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Chat log from R6 of 2022: Essendon vs Collingwood

Chat log for Essendon vs Collingwood, R6 of 2022

navy_blues: see if hobbs can back up his 1st game
exatekk: Hi all – Lest We Forget
TheFlagger: go grundy
DANGERous: grundy crisp ridley lets go boys
pcaman2003: I’ve used half a box of Kleenex since last game. Hope this game is better.
exatekk: Grundy for the medal at $18
ajconodie: @pcaman – I’m hoping I do the same for an entirely different reason.
Pies20: Go pies
pcaman2003: ajcondie. Good luck then.:)
circle52: Crisp, Grundy, Daicos, Martin and Baldwin.
beerent11: Hope they were to dry your eyes pcaman
circle52: Baldwin on as a result of Rosas out
pcaman2003: dual purpose!
ajconodie: Lol
cherry9: I played Ward over Hobbs trying for a league win. I take full credit for the 130 Hobbs is about to score
BigChief: Laverde looks very sore.
hinsch: Have Crisp + 150 vs Grundy for about 2320 point heres hoping.
Pokerface: not with the same tissue i hope pca
cherry9: Hobbs was a trade update for Rosas
Pokerface: come on Pin
beerent11: Nick Martin is all class
Pokerface: P Plate Hobbs
TheFlagger: grundy looking real good
Baldfrog: Thanks for taking J Kelly Essendon fans
pcaman2003: Poker. lol! Nope!
pcaman2003: C’mon Crispy,Martin and N Daicos
TheFlagger: hind the sub hahahah
Pokerface: which of Grundy’s 2 possessions looked real good flagger?
DrSeuss: Be great if you could get involved Crisp
Dredd: I think
TheFlagger: just eye test looks so much better than last week poker
Pokerface: therefore you are
Baldfrog: One less tall in the side is helping Grundy his on field play ain’t much better
arbel: Ginnivan really giving a bad look always playing for head high
Raspel31: Well, Mills screwed me so just popping in as a tourist- and well done Hairlessamphibian- you got me.
Baldfrog: Was I playing you this week rasp?
Pokerface: do we need a welfare check on Dredd? i think he passed out mid sentence
Cottees: good job Martin. Good start
Pies20: Martin playing well
navy_blues: martin moved to backline by the looks
Migz: martin always looks good and gets a heap of it then disappears for 2.5 qtrs
zadolinnyj: Martin trying to be a keeper
cherry9: Martin playing a real nice game here
beerent11: Got the makings of a good game this one
BRAZZERS: martin plays well every week
TheFlagger: just pushing back while playing wing navy
Raspel31: You are playing me this week and winning Shavedtoad.
Pokerface: Parish everywhere
Baldfrog: If bombers stop being so fumbly beer yes it does
zadolinnyj: Parish giving me nothing but regret
Baldfrog: Sorry for your loss Rasp
Manowar: need 340 in total from Grundy, Crisp and that peanut Ridley! any hope?
ajconodie: What was your rationale with Mills as skipper, Unhirsuteamphibian?
Pokerface: we discussed him friday too zad!
Hazza09: I think Grundy can go for Hayes this week
beerent11: On track so far manowar
Raspel31: Easy for you to say Dilatedaxototl.
HolyNorf: De Goey and 60 vs N Martin for me, any chance?
Pokerface: you are heading for a will smith slap raspel
ajconodie: Raspel – Did Smoothextadpole beat you by much?
BigChief: Manowar shows his head again after poor call last game.
BRAZZERS: lol you cooked mate, no chance
Manowar: I forfot to factor in how shit Hawthorn are!
Raspel31: Think Mills will destroy many well laid plans today- alas- go Bombers!
cherry9: Some nice plays on your name, shinycroaker
MrWalrus: Buckley, all the personality of a wet fart
BRAZZERS: personality who cares lol
Pokerface: get on the ground Pin
pcaman2003: Manowar. Pot, Kettle Black. You’re mob played like it was constipated this week too.
wadaramus: Hobbs looking like a good cashmaker..
beerent11: Crispy Kung POW!
