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Chat log from R7 of 2022: Geelong vs Fremantle

Chat log for Geelong vs Fremantle, R7 of 2022

frenzy: howdy
DEESareSAD: Gday
duckky: Afternoon
Pavs: Afternoon all
daniel87: how are ya
Silz90: throwing ball at a player should be a freekick?
duckky: Thought it should be Silz… But Ump’s pet duckwood
PJ39301965: Arvo all
yeah_nah: doesn’t look like cats are tagging anyone today
BigChief: Can’t have a free against Duckwood though Silz.
duckky: Has Colyer been transfused with a teenager’s blood?
Hazza09: Need a 60 odd from De Koning today
Gelly: i mean he came from essendon so wouldnt surprise me duckky
duckky: He is unrecognisable. Not fumbling and kicking to a target.
BigChief: That was poor from Walker.
Torz: Free kick Geelong
Gotigres: With Hewitt not playing I’m relying on De Koning 🙁
Yelse: Gawn or oliver for VC?
Gelly: common freo, get it down to de koning
bhg26: Im going gawn cause ladhams scored 160+ against lynch last game
Catatafish: Surely Gawn
Silz90: same bhg
duckky: Going Gawn. Oliver should be knackered after last week.
mattmac24: I’m thinking Witts for captain, against a debutant ruck for Collingwood. Cripps my VC
BigChief: I went Gawn into Smith WB
Gelly: only concern is covid going through melb
daniel87: lachie whitfeld the c for me nah probably gawn or macrae
BigChief: @mattmac Cameron will be 1st ruck for Coll
yeah_nah: c for Macrae who should hopeful do better than last week
Yelse: done Gawn into macca
mattmac24: Even still Chief, Cameron isn’t a great ruck and will still share ruck duties with Begg
Ooost: Gawn into Jmac for me too
bhg26: Onya noddy
Silz90: great goal nod keep it going
Manowar: Patrick Cripps should get 250 tonight! put your C on him ASAP and chill
Gelly: assuming everyone had de koning on the field this week
mattmac24: Gee Miers is useless. Gotta give Frank Evans a go
yeah_nah: imagine if brayshaw spent more time on the field
_Wang_: Gelly I do
a1trader: Wish I’d put the VC on Hawkins
Manowar: yeh, give Frankie a crack!
frenzy: nup bench Gelly
BigChief: Manowar Cripps doesn’t normally score well against Nth
circle52: bench for me to Gelly
HolyNorf: Went NOD over De Koning to cover hewett
DEESareSAD: Imagine having de Kooning on field lmao. I have Greg on.
mattmac24: It was SDK or Baldwin(Ess) for me
SwaggyP: De Koning giving me heaps.
Gotigres: Are you laughing at me Dees?
DEESareSAD: Maybe Tigres
Gelly: when you have 6 players out, sometimes your dont have a choice
_Wang_: Gelly if he scatches out 50 ish he’s done his job
Raspel31: Personally I refuse to admit I have De Koning on the pitch- I have pride.
Gotigres: At least my opp has SDK on field as well
SwaggyP: it’s either DeKoning or a Donut for me. So I’ll take the extra 20 points and move on.
m0nty: Aish on Close in that contest, quad sleeve action
HolyNorf: thought I was used to brodie’s TOG by now, apparently not
duckky: I have Hewitt on the ground wit hSDK as emergency …. but I can loop Perez if ambitious
Dredd: SDK on my fwds bench. Love having 4 fwd/defs
Dredd: Schultz sucks? how do you not kick that hahahahaha
Ooost: SDK is actually scoring quite well by his standards
Yelse: ODS lifttttt need 104 from you
DEESareSAD: Brodie a trade next week lads?
yeah_nah: NOD and Brodie going backwards
mattmac24: Yeah go for it Dees…
Gelly: fuck me de koning
DEESareSAD: Stewart rather than Doch was looking terrible after last week but might be alright now?
bhg26: Hes averaging 100 before this game dees
BRAZZERS: ppl laughed but de koning scoring more than o’driscoll
Hazza09: Ofcourse my opp has Stewart, I bring out the best in everyone?s players I don?t have
Raspel31: With all due respect, after 4 touches, I now own up to having had to play De Koning.
mattmac24: I just need SDK to equal or outscore NOD
Gelly: assuming long blonde hair is a prereq for playing def for geelong?
cherry9: Stewart you beauty. Go Drisc and Deko. Most fielding multiple rookies
yeah_nah: Go Noddy.
duckky: It appears that SDK is not the most accurate of kicks
Yelse: need cameron two goals ffs
Gelly: stewart might cop a defensive tag soon
DEESareSAD: Alright Stewart. You have set yourself up for a 120 mate. It?ll be easy please?
