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Chat log from R7 of 2022: West Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for West Coast vs Richmond, R7 of 2022

Danstar: What to people think of Vlaustin? In less than 1% of teams
Baldfrog: I have a donut with Hewitt out but Valustin looks a worry on previous years averages
Gelly: nice dixon comes in, defs need it this week, also gaff the sub is a bit weird
cherry9: Agree with frog. Vlastiuin?s previous best ave is 91 and last year 84. Doesn?t fill with confidence
Danstar: But if you look at his games. He?s always had 1 injured game
navy_blues: few inj outs this week
Baldfrog: Danstar if u think he can average about 100 to 105 go for it
Baldfrog: Navy have Hewitt, Grundy, mc cartin for starters
navy_blues: hew hayes mcartin were my 3
Baldfrog: Oops Hayes as well
Danstar: Bringing his average down
beerent11: Hewitt, mcartin, Hayes, grundy, ward, xerri. Will take a donut in defence. What a week.
Danstar: Just trying to get POD. So many games < 6 unique
Baldfrog: I’ve been saving trades Beer dunno why now lol
beerent11: Bought in Clark to dodge to avoid two donuts
Baldfrog: Go for it m8 I’d rather wait for Doc or Witherden
beerent11: I?ve been spending yours for you baldy
Yelse: Ive gone from a full playing bench to zero playing bench in a week wtf
Baldfrog: No one to downgrade hinge to in defence so a donut incoming here
AlsoGmax: Best of luck this weekend, everyone.
Yelse: baldfrog why don’t you upgrade instead
Baldfrog: Tried Yelse but have only 500k as went Grundy to Max
Danstar: You talked me out of it. Going for Sinclair instead
Baldfrog: Doc,short and Witherden all over 520k
Danstar: Guaranteed vlaust to score 120+. Now lol
beerent11: Lucky my draft teams going well
Baldfrog: Hope it doesn’t come back to bite you lol….yeah he will lol
beerent11: Do you have Sinclair, Stewart?
beerent11: Scratch that question bald. Just saw your budget
Danstar: Hmm don?t have stew
st_steve: Thinking Grundy, Hayes and Xerri for Preuss, other Hayes and Bradshaw this week.
Baldfrog: Na don’t trust Sinclair and Stewart not going as well. I’m fussy beer
Baldfrog: Wanna lend me 50k beer?
beerent11: Should I field balta or swans Campbell in draft?
Ash777: Sinclair has become a seagull
beerent11: I?ll buy some of your trades bald
navy_blues: freo odds are tempting
Baldfrog: Anyone know how long Hewitt out for?
Baldfrog: Had to get Max now back to old self
navy_blues: hope only week baldy
beerent11: Voss says 1 week
Baldfrog: I’m playing 14th and 18th in FF leagues so should be ok
Baldfrog: Thanks Beer, Navy
frenzy: Dixon looped
Danstar: Fak. Going with witherden now lol
beerent11: Do it danstar
navy_blues: think im playing bhg this week
beerent11: Same here frenzy him and Rachele
Baldfrog: The amount of ball into WC defence witherden should ton up by 1/2 time
frenzy: Rosas here, could ton, dare I say it
beerent11: Got 545k to spend over the weekend
Baldfrog: Hope so frenzy
Baldfrog: Bragger Beer
beerent11: Not really bald. Team is dogshit
MrWalrus: Evening all Hewitt out bad, Dixon in welcome for cash generation
frenzy: 3 Rioli’s tonite
navy_blues: like short on the ball
Torz: Short CBA. Thats new!
PJ39301965: Evening all
Pies20: Is hewitt a bad injury what’s happened?
PJ39301965: Let?s hope there is no more carnage this round
MrWalrus: Short is my left field VC
Silz90: evening everyone. need some decent scores from gibcus and dixon
Pokerface: what is a group of riolis called?
teachrtony: Short was named at centre in the teams
Pokerface: ill go with swarm. seems apt
navy_blues: calf
Ash777: I bought in Sam Hayes, Sinclair, & Windhanger
Pokerface: hewitt has tennis elbow pies
Silz90: jdg maybe late out with gastro and daicos might be a late out (most likely not)
frenzy: Lol poker
upweydons: Nice selling of candy , 3 times
Swans Star: @MrWalrus do you also bully people in person, or do you just do it online?
bhg26: Team in shambles this week
Pies20: Hoskin Elliot silz haven’t heard anything about daicos
Yelse: Silz i also heard diazos and JDG both sick but not Covid
beerent11: Ffs what?s with Clark?s tog?
