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Chat log from R6 of 2022: Richmond vs Melbourne

Chat log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R6 of 2022

zadolinnyj: Expecting tigs to Win free count with all the media around it
ReggieOz: Go Dees! Lest We Forget
DANGERous: go the dees!
MrWalrus: Not gonna lie, it would be nice for a change Zado.
BigChief: Everyone ready for Tig-Train’s comments?
TheFlagger: lol he’s back in hiding now chief
navy_blues: lol
MrWalrus: Loved the Q & A m0nty, some of your best work
exatekk: yep. Lets go BC lol
Oddsy5: go gawn! whos rockin the C on the big fella
MrWalrus: He’ll poke his head in when we win, C’arn you tiges!
Oddsy5: flagtiges
MrWalrus: Blow the siren!
BigChief: Can Rich keep this pressure up? I doubt it.
pcaman2003: Walrus. Lol! Don’t you wish?
zadolinnyj: Free kick Richmond started
Gotigres: Gawn will go close to 200 sc I reckon
MrWalrus: Could have been below the knees then, just say, glad it wasn’t, stupid rule
MrWalrus: OK zado, sure, that’s what’s happening
pcaman2003: Big games from you Bowey and Jackson.
BigChief: All free have been correct so far.
zadolinnyj: Just stirring. Hope umpires dissapear for whole game
Stikman35: Id trade Gawn out before Witts
Gotigres: Sometimes the umps pay HTB if it comes out in a tackle and sometimes they don’t
Oddsy5: thats a mark, comin from an unbiased C on Gawn, controlled all the way
Gelly: we have mr discent, no 12 umpire officiating this one
MrWalrus: You can’t overturn that!!
BigChief: Wow. Not sure about that call.
Wahab_18: Great that TV decision just cost all my leagues.. what a shower call
Gelly: did they press the wrong button?
zadolinnyj: Not entire ball over before Gawn grabbed it. Good call
MrWalrus: How can you say with 100% certainty it was before the line, it’s not there to allow guessing
Wahab_18: thank god max missed flowering karma
DANGERous: wahab please tell me ur trolling
pcaman2003: Off the bench now Jackson. Release the Kraken
BigChief: Walrus at least Max missed, so same result in the end.
zadolinnyj: The goal line picture was clear that only 3 quarters crossed the line
MrWalrus: In the fucking back? HTB yet Dees get a ahot on goal!
bhg26: Any danger trac
Migz: it was in the back. put the rose glasses away walrus.
FishStick: Walrus, I?ve logged into this site for the first time in years just to tel you to stop soiling about everything
MrWalrus: I was 95% sure myself but you can’t overturn on what is essentially a guess
pcaman2003: C’mon bhg26,he’s had a kick.
Raspel31: Morning ladies.
Migz: yeah walrus even cpt birds eye is calling you out
DANGERous: in the back is always paid over htb
DANGERous: eww its Rasp xx
Baldfrog: Onya Fishstick
Swans Star: Picked a good week to bring Petracca in lol
BigChief: Stop picking splinters Petracca LOL
Migz: its not a guess though walrus. he clearly had hands on the ball before it fully crossed the line. do u evn kno the rules
DANGERous: seagull short is back
cmperrfect: Ditto Swans. Ffs.
MrWalrus: Lol captain birdseye, wasted his time and effort too
bhg26: I know it?s 20
BigChief: Anyone else getting the gateway timeout error?
bhg26: I know it?s 20 minutes in but I too am not pleased with petracca so far
MrWalrus: Migz past his fingers is not the same as in his hands
Swans Star: it has been a putrid fantasy weekend all round
pcaman2003: DANGERous. And 30 touches without a contested poss.
DrSeuss: Just once I would like Rioli to not start slow and for his teammates to use him
cmperrfect: I actually haven’t seen Petracca even on the ground on tv. Must be in a sprinkler box.
Swans Star: I need about 6 trades after this weekend
Oddsy5: same cm i havent even seen him on screen lol
hinsch: hopefully Oliver and Tracca get invold this game they have been qiute for a few weeks
Oddsy5: nevermind there he is
Baldfrog: So glad got rid of Jackson
bhg26: Hey he got one!
pcaman2003: Nice Bowey,but lift Jackson.
Hazza09: Fuck you petracca
Wahab_18: Rioli stuck on the pine ffs
bhg26: Short and Bowey good. Trac shithouse
Swans Star: Love having 9 games of AFL on weekends like this, they can spread them out of the whole weekend
DrSeuss: This is great Rioli – just play half a game – should be fine.
