Chat log from R6 of 2022: Fremantle vs Carlton

TheFlagger: go blues
RooBoyStu: Freo Heave Ho by 60+
navy_blues: lol i will have a 100 on that roo
J.Worrall: Carna Doctors
navy_blues: jhmmm crayfish is so yummy
kascadev8: carn the blues
BigChief: Tipped Freo by 20
hinsch: NOD 90+ please need some luck sooner or later
Number 8: Genuinely surprised that Cripps is playing. Hope it doesn’t backfire
BigChief: Pittonet in real trouble with knee. If he’s out Blues will struggle.
original: Most games that would be a free against Darcy, wasnt looking at the ball. Ruck free kicks should just be play on tho
navy_blues: ruck injury prob swings balance freos way id say
BigChief: Darcy could get 200 tonight without Pittonet there.
DrSeuss: NOD – Any chance to get a touch? tackle? sniff the footy before you go back to the bench?
2Ph0nes: thats assuming he gets thriugh the game without getting injured lol
BigChief: Good point 2phones.
Ash777: need walsh to score similar as steele as I forgot to loophole for vc score.
DrSeuss: NOD – finally – only took 22 minutes. A few more of those please
2Ph0nes: welcome back crippa, glad i wasnt one the muppets that traded you
original: No 50 for cripps ok
navy_blues: TDK started well
Yelse: need Odriscoll and hewett to lift
Hazza09: Ffs Durdin
Pies20: 2phones you going to auto correct the other phone that sent that message Muppet
2Ph0nes: nah nackers, nothing but facts
DEESareSAD: At this rate I?m happy I fielded Hayes over Durdin and rosas😅
TheFlagger: Darcy scored 190 against de koning solo ruck last year
Pies20: Okay couldn’t understand it few words missing
frenzy: O’Dear
PAFC4eva: hopefully english can do a cripps come back next week 🙂
2Ph0nes: he won’t, already been ruled out for 3 weeks
frenzy: Turdin
TheFlagger: weitering is a brick wall
PAFC4eva: damm
MrWalrus: 2-3 but yep, happy for him to take all 3 if needed
Tangent: Got $50 on over 25.5 Brodie TOG complaints
BigChief: How good is Docherty?
PAFC4eva: dont think hayes can cover for that long
fruity: NOD back on the bench….
kascadev8: wheres wahab to complain about brodie?
Pies20: Apache you are killing me this week 😔
Wahab_18: Brayshaw to Brodie you beautyyyy
MrWalrus: Hayes will play, & will upgrade another position with the cash
pcaman2003: kaskadev. SShhh! He might hear you
BigChief: Kasca you woke up the kebab
PAFC4eva: true walrus dont think he will score like that against a decent ruck
kascadev8: i am sorry chat 🙁 please for give me
MrWalrus: He’ll plug a hole and make me cash, that’s all I’m after
NewFreoFan: What is this free kick differential
PAFC4eva: reckon im playing you ff2 walrus payback for afl loss
Grimes Jr: get on the field Bradshaw ffs
BigChief: Brodie getting hammy strapped.
original: Am shocked Darcy doesn?t give away more ruck frees. NO eyes for the ball until he has hit the other ruckman
Wahab_18: Traded in Brayshaw and now he’s getting the TOG treatment
Raspel31: Feeling roundly abused by my players this week- but thank you Hewett and Doch- I shall not step down.
2Ph0nes: lol every ruckman does that
MrWalrus: 22 guns? Might end closer than projected but you’re looking pretty great so far
Pav300: Turn it up! Original – your boys having a crack – umps are not affecting outcome
pcaman2003: Crippa,Hewie and Brodie..Good start boys. Keep it up
NewFreoFan: Darcy too big too strong too furious
BigChief: Original that’s called ruck craft mate.
Tangent: When’s Fyfe coming back
kascadev8: wheres sydney pj?
Baldfrog: Wow original u guys have been kissed on the sausage tonight and ur whinging?
MrWalrus: Lol classic blues, getting it all your way, still complain about umps
original: Yeh umps have been grouse. Real top quality all round lads
NewFreoFan: @Tangent they’ve been saying Fyfe a few weeks before the bye, dunno if I believe
PAFC4eva: yeah you said that last time walrus didnt end well
MrWalrus: Yeah, they’ve been predictably awful but mainly your way, just wow!
a1trader: Pittonet is a huge loss
Tangent: I thought Fyfe would be back already… He took off so much time for surgery
navy_blues: turnover city here
Raspel31: Cripps will still be cheap- straight back in next week?