MrWalrus: Collective noun for Riolis is highlight
TheFlagger: blockbuster friday night game
Swans Star: @MrWalrus ALL last weekend you called me dumb, stupid, compared me to others you don?t like, built bad sentiment against
Pokerface: a highlight of riolis
navy_blues: short looks dangerous already
Silz90: correct yelse, i think daicos will be fine this week but might get rested in the next couple of weeks
MrWalrus: Whoa swans star, WT actual F is wrong with you!?
TheLegend6: How did this end up with the Friday timeslot haha
Pokerface: did anyone start with Naish? i was so close but stupidly went mcgovern instead
Baldfrog: That’s OK silz will need to be upgraded soon anyway
Swans Star: @MrWalrus I have not written one message about you, you have written several about me
Pokerface: swans star thinks the voting between him and kebab is still open
Swans Star: @MrWalrus you do realise the government has introduced new anti-bullying laws for people like you?
Baldfrog: Did he compare you with me swans star?
PJ39301965: @poker. I have had him from rd1
TheFlagger: the big man roving how the game has changed
Silz90: omg not again lol cant we go back to complaining about the umps
m0nty: alright, back on the game please
MrWalrus: Because you constantly spout dumb shit champ, case in point see below
Pavs: Lets talk footy boys.
Pokerface: nice get PJ. i been kicking myself every week.
Baldfrog: PJ we had a draw r2
Swans Star: @MrWalrus what gives you the right to call someone dumb or stupid?
navy_blues: lol muppet lynch
bhg26: Lynch is so bad
blonde0na: MrWalrus and complaining about umps, name a more iconic duo 😉
TheFlagger: hahaha classic lynch absolute dud
BigChief: Shut up Swans Star. We are not here to read your dribble.
Pokerface: take those kick ins withers 🙂
Swans Star: @Monty @MrWalrus and @Bigchief have done nothing but bully me, I have all the screenshots of it if you like
wadaramus: Short looking good in the mids.
Silz90: short double ton tonight
PJ39301965: @bald yes we did
Baldfrog: Even batman and robin don’t come close blondey
bones351: I was tempted by the Short VC @Walrus but didn?t go through with it
Raspel31: Well, that was a valiant attempt to see a band- rained in here. What a phuk up of a week. Good luck lads.
ado88: This chat is all about bullying, even one poster even has a potato as his sign.
Swans Star: @BigChief are you serious? because you dont agree with something that gives you the right to bully them
Spifflicat: Go Big Nad s
wadaramus: Gig cancelled because of rain Raspel?
Baldfrog: And I’m jealous ado
Oddsy5: what trades did everyone do this week? grundy xerri hayes to oliver vlastuin hayes for me!
Pavs: Swans star you had the last say. enough
Pokerface: you were sitting on an opening line all week and thats all you came up with Swans?
Raspel31: Pissing down wada- back to football.
Baldfrog: Grundy to max and Hayes to Hayes
bhg26: Same three out oddsy but to Gawn Clarry and Hayes
Danstar: Oddsy. Should?ve been here earlier. I got talked out of vlaust hehe
bhg26: Third times the charm
Pokerface: vlastin as a keeper oddsy?
TheFlagger: grundy xerri hinge to s.hayes clarry sicily @oddsy
Raspel31: Hey, peace chaps. All pals. Go Shorty.
navy_blues: think i play you this week bhg gl
Baldfrog: And a chocolate donut oddsy
wadaramus: Haven’t seen a gig since Liam Gallagher decided to walk the fuck off half way through a set at Bird in Hand Winery.
Baldfrog: Nope danstar told you to take him if u wanted him
TheLegend6: Gibcus looking really promising
wadaramus: SHort has been in everything but only 4 kicks and a handball?