Raspel31: I’d let Hobbs boil for a whike.
Wahab_18: Crisp under 137 please
BigChief: Kreuger down in rooms getting shoulder looked at.
BigChief: Okay who left the door open and let kebab in?
TheFlagger: shhh
Wahab_18: 1 thing that has never changed over the years in this matchup is biased umpiring -_-
wadaramus: Must have been a sin bin, not a send off for the spud.
DANGERous: crisp over 150 please
Baldfrog: I enjoy Rasps names for me
BigChief: Flagger said shhh kebab.
BRAZZERS: also the what hasnt changed has been how much of a flop you are
Wahab_18: Okay that’s crisp telling me to shut up im going now bye
wadaramus: Now that is how you kick a goal.
Pies20: Crippa go pies!!
Hazza09: I hope Crisp goes 140 Wahab
bhg26: Grundy bad
Napper: Goal of the year
bones351: Very Crisp
Social: Ridley to beat Crisp please m0nty
Raspel31: Not sure what you mean Glabroustadpole?
DANGERous: i hope crisp goes 173 just for u kebab
Pokerface: ‘Crisp isnt a premium this year’. A cautionary tale.
BigChief: WOW no htb on Pendles before push?
m0nty: nah I am a Crisp owner, get stuffed
Baldfrog: That’s too many letters to put into the google search bar rasp
duckky: pendles = umpire’s pet
DANGERous: m0nty can you boost crisp and ridley? i have both x
Social: hehe
Baldfrog: No duckky I was umpirespet till monty banned me
Pokerface: stop trying to find ways around the swear filter m0nty. we know what you wrote
Hazza09: I think Grundy has to go, looks cooked
duckky: Merrett – you are a fucking senior player … don’t sell youngsters into danger
Raspel31: Who is this Grunty- worth buying?
pcaman2003: Good luck all. Off now to see Melb Storm at AAMI Park. Cheers!
Baldfrog: Agree Hazza
bones351: I have time to kick the ball but bigger that I like to handball.
Baldfrog: Swap for English when he gets back
beerent11: Where?s the messiah n daicos?
beerent11: Keep bagging grundy hazza. His score goes up every time
Dogs5416: Cameron channelling his inner Cox
Catatafish: Alright, get Ridley and Caldwell off the fucking bench please
BigChief: There he is Beer. Keep asking where he is please 🙂
TheFlagger: lovely grundy goal assist
Hazza09: Should I do the same with Crisp Beer? Lol
duckky: Can you give waterman 3 kermits for that dumb act?
Migz: that goal all on waterman. he had like 5 chances to get rid of it then. Dumb dumb dumb
BRAZZERS: lol what a stupid comment, grundy will be okay.
thesilentl: Love this umpiring, 1st qtr all pies love, 2nd qtr all bombers love. Zero consistency
ajconodie: Issac Quaynor is the new Harry O, but likeable.
a1trader: happy with Parish, Crisp, Ridley, Martin and Daicos (eveyone has him)
MrWalrus: Grundy will be fine, if you’ve got him may as well hold until you complete your team then think about upgrading
ajconodie: Thesilentl – I think they have been pretty good. Even that blonde one, whom I despise on a professional level.
Pokerface: @walrus or sideways round 14 during collingwood bye
zadolinnyj: Waterman had a20m kick down line to -layer by himself. Should have been kermit
MrWalrus: Umpiring is even, they’ve forgotten the rules both ways, we’re back to 2020 HTB
Pokerface: so torn on Parish. My opponent has him, but i backed him for the medal. ugh
Hazza09: Is Hobbs using it poorly?
Raspel31: Upgrade Grundy to Hayes Mrhippoptamus?
