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Chat log from R7 of 2022: St Kilda vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for St Kilda vs Port Adelaide, R7 of 2022

bhg26: Brought rozee in for fantasy, should be interesting
DrSeuss: Where does Hinkley have Rozee playing this game from the start?
Stu7: @bhg26 good choice
beerent11: As long as he stays in the guts your laughing bhg
cherry9: I?ve gone Steele C over MacCrae. Let?s see how that goes
bhg26: At 550k nothing to lose
beerent11: Butters just needs to get to qtr time unharmed and he?ll be right
Jukes82: rozee a bigger trap than houston but good luck to you
hinsch: cherry I am with you a 160 would be nice
beerent11: Best mid in the game atm cherry
bhg26: Have both now in fantasy jukes, houston averaging 103 so hes doing alright
Stu7: Good goal King let?s hope he doesn?t kick a load of points again
cherry9: I?m still basking in Stewart 187. A nice captain score would be lovely. Congrats to all who have Gawn – I don?t tho.
Jukes82: he averaged 111 up until round 8 or 9 last year then was about 80 for the rest lmao
beerent11: Anyone got Hayes as r2?
cherry9: Must remember not to use any punctuation marks ????
DrSeuss: Ok back on now Butters
daniel87: umpires biased as
cherry9: Just seems Steele has been building beautifully, scores increasing each week
amigaman: Geez get Butters off the bench
beerent11: Interchanges just rely on goals now amigaman. Frustrating as a motherfucker.
amigaman: He’s been benched twice already
Raspel31: Methinks Port Adelaide need to shorten their name and remove the Power.
DANGERous: watching rozee tonight
Baldfrog: Glad the soccer starts soon
Stu7: Shit skills
wadaramus: Get off the bench Gresham!
Cottees: projected for over 2400… and Gresham is going down the rooms ffs
circle52: Gresham went down the rooms.
Stu7: Where is this paddock they are playing on located?
Jukes82: gresham just needed to take shit
beerent11: Jack Sinclair?s game is almost as good as his game
circle52: @Stu Cazaly Stadium Cairns.
Stu7: Circle52 thanks mate – poor skills
Stu7: Gresham injured or diarrhoea?
circle52: Been very wet in Cairns as well which is not helping skills.
BigChief: Isn’t it always wet when AFL is up there?
circle52: either that or strong winds.
Pokerface: ryder showing why he kept hayes out of the side.
wadaramus: Gresham still on the pine, surely he’s cooked?
Wahab_18: Is Steele butchering his disposals??
Jukes82: buy a tv and watch the game and you’ll find out
Wahab_18: I’m out mate
Jukes82: lol i doubt it
DEESareSAD: Butters for another 130 today?
Wahab_18: I’m on Kayo now first thing i saw butters coffed it up to sinclair and he kicked it to steele
beerent11: Looks better dees
Raspel31: Hmm, butters up old chaps.
Jukes82: thought u were out mate
Stu7: Any update on Gresham?s injury?
Pokerface: sounds a fun night out.
Jukes82: butters frustrating literally either 50’s or tons
bhg26: Big tons to jukes
beerent11: Games are always low scoring up there.
bhg26: too* apologies for my error
Harmzy99: so frustrating Jukes! I’m also riding the Houston rollercoaster
Jukes82: ya couple 130’s, tonight looks massive
beerent11: Too many jacks on the dance floor. Too many jacks.
Jukes82: mate i learned my leason last season with houston, never again.
Stu7: Port getting their kicking lessons off King
LuvIt74: If only Butters was consistant bloody hell
Harmzy99: But when he is good he is sooooo good
beerent11: He?s had excuses for every bad game so far
wadaramus: Gresham is alive 🙂
beerent11: Butters that is
Raspel31: Trade Butters out NOW they said.
LuvIt74: A ship load did trade the golden star
beerent11: Steele 71% de
wadaramus: Kyle Feldt double, go Cowboys.
beerent11: What are these cowboys
Tig-Train: Sinclair go home already?
Stu7: This game is shit
pcaman2003: I brought Boak in a few weeks back and I think I’ve broken him
pcaman2003: At least Gresham is unbroken so far.
wadaramus: NQ v Parramatta in NRL, watching that listening to this.
LuvIt74: Anyone know the % who traded S Hayes in this week, he’ll have to be the most traded in player this week
amigaman: Is McKenzie injured?
DEESareSAD: All those lads who had Gawn over Hayes are gonna be chilling. Not me unfortunately
Jukes82: this week hayes traded him in. 60,224
Pokerface: 20.3% traded in this week Luvit
beerent11: Two totally different things dees. Nothing wrong with Hayes on 33 at ht. Unless he?s on field. But then you?ve probably
beerent11: Invested the cash elsewhere
Pokerface: pcaman – you’ve Broaken him? sorry, ill grab my coat
Pokerface: he’s on field for me beer. NOD is not.
beerent11: He?s fine poker. If he was in the mids or fwd it wouldn?t seem bad. Rucks are no different.