Oddsy5: @poker i needed clarry and then can only afford vlastuin. unless i went like sinclair+houston
cherry9: Gibcus on field, dare I say good start
Oddsy5: siciliy is beast too @flagger. happy i started him!
Torz: Clark is an inside mid, so the eagles play him on a wing?
m0nty: looks like Baker to HBF and Short to HFF zoning up to mids
Dogs5416: VC short tonight for something diff. Hope he keeps it up
Raspel31: When I said gig wada I meant a covered carriage to my doctor. Carn Tiggers.
BigChief: Not real smart from WC Torz.
Baldfrog: Could have played short in the pie van and still would’ve ton up
TheFlagger: short played this role for a quarter or two last week or the whole game?
wadaramus: Well, you are a hard man to get a true read on Raspel 🙂
DrSeuss: Yeah Clark looked good when the ball was near him, contested. Not ideal on a wing
wadaramus: Wet Toast getting schooled.
Danstar: I wanted some1 to affirm vlaust good start lol
Pies20: Gaff starting starting sub crazy
Swans Star: xxx
DrSeuss: Also, another week of watching Richmond backs missing Rioli in space as they bomb away
Napper: Dixon has more taps then that
Baldfrog: Turning off the footy won’t take long tonight
BigChief: @danstar Baldy did say get him if you want.
Stikman35: Geez. Edwards for eagles is having a shower game
Oddsy5: i got vlastuin in but only bad thing is theyre playing against a bunch of spuds, wont go in backline much
Raspel31: Okay- who got a WC player? Don’t be shy- I have one one the bench.
wadaramus: Dixon with the E.
Baldfrog: I have Dixon
Pavs: Dixon on the bench Raspel
BigChief: Hough on my bench Raspel.
Spifflicat: I got Dixon, and Big Nads coming in next week
PJ39301965: @Rasp I have 2 both emergencies
Pies20: Nun for me rasp
st_steve: Dixon as emergency and Hough as VC loophole cover
Stikman35: Dixon and Clark. Both with E on them. Can swing either on if need be.
BRAZZERS: short in the centre square getting clearances, delicious
TheFlagger: this should be on a sunday
bhg26: Brilliant there from dixon
m0nty: I still have Naish.
wadaramus: Hope Short can keep this pace up!
Stikman35: Terrible
TheLegend6: Short becoming top of my list to bring in
Gelly: i am also liking short in the mids
beerent11: Coupla 200 watches
tor01doc: Go Huge
Pies20: Who is hillbilles in ff league?
Silz90: come on dixon lift son, i wanna loop
BigChief: If Short stays in mids he is really worth looking at.
beerent11: Dusty back next week. Short?s mid stint might be short.
Silz90: i only started with short because houli retired
Ash777: Just noticed that all the Rioli’s are playing together
Gelly: seems like Richmond wanted to inject some more speed into the mids
Tig-Train: You know when team is in trouble when naish is your best player? feel bad for wc
TheLegend6: Cotch back too
Tig-Train: I like short in the middle? someone who can bring speed and tackling
Baldfrog: This is boring when does Walrus start complaining?
Stikman35: Call the game off and head down to Margaret river for a bonfire
Raspel31: Yep- if Hardwick says Dusty a possible he def back next week
TheFlagger: only wet toast could let castagna score 46 points in a quarter
navy_blues: lol baldy
Pies20: When swan star comments baldy dahh 😄
BigChief: Damn 7-3 in Rich favour.
Spifflicat: Hopefully he gets some time out. Whining about umpiring is so old
Ash777: wait to see where short plays next round with dusty n cotch back.
poolboybob: Call me crazy but I am starting to think that the Eagles might not win the flag this year
Raspel31: Let us raise a toast to BestCoast who was the best of the best and sadly no longer here.
Pies20: Still a chance poolboy
Baldfrog: Stop drinking chlorine poolboy
cmperrfect: WCE on track for 100 clangers for the match. Geez they are shite.
Tig-Train: Cotch might go center half back and leave short in mid?
Spifflicat: Well said Rasp! Laphroig Sherry cask here to the great man
beerent11: Yes let?s. Cheers raspel
TheFlagger: 2018 gameplan
wadaramus: Margaret River Chardonnay in my glass is raised for BestCoast 🙂
Stikman35: Eagles need John John cutting in hard off the wing
beerent11: Boston brewery nut brown ale. Cheers bc.
