcaman2003: Stu7. Don’t give up your day job. 🙂
Stu7: Thanks Spifficat
Fatbar5tad: Just a bit more please Naicos
pcaman2003: TigTrain. I remember how I felt thaqt way about K Bartlett in his playing days. Damn annoying.
BRAZZERS: dont know what u talking about, Milne was loved by all
Migz: is it true bartlett forced the rule change on getting tackled when bouncing the ball?
bhg26: touk pinned, hopeless
bones351: Genuine question. Are AFL players allowed to shepherd for a teammate anymore or has it been ruled out with the bump?
pcaman2003: Migz. So long ago I can’t remeber but was good at drawing free kicks.
Yelse: is peddles SC relevant again with DPP
pcaman2003: bones351. Yes!
Migz: you can shepherd just dont hit them high or unaware and its normally good to go
Migz: i looked it up. Yes bartlett did force the change haha
bones351: They?re always looking for a handball when they could shepherd
DrSeuss: Pendles killing it in the 2nd half
Swans Star: You have to feel sorry for GC
bones351: Or they handball to a teammate and then allow the defender to run past and tackle the receiver when they could shepherd
bones351: The worry of the high bump or a blocking call has killed it
pcaman2003: C’mon Crisp!
pcaman2003: Keeping my eye on Begg. Looks potentially promising
Fatbar5tad: Yes, need him to get a bit Crispier….
bones351: Get moving Crispy!
Social: Have a break crispitt
Swans Star: Im not sure what more the AFL can do to help GC
Dredd: Rankine with the 5 sc.. what a future star
Social: This Miller kid is alright
mattmac24: Gotta love Witts and Miller teaming up for a goal and having both of them!
BRAZZERS: glad i brought in the champ touk this week, ripe!
pcaman2003: social. Has a BE of 130, so should get that now. Phew!
masterhc2: joisus Ellis has come back from the dead to save my multi – needed him for 20 and he was 11 at 3qtr time!
pcaman2003: mattmac. here here! Just need Crisp to get going.
sfenda1: cd bit harsh on crisp
daniel87: master hc2 i missed my multi last night by 2 disposals
BigChief: Wouldn’t think so sfenda1. Crisp has 6 clangers and only 66% DE
pcaman2003: Touk you beautiful, sensational man.
FLAG: wow cameroon
bhg26: Crisps sc creeping up
DragonLass: Lipinski has same clangers than Crisp, but less CPs and clearances and no goal yet is on similar CD points to Crisp.
Swans Star: Touk Touk
wadaramus: Crisp 8 marks and 5 tackles too.
mattmac24: It’s a shame Begg is only a Ruc in SC.
Fatbar5tad: I wholeheartedly and unreservedly apologies to one Mr T Miller
sfenda1: miller could have got the double ton today
wadaramus: T.Miller a big fish in a small pond.
pharace: Touk Miller – STAR – not tradable Manowar:-)
mattmac24: Miller heard all the complaints at QTR time and said F you!
bhg26: Touk is a freak
pharace: spot on mattmac!
jakem1717: Touk 160 after scaling surely
BRAZZERS: touk blue moon
pcaman2003: Inconsiderate coach benched Crispy on 99. How dare he.
LuvIt74: Pendles has to be in your defence now

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