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Chat log from R7 of 2022: Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2022

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Gotigres: Go vc Gawn
ReggieOz: me too
Gotigres: Big Max push in the back
Gotigres: to the goal ump
bhg26: Hawks first quarter merchants
Hazza09: Great start Oliver and trac
m0nty: Gunston on for a thousand SC
bhg26: Gunstan dislocated finger
bhg26: Wouldn?t mind trac and Bowey getting a touch
Manowar: Dees gone to the snow?
DANGERous: Boweys record in danger today
Gelly: weiderman in the ruck
Hazza09: You?re a fraud Trac
Manowar: Lever still got CV19
original: Ffs titch get on
bhg26: Good start bowey
Gelly: flowering hell, harmes flopping like a fish to make sure the ump saw that high
Hazza09: Piss off Sicily
duckky: Pull your finger out Gawn, you’re as weak as one of your coffees
Migz: whos got the C on gawn besides me
bhg26: Good job on your first goal Bedford, now get the flower off the ground
feralmong: vc on oliver already looking good
duckky: I got the VC on Gawn. Who said that Oliver would be too shagged out to score well today?
bhg26: Umps don?t pay kicking in danger anymore
feralmong: put the C on witts seeing as he has limited opposition
duckky: Oh! That was me. Idiot.
daniel87: i got vc on gawn its looking like it could well be the c very shortly
_Wang_: I’ve got vc on clarry
Gelly: flower me on 6 frees in a qtr, that has to be a record
Stikman35: I think Gawn is on target for two hunge
Gelly: only*
SydneyRox: lets hope so stikman!! 🙂
bhg26: Brought Gawn and Oliver in. Looking pretty good so far
Ooost: Good picks bhg26
Stikman35: And I have my ruck bench behaving well too, little preuss is lovely
thommoae: May be a ‘learning curve’ for Lynch; one Max to another.
Migz: was that macdonalds best quarter for the year or what
bhg26: McDonald you absolute grub
Legix: not on from TMac
SwaggyP: mcdonald you selfish SOB of a human. what a pig
_Wang_: Calm down swaggy lol
Cottees: Cannot watch game, what McDonald do?
Gelly: if he dropped that mark, he would be dropped from the team
Migz: $$ for macdonald haha
Yelse: macdonald hawks keep going you my emergency hoping not to use Rosas
TheFlagger: is clarry alright?
thommoae: ‘Power off Sicily’ + ‘Trac’s a fraud’; having a good night, Hazza?
robbieg: keep going gawn and sicily!!!!!
daniel87: gawn c lock it in
TheFlagger: 0 clangers for gawn is huge
Cottees: man I am so conflicted. Go Hawks! but go VC Gawn!
Ooost: Gawn looking mighty good for the VC to C
Hazza09: Having a mare Thommoae
original: Titch need to do more man
duckky: Apologies – Some players in the Cats v Freo game got a SC top up after CD reviewed scores
TheFlagger: nash looks like he’s minding clarry but i could be wrong
DrSeuss: Sic Dog gone a little quiet this qtr
Migz: get off the bench gawn ya lazy dog
Pokerface: covid doesnt seem to have hurt melbourne too much!
Migz: start calling him max “will brodie” gawn
Pokerface: i gave the hawks a chance today on the back of that 🙁
mattpanag: So, Koschitzke wears 23 now?
robbieg: loop my vc on gawn at ht? i have C on steele and i wont be able to check my team before saints game starts
The Hawker: matt, been wearing it for ages
TheFlagger: yeah nash is for sure tagging clarry
marls: What are the 5 icons per team to the right of some players names?
TheFlagger: bench marls
Pokerface: think you are more than safe to do so robbie…
Pokerface: on the bench marls
marls: Ha! Never worked that out. Thanks Flagger
Migz: gawn only has to score 35 points in the 2nd half to be a safe C choice. I’d be putting it on him
Urbs: Nash definitely tagging Oliver this quarter
Stikman35: Quick shoot up by Gawn
duckky: That’s why some people complain about certain players being on the bench @marls
Olli32019: God your giving me the shits gunston
duckky: GOD had the C on Stewart
Pokerface: m0nty don’t know how often you check your email here, just sent you one
duckky: Hello captain Hewitt
Pokerface: is GOD still about – not sure i’ve seen him this year?
Pokerface: does _anyone_ know how to spell his name?
circle52: Agree with you flagger Nash running with Oliver, Do not think he had a possesion that quarter
Hazza09: What happened to Clarry that Qtr?
wadaramus: He had someone following him, number 11 I think it was.
original: Cmon titch ffs man this stinks
DANGERous: wahab is not a happy boy
Pokerface: start following Gawn around Conor
Pokerface: original – you bring him in or have him from the start? I ditched him after rd 2
cmperrfect: Still had 5 disposals, 1 mark, 1 tackle Clarry and was tagged. Not too bad.