BRAZZERS: why is gaff the sub? wtf
PJ39301965: My two loopholes anise and Dixon looking ok so far. Keep it up
Pav300: Cheers Best! Rasp!
Baldfrog: Coke no sugar here
Gelly: not sure if cotch can do the center half back roll like pendles has
beerent11: Dixon clark going nicely
Pies20: Totally agree brazzer flowering weird
DEESareSAD: Cmon Greg get up to 80 by games end mate. Keep going short and Dixon
zadolinnyj: Hey guys, finally home for some beer and footy
PJ39301965: *Naish
Gelly: think there will be a sub soon, they need gaff
navy_blues: geez these umps are crap to many frees for richmond lolol
Baldfrog: You’ll enjoy the beer not so much the footy Zad
DEESareSAD: Keep going shit withereden
Raspel31: Cheers lads- BestCoast is much missed- a simple Penfold Shiraz for me.
Spifflicat: Big Nads will be next weeks no1 trade in. On track for a tidy ton
Baldfrog: After this game 5k ferrets will buy a Richmond membership
Gelly: id gets nads but i cant fit him in my team
zadolinnyj: Richmond against cones I see Baldfrog
Raspel31: I couldn’t fit Maurice Rioli Junior into my team. Ran out of space.
Baldfrog: Who is nads?
Oddsy5: go vlastuin go 🙂
BigChief: I think m0nty will pull the orange cones out soon.
Spifflicat: I?m running Preuss/Shayes/Xerri so Nads will be a nice downgrade
navy_blues: omg htb there
Spifflicat: StrNADica
Gelly: i assume strnadica
DEESareSAD: Surely they chuck greg in the middle soon
zadolinnyj: Dawkins should have been htb or. High fend off
Baldfrog: Cheers
Hazza09: Cmon Hugh ton up
thesilentl: 2022 weagles are very very
yeah_nah: HTB is dead
thesilentl: Are Eagles the worst team
Baldfrog: This team is as close to Fitzroy as Andy teams h3as ever been
thesilentl: Bad
BigChief: Hey Baldy. No bagging the great Roys. 🙂
thesilentl: Time to move wc to tasmania
Gelly: wc and north merger in tas
navy_blues: lol thats bs
beerent11: Not quite baldy. The blues and saints and suns and bears have something to say about that
Baldfrog: Sorry chief but they were really bad near the end
Stikman35: Fitzroy we?re a gun team. Team got pulled apart at the end.
upweydons: Belting
DrSeuss: How many times has Naish kicked it straight to a Richmond player?
yeah_nah: Clark is eagles best mid
BigChief: Silent they could play in Queenstown on the gravel and still be West Coast 🙂
navy_blues: lynch another muppet
BigChief: Yeah Baldy we were very bad towards the end.
m0nty: Naish has more completed passes to Tigers than most of the Richmond players do.
zadolinnyj: Crows always had close games with Fitzroy and usually lost
Raspel31: Clark one to watch- huge tackling machine but after this week’s carnage?
Gelly: ohh boy we are getting a good rub of the green tonight, i’ll be the first to admit that as a richmond supporter
beerent11: Did you switch to the lions big chief?
Spifflicat: This is unwatchable
hinsch: Goal of the year at WCE should not be to hard this year
Baldfrog: Makes you wonder when collywobbles womens team had covid they postponed it but made WC play on
BigChief: Naish still thinks he plays for Rich
thesilentl: Hard not too @gelly when you’re the only team trying
cmperrfect: Any wonder the Tigs cut Naish. Can’t hit the side of a barn.
Raspel31: And he’s all yours m0nty.
beerent11: Bought him in to avoid a donut raspel. Risky
zadolinnyj: Maybe put a Richmond logo next to his name Monty
Baldfrog: Gelly wouldn’t make a difference tho
NewFreoFan: Surely it’s witches hats time for the eagles
navy_blues: soft as lynch
TheFlagger: lol
Spifflicat: Bumping Lynch should be a free for, not against
thesilentl: Wonder if the wc crowd will boo the team off , they boo everything else
zadolinnyj: What is the player kicking points record
cmperrfect: Stack having a blinder.
beerent11: Shortstuff just needs a goal or two to go 150+
BigChief: WOW Darling getting the bronx cheers.
