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Chat log from R6 of 2022: Western Sydney vs St Kilda

Chat log for Western Sydney vs St Kilda, R6 of 2022

Stu7: Saints or Giants?
BigChief: Steele or Smith WB for VC?
Baldfrog: Saints with another ton to hayes
BigChief: Giants for me by 14
Baldfrog: And Pruess better do well
Stu7: Smith BigChief
J.Worrall: Go Sainters!
st_steve: Feel like GWS will get us, maybe three goals. Chucked the VC on Green
BigChief: That is who i chose Stu7. Steele has struggled against GWS
Ash777: A lot probably bought pruess in this week.
st_steve: Have had to go Hayes in the ruck with English out
MrWalrus: GWS by 13, goosebumps
Swans Star: be interested in see Callaghan in his second game
Gotigres: I almost got Sinclair in
Baldfrog: I did ash
Stu7: @st_steve same here mate
Torz: So dumb Preuss
dezlav: Big shout out to all Service members, past and present. We Thankyou.
BigChief: Preuss you muppet.
Swans Star: very fantasy relevant game this one
Yelse: why is whitfield -3 he just kicked it of ground into f50
hinsch: What round will Toby get suspended again
Stu7: @BigChief – good stuff
Hazza09: Wtf Pruess you clown
DrSeuss: Ok Preuss – you need to kill it the rest of the game to make up for that stupidity
Wahab_18: -11 to start the round how good
Oddsy5: preuss free was there but the won against tom green was that stupid
bhg26: Preuss just needs to get -93 guys it?s all good
BigChief: Wow no way that was a dangerous tackle.
Torz: Marshall shoves him right in the back – nothing from the umps
Hazza09: -13 really?
DrSeuss: Umps terrible already only took 3 minutes
Swans Star: but Preuss last game for a while lol
Baldfrog: Are u surprised Dr?
Wahab_18: On track for -70 by the end of this game
Stu7: There he goes Higgins poor kicking has started
MrWalrus: Legit got Preuss, Green & Whitfield in this
Stu7: Marshal having a great start
BigChief: So he will be dropped just like NOD @Swans Star?
Swans Star: GWS have 6 elite midfielders, they should be doing so much better than they are
Baldfrog: Marshall arms around pruess no free
Bluebagg11: Arms up a few times so far. No fifties?
fruity: You wont get me points by sitting on the bench Hayes..GET ON THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!
dezlav: @Walrus. Ross, Coniglio, Pruess & Hayes warmin the bench
Stu7: Come on Green
Valorlonga: preuss just got tackled without the ball… would havee been a goal if paid correctly
MrWalrus: Shhh, bluebag, we don’t need that shite
hinsch: Bluebag different teams, arms up only apply to some
MrWalrus: Got Hayes & Cogs too
dezlav: 1 More step and Higgins would have walked that overt the line….
Gotigres: Get off the ground Marshall
DrSeuss: Is Marshall some sort of protected species?
Torz: Typical Higgins goal
Fatbar5tad: Come on Giants. Give the locals something to cheer about.
Bluebagg11: I agree Walrus. But pretty sure that?s what they?ve been saying all week.
robbieg: cmon jelly
Wahab_18: What a week to bring in Green -_-
Swans Star: Why does Cameron keep playing Taranto in the forward line, just a waste
original: Can we talk about greshams eyebrows for a minute
MrWalrus: Green kicked that, got pinged
Gotigres: ‘Cumming has kept coming’ lol
BigChief: It sure looked like it Walrus.
Baldfrog: Saints are Gils fairytale this year
DrSeuss: Haha I saw that too original – wtf
Ash777: still cumming
MrWalrus: Swans star, do you understand how footy works?
original: DrSeuss I?ve been looking for someone to discuss them with all year
MrWalrus: Preuss gonna go huge, too big, too strong
kascadev8: oh no its wahab, what was the multi this week smh
Stu7: My opponent has Taranto as Captain 😂
BigChief: Captain obvious BT ya FLOG
Raspel31: Hmm- perhaps picking Marshall rather than Hayes might have been the wiser move.