BRAZZERS: 80% but 2 clangers
duckky: Guelfi is a Klutz
zadolinnyj: If bombers win your home poker
Baldfrog: Na have Hayes to Hayes to do
mattmac24: Damn Kreuger injured again, poor bloke, was hoping he’d have a good season
BigChief: Parish 28 disp in a half. DAMN
MrWalrus: No Rasp, no
duckky: Parish 30 disp in a half
DrSeuss: Crispy – you have been back on for a while now mate. Time to get involved again
thesilentl: onsistency
Torz: Madgen is a horrible defender
navy_blues: parish 30 poss at half time lol he can go home now
beerent11: Parish 30 disposals 210m gained
frenzy: iMadgen if he could play
cherry9: One of those weeks where popular rookies are pumping out stinker scores. And a couple really unfortunate injuries
duckky: Parish 30 disp but only 85 SC points
Pokerface: nice frenzy
beerent11: Yep a lot of them start to hit the wall around this time
Raspel31: And I benched Parish and Mills- sheesh!
thesilentl: Parish having a very tom Mitchell game, lots of touches but not much else. Brownlow votes incoming
dipstick: as forced to bring hobbs in for rosas reverse trade
beerent11: Don?t mind bucks as a special comments guy. Recently in the game. Explains things well.
MrWalrus: True beer, this is where the good old “get a couple of pre seasons in them” comes into play
Cr1cketeer: @cherry Martin is doing alright
MrWalrus: Not dipstick, you chose to do that
Baldfrog: What happened to rosas only got him in this week?
Pokerface: calf injury bald
mattmac24: I would have just kept Rosas Dipstick. Hobbs always a possibility to struggle with Merrett and Stringer back.
Baldfrog: Argh bugger cheers poker
dipstick: rosas out with a calf so wont be back for a while so hobbs was all that was left
MrWalrus: Calf in warmup or similar defolicular jumpy pond croaker
Oddsy5: i like him too beerent, what he says is normally pretty spot on
MrWalrus: Rubbish umpiring, this game is being umpired completely different to previous ones jus this round, absolutely ridiculous
Baldfrog: Mc cartin probably has to go to
MrWalrus: This arvo HTB is no longer a rule
Raspel31: Avoided the O’Driscoll band wagon- not that it’s helped- brought in Hayes.
Pokerface: avoided? he’s made 115k already
Pokerface: great news on mccartin. sounds like it was predominately cautionary due to history
Ninty: He still failed the concussion test so couldn?t come back on regardless
Raspel31: If you got him early Poker.
Baldfrog: Hope so pokernext proper concussion and he’s done I rekon
mattmac24: O’Driscoll still has money to make. He’s fine
BigChief: McCartin will miss next week due to being subbed for concussion even if he is okay.
Pokerface: if you didnt you still got 71k rise before this round
Pokerface: yeah my concern isnt about whether he is in or out next week
TheFlagger: umps boo
Raspel31: Well, honestly, we’ve all been looking for an excuse to offload Paddy anyway.
frenzy: bluemoon Draper
thesilentl: Pie
thesilentl: Grundy done something to upset the umps today, being manhandled by draper
Baldfrog: True rasp but would’ve like to got to the bye
beerent11: Lol you would have been crucified for saying that two hours ago raspel
Raspel31: Yep Bald- forced trades we don’t like.
DrSeuss: Nic Daicos having his first average game it would seem.
duckky: Lift Daicos, lift
Raspel31: Rookies- how hard to pick. Poor Baldwin 1 touch so far and Martin a hero.
Hazza09: Want to do something Hobbs?
thesilentl: Bombers 10 of the last 11 frees
mattmac24: Baldwin going to struggle to make any money at this point
The39Steps: Game is being umpired well and enjoyable to watch. Avge free kicks per game this round: 46. On track for 30.
thesilentl: Pies cant buy a free…no
ajconodie: Yeah umpiring isn’t a factor.