NewFreoFan: No doubt they will, boo them off then head home
NewFreoFan: @cmperrfect what is a blinder?
zadolinnyj: Why is gaff sub
TheFlagger: training drill
thesilentl: Set up a free merch tent out front, make decent coin after this game
Valorlonga: @zad because he isnt fit and instead of giving him minutes in WAFL, hoping to give him minutes as a sub
cmperrfect: Hey Google @ newfreo haha.
yeah_nah: really not sure how castagna gets a game
thesilentl: Hed get a game for wc
NewFreoFan: Richmond not even playing particularly well
Raspel31: I wanted to trade Rioli but the injury gods hit me. There are 3 out there.
Bluebagg11: Anyone else take SHORT Vc? Wooohooooooo
cmperrfect: Short could give Mills double ton score a nudge tonight.
TheFlagger: he’d be west coasts rover
beerent11: I?d get a game for wc silentl, and I?m 46
zadolinnyj: Thanks Valorlonga
navy_blues: hmmm wonder if ill get my 20 poss for short tonight for multi
NewFreoFan: Snowy off the trams could get a game for west coast
Ash777: Liam Ryan marking is the only thing wc fans can look forward to now.
thesilentl: Youd get a game for Geelong @beerent11, you fit the profile
gazza39: that dropped mark was as bad as anything WC has done..
yeah_nah: ha. he shut me up.
beerent11: Great name yeah nah. We?re the only people in the world who answer a question with yes no.
Baldfrog: You’d be in ya prime beer
Tig-Train: Gonna be a long season for west coast
beerent11: Too young for them silentl.
Spifflicat: Is Petrevski-Seton the only player to regret leaving Carlton in the past 30yrs?
Dogs5416: VC short and Clark loophole. Yeow
Gelly: playing lynch into form
Baldfrog: Probably SOS was great for the rest of us
TheFlagger: eagles are playing brisbane next week too lol
navy_blues: lynch should have 6 goals so not to good form
TheLegend6: Lynch should kick 8 tonight
yeah_nah: beer, i reckon ive said yeah nah yeah in a conversation before
navy_blues: 30yrs ? im sure 85 premiers was glad they were at blues
Baldfrog: Even Walrus is too embarrassed to complain
Raspel31: Okay, while my 26 year old Colombian girlfriend rustles up some Mojitos- what trades were we forced to make?
beerent11: Wc missing cole, barrass, nicnat, gaff(sub),sheed, Allen, yeo.fair group.
Spifflicat: That?s 40yrs
frenzy: nice math navy
Pavs: Who should I trade in Brayshaw or Keays maybe Laird?
navy_blues: 95 sry
beerent11: Laird pavs
BigChief: Had to trade McCartin, Grundy and Xerri
Social: they were certainly on nice salaries navy
zadolinnyj: I did Jackson and Hayes out for touk and Dempsey
Baldfrog: All good choices i rekon Pav
Hazza09: It was between Hugh and Durdin. Oh well both are shit
Pies20: Who did you go for grundy chief?
tor01doc: Out with Grundy Hayes and Rachele – In with Hayes Rosas and Oliver
Raspel31: Hewett was the last straw but sat on him with Daicos as cover. But lost 4.
pjw1234: picked up Vlastuin
navy_blues: only lost 2 games all year in 95 from memory so thin they earnt salaries not like lynch 3 muppets already
Baldfrog: Had tot get Max for Grundy he’s going to well
BigChief: Grundy to Witts Pies.
BigChief: @Navy I think you lost to Syd and Saints in ’95
Social: Grundy and Hayes out for Hayes and Parker
Ash777: I went grundy to hayes as I have preuss
hinsch: Some big projected score in my SC leagues 2350+ thought scores would be lower
Raspel31: Parker Social- brave. I went Mills.
navy_blues: couldnt remember who chief but knew only 2 games
Baldfrog: Parker has dpp now worth lvofofkirng at
pitchster: Faris fair take the hat off Clark
Ash777: Libba has dpp too now
navy_blues: im proj over that hinsch but in reality wont get that id say
Pies20: I’m thinking grundy to preuss upgrade rachelle not sure
Raspel31: But the best laid plans go astray- thank god for the 5 extra.