DANGERous: ive seen petracca now
BigChief: Duh Swans Star. There is 9 games EVERY weekend.
Stikman35: Team goal to premiers.
cmperrfect: Touk stunk it up in the first qtr today and came home with a wet sail. Cmon Petracca.
zadolinnyj: Someone let Jackson know the game started
Wahab_18: Maxy have you heard of things like water, powerade, gatorade? Would be nice if you flower off and drink some of those
DANGERous: flower off wahab, Gawn > you
Baldfrog: Maths is taught in schools anymore Chief obviously
Pies20: Witts would be on 80 with those stats
Baldfrog: Score is 1 goal 1 ball
BigChief: So true Baldy. So hard to teach Maffs now.
Gotigres: Haha. Ump hit in the balls by the ball
pcaman2003: Missed the family jewels by that much.
Stikman35: Witts is the master this year
nbartos: is Fritsch injured?
dipstick: oooo, nothin worse than a collision with the aggits
MrWalrus: I had to change my kids school because they had no advanced maths or physics teachers, bloody disgrace
SwaggyP: Is rioli injured
AuroraBore: I think Swans Star was talking about there not being a thursday game this week
original: Rioli 50ish game time wtf
BigChief: You’re talking high school of course Walrus? If so that is poor from the previous school.
Social: right in the ron jeremy
original: Walrus what side of Melbourne was this? Crazy
Silz90: Lets go maxy and clarry
zadolinnyj: Surely got his dirk diggler as well
original: Jackson?s tackle that ANB
DrSeuss: Rioli got stuck on the bench – nothing more. Whether his teammates look for him down back is another matter
BigChief: Free to Dow for holding?
MrWalrus: Yep chief, yr 11 & 12 no one to teach those subjects
MrWalrus: Adelaide northish suburb
Wahab_18: Ofc the umpire won’t pay holding the man against gawn ffs
bhg26: Tf are you doing trac
dipstick: @zado depend if he packs a cut lunch or meat n potatas.
navy_blues: 2.7 not great start
BigChief: Has Dunstan taken Petracca’s mid mins?
Migz: with your lack of critical thinking walrus im concerned for your children 😉
zadolinnyj: Ok Dipstick
Stikman35: I don?t think Oliver will reach his BE so I can snap him up for J berry
MrWalrus: What are you talking about Migz? I’m critical as anything when I think about umpires
zadolinnyj: Don?t know why it changed lol to ok, but lol Dipstick
Raspel31: Peace children- we are all one. Come on Clarry and Short.
Migz: critically wrong about every decision so far haha
original: That wasn?t a Push in the back
Hazza09: Ofcourse I bring in Petracca this week, absolute joke
pcaman2003: You’re allowed to score a point this qtr Bowey.
zadolinnyj: Riding him like a rodeo original
arbel: Melbourne inaccuracy keeping Richmond in it
Baldfrog: He’s doing fine Hazza?
pcaman2003: You’re allowed to score points this qtr Bowey. Get cracking!
BRAZZERS: comical umpiring
pcaman2003: Short almost had a contested possie. Has he had one this year yet?
zadolinnyj: That is a disgusting call. Dropped the ball and got the free
Pies20: Gawn sc is disgraceful he’s dominating
MrWalrus: Wow, great umpiring the last 5 minutes, why wouldn’t I complain about this garbage every single week
Migz: correct brazzers. umps have paid 8 free kicks too many to tiggers
zadolinnyj: Wtf dangerous tackle
MrWalrus: Dangerous fucking tackle! Fuck me
BRAZZERS: i never complain about the umps but tonight is pretty poor
Dogs5416: Umpiring is beyond disgraceful. Flower shower
amigaman: Tiger fans rightly booing umps
nbartos: finally Fritz then adv…fml
zadolinnyj: Last 5 frees against Richmond disgraceful as a neutral
Wahab_18: Hahaha loved seeing gawn fall on his bum there
bhg26: Petracca is a wahab
BigChief: Get out there and do better kebab.
BRAZZERS: if fanfooty is saying tiges hard done by you know its bad lol
DANGERous: wahab go to bed
Gotigres: Time for a rest Gawn
MrWalrus: Kills momentum, absolute game killer stuff right now
pcaman2003: Jackson to be dropped very soon. Poor last week,now today.
Raspel31: Don’t do drugs or alcohol.
BigChief: Why not Raspel? They are good for you.