MrWalrus: Fair enough PAFC, good quality leagues this year, very strong & competitive
pcaman2003: All those that dumped Cripps would be crying in their milk now. Lol!
PAFC4eva: anybody thinking rozee with more mid time or just a trap?
Tig-Train: 1 Injury and Carlton gone to crap lol love it
original: I won?t go rozee but enjoying his recent form. Real good patch
TheFlagger: short term memory loss tig-train?
MrWalrus: I’m fine with my Crippa drop, no PAFC, he will break your heart
Baldfrog: Good old tig train comes on to abuse other teams goes hiding in tigers matches
Tig-Train: Should we mention the injury is pittonet? like one of those worse rucks in the league so shouldn?t have that much of an
Pies20: Trap pafc
exatekk: too true Bald.
navy_blues: u watch tomorrow tig the we will see the book of excuses come out and ump whinging
Tangent: Good to see Dusty back.
MrWalrus: He remembers winning flags flagger
PAFC4eva: looked good from the stands not sure i can go there
blonde0na: i think stats would disagree that pitt isn’t important to the blues team
DrSeuss: Rozee great when given mid time. Can?t trust Hinkley to make logical coaching decisions though
Tig-Train: We couldn?t be Adelaide you expect us to beat Melbourne? Lmao
Pies20: Crow’s boy’s in on the chat where up and about
Pokerface: pca – hardly. sc dumbed down this year that theres trades to get him back in. and played extra premium last week
Thomas1234: blues are undefeated with pitto playing
navy_blues: turnovers is main prob right now id say
Wahab_18: and brayshaw back in the bench again after doing nothing.. i wonder how everyone in the sport industries knows me?
Tig-Train: Yeh turnovers, must be because pittonet is injured
pcaman2003: Poker. There are always those who love wasting trades.
Gotigres: With English and Dixon out, I was forced to start Durdin 🙁
thommoae: Read comment part (a) spuddie
navy_blues: im callin it as it is tig
exatekk: me too Gotigres 🙁
Pokerface: the extra premium got me essential wins in my leagues. i have no issue with the decision
Baldfrog: Haha Carlton coach drinking coke in the box hinkley has started a trend
BigChief: So what is Richmond’s excuse Tig-Train?
Social: dealer got busted
kascadev8: BigChief no dusty no tiges
Hazza09: Useless Durdin, pathetic
2Ph0nes: we dont have one, he had our time. good players past prime now
Tig-Train: We just not tough enough at the ball anymore, can?t keep up
MrWalrus: Baldy, if you think that is anyway a coincidence you don’t understand the AFL
2Ph0nes: wrong kas, dusty played half last season and we were still garbo, we just cooked
BigChief: Kasca he play v Blues rd 1 and they lost LOL
Pies20: Big c who you follow?
Baldfrog: Dunstall follows fitzroy
BigChief: You know who I follw Pies.
Baldfrog: Hey Chief 🙂
navy_blues: 1 thing i will say tig i loved being at the g rd1 lolol
Tangent: Crows a dark horse
MrWalrus: I love this,we play tomorrow idiots, save your tiges hate boners till then
BigChief: gday Baldy
Pies20: Haha yes yes i do
Raspel31: One ponders Hayes to Darcy- but are rucks really an anachronism- I believe so.
Pav300: lmao Mr Walrus
Pies20: Dark horse for what tangent 9th?
m0nty: Brodie up to 75% TOG, he should tweak his calf every week
BigChief: We have not lost a game in AFL since 1995. That has to be some sort of record 🙂
m0nty: quad I mean
Baldfrog: Walrus I swear u were on Broadway with your dramatics
Baldfrog: Can’t pies 9thmond is taken
Pav300: Got to keep it warm mOnty lol
MrWalrus: Haven’t won any either chief
BigChief: Well that is true Walrus.
