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Chat log from R6 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Brisbane

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Brisbane, R6 of 2022

original: Rosas out sheesh
Yelse: Gawn or neale for C bloody torn. Rosas out hurts
Yelse: what a waste of trade Rosas
Swans Star: Neale
pjw1234: Traded rowell so he should be in for a good one
PAFC4eva: interested to see how coleman goes in this one c on neale
zadolinnyj: Neale
original: Rosas reversed trade back to Macdonald, another chance for him
Oddsy5: gawn for me?dominates richmond! rosas gunna cost me need hayes score now 🙁
Malaka: Singing both Aussie and NZ anthems is a nice touch.
Gotigres: Was going to trade Rowell to Rosas, so still got Rowell
Manowar: SC scores urgently required please!
Gotigres: Neale captain
Manowar: Lohmann go High man!
Rebuild: Traded Rowell so expecting a ton from him today
pcaman2003: Giving Touk a clanger for that long kick is a joke.
Dogs5416: Witts, Rowell, touk and C Neale
cmperrfect: Never seen Touk at the bottom of any list. Haha.
beerent11: Touk giving away frees for fun
beerent11: I?m predicting touk to be today?s Whitfield.
pcaman2003: Is this Touk’s way of telling me no ton today?
pjw1234: neale and berry in this. took the dunkley vc but think neale might push that score
Catatafish: My Touk is broken, I want a refund
BRAZZERS: thanks for letting us know, we’ve been waiting
pcaman2003: Have the C on Neale so hope he goes huge.
FlyinRyan2: will be interesting to see how coleman goes today, could be a decent cash cow
pcaman2003: Keep it up Witts. Need a biggie from you too.
DrSeuss: Oh good Miller moved forward as well – should be a great output
cmperrfect: Touk gonna be cheap next week.
beerent11: Had him in my starting team till he got injured flyinryan
pcaman2003: Are these umpires awake? Missing heaps !
Wahab_18: Of course Rowell gonna show his disloyalty today and go big
Urbs: Looks like a Swallow tag on Neale
BRAZZERS: no want cares kebab you muppet
m0nty: have a left foot Izak
pcaman2003: Urbs. Someone said that earlier and Neale on 41.
Urbs: Didn’t say it was a good tag pca
pcaman2003: Come back on Touk and get into the positive
yeah_nah: Very happy with Witts’ output this season.
cmperrfect: Zorko killing. HBF not agreeing with him this week.
hinsch: Miller on the bench you think the coach maybe having a chat with him
Valorlonga: Rowell making me cry
MrWalrus: Not watching this one, is something wrong with Touk?
pcaman2003: Urbs. You’re not wrong. If that’s a tag,drop the idea
mattmac24: Miller 🙁
BRAZZERS: he had 4 clangers mate its pretty self explanitory
Wahab_18: Power off Rowell and FkWitts
pcaman2003: Touk in the positive. Let’s celebrate. Yay!
beerent11: What is it with SuperCoach and sundays? Always goes to shite.
spdysaint: how does miller have one kick and 4 clangers?
spdysaint: and also fuck you rowell
Hazza09: Ofcourse Rowell going huge
BRAZZERS: look at the stats, 3 FA’s and a clanger kick
MrWalrus: Brazzers, your helpfulness knows no bounds does it?
beerent11: Poor old Matty Rowell. Damned if he does damned if he doesn?t.
Wahab_18: When I had Rowell he hated the Footy and loved the bench and now it’s the opposite 🙁
MrWalrus: 2 touches in a quarter is most unlike him so asking if he’s well, if he’s ok then no worries, he’ll end up fine.
BRAZZERS: lol thanks mate, I like being helpful ha
pcaman2003: Beautiful Witts,just beautiful
Torz: The rain should help Touk
BRAZZERS: touk could still get 90 plus
DrSeuss: Touk looking a lot better in the last 10 minutes. Keep going Touk
PAFC4eva: picked the wrong week to bring in bazlenka for rowell 🙁
cmperrfect: Surely a SC 50pt qtr outweighs a DT 50pt qtr ?
Hazza09: Fuck you Rowell
cmperrfect: Being out the cape I say.
MrWalrus: Nah 50pt SC way more common
DrSeuss: Rowell not tagging – just winning his own footy.
MrWalrus: Rowell no guarantee to keep going either, done this a few times this year already.
zadolinnyj: Correct MrWalrus
zoomba23: Ofc Rowell doesn’t tag even though he’s playing against Neale. Dew really is a cunt
Hazza09: Seriously what?s wrong with Touk
Torz: Touk constantly stuck between contests
Wahab_18: Where’s Neale Gone?
Valorlonga: Lohmann out probably
pcaman2003: Neale, Witts and Touk 2 pts between them this qtr
beerent11: Touk runs up and down the corridor usually. Most of the play has been on the wings. One of those things.