Pokerface: yes these teams are more disciplined than Richmond.
thesilentl: No team goes 30 minutes without giving a free away @the39steps
Oddsy5: went rosas and didnt change to lohmann hobbs or baldwin. thank god
Ninty: Imagine getting 30 touches in a half and still struggle to hit the ton half way through the 3rd
Baldfrog: Nice to see Grundy desperate again
BRAZZERS: lol facts
a1trader: Ridley been good this qtr
Cr1cketeer: Sidey having a muppet game
The39Steps: Don’t think I ever suggested that @silent1. There were 15 kicks given in first half. Double that is 30.
Dogs5416: Pies bottom end is trash. Cameron is cox in disguise. Brown and reef are shower
Pokerface: have they activated brown?
Pies20: Bit like the dog’s 5416
Oddsy5: wow that was not htb?literally just got hands on it
TheFlagger: what is degoey meant to do there
Baldfrog: Lol De Goey
Raspel31: Game on ladies.
BigCox75: how is that a free kick on Degoey.. No prior at all
thesilentl: Any chance the pies get a call, 12 free to 1 in the last hour
Wahab_18: that was a soft free but i guess we deserve a couple shower calls too
thesilentl: I’ve never seen any team (except richmond) go a half of football and get 0 free kicks
BRAZZERS: lol i feel bad for don supporters being assiciate with wahab lol
wadaramus: Hobbs the quintessential M11 slow burner.
MrWalrus: Boo hoo poor pies getting a bit of a poor run on frees, welcome to every game as a tiges supporter
Pokerface: what one havent they paid in that time silent?
beerent11: Do you get a little tingle in the lions whenever a daicos kicks it to another daicos pies fans?
Raspel31: You ought to get out more thesilent.
Pokerface: lol tigers supporters and their views of umpiring are funny
thesilentl: A free kick, its a miracle
TheFlagger: brodie off the pine
thesilentl: @raspel you need the life mate, you are on here every single game, do you not have friends or family to talk to?
DrSeuss: Back on Mr Crisp please
_Wang_: Pies are getting shafted
StuL: Ginnivan needs a couple of sleeves to be a proper pie
Pokerface: geez silent calm down
bhg26: We are all a family here silent
Jukesy: What’s with collingwood only attracting muppet supporters lmao
navy_blues: they saying if degoey goes to another club he could get 1mil a year lmao who would pay that for that dud
thesilentl: @pokerface take it up with the Muppet who started it
mattmac24: Lol Silent, there are so many people on here that are chatting in almost every game.
Hazza09: Looks like my curse continues. Rowell to Trac and Stephens to Hobbs trade this week
Pies20: Jukesy Muppet
navy_blues: plus his off field antics
Migz: jukesy mate the ones on the forums are the smart ones. You should see the ones that cant communicate with words
bhg26: Can?t we all just sing Kumbaya and get along?
thesilentl: @migz ever been to an Eagles home game? Wouldn’t be commenting on people being Muppet mate
ajconodie: Decent boot on the annoying kid.
Oddsy5: real rude lid that ginnivan but he?s playing a very nice game
Raspel31: Agreed bhg- all pals x
TheFlagger: oh fuck grundy
beerent11: X factor
Baldfrog: Grundy limping
MrWalrus: Has there been an ANZAC day match that was 2 contenders playing in the last 20years?
navy_blues: grundy in trouble
mattmac24: Grundy doesn’t look good
Pokerface: we now have our excuse to trade grundy
navy_blues: that was htb on durham
thesilentl: Umpiring killing pies here, so many blatant missed frees
Hazza09: Grundy looks ok
Baldfrog: I WAS doing well on trades won’t be anymore
Pies20: Knee on knee he’s ok
beerent11: Not cooked hazza?
StuL: Blonde lair pies player ginnivan. Needs to get some ink to complete the uniform
Swans Star: Grundy luck to not do a PCL like Hayes did
ajconodie: I wish they would be consistent with hlding the ball.
Hazza09: Doesn?t mean I won?t trade him Beer
bhg26: Only 8 touches this quarter for parish, dud
MrWalrus: Have been both ways all game silent, totally different than any game this year
TheFlagger: bombers fans booing ginnivan lol
Baldfrog: Don’t waste your wishes AJ
thesilentl: No it hasn’t @mrwalrus, pies have been getting killed by non calls. Take your anti pies goggles off mate
MrWalrus: Hiding the ball was last week… For easter! Boom boom!
