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Chat log from R7 of 2022: Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2022

exatekk: hi all. Keays VC. Go crom
Manowar: good work Toby! GWS should win this one easy
Gotigres: Whitfield off to a flyer
Urbs: Afternoon all
bhg26: Gday Urbs
bhg26: Please rachele i dont want to have to bring hobbs on
dabombers: This is the Keays vs Laird cup. For final midfield position next week.
BRAZZERS: downgraded grundy to s.hayes, put preuss on the ground. so far so good
DEESareSAD: Please Rachelle don?t lose too much cash mate
bhg26: Flower yeah Whitfield
BRAZZERS: lol imagine not trading rachele
cherry9: Come on lads, turn up the pressure
bhg26: Had much bigger fish to fry brazzers, plus hes going to parker next week anyway
BRAZZERS: fair point nackers, donuts or loose money is the question for many this week
bhg26: Can adelaide get up forward so rachele has half a chance at doing something
Manowar: do something Rachel
Hazza09: Needed cover for Hewitt with Rachelle, but this is horrible
SwaggyP: I need one of those blue moon 135 Kelly days pls
Yelse: is whitfield back?
Raspel31: Wondered whether Greene would affect Green- sadly I wondered correctly.
bhg26: For the sake of my supercoach team i bloody hope so yelse
HolyNorf: just realised the t. greene with 2 goals is actually toby greene not tom
BRAZZERS: whitfield has always found the pill this season but has racked up clangers and shit effiency everyweek. brillant so far
navy_blues: glad i traded rachelle this week now
mattmac24: I thought the same HolyNorf. My opponent has green and I thought he was doing much better than he is
dabombers: Crows players look like they took to much pre-workout today. All twitchy
cherry9: Been waiting for PODs Crouch and Kelly to get going this year. Looks promising.
Gelly: is this playing out like last night game?
bhg26: Yeah im not looping rachele on field this week
cherry9: Reckon they?ve limited Crouch?s TOG tho so far this year
Raspel31: Ah Rachele- no regrets, no tears goodbye, I don’t want you back..
m0nty: Butts stripped
mattmac24: My number 1 rule in SC is to avoid key forwards.. why did I bring in Tex 🙁
bhg26: This is what i was expecting toby to do last week
cherry9: Thought the giants might do this this week. Come on Adelaide
Hazza09: Can?t wait to pull the Rachelle trade for Clark, will do it with pleasure
cherry9: Getting smashed. Another 5 mins of this and it?s witches hats territory
bhg26: It already is cherry
dabombers: Is this the curse of Hately happening.
cherry9: Seem rudderless without Sloane
bhg26: cant believe whitfield got a contested possession
TheFlagger: dawson should play wing full time. bring hinge back in at half back.
cherry9: Ball!! Come on ump
bhg26: How is that not htb
zadolinnyj: bugger. at phillip island and checked in to see this
Raspel31: Ah Greene- had my beady eyes on you till 5 injuries, sigh.
m0nty: go see the penguins, they’re hotter than the Crows at the moment
bhg26: lmao monty
cherry9: Ah geez Crouch, you might have to become Cripps next week. M8 at least.
Spifflicat: Time for the cones Monty
dabombers: Same show @monty. They only come out at night.
Raspel31: Buggery against the law on Phillip Island zado.
navy_blues: not very nice m0nty back to the footy plz lol
Stu7: Rachele you dudd
Swans Star: @Stu7 I wanted to trade Rachele, but had spot fires everywhere in my team
Stu7: I?m hearing you Swan Star – tragic hey
BRAZZERS: rachele gonna lose 30k at this rate
bhg26: Think that happened to everyone this week swans star lmao
SwaggyP: Cumming a good POD upgrade?
bhg26: Rachele just needs to get 2 kicks between those big sticks and could be enough to not lose too much cash
zadolinnyj: lol Monty
Breezey: Green on fire
Breezey: Both of them
Hazza09: Useless Rachelle
circle52: Not alone there Swans Star – With Grundy, Xerri, Hayes all injured Rachele got a reprieve for a week
circle52: Need Rachelle to get a few more points so as not to lose too much this week
Stu7: circle52 – same escaped the axe
DEESareSAD: Yea I traded Xerri, Hayes and Grundy. Had too keep rachelle😥
Catatafish: If the Crows do something Rachele might get a few points.
Swans Star: GWS have a great list, they might go on a run now
bhg26: Onya cogs
Manowar: Nah, GWS will lose next week!
thommoae: No eyes on this lads – what’s different about the Giants this week?
duckky: It will take more than one good game to save the coach
Stu7: FFS Green move
Swans Star: @Manowar Geelong at Manuka, they might be a chance
mattmac24: Giants easily best Geelong next week if both teams keep their form from today
frenzy: surely trucks on notice then duckky
Gelly: who wind out of adelaide and weest coast?
TheOnyas: onya conigy
Migz: cant believe she called that a snap
Migz: clearly a banana
Swans Star: @Matt I agree
Gotigres: Another 100 point margin coming up
robbieg: Jelly finallyyyyy
AlsoGmax: Tom Green had a short breakout season.
duckky: Some of us think so Frenzy
frenzy: as is mine
Swans Star: @AlsoGmax yeh alot of people traded him in
Swans Star: OMG What a mark, but thats a bad KO. Hope he is ok
Raspel31: If only Adelaide could kick straight.
Gotigres: Smith spectacular mark but knocked himself out
thesilentl: Going to be having a few weeks off after that
AlsoGmax: @Star I sure did. He’s made some coin, hopefully I can get him up to Touk Touk next week.
Swans Star: Very sad to see, all the best Brodie
feralmong: did the crows have a mid week camp
Hazza09: Lol Rachelle
Stu7: Come on Crouch
bhg26: Whitfield stopped
bhg26: The comebacks on
Ooost: Kelly 😀
navy_blues: exactly what i was gonna say bhg
duckky: LoL @bhg
SwaggyP: pls get a ton preuss
Migz: thats gotta be the ton for pruess
robbieg: preuss is a unit
Yelse: ton up whitfield please
Migz: whos that maggot that was ignoring whitfield
DANGERous: do something rachele, lmao
Migz: whitfield ridley and ryan my biggest regrets of the season so far 🙁
Jukes82: lol whitfield lucky to get 85
Jukesy: Nice username Jukes
navy_blues: im amazed so many of you went whitfield “again”
bhg26: There?s whitfield
Migz: thats why navy. Hes a gun. hes just played wrong
bhg26: Tex is still class
navy_blues: lol every week there is crying about whitfield
Migz: for me its more confusion on how much his team ignores him. He is open ALL the time and hardly gets it
Ooost: Whitfield and on the odd occasion Crisp are the worst enemy of FF
Jukes82: heres playing half forward now, he’s not going to kick 3 goals every week, so this isnt good fantasy wise
LuvIt74: Preuss on of the cheapest and most consistant rucks
cherry9: This is good Adelaide, good ticker in the second half
LuvIt74: Wrapped with this game having Coniglio, Taranto & Preuss
Jukes82: lol gws put the cue in the rack
original: Lowest game time ffs ward

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