Tangent: Crows youngest squad in the comp and rebuilding and still disposing of premiership contenders
Pies20: At best baldy got to love tangents enthusiasm
MrWalrus: Crows & blues fans getting chirpy at tiges boys, this is hilarious, win a flag this century Muppets
exatekk: tone it down a notch Tangent LOL
PAFC4eva: baby croms premiers tangent
original: I miss the purple name game
Baldfrog: Walrus if we had 7 home games in a row before finals we might
MrWalrus: Fitzroy was the first team I decided to go for, lasted 3 years
Pies20: With ya walrus laughable
exatekk: at least it wont be Port PAFC 🙂
Tangent: We’re an interstate you muppet it’s a bit harder for us unlike you Vic flogs
Baldfrog: Good to see Hakham west has internet tonight pies20
J.Worrall: NorthFitzKildascray, Chief?
navy_blues: they get the most home games in the league baldy
mattmac24: Happy to see blues supporters being a bit chirpy, they finally have a start to a season to be semi happy about.
MrWalrus: Nah baldy, besides you may recall we won one away from home too, just saying
original: Tigers are still contenders tho. Dusty to come back
J.Worrall: I too miss the PNG
exatekk: now thats true Tan. it was 22+3 today against the crom
TheFlagger: grimes to come back too
Pies20: Your a knob baldy good to see you could afford your monthly internet bill
Tig-Train: It?s not our fault other teams also use MCG as their own home ground
Baldfrog: Haha pies20
MrWalrus: Lol, I’m South Aussie, lions, port, WC, Sydney all managed this century
Tangent: Dogs almost had triple free kicks and still lost, it’s laughable
J.Worrall: What’s a “knob baldy”?
Baldfrog: Grimes jnr Flagger he has disappeared just like tig train does
Tig-Train: It?s always the Adelaide fans who have most to say about Richmond, I wonder why
Raspel31: In the interests of keeping peace Pies- Baldy was just showing natural concern for the underprivileged.
MrWalrus: Have you even made a grand final? Oh… Yeah, it all makes sense now
Baldfrog: Only people from Hackham West know J Worrall
Baldfrog: Always want Tottenham to win Rasp
Social: we dont want ‘home’ games at the G, AFL puts revenue before equity
Baldfrog: Exactly Social
MrWalrus: Crows getting ripped off by umps must have been a shock, have you split up with the umps
Tig-Train: Social if it?s a home and away game you guys choose to play at mcg for the money but in a final you want to play in geel
PAFC4eva: glad crom won for some reason i hate doggies:(
Pies20: He is still trying to find his worral hasn’t seen it for a long time
Social: no, we make more at KP, AFL profits at the G
Tangent: If the grand final was at AO you would of lost by 40+ everyone knows that
Tangent: Just an example of the VIC bias
Baldfrog: When u grow up pies20 you’ll have better comebacks
Tig-Train: You do not make more from KP with 80k at MCG
Tig-Train: Lucky for us Adelaide joined the VFL and we didn?t join the SANFL
Tangent: If Adelaide Oval had 120k capacity I can assure you the GF would be held there.
J.Worrall: Tes, I preferred “Hackham West”!
Tig-Train: Maybe in 2060 when the the MCG contract runs out
Social: You’d be suprised Tig, after MCC and AFL take their cut
mattmac24: Where’s Monty with the “back on the game thanks” when we need it!
Tig-Train: Anyway back to the game guys? watching Carlton lose gives me 90 percentage of the enjoyment I get when Richmond win
Tangent: Maybe we can fake a pandemic and play at Optus Stadium?
Tangent: Gabba I mean
navy_blues: well u woulda enjoyed rd 1 then tig
Tig-Train: Fake another pandemic?
MrWalrus: Nice half time break lads, heave ho!
Baldfrog: So we’ll see you tomorrow afternoon tig?
Tangent: Relax Tig just a wind up. Ollie Wines will say otherwise
Tig-Train: I?m not on here if I?m at the game Bald and I?m at most Richmond games
MrWalrus: The hell, COVID is fake? Don’t I suddenly look foolish! Idiot, pure idiot
PAFC4eva: who is this lewis young ?
PAFC4eva: never noticed him before
Raspel31: Off to watch Gunners massacre United- good night and good luck all.