Baldfrog: Can’t believe you didn’t swap him for pruess pca
DrSeuss: And that is why Richmond need to use Rioli more, run from the back, not just long bombs
MrWalrus: That’s right Rasp, they compliment each other too well to seperate them
yeah_nah: dees ripe for the picking with this dreadful kicking
navy_blues: dees should be well in front if they could kick straight surely wont last
pcaman2003: Baldy. Whyh? He has an ave of 97% so think it would be a wasted trade. Have English and Witts too.
DANGERous: has bowey lost a game yet? commentators havent mentioned it yet
thommoae: Remember when the chat declared Jackson ‘better than Jeff White’?
Swans Star: Can anyone smell an upset?!
Baldfrog: True pca. No thommo who said that?
MrWalrus: People dumped Gawn for him, hilarious!
Swans Star: @DANGERous He has won every game
zadolinnyj: Not sure DANGERous but i think PENDLES used to play basketball
nbartos: jeff white wasnt that good thom??
navy_blues: was mark to melb player then
MrWalrus: Baker is so good
Swans Star: Bowey played last 4 games of the reg season and 3 finals
thommoae: Doubt whether the ‘sayer’ would admit to it at present, Bald.
thommoae: Jeff White was top drawer, nbartos.
BigChief: I don’t think Swans Star understand sarcasm.
MrWalrus: Jeff White very good indeed
zadolinnyj: It is a weird thing to say. White was ok but not brilliant
BRAZZERS: he was an AA, he was a very good player
pcaman2003: Comparing Jackson to someone who played over 250 games a bit farcical
zadolinnyj: Could take a grab
nbartos: as an OG and Freo supporter from the get go, I saw plenty of JWhite, good leap, not much else really
nbartos: All Aus once I think
thommoae: Could be someone posted without really thinking, pca. Possible, ya think?
MrWalrus: Oh only AA once, what a plodder. What a silly comment
thommoae: You are kidding, nbartos. Must’ve watched different games once he touched down in Vic.
MrWalrus: Baker better than both, he’s my favourite, classic honest footballer
zadolinnyj: Wasn?t relton roberts AA once?
pcaman2003: thommoae. Maybe! My recollection of White was he had a couple of good seasons and not much else.
Gelly: is this the jeff white appreciation forum?
BRAZZERS: he was AA at burger eating contest tho
Pies20: Are we talking about the bloke who had the hamstrings padded every game? He was average at best
thommoae: Nah, pca he was consistently good.
MrWalrus: Beats even thinking about the diabolical umpiring Gelly
zadolinnyj: No gelly this is the I regret stupid in the moment comments forum
zadolinnyj: Also umpire appreciation forum
Gelly: ohh cool im in the right place then
nbartos: LOL zado
MrWalrus: Seriously, doesn’t everyone else get footy chubs watching Baker go about it? Never a backward step, perfect for ANZAC ma
Oddsy5: baker good to watch
navy_blues: yeah 5 poss in a half walrus im so excited
zadolinnyj: Only baker that gets me excited is the finger bun maker at bakers delight
MrWalrus: It’s not all about getting 50 touches you Philistines
Cottees: nice hands
Migz: yeah bakers a bit of a twat. he was good his rookie year only cause he made some decent coin. 0 joy after that
pjw1234: reminds me of the Stk S. Baker. tough as naits. but maybe does not whack as many as steve
pcaman2003: Walrus. Is it about the 3 clangers then? Just a guess.
BigChief: Rather watch Kosi Pickett Walrus
MercAm: Think melb’s plan is to catch up by points haha
MrWalrus: Kosi P is good too, right up there, love the hard as nails blokes
MrWalrus: Spun twice in the tackle has to be HTB if we’re going to have dangerous tackle judged as it is
DrSeuss: Very questionable free
MrWalrus: Another garbage free
pcaman2003: Get the ball Bowey.
BigChief: Great tackle Brayshaw
Raspel31: Breath deeply and just enjoy x
MrWalrus: Why didn’t he let Balta have a shot!?! Easy in his range FFS!
DANGERous: clarry please stop 🙁
zadolinnyj: Why was that play on when balta said he?s having a shot?