Stu7: Higgins practice kicking ya flog
Protocol: i have green VC LOL
DrSeuss: Pretty terrible original. Shaped and coloured in with a Nikko
Pecks: where’s Hayes’ point he scored?
Ash777: got steele vc in this
MrWalrus: Lol, Tom Green fanclub tent on the left flank
Gotigres: No ball bags at the ground apparently
Stu7: @Protocol – bad luck mate
BRAZZERS: who cares about the ball boys bt you flog
original: Might have to get cumming. Takes all kick ins and gws sure do suck
Ash777: He didn’t score pecks
BigChief: Pecks he didn’t kick a point, it was punched through by Taylor
MrWalrus: Me too Proto
DrSeuss: Get Preuss off the bench Cameron
Baldfrog: Use BT’s ballbag
Raspel31: Protocol I pray for you- have Green too but not as v cap.
Stikman35: Glad I have Hayes on bench as emergency. But he may get on yet?
MrWalrus: Geez Hayes can play, how he only just got picked up is a mystery to me
Swans Star: I thought GWS would come out a bit harder than they have
Pecks: ahh
Stu7: Good stuff Hayes keep it up
Gotigres: I feel like Green has already lost me my match up
Pecks: I wonder if Hayes’mum cut that mullet for him
BigChief: Green doing okay if not for the 2 FA
Swans Star: Hayes, Preuss, Xerri, Haynes go the ruckman
MrWalrus: Can someone explain Marshalls score to me please, getting smashed
Raspel31: Atta boy Preuss- looks like English out for a few.
Protocol: marshall 4hitouts 3 tackles 1 goal
original: Taranto, from the Latin word treloar-like, which means ?butcher?
m0nty: getting goals from frees earns more than giving away goals from frees
Baldfrog: CD must have Marshall
original: Hayes really limping
gazza39: Contested possies drive the score up big time in this format
Stikman35: Gawn, witts, preuss, Hayes, xerri, Dixon. Port ruckman next week
MrWalrus: I know the stats for Marshall, not sure where they found them or the points too
Protocol: green slowly coming to life after starting -6 lol
Ash777: ffs whitfield
original: Green just exploded
Fatbar5tad: Sinclair best defender past three weeks. I bring him. Nine points Stupid fucking game.
TheLegend6: 50 point quarter from Preuss
Stu7: Good stuff Gresham
Catatafish: Shitfield doing shitfield things because he’s shit
Swans Star: Supercoach gets it so wrong some times
Gotigres: Hayes down in the rooms
bhg26: Hayes really down in the rooms
gazza39: Showerfield will come good I thought to myself…
RooBoyStu: Baldfrog Night Raid Doomben tomorrow Race 5 number 12 will go close, she’s flying and ready first up
Gotigres: Lienert warming up apparently
Stikman35: Hayes has reached his break even at least Yesterday
Raspel31: To lose English was unfortunate but to now lose Hayes is simply careless.
m0nty: Hayes vision looked terrible, tombstone warming up
gazza39: Whitfield playing an outside game…you’re not kidding
DEESareSAD: Why do I have Hayes on the bench last week and on field this week😭
bc__: Whitfield lost 10 points for giving away that free? 6 touches 10 points ffs
kascadev8: free against whitfield for a trip missing, lol
bhg26: How can you be on 10 sc points from 6 touches showerfield
DEESareSAD: At least we can trades Hayes too other Hayes without any problems now.
Stikman35: de Boer has the vest in case game is close in last qtr and need to keep someone quite.
frenzy: Hayes to Hayes this week
Stu7: DEESareSAD – not helpful
bhg26: God forbid he tries to get the ball himself stikman
st_steve: Four ruck/fwds in my squad and only one still healthy. Not ideal.