Pokerface: no i have no issue with him on field. my point is it means NOD is on my bench, i dont have to field him
beerent11: That?s a good spot to be in poker.
mattmac24: Glad I kept butters but he may still go next week
Pokerface: yeah Pruess r1 means im missing out on gawn captaincy scores for a while though!
Cottees: mattmac, you trade him than and I will keep it. Okay with me
DEESareSAD: Butters far out mate. Why don?t ya just play well every week
mattmac24: It’s the inconstancy Cottees. Would rather bring in English for him.
DEESareSAD: Hayes on my field beer
Ash777: why are ppl having hayes on field.
DANGERous: because id rather not have dixon onfield ash, just havent been able to get gawn in yet tbh
Pokerface: cos there was nowhere else to put him.
Pokerface: gotta have rookies on field somewhere. why do you have NOD on field?
wadaramus: Crazy talk having Hayes at R2.
Jukes82: i have gawn/preuss decided to trade grundy for s.hayes for cash generation rather than witts
wadaramus: With Hewett out, I have NOD at D5, but should be D6. R2 is far more valuable than D6.
Ash777: I bought in hayes for grundy too. Got ROB n Preuss as r1 & r 2
DrSeuss: Back off the pine Butters – way too long off the ground lad
Pokerface: 56 points scored at r2 is the same as 56 points scored at d6 i would have thought
Raspel31: That’s the spirit- only 10 more minutes on the bench Butters.
Jukes82: why is hayes so bad at getting hitouts? gettinfg monstered by a geriatric
Wahab_18: does sam hayes exist?
BRAZZERS: i wish you didnt exist
Pokerface: why do you keep chatting here if you are out Wahab?
BRAZZERS: he has no mates
poolboybob: Imagine how good King could be if he could kick straight
wadaramus: Saints kicking is diabolical.
DrSeuss: Butters on fire early in the 3rd – spends way to long on the bench – now can?t get near it ffs
bones351: Ok I have to ask, what is with the abuse of guys like Wahab and Swans Star?
bones351: Is it some kind of in joke with Wahab?
Pokerface: the guy literally has a spud as his icon
Pokerface: for being a spud
BRAZZERS: are you new?
Pokerface: when you talk crap and you get called out for it, that is not abuse.
bones351: And hats part of it. Has as much right as anyone else if he’s still here
Swans Star: @Pokerface if you dont agree with someone that doesnt give you the right to call them dumb and stupid
bones351: I think it’s gone on for long enough
BRAZZERS: i dont think anyone said dumb and stupid
J.Worrall: depends how you do it, Poface
Pokerface: when did i say that Swans?
Swans Star: @MrWalrus @BigChief bullied me all last weekend, I didnt write one message about them
bones351: I have read a lot of rubbish from a lot of people who think they know it all. Don’t feel the need to even comment most
Pokerface: so bones, is him having a spud icon wrong?
BRAZZERS: wahab bring nothing to the chat, complains or say dumb things. Never interacts with anyone anyway.
Swans Star: @Pokerface you said when someone talks crap you get called out for it
bones351: If it’s not his choice then yes it would be
Baldfrog: Touche
Pies20: That’s how the chat is bone’s say stupid shower stuff you’ll be hunted, it’s all friendly banter
Pokerface: i dont know what they said to you swans, you said i didnt have the right to call someone dumb and stupid.
Pokerface: bones take it up with the admin then
bones351: The dumb and stupid comment has been made more than once
Baldfrog: Saying I wish u didn’t exist is pretty pathetic
Pokerface: i never said anything of the sort Swans
BRAZZERS: ppl had it out for sydney star after he said o’driscoll was going to be a late out lol
bones351: So is this your forum Brasserie. Feel free to remove whoever you don’t like
Swans Star: If you dont agree with someones comment that doesnt give anyone the right to call them names
Pies20: Swan star please stop saying being bullied, you do realise you are chatting with grown men?
Pokerface: Brazzers, in fairness, putting false info here is a bannable offence
bones351: Friendly banter is fine, when it’s friendly. Don’t keep going unnecessarily. Just clear the chat up a bit.
LuvIt74: Stewart a must have the most consistant defender especially this season
Swans Star: @Pies20 another one that thinks its ok to abuse someone, I copped it from you last weekend also
BRAZZERS: its a long list bones, you might get added to it
m0nty: back on the game please
LuvIt74: Stewarts lowest score thus far is 97
bones351: Sorry to ruin this chat too but I felt it needed to be addressed so we can just talk footy and fantasy.
Pokerface: Swan star what name did i call you? you keep making these claims and i didnt call you anything
Swans Star: @Bones there are about 5 or 6 people on here that think they are professors in AFL and they can abuse people
BRAZZERS: lol its not abuse, thats personal attcks are bannable. thats never happened. harden up
beerent11: I guess Steele doesn?t want to be captain this week. Over to you Neale or touk.