Pavs: Thoughts on Mitch Duncan also dpp
Baldfrog: Never take notice of projected scores never happens
tor01doc: Ash777 – watch you don?t overdo too dogs for round 13!
Baldfrog: Mitch never again on my list after last year
navy_blues: thats what i said baldy
Pies20: Ever finally agree on something baldy
frenzy: needs a couple of tons Pavs
Ash777: lol the only dog in my side is dunkley
Raspel31: Never a wiser word spoken Delapitatedtoad.
Baldfrog: OK soz just excited about writing tonight
yeah_nah: houston is on my never again list.
Baldfrog: Feckless rasp smaller words plz
navy_blues: is walrus ok? bit worried about him
zadolinnyj: MrWaltus may have fainted due to the better umpiring
navy_blues: maybe swan star hurt his feelings
Baldfrog: Walrus has jumped onto Facebook to join the ump appreciation thread
TheLegend6: banned probably hahaha
navy_blues: haha
Social: Willie’s left the building
Pies20: Banned?
Raspel31: Walruses only give birth every 5 years sp please respect this endangered species.
NewFreoFan: Really great fixturing by the AFL here, absolute blockbuster of a game
BigChief: How has Clark not had a chance in AFL until this year?
beerent11: Two weeks ago walrus said he was done with fanfooty. Showed up last week. Changed his mind back maybe.
Stikman35: Kerlark is going smartly. Thats how Brian says his name
Baldfrog: Dunno Chief but we might finally have a decent downgrade
beerent11: Will be interesting to see if gaff affects Clark when he comes on. Clark is playing gaffs role.
m0nty: good DTing Gibcus
Pies20: Does anyone know who is hillbillies in our ff league?
beerent11: Bloody more injuries for wc
Raspel31: Thought about Stranadicacstrna for a while- but then I got confused.
BigChief: Gaff is on now beer.
Raspel31: Or beer is now on gaff.
m0nty: I am on beer. Much needed to endure this.
NewFreoFan: Comeback’s on
beerent11: Beer is your friend
DrSeuss: Come on Rioli, don?t take this half off
Baldfrog: I remember when we were kids we’d kick 40 goals to nil some games feels like this game
beerent11: I had a few games on the other side of that bald
poolboybob: Everyone is on beer except Rioli?s on the buds
BigChief: Same here Baldy and also remember having 40 goals kicked against us.
bhg26: Has Dixon touched the ball since quarter time?
PJ39301965: @bald back in 1986 I played in a senior game where the scores were 76.24 to 1.0 they kicked the first goal.
Baldfrog: Yeah had some beltings to…Wow PJ
beerent11: How many did you slot pj?
Raspel31: Being very new to this game and Sc i feel bring in and captain anyone playing WC.
DANGERous: well played last week PJ, deserved the win
Silz90: If Dixon scores 63 he goes up 40k. Need to trade him next week at this stage
PJ39301965: Plus 7 points Bhg
Ash777: finally a better game
PJ39301965: Thanks matr
BigChief: 76 goals. Damn the umps would have been sore
navy_blues: clark a downgrade for me next week
PJ39301965: None played back pocket. Lol
beerent11: Good goal kicking 76.24
PJ39301965: Yes big. But I was cold. Lol
DrSeuss: Put Clark on the ball ffs – killing it at any contested effort
beerent11: Wasn?t your bloke that kicked the goal was it?
DANGERous: forgot i changed my name, lol
BigChief: Did your oppo kick the goal PJ?
bhg26: Clark everyones downgrade next couple weeks navy. Could be an on field option at this rate
navy_blues: wow imagine if short played mid full time
upweydons: Rubbish rule
PJ39301965: Lol Beer
PJ39301965: Nope
Napper: Really, Dixon 2 points for mark and kick inside 50 +score assist
Baldfrog: Both Horney and Daicos gunna lose money soon
navy_blues: yes
PJ39301965: Our full forward kicked 30 though
beerent11: Trade Hough to Clark early to cover carnage
Raspel31: But really, who has the luxury to trade in newbies? This week was a shuffling game.