MrWalrus: I hate supercoach, now lyon days Preuss hurt his knee ffs
original: Green rebound go flower off. How?s he go from -6 to 30 in the blink of an eye
Ooost: All aboard the Whitfield hate train people
MrWalrus: Enoug
Raspel31: Think we all feel the pain chaps- groan.
DrSeuss: Hayes hurt his knee – Preuss is fine.
Stu7: Whitfield you piece of crap
MrWalrus: I hate umpires instead
RooBoyStu: Are you there Baldfrog? Night Raid Doomben R5#12 tomorrow
Stikman35: Never trade out witts to preuss. I didn?t. Some did. Next week I know which ruck I?m trading
Protocol: flynn preuss combo is kinda nice
poolboybob: Imagine going to a cash converters and seeing Christian Petracca in there
bhg26: You spelled showerfield wrong ooost
Ooost: Green 😀
Valorlonga: Hayes suspected ACL
Ash777: Hayes out
Oddsy5: acl hayes far out.. poor bugger :/
BigChief: Hayes done for season you would thing. Did not look good.
Baldfrog: Yeah rooboy saw that
Stu7: Saints need to be very careful
BRAZZERS: lol this the first game i started hayes on the ground fml
Ash777: what a horrible start for the round
Raspel31: Oh pooh,pooh, pooh pooh- Hayes gone. A week in a mere blink.
RooBoyStu: Lol rename you the silent assassin lol
Ash777: whitfield is gone
Valorlonga: Thats so sad, hopefully he gets back to playing again. Awkward situation with Marshall and Ryder
Stikman35: Poor bloke. Hope he comes back strong next year.
StuL: That’s the end of Hayes for SC. Bloody hell
MrWalrus: Season over
DrSeuss: Sucks for Hayes – talented fella.
st_steve: Just horrible for Hayes. Finally made it to AFL and playing the type of footy we saw him play in SANFL. Poor guy.
Baldfrog: Saw he ran 2nd in a trial was trainer happy Rooboy?
MrWalrus: Also these umps are awful
Stu7: King is such a bad kick like Higgins
Ash777: was going to trade out hayes out anyways but have him on field.
RooBoyStu: Grundy will win the Anzac Medal take a double with Night Raid
Baldfrog: Cmon Walrus they have been consistent all year
Manowar: Oh well no problem, trade Hayes for Hayes next week!
RooBoyStu: Trainer happy and same jockey as trial. Steph Thornton loves the mare, new environment has done her wonders
DrSeuss: Amazing how many GWS players miss Whitfield in space.
bhg26: If Hugh Dixon wasn?t out I would have been flowered. At least I can field rosas now
Yelse: can’t get over whitfield
gazza39: Whitfield situation has been enlightened by Green’s recent good work
Baldfrog: Steph is a good jock as well
MrWalrus: Lol Baldy, that they have
BigChief: They all know Shitfield would only give it to Saints Suess.
a1trader: these free kicks are so soft. Like its a non contact sport now – hate it
Stu7: Umps have fVcked the game
Manowar: soft! throw your arms out in disgust!
Baldfrog: A1 wait till we wear helmets and womens tights like the yanks
Tangent: Evening all just tuning in… is Hayes alright?
Stu7: @Baldfrog – ha ha so true
Yelse: seriously what is going on with whitfield i am seriously buffled
RooBoyStu: Gollan the trainer no mug
Stu7: Tangent – Hayes is gone like last weeks pay
Manowar: no he is not alright!
BigChief: Tangent suspected ACL
vamos77: Is Steele steele out there, get movin boy, sheez
bhg26: If preuss goes huge then I have to trade out witts and bring Rowell back in for a week
m0nty: getting a bit sick of Cogs handballing, get the pill on the boot son
dabombers: Never making a post on Bigfooty about trades or keepers again. Have Jinxed 4 players so far 2022
Baldfrog: Hope he wins for ya Rooboy I’ll be having a couple of bob on him
Stikman35: Oliver next week after price drop. This week brayshaw or Walsh for Rowell?