TheFlagger: is o’driscoll still playing wing? or forward
NewFreoFan: We don’t really have anyone who can do that Gelly
Stu7: My luck is still sh1te- brought Brodie in – massive fail
mattmac24: Brodie does this every week, always had a better second half
mattmac24: He isn’t a keeper but he’ll be one of the final upgrades required.
Stu7: mattmac24 let?s hope so 😀
_Wang_: Brodie 37 not over yet
bc__: Get O’Discroll back. He spent the last 5 mins of the 2nd on the bench. He doesn’t need a break
Stu7: True Wang
Raspel31: Long way to go but Freo deserve this. Cats??
mattmac24: I’ll agree Rasp, cats aren’t up to it
Stu7: Brodie getting sweet FA game time
Swans Star: Brodie off the bench would be a great start
daniel87: will my players ever get of the bench nod and brodie
bushranger: Everytime I look NOD and Brodie on the pine
Jukes82: glad i didnt bring in dempsey lolol
bhg26: Imagine Brodie had a good tank
DANGERous: afternoon all 🙁
Swans Star: @Jukes82 I was thinking the same thing, a lot of people did
Stu7: Afternoon. DANGERous
NewFreoFan: Treacy does very little for how much love he gets from the Freo faithful
Jukes82: ya mate, never bring players i after one game. same tihng happened to hobbs last week
LuvIt74: Would be nice if Broie spent more time on field
_Wang_: If brodie goes close to maintain average he’s f6
mattmac24: He’s a good friend of mine from Cohuna NewFreoFan. I would love to see him get better
Swans Star: @Jukes82 I totally agree, I prefer to wait 3 games, pay a bit more but better job security
mattmac24: Brodie played 80% game time against WCE. Every other game has been 71% or under.
NewFreoFan: Same mattmac, just needs to learn positioning better, he’s got the size and skills
mattmac24: Swans star, you bring players in after their first price rise..?
Stu7: good pick up mattmac24
Swans Star: Hats off to Freo recruiters, they have some awesome kids coming through
duckky: SDK outscoring Brodie? Aye, Yay, Yai!
Jukes82: clark looks a good prospect, i’ll wait one more week tho
gazza39: Dog act Stewart
Silz90: huh swans?
Raspel31: Off to a late Russian- whoops Orthodox Easter. Mucho vodka. And happily tuck Stewart under my arm. Good luck chaps .
Swans Star: Its a Purple Haze!!!
NewFreoFan: I drank with Russians in Poland a few years ago Raspel, don’t hurt your liver too bad
original: What?s wrong isaac smith
bhg26: Cameron forgot to switch ends at half time
Raspel31: Lol Newfreo- asked for a soft drink last year and got a beer. Must dash.
Migz: just tuned in. why is ryan so low? quiet game?
Jukes82: ryan is inconsistant thats all, already had 3 70’s scores this season
DrSeuss: WTF is Brodie doing – not watching the game.
Stu7: Yep looks like Br8ng8ng Brodie in was a mistake e
NewFreoFan: Scores lower when he needs to be more defensively accountable
Migz: yeah i know. Him and ridley have killed me this year 🙁
Stu7: DrSeuss he?s killing me
frenzy: does he take the kick ins Migz
Swans Star: Brodie is doing what Butters did last week, and you cant rage trade them because too many injuries to deal with lol
NewFreoFan: Usually Ryan and Young or Ryan and Cox rotatte kick ins
bhg26: Do you guys all have 50 trades this year? When one player has a bad game they have to go
duckky: That’s what that bull crap deserved
_Wang_: @swans everyone has him as well
Yelse: don’t understand these coaches and giving their good players low TOG
Migz: i think he takes a lions share frenzy. obviously cats only the 1 point so that could be it
LuvIt74: Geelong too old, they need some decent youngsters & thus far not many looking the goods
Swans Star: Safe bet Dempsey wont be playing next week
duckky: Selwood having a mare
mattmac24: Miers should be dropped before Dempsey.. I don’t understand his kicking style, it doesn’t work
Fatbar5tad: Anyone with decent young mids will own us. .