Raspel31: Silent has drunk too much raspberry cordial and is beyond his bedtime,
Baldfrog: Where are they hiding the ball Walrus?
BigChief: Silent has his black and white beer goggles on once again.
MrWalrus: Silent, I wish we were only 5 behind the opponent by 3/4 time any week, you’re just sad because it’s not all your way
gazza39: Ginnivan slack there, maybe time to do some team stuff
ajconodie: Hayes did an ACL. Pittonet almost did the PCL.
navy_blues: +69 v shiel and lipinski gonna be close
Jukesy: if you think this is bias umpiring you’ll have a stroke if you rewatch 2019 anzac day from a netural perspective
TheFlagger: shame on anyone that boos a champion
thesilentl: @raspel loser
MrWalrus: Dunno Baldy, might need to get Tom Mitchell onto it
Baldfrog: Gee navy someone has Shiel
Cr1cketeer: 15-9 frees to essendon and they?re complaining lol. Seems umps and fans thinking of past anzacs
thesilentl: @jukesy i was there and the pies were gifted the game. Doesnt change the fact today has been poor
Pies20: He’s on the red cordial like normal silent
MrWalrus: That’s your lot complaining Cr1
navy_blues: yes baldy im playing “cameltoes” from here
Pokerface: the count is irrelevant cricketeer
mattmac24: I thought the umps had been alright today compared to the last few rounds.. lol
Torz: Took Hind about 8 seconds to have more impact than Brown
MrWalrus: Time to get 2 good teams on ANZAC day instead of this insult to the whole concept
Baldfrog: Ups have been shifted for 5 years why would they be different today?
Pokerface: we had 2 good teams Walrus.
Baldfrog: Umps and shite*
MrWalrus: 5 years+ Baldy
poolboybob: Big game for dudes with frosted hair
Torz: Good correlation between blonde tips and goals today. Expecting many more hairdresser visits this week
BRAZZERS: the ess/pies games are always good, i have no issue with it
RenoMan: Should never have Richmond Carlton to open a season ever again aswell Walrus such a waste haha
Swans Star: I dont know what is worse Buckley coaching or commentating!?
TheFlagger: agreed brazzers
mattmac24: I have no issue with pies/Bombers ANZAC Day, always draws in a big crowd
Pies20: Agree reno
MrWalrus: I’m all for mixing it up, this ANZAC belongs to them garbage needs to change
BRAZZERS: lol all ppl do is complain about every commentator
Oddsy5: big crowd and no matter where the teams are on ladder, anyone can win it
mattmac24: I think Buckley is doing well as a commentator.. at least he knows what he’s talking about
Pokerface: they need Matt Hill back Brazzers!
Oddsy5: oh no parish?
navy_blues: raher bucks than bt or brayshaw
Swans Star: mattmac24: I have formed the opinion a long time ago he doesnt know what he is talking about lol
ajconodie: Very good kick at goal. Not very good at choosing hairstyles.
Pies20: 5goals gina!!!
Swans Star: good to see the Matt Hill thing was a one off haha
Baldfrog: All teams should play at 2pm on Anzac Day so all states celebrate it
beerent11: Righto swans star. Hahaha
BigChief: Hey chat who is worse. Wahab or Swans Star? Tough to choose between them.
wadaramus: Reefer gets into some of the good stuff.
Pies20: Pendles in the middle another clearance go pies
PAFC4eva: like it baldy
beerent11: 30 years in the game at the top level. Doesn?t know what he?s talking about.