Tig-Train: Watching United lose? another of my favorite things haha
navy_blues: from bulldogs pafc
Baldfrog: Thanks for reminding me Rasp
MrWalrus: Was a dog
PAFC4eva: ahh yes i remember now thanks navy
DrSeuss: Why would you handball that back to Cripps – idiot
pcaman2003: Not sure how Hewitt got a clanger for the kick to his team mate. Very confusing.
poolboybob: Gee that was horrific defending
blonde0na: freo look the goods this year
sMiles: Cripps gone home? lol
Wahab_18: CD’s opponent must have the C on Brayshaw this week
Tig-Train: Great defending
MrWalrus: He ment to go over the top then
Tangent: Cripps silencing all
navy_blues: gotta agree tig
Grimes Jr: brayshaw is a joke
sMiles: oh – there he is
blonde0na: Cerra boo’ing is getting old now
MrWalrus: Tucker Muppet, why play on there!?!
poolboybob: Gonna go out on a limb and say that if a WA kid leaves VIC to go back to Freo, these bogans wouldn?t be booing him
BigChief: poolboy Clark perfect example.
mattmac24: Can understand booing the first couple possession but every single one, very annoying.
frenzy: Carlton should boo Cerra every week
DEESareSAD: I have to bring in 2 premos?. Still haven?t picked and now I have missed heaps of good ones lol.
Dondeal: Brodie getting murdered by CD
st_steve: Lobb, Clark, Acres poolboybob
Gelly: hopefully durdin can stay above -4 so he doesnt lose money
Swans Star: Freo getting all the free kicks
MrWalrus: So, they’re not paying dissent now? Good.
DrSeuss: NOD back on field please – was just getting involved
arbel: Wow the last couple frees for freo have been a bit soft
Tangent: Welcome to Optus Stadium.
original: You?re only allowed to complain about free kicks if you have less total frees.
Tangent: How’s that possible??
navy_blues: great goal
Swans Star: Carlton have been umpired out of the game
Grimes Jr: piss fucking weak brayshaw
MrWalrus: No, it has evened up now Original to rubbish all round
BigChief: Fuck off. You can’t kick a goal from there.
Pies20: Rooboy where did night raid finish dropped 50 on it
bhg26: Why is noddys dt to sc so poor
blonde0na: why are they boo’ing cripps now? what a bunch of peanuts this freo crowd
navy_blues: voss better review defence plan
bhg26: Don?t know what Cripps has done wrong blonde0na
poolboybob: Boo Cerra for going home and boo Cripps for not going back to WA
Dondeal: Brodie’s last kick completley missed by CD
MrWalrus: Those freo backs are good
Swans Star: Carlton just need one more Elite midfielder to help Cripps and Walsh out
Tangent: Brayshaw tackling his way to a ton
Bluebagg11: Newnes gotta go. Boyd needs a year in the twos.
Tangent: Knee to the head, he’s unconcious
original: Night Raid went as well as carlton did
Hazza09: Absolute useless Durdin
Tig-Train: Just 1 more? Ahh sounds fair
Pav300: Turn it up! Every crowd in the country boos. Take ur misery somewhere else
Wahab_18: Brayshaw’s score is unbelievable
poolboybob: As a West Coast supporter I would be happy with one elite mid, let alone 2 or 3
Gelly: i was saying boo-urns
Baldfrog: Rasp if Ur lurking just took 2 minutes haha
jfitty: CD taking the piss with Brayshaw’s score
crowman83: Cripps must be indigenous. That?s why people get booed right? Just ask Goodes
banta: Doch is freakish good
Grimes Jr: go crippa u good thing
MrWalrus: I’d boo cripps, looks a right tosser
pcaman2003: Nice Crippa. Too easy!
st_steve: crowman83 what the hell is wrong with you?
Social: CRIPPA and whoever that ump was
mattmac24: Of course you would Walrus.
banta: Yep Cripps booed coz he?s an arrogant toss
sMiles: so .. is that goal of year? was pretty good
BigChief: What has Jamie Cripps ever done to you Walrus?
Silz90: Leave the ball alone Brayshaw. Let’s go nod
Pav300: Champions wear booing like a badge of honour. Cripps is a champion player
poolboybob: Cripps? barber used a weed whacker
bhg26: Why do we have to boo champions though?
MrWalrus: Given me nothing but joy in a GF a few years back, fair call chief, no boos for him
exatekk: fk off banta, you’re a pelican
Wahab_18: cripps and enlgish hammy really ruined my momentum and team structure completely 🙁
Ninty: Anyone that boo?s is a deadset flog
crowman83: st_steve my point is people get booed in nearly every game but only Goodes pulled the race card
MrWalrus: When does Brayshaw get all his points? Got nothing for that HTB before, saved a goal
crowman83: Unfortunately booing is a part of the game
bhg26: How is o?driscoll only on 38?!