Migz: miers is kicking it like you would a drop shot in golf
Stu7: Off the bench Brodie
RooBoyStu: Icicle for Brodie
NewFreoFan: Miers having a mare of a second half
Fatbar5tad: Miers not having a mare, he’s just no good
Swans Star: I cant complain, Brodie has been pretty consistent until today
RooBoyStu: Freo Heave Ho!
_Wang_: We all have brodie so it doesn’t really matter
RooBoyStu: Fat Lady knocking *knock knock knock*
mattmac24: Exactly fat, he needs to play a lot of VFL and learn to kick straight.
Stikman35: Anyone put Dempsey in, snigger
Ooost: One of my opponents has Dempsey on field.. this is to my liking.
Swans Star: @_Wang_ true, but still nice to see them score well
mattmac24: I think one of the biggest issues we have had today is Smith and Cameron are having zero impact on this game
Migz: hasnt brodie hit 65% TOG every game? why do yall expect more
Stikman35: Brodie, the enigma of the man
RooBoyStu: The Geelong players received their $250 payment for cost of living for pensioners lol
mattmac24: SDK ending up with an alright score. I’m glad Geelong are sticking with him
Ooost: Where have all the SDK haters gone?
Fatbar5tad: While there is life……
Stu7: Migz – because he?s averaging 99.8
bushranger: Back on the bench. OMG
Silz90: Stay low brayshaw
DEESareSAD: Brayshaw gonna be prime for the picking in a couple weeks
_Wang_: Stewart lol
Fatbar5tad: Mezzanine has had the mare. Gone missing against a good side.
DEESareSAD: Stewart getting me some yummy points now
Fatbar5tad: Lol Jezza go spellcheck
Swans Star: Cmon Freo!
Gelly: de koning went backwards from that intercept mark
Stu7: Keep it up Brodie
HolyNorf: brodie not getting any sc points?
Napper: Scores not updating? De Kooning no points for intercept and Brodie no points for 3 possessions
Fatbar5tad: That’s game. Too good Docks.
Swans Star: Too early to say Freo are a top 4 chance?
Gelly: theres still 300+ points to go, no idea why they are scalling back
HolyNorf: Freo definitely a top 4 chance, not a lock but definitely a chance
frenzy: all going to tom stewart napper
Migz: i thought i was seeing things. SDK was on 61 before that mark and long kick wasnt he.
mattmac24: Waiting till Round 11 Swans Star, playing Melbourne will be their big test
Manowar: umpires stop trying to get Geelong the W
Snarfy: Hopefully Stewart plus Demsey will equal 200!
Stikman35: Barring injuries during game. Odriscoll and Brodie will be my worst scoring players this week
Swans Star: Does anyone know when Fyfe is due back?
NewFreoFan: Somewhere close to the bye Swans
DEESareSAD: 170 from a defender who had minimal kick ins is hugeee
mattmac24: SDK needs a $ icon
Hazza09: What has Stewart done today to get this score
bc__: O’Discroll benched again. Wtf
duckky: If it quacks it must be a duck.
bhg26: Its unlike selwood to duck
LuvIt74: how long on the clock ?
Stu7: 4-6 weeks Swans Star
Swans Star: @NewFreoFan Young and Erasmus to come back in also
Swans Star: and Chapman
Gelly: game on the line, quick put brodie on the bench
SwaggyP: omg can they steal this?
duckky: Scoring today is strang. Stewart’s score goes on straight away. Stangle was on 83 kicks a goal and driops to 77
FinlaySON: never in doubt Stul
Swans Star: What a incredible game!!! PURPLE
navy_blues: wd freo
McRooster: Congrats valk
SwaggyP: purple reign is back
DANGERous: congratulations Freo, well played
Stu7: Brodie major fail tosser
StuL: Tipping points where we become rubbish is today
Jukes82: lol muppets thing brodie is a prem lmao. 70 plus is fine for a 200k odd player
Jukes82: thinking*

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