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Chat log from R6 of 2022: North Melbourne vs Geelong

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Geelong, R6 of 2022

navy_blues: hi all
bushranger: Gidday Navy, hi all
hinsch: I think the NM defenders will still be pretty fresh after this game
DrSeuss: Come on JHF – Just one last good game out of you please.
original: Surely SURELY ziebell goes back to being a kick in pig with hall out
navy_blues: having a lil all up bet today gee bris and dees
dipstick: give DeKoning the flame, He’s on his way to a 25
duckky: It has to get up that end dipstick
DrSeuss: Where is JHF playing so far? Obviously not near the ball?
bhg26: Games started horne
bhg26: Looks to have started forward seuss
duckky: JHF got benched with zero touches
DEESareSAD: Good start from McDonald
DrSeuss: Cheers BHG – Guessing the ball isn’t getting there too often at the moment. Hopefully he is moved onto the ball
DrSeuss: Be great if Xerri could get a touch as well. My only 2 players in this game sitting on 0 touches
duckky: This is a shocking standard game
Ninty: Xerri always going to struggle v the GOAT #RHYS
MrWalrus: Lol Ninty
pcaman2003: I hope JHF can at least beat his terrible 39 last week.
Ninty: JHF 18 in the last 5 mins
MrWalrus: Bench him more often
bhg26: How do you drop that xerri lmao
Migz: mark that xerri you bloody tool! that’s free points!!!
Migz: 2 free marks! thats like 16-20 points you just gave up!!
Wahab_18: 14 Cats players on track for a ton
navy_blues: dempsey off to good start
mattmac24: Dempsey the new Pendles with the basketball background!
Hazza09: Dempsey looks good
original: Definitely wouldn?t make sense to put ziebell in defence
Grimes Jr: get on the fucking field horne
Raspel31: Morning ladies.
duckky: So you aren’t allowed to get onto the mark now?
Hazza09: Stewart gets 7 points for a handball
duckky: It was a very good handball Hazza
Raspel31: It was a very fine handball as handballs go Hazza.
Hazza09: Lol I?m still reeling from Durdin nightmare last night
navy_blues: cameron could go 150+ today
duckky: I’m looking at a nightmare today Hazza. Xerri on the ground…
Fatbar5tad: Butters, Horne, Xerri….ugh
Raspel31: duckky- I’ve gone from 2400 to 2100 if I’m lucky- Xerri is a blessing.
Torz: Sold Xerri for Walsh this week. Might?ve picked the right week for once.
pcaman2003: Duncan is a muppet
hinsch: I have Dekoning + 60 vs Stewart in this game
Hazza09: Thought I avoided the Hayes carnage but watching Durdin last night was horrendous
TheLegend6: JHF looks cooked
bhg26: JHF, Xerri, O’Driscoll, Butters, Whitfield. Been a fun week
Fatbar5tad: I tried to loophole Durdin LOL
robbieg: is guthrie finally back lmao
pcaman2003: TheLegend6. He’s not looking any better from last week.
Raspel31: Danger very quiet?
navy_blues: gee some easy marks been dropped
Jukesy: JHF never that good to begin with Legend
TheLegend6: He might get a rest next week. Grind out a 60 today then traded this week.
mattmac24: What are you talking about Rasp.. he’s best on ground so far
Hazza09: Horne Francis can be added to the list
PAFC4eva: maybe i should have had hobbs on field instead of jhf time to trade jhf methinks
DrSeuss: Xerri and JHF combining for a great score. Not what I was hoping for through
frenzy: stay low norf, priority picks incoming
navy_blues: great support frenzy in rnd6 u guys might as well sat out season if supporters are like that
frenzy: we need to catch up to your blues draft consessions
duckky: Xerri – 5 handballs … only one of them to a player
navy_blues: lol why have a team? willing them not to win lmao lowest form of supporter ive seen especially this early in season
DrSeuss: Looks like the Xerri and JHF experience might have to finish on the same week
duckky: These rules look wrong
m0nty: Selwood charity smh
beerent11: I wouldn?t trade either of them yet. They both have the right role. Unless it completely
duckky: Does anoyone know how injured WC Dixon is?
beerent11: Terri tonned up last week.
Crippa9: dixon calf I think 1-2 weeks??
J_Herer: lol at Duncan holding the ball, poor fella
navy_blues: like the look of the 2 newbies here
duckky: Thanks Crippa
thommoae: Pretty gutsy play in traffic by JHF there.
RooBoyStu: I’m a straight shooter and say it as I see it. We are weak as piss North Melbourne, no heart, no soul Pathetic
teachrtony: Any news on Rosas calf for tomorrow?
beerent11: Jhf Will still get 60. It?s fine.
beerent11: Nah just haven?t got the cattle rooboy. Young side. Don?t think they lack endeavour. My opinion anyway.
sMiles: Tomorrow? He won’t play tomorrow. I guarantee that. He might play today though. Re Rosas calf
RooBoyStu: teachrtony calf in the ring tomorrow at the market