Tangent: Honestly feel bad for the kid… footy isn’t fair sometimes
gazza39: I was thinking of shipping steele…shipping steele
Stu7: Great stuff Taranto
Raspel31: In memory of my great grandfather who fought in the back yard wars can we refrain from mentioning Hayes?
Baldfrog: Don’t give up ya day job Gazza
RooBoyStu: Dissent is a joke, I throw my arms up at work when machines don’t work and when I lose on the punt
gazza39: I can’t afford to Bald
Baldfrog: Went Rowell to Brayshaw stikman
Grimes Jr: Go giants
Stu7: Saints the Greta pretenders
RooBoyStu: If Night Raid loses tomorrow dissent plus lol. And if she wins dissent mega time lol
BigChief: How the fuck did Marshall get held in a center bounce?
vamos77: Calling all saints players to get Steeley some good ole 1-2, 1-2 cheapies. Long way from 30
Stikman35: Dilemma frog
DrSeuss: Gee Marshall gets given some cheap frees
Ooost: Sick of Cogs? 😀
gazza39: OMG maybe should have given to Whitfield then..??
Ninty: Whitfield is Malceski at GC. I?ll ride the titanic to the ocean floor.
Catatafish: NOD to defence, Whitfield to mid, Whitfield upgraded to Hobbs/Callaghan. Done with this cunt.
bhg26: Can giants players stop burning Whitfield. Like I know he?s shit but come out help out the rest of us
Tangent: Cogs pickup of the year?
gazza39: I traded out Brayshaw early when I saw he would be the main tag each week, the kid is that good he just beats it
Fatbar5tad: Horrible dissent rule
BigChief: OMG that is bullshit
Stu7: @Tangent – Yep as well as Gresham
bhg26: Umpires deserve all the abuse they get and then some. Fucking knobheads
Ninty: Great get Tangent, don?t know how he wasn?t playing AFL before this year
Ooost: Cogs, Brodie and Hewett pickup of the year 😀
Stikman35: Whitfield not doing his prospects of moving back to Melbourne justice
dabombers: Dissent counter. Whats it at so far??
MrWalrus: Lol Cameron before 100% said flower me dead for that OOTF
DrSeuss: Great call Ump – useless twit. He was suggesting it hit the ground
Baldfrog: Agree gazza gunna be a star
Stikman35: Gazza. That?s my thoughts. But he?s done well
a1trader: hard to watch this rubbish, rules are destroying a great game
MrWalrus: Oh fuck me, AFL has lost the plot
RooBoyStu: Dissent will have me walk away from AFL. It is natural body language that you use your arms
StuL: New year. A new idiotic rule every year
Ash777: This new rule is making me not want to watch.
Gotigres: Pointing down at the ground now forbidden
gazza39: Was my first pick this year, out of respect he needs to be welcomed back
Raspel31: Keep tackling Green- over pouting.
Stikman35: Watched a game from 1983 earlier It flowed perfectly with no stupid rules wrecking the contest
dabombers: Im sure we are gonna find the 6000 umpires we need locally with these calls and rule changes happening.
SwaggyP: What a stupid rule lol
BigChief: Robbo was right. Just use robots now. Game is dead.
mattmac24: Garbage rule. Abuse towards the Uno is fair enough but simply questioning a call is not worth the 50m penalty
gazza39: And we are meant to believe B Scott?
Stu7: Lift Gresham
sMiles: Everyone has Hayes on field, right?
Baldfrog: Stick man and only 1 ump imagine that
Stu7: No I don?t Omhad
Baldfrog: No smiles not me
bhg26: King on fi-yah!
Ninty: Have the E loophole for Whitfield, Preuss and Hayes in play tonight luckily
dabombers: Good umpires used to get the respect of players. Also they weren?t rose petals worried about BS players said.