Catatafish: Need Gawn VC to make up for Stewart, going alright so far
frenzy: Lol why tag Langdon, tag Tracca
Hazza09: So hard tag on Clarry by Nash, what a joke
original: Titch almost the same game time as a first gamer. Wtaf
Stikman35: Mitchell my dumbest trade this year
Oddsy5: evening guys how is everyone 🙂
Migz: brown has a bigger run up than mitchell johnson
Oddsy5: gawn beast
marls: I?ve seen enough. I?m looping Gawn VC before I forget
Olli32019: Fuck sakes gunston!!!
Hazza09: Get moving Clarry
DANGERous: do something about Gawn!!
Ooost: joining you marls.
The Hawker: How was that not a free?
bhg26: Come on bowey, do something
DrSeuss: Gawn tap down to Trac and they give the HO to Lynch?
pcaman2003: See how mnay more goals you can give your old side Frosty. Plonker!
Baldfrog: Time for hawks fans to go watch penguins hey M0nty
original: I come back Mitchell shows +6. Goes down 1
Pokerface: normally dont go for a small forward, but is Dylan a viable option? His lowest score all year is 88.Amazing consistency
pcaman2003: Baldy. Just when we’re on the verge of winning
bhg26: Hawks forget this is a 4 quarter game
Stikman35: Dees are going to wreak havoc with scoach scores. They will only do enough in games to win. A lot of bench time
pcaman2003: bhg26. Just like your guys first half last week.
bhg26: Petracca has been awesome this quarter
hinsch: VC was Clarry, likes like its going to be Steele tonight as C.
bhg26: Still won by 7 goals pcaman
cherry9: Yeah. Oliver VC ? either Steele or MacCrae C. Tough choice
BigChief: Guarantee the clubs don’t give a shit about sc scores Stikman.
cmperrfect: Steele, Neale, Walsh or Macrae? Who should I C lads ?
pcaman2003: bhg26. Yes! I was referring to the 4 qtrs.
Pokerface: cm Walsh v North
Cottees: man, need to kick straight 🙁
cmperrfect: I’m think Macrae V Bombers @ poker
BigChief: 2 late changes Carl v Nth.
cherry9: Then again Steele?s scores have increased every week.
Pokerface: macrae is (nearly) always safe cm
pcaman2003: Chief. What are the changes?
Catatafish: Moore just isn’t stopping this year
Jukes82: glad i changed my vc to gawn just before the game
cmperrfect: Walsh due for a big one though poker. I agree.
BigChief: Z. Williams and Corr out for Plowman and M. Bergman
Pokerface: cheers Chief, noone of relevance – zac williams, aiden corr out
jfitty: Would you guys take Rachele’s 46, or play Durdin? FML
Baldfrog: That’s a hard one jfitty
Pokerface: ‘he is due’ is the very epitome of the gambler’s fallacy cm. It literally says you are going to go against form…
Oddsy5: racheles 46 sadly
cherry9: jfitty I?d try Turdin. Downside risk is 46, not much to risk to make some more
BigChief: Time to make Hewett my C.
bhg26: Similar to me jfitty, have to take Rachele or go Hobbs, don?t know either
cmperrfect: Cmon Clarry. Pull a 40 plus last qtr to make the loop easy.
Hazza09: Durdin could go ok tonight
Pokerface: think durdin. north are horrible, he’ll get alot more chance than last week. and 46 means you dont lose much if wrong
jfitty: Thanks gentlemen
Hazza09: Oliver no points for 2-3 touches, ffs
frenzy: yep, traded Durdin, so he’ll ton
Pies20: Not watching and I’m on my phone has bowey butchered it today 17touches for 43?
Pokerface: 5 muppets pies, equal most for melbourne
wadaramus: 5 muppets for Bowey, 70DE.
BigChief: A little bit Pies. 5 clangers today for Bowey.
wadaramus: ‘s played OK, 43 probably a bit harsh.
wadaramus: Big last qtr Oliver.
Pies20: Cheers fellas
Munky14: Hewett is 100% out, I don’t want to risk Paddy being a late in on Sunday for Sydney for my C loophole…
BigChief: Gunston very lucky there no dissent free against.
wadaramus: Nash now moved to Petracca.