DrSeuss: Nice reward for ducking – also Clarry stop. Gawn keep going
amigaman: Ducking is becoming a alcolm on the game
MrWalrus: This is completely rigged
amigaman: *Malcolm
navy_blues: lmao
Hazza09: Ofcourse Petracca, the week I bring you in
MrWalrus: About a 5m kick there
DANGERous: melbourne shoulda put this to bed ages ago lol
MrWalrus: Play on!
pcaman2003: Jackson you spud
DrSeuss: That wasn?t 15m either. Walrus your boys are getting shafted
zadolinnyj: Common MrWalrus. Was at least 7m
MrWalrus: Tackled before play on called
Migz: couldnt think of a better team to get shafted…I mean i’ve yet to see an incorrect call tonight! all looks good to me
zadolinnyj: Cmon not common
navy_blues: but rich turned ball over coming out of backline too
Pies20: Get short on the ground ffs
MrWalrus: It’s the damn stupid rule, can’t touch them until after the umps call
BigChief: Petracca having a barry.
bhg26: Boo petracca!
Wahab_18: Calrry gonna smash his BE at this rate
MrWalrus: Captain Clarry is helping me through this trauma
thommoae: Langdon no left foot.
bhg26: Thomson Dow subbed out
Catatafish: Should’ve captained Gawn or Oliver not Neale haha
Valorlonga: Dow subbed off
BigChief: Dow subbed out and he is not happy. No way he is injured
bhg26: Do I bring in Clarry or Steele next week?
thommoae: Dees flicked the switch methinks.
Baldfrog: Game over
Gotigres: Fine coming Richmond’s way I think. Sub with no injury
TheFlagger: clarry better value but steele gonna score a lot better
zadolinnyj: Agree BigChief
wadaramus: Might as well just have 5 on the bench.
Cottees: Steele has a great last 3 games. so steele is a better abd bigger average
MrWalrus: Steele if you can, C’mon Tiges!
Swans Star: Clarry very consistent
DrSeuss: Get off the pine Rioli ffs
Stikman35: Clarry will drop in price tonight. I have Steele. Oliver next week. Get Oli.
bhg26: Dow wasn?t even getting any treatment lol
MrWalrus: Dow hurt earlier, not right since
Swans Star: Yewwwwww!!!
Raspel31: Clarry for my money bhg- but I haven’t been drug tested yet.
Baldfrog: Witches hats time lol
TheFlagger: lol demons actually trying now
Migz: wow terrible def tiggers
bhg26: Clarry could still get 176 break even tonight lol
pcaman2003: What terrible defence. Has to be the umpires fault for sure.
BigChief: Please Walrus. Stop making excuses for the sub. Richmond cheating.
bhg26: Nice cherry-picking trac
Wahab_18: Fritsch must secretly be my opponent who has Tracca as C
DrSeuss: Melb dominating – but Gawn has stopped.
Migz: get off the pine gawn you lazy dog. 97% tog is pathetic
Valorlonga: Having Bowey is frustrating, gets in good positions for a mark, and teammates ignore him. Happens every week
bhg26: Onya bowey
Swans Star: Gibcus has played a good game
pcaman2003: Great tackle Bowey. Kepp that up
exatekk: corked thigh my arse…..
bhg26: Bowey trying to get a week off there
DrSeuss: Try having Rioli Valor – gets ignored all freaking game running into space. Bowey getting everything this qtr
MrWalrus: Gibcus looks like a really good key back
Crippa9: medi sub is a joke now
Swans Star: Bowey only small but he has a big heart
Valorlonga: Yeah Bowey is having a good qtr, first half was been burnt like usual though. Yeah Rioli always burnt, happy i dont have
BigChief: medi sub always been a joke Crippa.
Swans Star: @Crippa9 thanks for your Captain score of 139 in supercoach
DrSeuss: That?s weak af Rioli – take that mark ffs
BRAZZERS: mcintosh needs to be delisted after this game
BRAZZERS: should be down by 80 points
mattmac24: Ooh, Rioli seems like a mistake now ..
BigChief: May is a gun. I need to get him into team somehow
MrWalrus: Momentum killers
zadolinnyj: Hardwick kicking Dow in nuts at 3 quarter time for an injury
Crippa9: was that last week swans star?
Raspel31: From a disinterested British point of view- that razza Oliver has proved rather useful eh what?
MrWalrus: That Balta one when lining up from 55, my goodness, he’s a genuine chance from 60
wadaramus: Short a but hard done by from CD? SC looks a bit low?
BRAZZERS: lol parker is a spud, not exactly a savior
Wahab_18: Rioli get your be please
MrWalrus: Dees have picked it up though, we’re lucky to be close but far out.