J.Worrall: a zebra crossing?
MrWalrus: Boo Ninty! Booooo
st_steve: crowman83 my point is Goodes retired a long time ago but it still was your go-to. Booing is ridiculous for the most part
exatekk: they’ve been booing Tex for the last few weeks, and im dure they dont even know why anymore…
J.Worrall: I reject the “pullled the race card” comment
frenzy: zero cp’s bhg
BigChief: boo boo boo
poolboybob: Bob Murphy for PM
J.Worrall: right on, steve
MrWalrus: Why shouldn’t a crowd of supporters be passionate, they’re not actually even booing for the most part
PAFC4eva: we know why exatekk
Gotigres: Time to put the cape on Durdin
bhg26: Still harsh to have 18 less sc compared to dt
st_steve: Goodes got booed because he reacted to a racist comment. People who are booing Tex know EXACTLY why they are doing it
Gelly: sean darcy concussion test?
MrWalrus: It’s Just the sound of 30k+ people voicing displeasure
mattmac24: There’s a difference between being passionate and booing a player for the sake of booing them.
Silz90: Disagree Steve. Goodes was a flog and people are allowed to boo him.
Grimes Jr: Do something hewett
Tig-Train: Goodes deserved everything he got?
banta: Brayshaw such a freak this year. Why haven?t they tagged him? Worked for other clubs
crowman83: Goodes got booed because he took dives. Just like Selwood does. I don?t hear him complaining
Silz90: Why did people boo Watson when the essenron saga happened? Anyway would love cripps to go huge tonight.
MrWalrus: I’d suggest that you can boo whoever you want for whatever reason, it really is such a silly thing
exatekk: goodes is a flog. he never apologised for anything, just played the race card time and again
banta: Cripps and Brayshaw are players that should be getting tagged every week
Gotigres: I thought Goodes was booed because he staged for frees like in the back when he was going for a mark
BigChief: Cripps is a 1 man band once again.
exatekk: they’re only booing Crippa as hes a sandgroper
Pav300: settle lads, I love the proud First nation man. Crippa standing up here
poolboybob: Goodes was booed much more than Selwood, for reasons which are obvious to everyone who is not an abject moron
Social: a la crippetta
Pokerface: you know thats not why he was booed tigres.
MrWalrus: Boo cripps boo
bhg26: Agreed poolboybob, can?t believe what I?m reading
MrWalrus: Ball!
Silz90: That’s your opinion poolboy. Remember some lads booing Judd in the elimination final vs tigers. Only spurred him on
bhg26: Wow Sean Darcy out again
2Ph0nes: lol told you darcy wouldnt last
AlsoGmax: I’m just going to say it; I traded Cripps out for English.
crowman83: I?m sorry poolboy I didn?t realise you were inside the minds of everybody that ever booed Goodes
DrSeuss: Get back on NOD
Gelly: another week off for darcy
mattmac24: That sucks Gmax
BigChief: Yep 2phones you did. Smarter than me.
navy_blues: freo deserve to win this but id like to know how many frees paid in their 50
Gotigres: The incident with the girl Pokerface?
Social: Crippatucci
AlsoGmax: mattmac24 So much.
MrWalrus: Wait, are you saying Goodes was booed for being indigenous? Ummm, no, not the case
st_steve: Lot of opinions here. I don?t boo, he?ll I rarely speak at games. Probably the introvert in me, just never
TheFlagger: ah who cares
st_steve: *just never understood the yelling at games in general
TheFlagger: more carlton slander less unrelated bullshit
Pokerface: who cares? the guy was treated like garbage by racists pretending they werent
bhg26: I?m a total introvert but at the footy I?m a total flog lmao
BigChief: Can’t boo the umpires because they are green maggots?
Silz90: Games over surely?
bhg26: I?ve given up the fight ages ago poker, it?s not worth arguing
MrWalrus: Chief, I insist!
st_steve: Haha bhg26 may need to take a page from your book
pcaman2003: Poker. That pretty much sums it up.