Pies20: Ban swanstar monty soft
BRAZZERS: anyways
cherry9: It?s a quiet night for captain Steele unfort. Hoping for a big last qtr
beerent11: Whenever swanstar is around the m0nty back on the game please is never far away
Ash777: windhanger needs $ icon
bones351: Agree month. Thank you all.
Swans Star: Everyone else is great and they just respectfully exchange ideas and opinions
Pies20: Settle swanstar you are on a open chat you don’t like the response don’t chat mate
bones351: *monty
LuvIt74: I’m laughing listening to all this bickering over i dont even know what.
DrSeuss: Can we all get back to discussing how rubbish Butters has been in the last 25 minutes?
wadaramus: King you hack!!! Kick it straight man!
LuvIt74: @DrSeuss aint that the truth
Baldfrog: Calm down Dr. Butters is versatile even good on toast
bones351: Rozee started the game well. Hopefully he can finish the game strong. Have him a crack for something different
wadaramus: What more do you want from Margarine, he’s on track to ton up!
bones351: *gave. This stupid tablet keyboard.
Pokerface: ddt. Richo:’ill show you later at the hotel’. im confused…
DrSeuss: I didn?t say he wasn?t doing well – just that he has slowed significantly – I just wanted to type something about footy
Baldfrog: Can’t believe it’s not butters
beerent11: Jake the snake wrestling move poker
LuvIt74: steele, Sinclair & Butters all on 88
Pokerface: i see. even more confused…..
Pokerface: why is richo going to go to the hotel and.. oh, doesnt matter
LuvIt74: This is a shocking game, WAFL play 100 times better
Grimes Jr: carn pears, beat these pretenders
DANGERous: not sure hayes at F2 will work anymore, gawn incoming 🙂
Pokerface: you know they are in the wet in cairns luvit?
m0nty: game played in a jelly wrestling arena with a cake of soap, it’s a bit moist out there
DEESareSAD: Gawn gonna be hella expensive but I have cash in the bank for him this week. Gotta get Hayes out from r2
Pokerface: hayes is fine danger. doesnt have to play in cairns each week
Pokerface: m0nty back on _this_ game please.
valkorum: seriously, can we stop the name calling and focus on the game
Baldfrog: No more Gawn owners plz
Baldfrog: M0nty the one picking up the soap? Very indepth there
Pokerface: what name calling valk?
BRAZZERS: come on butters you flog get the ton already
beerent11: May get a vc out of Steele yet
wadaramus: Excellent wet weather kicking Crouch you useless hack.
pcaman2003: Boak aiming for his lowest score this year.
beerent11: Nope on the wrong wing to get off the bench
_Wang_: Off bench butters for fucks sake
wadaramus: Spearing wormburners not the order of the day numnuts.
beerent11: Butters and Steele probably finish the game on the pine the way this is going
Pokerface: come on saints. you had this
_Wang_: Does Hinkley actually coach from the box lol
Stu7: Saints are pretenders
pcaman2003: Off the bench Gresham. You’ve rested enough
Stu7: You kick 13 points you should expect to lose
Baldfrog: Has to wang needs a shelf for the coke cans
Catatafish: Do these teams know it’s a 75 interchange cap. Ffs get on Gresham
DrSeuss: You don?t need the last 4 words in your question wang
_Wang_: Was thinking the same thing bald lmao
Pokerface: that was deliberate
beerent11: 125 will do Steele
Ash777: saints trying to win with behinds lol
pcaman2003: Why is Gresh on the bench so long?
BRAZZERS: hope this is a draw
Ash777: go the draw!
Gotigres: Oh Butters, you could have kicked the winner
Pokerface: probably his injury earlier pca, was in the rooms
beerent11: That would have been 30 points zak
pcaman2003: Pokerface. Ta mate. Wasn’t aware of that. Pooh!
BRAZZERS: well done port, all guts this win
Cottees: wow. What a crap game but amazing haha
bhg26: How is robbie gray always the match winner?
beerent11: Spot on brazzers
Pokerface: dam it
a1trader: Wouldn’t expect to win when you kick 5 goals for the game
runners47: Draw deserved – rubbish from both teams
BRAZZERS: 9 goals 31 behinds geez
Stu7: Saints have been shown up for r who they really are
kano: runners47 for the burger
Pokerface: Robbie X factor. half a game of footy shouldnt be star
Pokerface: a1 in these conditions you would
bones351: Pretty rubbish scores. Much scaling to come?
Catatafish: Gresh better be sore/hurt otherwise Ratten is an idiot
kano: Burton BOG
BRAZZERS: i agree but but no one deserves a star in this game lol
Pokerface: true Brazzers. i conveniently chose to not nominate an alternative 🙂
kano: 837 m gained, in these conditions thats huge

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