Pies20: Is it just me or should gawn be at least 120 at the moment?
frenzy: dont stress pies20, CD will fix it
DrSeuss: Short has been turning it over all game Wada
MrWalrus: Bucks about as good a commentator as he was a coach, get him off my TV
m0nty: come on Maxy big ton son
wadaramus: His DE is better than Vlastuin and less muppets?
Ninty: Is it just me or should Trac be 173 by now?
DrSeuss: Vlastuin was great early – but rubbish since. His SC seems high tbf
Pies20: Just you ninty
MrWalrus: Last night blues 5 goals down with ⁸ to go, right in it, tonight 20 points 3/4 time Lyon calls it
bhg26: Champion data against us petracca owners ninty
wadaramus: He’s definitely getting the CD screw DrSeuss.
Raspel31: Clarry to Touk next week?
bhg26: Definitely rasp
DrSeuss: Like Rioli getting the Dimma screw. Only Richmond back that runs – keep him on the bench
Yelse: just need ben brown one more goal for 1k multi ffs
BRAZZERS: why couldnt gibcus play like this a month ago when i had him
Swans Star: Gibcus possible NAB rising star Nom
DrSeuss: How is that not HTB on Fritsch?
Dondeal: Three time Gibcus with intercept contested mark and effective kick and three time got 3 CD points
BRAZZERS: i forgot the dunstan played for the dees lol
Migz: cmon Gawn. i need another 20-30 points. Couple intercept marks and a goal please
MrWalrus: Well it would have be a tiges free so play on Seuss
bhg26: Love your work bowey
Raspel31: My next door neighbour is Damien Hardwick- – think we will talk soccer tomorrow.
AuroraBore: need one more from short, 4 from petracca to win $190
pcaman2003: Bowey so consistent. Love his work.
Crippa9: dont ya just love loopholes in sc! lol
BigChief: I thought Malthouse was your neighbour Raspel?
MrWalrus: Ask him what he really thinks about the umpiring against us Rasp
DrSeuss: Gotta get rid of Rioli – so painful watching Richmond backs just bomb kicks out of defence ignoring him
Baldfrog: Last week Hardwick lived across the street
Valorlonga: Bowey making me happy this half
nbartos: Langdon just a machine
Migz: revolting would know what a dive looks like hey
Swans Star: Ed Langdon 25+ possessions last 4 games
Raspel31: No, true, Southey St Elwood. Direct neighbour and very nice chap .
bhg26: Is Clarry getting his break even?
Valorlonga: This could easily have been 75 points margin
BigChief: I doubt it bhg
Swans Star: Gibcus 12 Marks, new Joel Bowden?
Raspel31: Trading Clarry next week bhg- don’t trust him.
BRAZZERS: broad playing like a sc prem this season
bhg26: Well tonight has confirmed your worries rasp
MrWalrus: Captain Clarry has somewhat salvaged my SC weekend
MrWalrus: Nothing like Bowden swans star
Catatafish: Go Gibcus, making up for Cuntfield
Silz90: Ouch if u brought in tracca over clarry this weej
BigChief: Swans Star really wants the spud icon.
MrWalrus: Why play on before? Didn’t look touched
Crippa9: had gibcus as emerg, looped in now for mccartin
BRAZZERS: i rememebr a bowden 23 mark game
Catatafish: Also, thanks Paddy sorry Tommy Dow
MrWalrus: Played with and against Joel, also batting with Patty when he got his first Century
BRAZZERS: shedda cooked, needs to retire
DrSeuss: What was Bowey at half time? Had a massive 2nd half of downhill skiing
Migz: i remember a nic nat 23 mark season 🙂
exatekk: 38 suess
MrWalrus: Finally paid 50 for tackle before play on called, too little too late
Wahab_18: Rioli only got 12 points for his 5 effective touches 1 tackle and free kick and goal.. Wtf CD?
Raspel31: Get ff the pine Oliver you loser- ffs.
pcaman2003: Bowey only 3 pts for intercept mark and kick. What’s happening CD?
cherry9: Bowey and Rowell were never not going to ton this week were they
MrWalrus: They hate you spudhab
pcaman2003: There we go,the other 4 pts now added.
fruity: Has Gibcus on the bench will now loop with Sicily
Wahab_18: Walrus i agree everything in this planet is designed to make me unhappy
Valorlonga: Bowey should have a bit of scaling up i feel
Ninty: Oliver hasn?t even kicked a goal, cd love affair
Pies20: Gawn dudded second week in a row ruck to get 19touches, witts preuss what would there score be 🤔
MrWalrus: Lol, my spellcheck auto corrects to spudhab 😀

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