Dogs5416: I feel every time they handball they burn Touk and go outside. Just go inside to touk ffs
MercAm: Can Neale go get the ball, hasn?t gone in there once this qtr
Hazza09: Touk isn?t the same player as last year
beerent11: Yes he is hazza.
Nurfed: touk doesnt have back to back career years but still respectable “hes wAsHeD!!1!!”
DrSeuss: Another BS free on Touk FFS.
JohnHoward: i think this is the first game ive every since rayner have an impact
Social: nice one touker
bhg26: Touk youre breaking my heart!
pcaman2003: What a stinking qtr this is. Witts, Neale and Miller now 1 point between them this qtr. FGS!
DrSeuss: Issue with Touk is not enough other GC players look for him. Anderson gets plenty of ball but just bombs it.
TheFlagger: for people who had english before this round, did you trade or hold
beerent11: Whitfield
Stu7: Sorry to all
pcaman2003: TheFlagger. Ive held.
zadolinnyj: Held
Stu7: Sorry to all those who I suggested pick Neale as C
teachrtony: Traded. Still in reach so hunting the points.
zadolinnyj: Neale ok. 7 min left
pcaman2003: Stu7. I don’t fell to bad as oppo had Macca as C
teachrtony: Of course I bought in Gresham and BSmith so go figure.
MrWalrus: Held, thought I’d have plenty of cover
pcaman2003: That’s better Witts. Get that yellow thing Neale.
Dogs5416: You lads seem to make more changes than roos kick all point chase and shower?
cmperrfect: A dedicated C pick never works for me. ffs. VC loop or garbage.
beerent11: Dogs I reckon most on here run out of trades by round 17
spdysaint: true Mr walrus, the cover has gone down real quick
DrSeuss: Again. Miller in space – ignored.
teachrtony: Ha all you experts.
TheFlagger: well how many trades does everyone have left.
pcaman2003: Touk actually won a free. Ye gods!
PAFC4eva: 27 flag
pcaman2003: Ton up by half time Witts.
BigChief: 29 trades left
m0nty: poor game for fantasy, this
pcaman2003: 29 for me.
teachrtony: 26 tades left.
DANGERous: Rowell your hurting my heart
TheFlagger: witts for fucks sake stop
Stu7: Phew pca
mattmac24: Go Witts go!
DrSeuss: Suns getting a rough run with the umps.
DANGERous: keep going witts dont stop, believe it
beerent11: Nice quarter touk.
MrWalrus: Touk 40 @ HT, nice, he is certainly elite.
MrWalrus: Tempted to go Zorko for my last premo D slot, will string together a few big ones soon, will also miss a game or two
mattmac24: Do you have Witherden Walrus? Around the same price
beerent11: Has Achilles issues walrus. Will be worth the risk if you have plenty of trades left.
TheFlagger: zorko has been limping all year
Stikman35: Not a chance I can trade Witts out. Preuss a bench warmer for time being.
beerent11: Barely noticed Neale
beerent11: Good position to be in stikman
Catatafish: Geez Witts must have an extraordinary number of hit outs to advantage with that score and DE. Would’ve been a good choic
MrWalrus: I know the Zorko risk, the reward could be worth it though, witho happens to be my option 2, WCE backs gonna be busy
DrSeuss: Lucky Touk has remembered to tackle this week – now just need his teammates to remember to use him
MrWalrus: Touk to get off the chain & get 120 odd
hinsch: Feeling your pain stikman I have ROB, Witts & Preuss on the bench
DANGERous: hows everyones day been?
Stikman35: Not possible in scoach hinsch
DrSeuss: As a Lions fan – Suns are getting railed by the Umps
MrWalrus: Terrible Danger, hurt my back, can’t move, stik he means Preuss R3
hinsch: Sorry stikman R1 ROB, R2 Witts and R3 Preuss
Stikman35: Gawn, Witt?s and preuss. Hayes xerri and Dixon. And I want Hayes port. That?s not happening
Stikman35: I woke up hinsch
DANGERous: hope ur ok walrus <3
MrWalrus: I will be, just getting old, thank goodness for modern pharmacology
TheFlagger: at least touk is tackling
DrSeuss: Muller has had 2 or 3 tackles not rewarded as well.
Social: what the heck neale, you’re hurting me inside
MercAm: Neale come on man, had 41 in the first and now on 59. Try get to that 125 captain!
DrSeuss: Miller tackles the kicker, ball goes out on the full, tackle not paid
hinsch: maybe should have taken McCrae VC 92 instead of Neale
Hazza09: Rowell will smash his BE, always the way
Social: same here hinsch
MercAm: @hinsch, yep the same. Neale just doesn?t want to get in a contest, just being too soft
DrSeuss: Ok Touk off the pine lad.
AlsoGmax: Everyone needs to get off Neale’s back, and show some gratitude for his super impressive preseason.