duckky: I thought it was a Fresian
teachrtony: ha long weekends screw me up. Was reading he might miss.
Hazza09: My opponent reversed his Rachelle to Rosas trade, I thought you couldn?t do that if your player had already played
thommoae: Nailed it Beer. Haven’t had anything but heart and soul since Boomer left.
Fatbar5tad: Xerri took a mark!
Ninty: We?ll know about Rosas in 10 mins
mattmac24: You can’t reverse it Hazza but you can change who you trade in
Fatbar5tad: If Rosas is out I’m stuck with Maguiness ffs…or worse..Durdin.
Ninty: Can?t trade Rachelle but can update Rosas to another player
amigaman: How on Earth is Larkey on a positive score?
cmperrfect: Your can reverse a trade if the outed played hasn’t played yet.
cmperrfect: Or choose another non played player.
navy_blues: be handy if he was out so i can get him next week
teachrtony: Not if he has a hammy Navy.
Hazza09: Ah ok I get it, cheers
navy_blues: true
duckky: Xerri has limped to 50.
duckky: Rosas out
Stikman35: Just swapped Lionel Ritchie for Hobbs.
mattmac24: Xerri will probably do better next week against Carlton without Pittonet
beerent11: I?m gonna try and hold jhf till clark debuts for wc. Not far away I think.
beerent11: Xerri is fine.
Fatbar5tad: JHF for Hobbs might prove popular
MrWalrus: Turned him into Parker this week
Fatbar5tad: Xerri getting spanked by Stanley; Pretty much terminal surely
navy_blues: okni get rosas when he returns easy 50k
navy_blues: will scott continue to play young dempsey? thats the question id like answered
BRAZZERS: going to have to hold on to rosas now, kinda waste
beerent11: Doubtfull navy.
navy_blues: playing well beer
navy_blues: just have to wait on teams i guess
Ninty: Dempsey should hold his spot ahead of Miers but selection panel loves Miers 😬
beerent11: Hope he does navy. Rachelle is nearly done. Would be handy.
teachrtony: Rosas out
MrWalrus: This week has been carnage for my team, going to drop soo much rank
teachrtony: Gonna catch a lot of people.
navy_blues: want to do downgrades this week
mattmac24: Only option I can think of for Rosas is McCreery (Pies) but don’t think that’s worth it so I’ll hold Rosas
Ninty: I?ve gone to McCreery. Scored well in the first two rounds and has come straight back in after being out with an injury.
BigChief: Baldwin Ess another 1 matt
Ninty: Ronke if you want to live dangerously
cmperrfect: No guarantee Baldwin plays.
mattmac24: I’ve had Baldwin from the start Chief, just a bench warmer
BigChief: cmp he is named in the 22 so will play unless late injury.
Hadouken: Baldwin to play, hes named on the trimmed squad
duckky: More likely Baldwin plays than Merrett and Stringer will
Ninty: Baldwin is selected but will only be his second game.
Swans Star: Kangaroos havent made the semis since 2012 where they were beaten by WCE by 96
Ninty: Lohmann Bris could be a better option over Baldwin.
Hadouken: ive had him from round 1, blessing now rosas it out (cant reverse trade now)
beerent11: Not sure about Baldwins job security though. Might be a quick in and out again.
zoomba23: Swans Star are you ok in the head mate
beerent11: Think the answer to that is pretty obvious zoomba23
Swans Star: So Kangaroos have had 9 years of top 10 draft picks, where are they all?
zoomba23: Swans Star ok I’ll bite. We last made finals in 2016, and the two preceding years we made the prelim. You must be high
zoomba23: Fair call beerent
Ninty: Roos have rarely been a bottom out side
MrWalrus: Swans star, you say crazy wrong stuff all the time, think before you hit chat
teachrtony: Would be swapping Rosas to Hobbs imho if you can swing the foward to mid.
PAFC4eva: swans star new wahib? spud icon please
beerent11: Heading that way pafc4eva
cmperrfect: Thanks chief. Didn’t see the teams. Dropped Hind. Interesting.
cmperrfect: Should’ve dropped Shiel. He’s a dud.
Ninty: Stengle needs the $ and gun
beerent11: Jhf and Terri ok in the end. Hold.
PAFC4eva: as much as i hate to say it crows have improved since spoon cant say the same about roos
duckky: I’ll take the 70 from Xerri
cmperrfect: JHF reached his peak. Will be punted next week for Hobbs.
Fatbar5tad: My team is a spud farm again lol
MrWalrus: McDonald, LDU, JHF, Thomas, Phillips, Cunnington, Ziebell and Polec would be their top 10 picks on list
Napper: Stew mega scaling
circle52: @cmp will be a decision between JHF and Rachelle for me.
mattmac24: Hardly any scaling to come Napper, around 30 points left
Manowar: H-Francis needs to request a trade away from Norf as a matter of urgency!
BRAZZERS: lol stewrd wont get nothing, 2 clangers that 1/4
Dogs5416: North are trash. No direction whatsoever. No heart, no soul

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