TheFlagger: Poker i was referring to navys comment, not the adam goodes talk
PAFC4eva: racism isnt cool doesnt matter if your your tex or goodes
m0nty: back on this game please
Tangent: Shut up PAFC you go for Port, you’re a racist
Gotigres: Durdin on fire now. Might pass Pittonet
DrSeuss: Brodie and NOD have certainly faded this qtr
navy_blues: unrelated? bout this game? hmmm ok flagger
PAFC4eva: big comment for someone who doesnt know me flog
Hazza09: How does Durdin only get 3 points for a mark and kick, absolute useless
zadolinnyj: Chat is a bit dark. Surely freo can?t lose this
BigChief: Is Zac Williams a huge butcher?
TheFlagger: no the first comment was for you. second for the adam goodes talk.
Swans Star: People who traded Cripps out would be feeling crook
bhg26: It says odriscoll is on ground but I cannot see him
zadolinnyj: Glad I kept cripps
Social: Fettuccine Cripponara
DrSeuss: Well there goes any chance for Carlton
Tangent: Can just tell from how you speak champ, nothing personal
Gotigres: It was an effective kick as well Hazza which led to a goal
bhg26: He does believe Dixon doesn?t get looked after tangent so not far off lmao
MrWalrus: Tangent you’re off your nut tonight, time for bed perhaps
Dondeal: Seriously, Brodie is getting totally fucked in the arse by CD
PAFC4eva: not as much as buddy lol
mattmac24: We agree on something for once Walrus, lol
PAFC4eva: ps tangent calling someone racist is personal
zadolinnyj: What?s odricols number
m0nty: I said back on the game please
navy_blues: now we see effort to little to late
Social: I’ll just put me glasses on… ahh it says 30 here
bhg26: And o Driscoll bench, lovely
zadolinnyj: Ta social. Flower me I never noticed the numbers in all the years. Crazy
mattmac24: Another ton from Hewett, feel bad for anyone that decided not to pick him in SC.
Fangman: Gme over
piro: hewett been immense this quarter
banta: Free against was Brodie, not Walters. The one against Doch
dipperD: surely an atlas for durdin
zadolinnyj: Anyone running the doch and Hewett combo in sc
Dogs5416: Frederick s genuine stinker here. Wow
st_steve: Crazy idea m0nty but if people in the chat act like Tangent is, maybe moderate them?
navy_blues: yep i am
mattmac24: Since the beginning Zado
fruity: zadolinnyj yeah l am …started last week..
PAFC4eva: yes zado traded shitfield fo r doc 3 weeks ago started with hewett
NewFreoFan: Shouldn’t have put the C on Frederick
navy_blues: as well as cripps and walsh
cmperrfect: Ditto Matt.
zadolinnyj: I dont know why I question myself when I go to do it.
exatekk: yeah both zado
Baldfrog: Gunnar have a bad bye week Navy
exatekk: and crippa
MrWalrus: SC scores just not right, Carlton should not be ahead overall by my eye, not even close
Ninty: Haven?t watched much, but I swear the commentators said Frederick has been good tonight 🧐
navy_blues: always 1 bad bye week anyways
Silz90: Brodie ton lets go
navy_blues: they arent walrus
zadolinnyj: Love seeing 9old man Mundy still playing well. Wonder he he takes the dentures out at half time
pcaman2003: Crippa, Brodie and Hewitt all tonned up. Great stuff!
st_steve: This has been the first OK SuperCoach game for me is round. Can deal with NOD.
mattmac24: Freo just a more balanced team Walrus, sharing the points rather than Carlton having 8 players play well.
thommoae: Frederick has a 100% efficiency rating 🙂
Hazza09: You?re gone next Durdin, absolute trash
BigChief: Happy with Cripps, Hewett, Brodie and Brayshaw tonight.
Social: Panzerotto Crippo
Ninty: Frederick goes in the black with a minute to go 🥵
NewFreoFan: Freeeooooo
MrWalrus: Were just before and 6 goals is a fair margin, freo have been well on top
Fangman: It’s beginning to look like there is mo real challenge for Melbourne this year
Tig-Train: Durdin couldn?t be a player who had 10mins of play haha
navy_blues: wd freo
Tig-Train: Beat oh wow I didn?t see Fredrick
Social: molto dolce Crippa
J.Worrall: ?”always one bad bye week”? Well, yes there are always 3. One good, one bad, one average!

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