Oddsy5: dropped rowell?like seeing him play good just not at my expense
beerent11: Neale is so highly owned it doesn?t really matter
Hazza09: Always knew Rowell would do this
TheFlagger: exactly beer
DANGERous: go touk touk
Valorlonga: Really liking the look of Coleman
beerent11: Unless he?s your captain
hinsch: Hayes to Coleman maybe for me
Ash777: damn looks like I’m taking Durdin’s score 🙁
beerent11: Coleman 263k def/fwd. would have been handy to start the season
Wahab_18: Seriously neale?
TheFlagger: coleman was only an option for structure purposes start of season.
DANGERous: looks like a proper option now tho flagger
original: Time to score a couple of goals Miller
Hazza09: Ffs Touk, Over it!
pcaman2003: CD must be taking the piss on Touk. 2 contested possies,1 not paid but only goes up a point.Unreal!
bhg26: Touk and Neale c, goodnight lads
hinsch: Had coleman initially but he got injuried this is his first game this year
BigChief: Neale should still ton up. No need to panic
sMiles: NEale will cost me a league game in Supercoach and a draft game in AFL fantasy. FFS
pcaman2003: Hahaha! Go Lachie
Wahab_18: Is neale being tagged or is he just shower today?
dipstick: do something neale
MrWalrus: Touk about to overtake Neale, atta boy!
Social: 5 more of those lockwood
Wahab_18: Oops think i made him angry there lol
Dogs5416: Neale and miller junk, yeow
TheFlagger: lol supercoach gods telling us to stop complaining
pcaman2003: Go Touk Touk. Life is starting to look better now.
cmperrfect: Neale dry weather only. Noted in memory bank.
Stikman35: Rowell creeping towards 103
Stikman35: How long has Witts been on 8 posis for
pcaman2003: I’ve got my win sewn up for this week . Very chirpy!
pcaman2003: Stikman. Since about hitout number 27.
MrWalrus: Half time at least stik
J_Herer: Good boy Touk!
navy_blues: early call pca
original: Goooo miller
Pies20: I hope gawn gets kissed on the pecker from cd like witts has
Stikman35: Interesting score progression by witts. Who I have
pcaman2003: navy. He only has Gawn and Tracca left. I’m up 113 plus Bowey, Jackson and Crisp left. I have C on Neale too.
Migz: me too pies. i have gawn C. Eeek
Oddsy5: me too pies. changed my c so many times!
DANGERous: atta boy touk, junk it up touk touk
navy_blues: ok was thinking 3 games to play
Stikman35: C on Gawn too. Bit of a worry.
Pies20: Finger’s crossed c on gawn as well
pcaman2003: navy. like early wins 🙂
Migz: look at gawns last 3 scores vs the tiggers. 2 x 140s 1 x 160
cherry9: Nice one Wittsy! Been a great pick so far
Stikman35: Daniher is dreaming of mcg days
MrWalrus: Clarry C for me, C’mon Touk, bring it home, beat Neale & Rowell
3rdstriker: Haha nice Monty with the markov chain
pcaman2003: Migz. He’ll need about 250+ for me to lose.
Oddsy5: thats what made me do it Migz, hopefully research pays off
pcaman2003: Cherry. Had him from the start and overall he’s been great.
cherry9: Touk, let’s fill up that rubbish bin pls
Valorlonga: Well it’s good Touk remembered what tackling was again
Stikman35: I thinks some of suns scores might scale back
pcaman2003: I spoke to Donald and he said Touk’s clangers are fake.
Hazza09: CD forcing along Rowell to his BE
cherry9: pca – same. Want to bring in Gawn but Witts and Preuss are scoring too well for that. Spending $$ elsewhere for now
cherry9: Touk was everywhere today, but the ball just didn’t go to him
pcaman2003: Cherry. Nice problem to have 🙂
cherry9: How many of us threw in the Rowell this week
Oddsy5: guilty cherry
Stikman35: Rowell sitting on bench reaches BE
cmperrfect: Game overscaled. Points will come off the totals.
Pies20: Same guilty for smith cherry but I’m shower at sc
Stikman35: Tom up touk
Dogs5416: Witts, Rowell, miller, berry and Neale C. Not the worst outcome
cherry9: Just glad Rowell didn’t repeat his round 1 150+. Don’t reckon he’s averaging 115+ to fill a mid spot anyway
cmperrfect: And then it updates. Stupid app.
happytimes: How do you kick 6 goals and only score 85?
BigChief: Oh no Neale 100+. Who would have thought that possible.
Stikman35: Rowell didn?t reach BE. I feel justified
pcaman2003: Touk will ton up to 102 as last 5 points not yet added on.
cmperrfect: Because DT has no idea.
SwaggyP: One shy of BE. Damn.
AlsoGmax: Hilarous, Neale almost made it after all that.

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