Gelly: did i just see redden just tackle his own team?
beerent11: Put Bolton on field in draft at the last minute. Phew.
navy_blues: naish handballed to tigers lol
DrSeuss: Rioli with 1 mark, 1 handball and 1 kick for the qtr – pick it up please
Ash777: Naish you idiot
Tig-Train: Naish thinks he plays for Richmond still? keeps passing
BigChief: Nice move beer. Hope who you took off does do better.
DrSeuss: How is Naish on 56 SC – should be on about 15
BigChief: doesn’t I meant
Baldfrog: Problem for tigers is they can’t rate this game
Raspel31: Because m0nty owns him DrSeuss.
Tig-Train: Yeh 56 for naish is generous lol
yeah_nah: must be tigers fan s wet dream – a huge win AND winning the free kick count
beerent11: Thought we had a problem for a second there big chief. Just beginners luck mate.
Ash777: The Rioli duet show
feralmong: Gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex already yeah nah
Hazza09: Great loophole Dixon ffs
Pavs: Ok switch Gibcus to the forward line please
Gelly: i’ll be dreaming about this game tonight =P
BRAZZERS: surel Kelly the mare with all those clangers
Baldfrog: That’s why ur feral
beerent11: No need to cry feral
beerent11: That?s why it?s a loophole hazza
beerent11: Kick on shorto
Gelly: might watch the replay after the game
DrSeuss: D Rioli – be great if you didn?t take off the 2nd half – that would be unreal – cheers
Social: Kelly doesn’t give a flower anymore
Swans Star: I looped G Clark, Dixon and W Rioli, one from there not bad I guess lol
Hazza09: Haha thanks Beer
Pavs: WC have to play the youngsters this year Start the re-build talk now
bones351: Why did I put Broad in my multi for 20 disposals? Shouldn?t put on last minute bets!!
BRAZZERS: you legend mate
frenzy: wet toast plays better with top ups
Raspel31: How long we reckon Hewett out? Stupid question I know but I date his sister’s cousin.
beerent11: Short is helping to cover my mcartin sized donut in defence. Go bro
DANGERous: wow rasp 🙁 u ditched me
MercAm: @rasp sister’s cousin, wouldn’t it make it his cousin???
BRAZZERS: he has a corky
Silz90: Beer good call on Clark. My opp has him on field too. Not good for me already lol
bhg26: Voss says he should just miss this week
Catatafish: Too many money generating rucks together, Strnadica would be nice.
BigChief: Divorce papers ready kasca?
Pavs: 1 week Rasp.Fingers crossed
beerent11: Big risk silz. Coming off injury and COVID central but so far so good.
DEESareSAD: Get too 90 Greg. I want too loop you without hesitation
Ash777: bring back the witches hats
Raspel31: Not strictly MercaM- we’re not strict in my family. But Clark same price next week- yum. And hope so Pavs.
beerent11: Short is looking rather lairdy in the midfield.
gazza39: Looks super unfit and still running rings around them
Social: they’re the eagles
zadolinnyj: Prepare the cones again or maybe just use the nuke Monty
DANGERous: definetly BC
DrSeuss: Put Clarke in the middle, man up on Short and show some pride. This is ridiculous
Grimes Jr: God west coast r pathetic
zadolinnyj: Grab
beerent11: 3 quarters of junktime
Swans Star: Alot of WCE players careers at the crossroads after this, better off playing the kids now
BigChief: WC almost in front on frees.
Raspel31: Have to bring in JJK now- decisions.
zadolinnyj: Imagine how much seagulling Lloyd could have done with 3 qrt junk time
Gelly: might jump the gun on clark, get him after 1 week, surely he holds a spot
Yelse: this game has put richmond back in form for pies game next week + dusty
gazza39: unlucky Gaff, you sniper
DrSeuss: That?s the way Rioli – start going backwards FfS – you were on 70 at half time
Raspel31: The irony is- who will pick Lynch? Not this little black duck.