Pokerface: dont know if was a one off, he’s not available saturdays, and busy with the anzac races today
StuL: Parish may be done. Ankle
poolboybob: Ginnivan making a bid for worst player to win an Anzac Day medal
ajconodie: How does the bloke on the ground get pinged for holding the man?
bhg26: Wahab is better chief cause go swans
zadolinnyj: PENDLES into mid making a difference
PAFC4eva: potatoes patotoes cheif
zadolinnyj: Used to be a basket baller I think
colin wood: The pig love him
bhg26: I mean the other way around lmao
wadaramus: Whoever has the potato icon is the biggest spud.
ajconodie: Block.
bhg26: No way zado
TheLegend6: That was a block by Wright
Raspel31: Wahab is at least a grown up unlike some- but I’ll check my facts.
TheFlagger: game on!
thesilentl: Another goal from an incorrect freekick
MrWalrus: Good call Baldy
Migz: it was a block but it was also clumsy by moore. Dont swing your arm into peoples faces
a1trader: That was a bad free kick against Darcy Moore, he was the one watching the ball
wadaramus: Is Crispy becoming a mid?
BigChief: Umpire got that 1 wrong. Moore playing ball, Wright not.
Cr1cketeer: Cameron?s pulled that twice in a row now
zadolinnyj: Is it Jnfair to think parish has had a bad 2nd half. Lazy 11 with 12 mins to
Torz: Crisp has been a mid for years
TheLegend6: Evened it up with that free to Cameron
wadaramus: In such a physical contest, the soft free kicks are pathetic, nut that is the want of the AFL.
Pies20: Check them rasp bad call
wadaramus: Too many umpires too many free kicks.
Pokerface: zad he’s been tagged by lipinksi this half. hurt them both sc wise 🙁
beerent11: Too much umpire whinging
wadaramus: Well I thought he was a defender, my mistake!
TheLegend6: Where’s Ridley? Was flying earlier.
MrWalrus: Actually way less frees paid in modern footy, used to be 60+ easy back in the day by just applying the rules
Pies20: Agree beer
BRAZZERS: martin is such a consistant scorer
zadolinnyj: What is the posi record
DANGERous: Ridley disappeared after HT 🙁
BigChief: Great tackle Grundfos
beerent11: Could end up f6 brazzers
JohnHoward: who we got for best on? i cant pick
Raspel31: That was a terrible umpire decision. Shocking. Just pandering to Crows fans.
Pies20: Huge chief
Migz: yeah the game is very free flowing compared to 30+ years ago. I think slightly more free kicks than early 2000s
ajconodie: Taylor Adams is a better kick at goal than he is a handball to a teammate 5 meters away.
Swans Star: Pies are carrying on like they won the premiership lol
a1trader: all over now
TheFlagger: lovely grundy
ajconodie: @PrimeMinister – Pendles or Parish
zadolinnyj: Parish
beerent11: What shall we do with a drunken sailor?
MrWalrus: Posi record 52 or something, no way Martin goes F6 unless disaster strikes your team
exatekk: Grundy PM
Pies20: Hmm yeah I’m on the fence with the wahab swanstar bigger Muppet
Pokerface: titch got 54 against collingwood. cos bucks said ‘he didnt hurt us’
Torz: Daicos looking a lot better off half back than he did in mids
MrWalrus: That’s right, Bucks really was a bad coach
MrWalrus: Swans star for me, Wahab is a mega spud but at least he knows he is clueless, SS thinks he knows footy stuff
StuL: Numerology. Stringer no. 25. Birthday is today the 25th. Kicked the 25th goal of the game
Migz: what a trash rule
beerent11: Grundy still cooked hazza?
TheFlagger: hind ya nuffy
Pies20: Go grundy!!
TheFlagger: fuck yes grundy
exatekk: and if you minus 3 from his age today thats 25 also Stul. LOL
DANGERous: earth to ridley?