BigChief: McCartin out with concussion protocol Munky
Pokerface: paddy is 100% out too munky. he failed concussion protocol, manatory 12 days out
bhg26: McCartin has concussion and he isn?t emergency either munky, you?re safe
The Hawker: Paddy impossible to be late in. 12 day concussion rule
Pies20: Munky I’ve done for Hewett
cherry9: I?m surprised Durdin gets another gig after a no impact 14 last week
boges11: Thanks Frenzy. I need Durdin to make more cash. A ton should boost that nicely
Baldfrog: #freekickhoreforn atm
frenzy: you reckon wet toast is horrid, wait til you see us
original: Late ton Titch. Just do it
boges11: How long b4 a game do they announce the subs?
LuvIt74: The biggest screw up i’ve done this season was trading Gawn out after round 2 and brought him back in for grundy.
Pies20: Sicily get some junk 120 please
Dogs5416: Sucked in for points chasing and trading Gawn lol
Yelse: Do i take macdonalds score or risk Rosas?
BigChief: normally 1 hour before @boges
boges11: TY Bigchief
Swans Star: Max VC, Tracc, Clarry, SicDog, Im in footy heaven lol
LuvIt74: i know its still early but what are you thinking the Avrage will be this round – 2350?
Pies20: Myn was trading cripps for danger to get the win geel v hawks didn’t win and danger injured haha stupid 😆
BigChief: Nash subbed out
zadolinnyj: Looks like a good game
Pies20: I’d go rosas yelse thinking a upset with grundy out and maybe more
Baldfrog: Who cares lovit ull find out at the end of the round
Pokerface: lol luvit. this is game 4 of a 9 game round??
pcaman2003: Hawks making way too many errors with decisions and disposal.
Hazza09: Cmon Clarry
Pokerface: thats probably enough dylan. don’t want too many spotlights on you
BigChief: At least they had a crack pcaman.
Swans Star: @pcaman2003 still a great effort by the Hawks
dipperD: Moore is turning into a very handy player
DrSeuss: Moore has been unreal for Hawthorn – after an average first qtr
Migz: if macdonald can get to 58 i can swap him with hewitt to take his score instead of NoDs
DEESareSAD: Ffs. Who to captain lads. Macrae Neale or Cripps
pcaman2003: Chief. That’s true,but just need to sharpen up a bit. They’re competitive.
Pies20: Gawn dee’s
Stu7: Cripps
LuvIt74: @Dee I’d go Neale but either of those 3 should go well
BigChief: Neale and Cripps don’t normally score well vs Syd and Nth, so Macrae easily.
navy_blues: make up your bown mind dees
Swans Star: @DEESareSAD do you think Ward will come back in next week?
pcaman2003: Got the VC on Cripps and C on Macca
Baldfrog: Neale at scg really? Swans are a close checking side
original: Titch on the bench. Shocked
DEESareSAD: I don?t even have Gawn unfortunately. Ward will come back in at some point I?d say
Pies20: He’s just asking navy jeez🙄
Stu7: DEES – I find it helpful asking others a s well when I can?t decide
DEESareSAD: If only Clarry kicked that goal I wouldn?t have to worry about this shit
navy_blues: lol always excuses
Swans Star: Win, Lose or Draw, the Hawks will take alot out of this performance
BigChief: How can a Melb fan not have Gawn?
navy_blues: want me to do your trades for u to dees?
Pokerface: can tommy actually still see?
Pies20: Could you help me navy need it 🙏
pcaman2003: This is a far beeter effort than last week. Gotta be happy with today.
boges11: Neale has terrible stats at SCG
BigChief: Navy is salty and Carl have not started yet LOL
Stu7: Come on Sicily move I t
Cottees: I agree pca! So much better.
navy_blues: not salty at all every week should i do this or should i do that gotta make your own decisions thats all
bhg26: What the flower was that
Stu7: @DEESareSAd what did you decide?
Stu7: Sicily c9me on old boy
pcaman2003: Cottees. A lot to look forward to next few years.
Baldfrog: Stu u the one who killed Brodie this week?
Swans Star: Bowey remains undefeated
beerent11: 28 and two goals. Big Maxy is channeling big Deano Cox.
Cottees: Yes, considering this year is a rebuild and we’re compeitive. I am very keen for next year and a few more
beerent11: Forty six and two would be a good game
Stu7: @Baldfrog – yes mate. – traded him in and suffered 😩
BigChief: beer maybe channelling Corey McKernan 🙂
Cottees: Great effort Hawks! 16 – 16 scoring shots. Just need to work on a few things! We will get there
Olli32019: Good effort boys
Jukes82: great game of footy
beerent11: Superstar big chief
SydneyRox: Nice work Maxy!!
Stikman35: Hewitt my capt
pcaman2003: Good game,but Titch has some work to do.
Stu7: Stikman – Hewett is injured
Jukes82: are you kiddng me stu? lmao. he’s being sarcastic, he’s looping him

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