Yelse: do i bring in mills keays or laird need a POD
beerent11: Settle jb
beerent11: Laird out of those yelse imo
zadolinnyj: Mills
TheFlagger: keays, mills too expensive
Raspel31: Mills for my money Yelse.
Tig-Train: Mills
Pavs: Laird is a tackle machine
beerent11: Commentators seem to be forgetting who Richmond are playing tonight
gazza39: ok, commentators talking up the tigers.. against this, really?
zadolinnyj: Good time to get touk
Social: just another 2op Huge D and then I can slaughter you
BigChief: Was thinking the same thing gazza and beer
Raspel31: Why we love Clark- playing for the under 12’s against a real team.
DEESareSAD: If only Clark kicked that goal😥
beerent11: Will Rachele outscore Dixon?
BigChief: I will be approx 100 points off the margin. LOL
Gelly: i hope so, he turning into clark next week
Tig-Train: 2007 geelong beat Richmond around this round, went on a giant streak to the premiership? that?s what tigers gonna do hah
Pavs: Im thinking the same beer but with con mac
Raspel31: I thought of bringing in Touk but I decided a labotomy would be a better choice.
beerent11: Pretty sad isn?t it pavs. If he gets 50 maybe I?ll take it
beerent11: Touk will be back to being touk this week.
zadolinnyj: Lol Raspel
Pavs: roll the dice beer
DrSeuss: Rioli and Clark back on the ground please
beerent11: Yeah you?re right fuckit
TheFlagger: are the tiges into the 8 after tonight?
Napper: Dixon getting 2 points for no matter what he does
BigChief: Labotomy on top of your hysterectomy Raspel?
Crippa9: tiges are in the 8
feralmong: Well done jjk 700
cherry9: W Rioli has gone up 6 since being subbed. More than he woulda made on field
gazza39: Well done JK
beerent11: Jjk champion
Gelly: he can retire with his head held high
beerent11: The commentators have em as flag fancies crippa
cherry9: Great effort J Kennedy. Great skills
Raspel31: We don’t talk about that between girls BigChief- shame. Go Shorty.
_Wang_: Absolute gun jk
Crippa9: Really beer, tatong twos would beat wc tonight
beerent11: Clark ton?
cherry9: Whats your worst starting pick. I started W Rioli and no Brodie.
DEESareSAD: Should I loop Clark?s score or nah?
Social: hope so beer
beerent11: Stoked with g Clark. My Hewitt cover
Raspel31: Wow- Clark-$117 next week and midfield full- but wow.
Silz90: mitch owens for me and nah dees only loop 120+
gazza39: Loving Clark my E for Hewett, shame opp has Short
Gelly: imagine if clark got dropped
gazza39: Do we have the same team Beer? lol
Silz90: kelly should be dropped before anyone else gelly
valkorum: Clark with the ton and he is on my field – happy days
duckky: Kelly with 12 kermits?
Gelly: i agree silz, theres a few senior players that should be dropped before clark
gazza39: Yes Silz agree
beerent11: I hope not for your sake gazza
beerent11: And I?ve got short
TheFlagger: thought I had a one up on the competition with my structure but no. first game rookie scores 100, ah well next week
Swans Star: Tigers will enjoy their flight home
Gelly: lol and there he is
DEESareSAD: Yea thought so Silz. I have MacDonald on filled and Hewitt and Clark on the pime
beerent11: G Clark. As advertised.
Napper: Dixon at least 50 with what he has done
Pavs: Dixon wont jump looks scared in the ruck
Silz90: agree napper 50 will do this week with the carnage
beerent11: Nice to have a Greg back in footy.
valkorum: Remember that Dixon isnt actually a ruckman. Was drafted to Freo as a Key Forward
DANGERous: Lynch captain too good
DEESareSAD: Good scaling for Clark on the cards?
Gelly: 2nd highest score in 8 years
Pavs: as a key forward still need to jump Valk. He is only young though.
Social: watched eagles play like this twice at KP last year
Silz90: Nah you take his score dees. well done anyone who fielded him
original: Nank will get a few more points me thinks, had touches late but his score went backwards
valkorum: jumping for a mark and jumping for a ruck contest are 2 different things

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