Ooost: Mannn I’m 4 points ahead in my main game.. This is gonna come down to the wire
Raspel31: Your last touch in the 3rd qtr was very much appreciated Ridley. But hey lads- all pals- no spite like Silent etc- all n
Ninty: Grundy is back. Gun icon
Dogs5416: Grundy r1. Witts R2. Preuss r3. Yeoww
StuL: Grundy gets the medal. Best example of Anzac spirit. Not a bottle blonde lair
zadolinnyj: And Stul he had 25 affairs
poolboybob: Essendon about to lose to a team that lost to the worst team in footy (Eagles). Ouch
Swans Star: Grundy back from the dead 🙂
ajconodie: Grundy only needs to play a quarter.
colin wood: The pig to get he medal?
MrWalrus: Last night they weren’t paying that, 3 or 4 tackles allowed before the play on rule for HTB
Social: Nice one grundage
StuL: Lol zado. Snagged 25 dogs team mates mrs’s
TheLegend6: Do something Ridley
frenzy: bluemoon Draper
zadolinnyj: Grundy probably gets medal now. Been good this quartr
Gelly: i hope lipinsky is dropped so im forced to trade him
Catatafish: Great quarter there Shitley you useless ‘premium’
masterhc2: this will be a good essington video
dipstick: essendon needs an injection of inspiration or some kind. cant keep going on being so pathetic
Swans Star: I cant claim it, the only reason I kept Grundy was English doing his hammy
Social: 25 inches
Ooost: Put Hobbs on please.
DEESareSAD: Swamp Swans star
Pies20: Least you are still here rasp where is the rest of your mob??
zadolinnyj: His tattoo artist had 25 shots before he drew his tattoo as well StuL
beerent11: Crispy Kung POW
MrWalrus: Swans star stop saying dumb stuff, you have no idea but share nonetheless
Social: Crisp gets the yin yang
Oddsy5: im here pies just lurking
Pokerface: lol you are talking as if this game is over Pies20???
Raspel31: Ah well, at least I won my EPL.
TheLegend6: How many more points to allocate?
Migz: ridley the best kick on the team, how do they refuse to find him
The Hawker: Hind seriously throwing the game away
DANGERous: i didnt rasp 🙁
Pies20: It is poker
beerent11: All the highly owned players went well. Happy chat
Dogs5416: Grundy r1. Witts R2. Preuss r3. Yeoww
Pokerface: there was 3 minutes left when you made the comment
Pies20: Call me nostradamus poker
beerent11: Dejavu dogs5416
Pokerface: overall rankings will move around alot this week. Many top ranked sides were without Grundy
Raspel31: I lied obviously.
BigChief: Pendles medal or does Parish still get it?
beerent11: Congratulations to the great unwashed
Oddsy5: howd everyone go? im at 2235, few spuds on the ground
MrWalrus: Well that was important for determining bottom 6
Gelly: grundy medal, he was good when it mattered
Hazza09: Thanks for icing the cake on a disaster week Hobbs
Cottees: give it to Ginnivan. Getting 5 won Collingwood the game
Pies20: Go you pies!!!!
Cottees: or Grundy
Social: I remember that chant from the 2nd qtr 2011 GF
beerent11: I?ll check tomorrow oddsy5
TheLegend6: 2343 happy with the week and fielded Hayes
Dogs5416: 2294 with Hayes on field and Neale C 🙁 think I’ll slide from top 4k
BigChief: Wow gone to On The Couch. Should have stayed with coverage until medal awarded.
MrWalrus: Medal? Who cares, about as much meaning as American sports calling their winner world champion
zadolinnyj: My team has died since MrWalrus said I was killing it.
StuL: 2257. Probably ok this week even though I’m usually rubbish
Cr1cketeer: @Kane Cornes
Pies20: Gina well done mate 👏
Wahab_18: Never thought Id see this day lol Ginnivan
StuL: Hayes and McCartin on the field
MrWalrus: Well you were, around 2200, massive recovery after Hayes and NOD
Pokerface: those of us with a financial interest in it care!
Pokerface: ginnivan got it
BigChief: Fuck off Ginnivan for medal.
Pokerface: such an eloquent young man
poolboybob: Will be the answer to a trivia question, who is the worst player to win the Anzac Medal
frenzy: ginni 4 rising star nom

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