Oddsy5: sMiles swapped him for Rosas last min, was gunna loophole him if he got a good score
mattmac24: I did sMiles
st_steve: @sMiles I kinda hope so
Gotigres: No sMiles, E only
Stikman35: It was brilliant frog. Was windy as hell too. Ball bounced in centre only. Thrown in quick as. Gold
Stu7: No I don?t I had Hayes on the bench and if he scored okay I was going to loop him – now I have to trade English
pcaman2003: Evening all! Gresham only 5 touches? Get the ball dopey. Haynes out? Oh no!
Catatafish: @sMiles thankfully I have him bench ruck with Gawn and Preuss on field
Stu7: King you are a fvcken joke of a kick
Jolles: You have the Scott brothers supporting this new dissent ruling … typical Vic idiots.
sMiles: Well done those lucky enough to avoid Hayes.
BigChief: I don’t even have Hayes in my squad.
vamos77: I suspect alot of pullers on here but anyone with enough pull to organise a nation boycott of the game
Social: Ump bullying became part of winning under Clarkson and Hardwick. They’re going too far the other way of course….
Stu7: Settle down Jolles
beerent11: Just got home from din dins. All my boys killing it. Nice change.
bhg26: Whitfield breaking the gps with the rapid pace he is running
BigChief: Haynes is playing pcaman
Stu7: Steele lifting good stuff
Baldfrog: Chief yesterday would’ve called you an idiot today u lucky man lol
fruity: Hayes > Preuss next week..
bhg26: You must not be a proud Whitfield owner like I am beer
dabombers: @vamos. Thought the same. Show the league with our money and disappearing support.
Jolles: I find it laughable that 2 of the angriest men in the game can support this rule.
DrSeuss: Piss off Marshall – ffs everything falling to him
Stu7: King 4 points – need to drop him to spend time practicing kicking
Stikman35: I pull for solidarity. Let?s go
pcaman2003: BigChief. It was meant to be Hayes. My bad!
frenzy: Looped Showerfield with NOD
beerent11: That would be a correct statement bhg. Never again list.
RooBoyStu: Half Time = time to have a small bet on Night Raid and have a beer or 3
pcaman2003: BigChief . I put him on the ground to replace English who is the bench now. Doh!
original: So lucky I had hayes emergency for once
vamos77: support our clubs but vote with our feet and favourite remote control finger
wadaramus: Dammit, knew I should have looped Hayes with him at F7.
Ash777: tv ratings will push 7 to make them drop the rule.
bhg26: No beer, he?ll come good! He has to!
sMiles: In Draft I have ward on the bench – this game is hilarious
beerent11: What happened to Hayes? Injured?
BigChief: pcaman Hayes or Haynes?
MrWalrus: Social you’re a biast fool and our least for most against comfortably over the last 6 years agrees
frenzy: ACL beer
pcaman2003: Chief. Hayes.
RooBoyStu: Hayes expected ACL not confirmed but 99%
beerent11: Ah just saw below. Poor bugger.
beerent11: Waits so long to get a chance. Proves himself and that happens. Cruel.
Protocol: hoping its PCL and not the big old ACL
beerent11: Gonna stick with him bhg?
bhg26: He?s gotta come good eventually beer
Oddsy5: riweoldt absolutely spot on there!
beerent11: Hope so for your sake
Jolles: So agree Oddsy5 … no consistency in this rule like most other rules … just more confusion.
bhg26: If he doesn?t I?ll find where he lives and give him a slap
mattmac24: Wouldn’t be surprised if the commentators are punished next for disagreeing with these calls
MrWalrus: AFL umpiring is always given excuses but it i just poor, stop protecting them & get them up to standard
beerent11: The only consistent thing about the afl rules system is inconsistency
beerent11: But we love the game anyway
Catatafish: @beerent11 truth
MrWalrus: 1st step, stop changing the rules week to week & let the umps concentrate on consistency
Baldfrog: I love footy but not the afl
pjw1234: I think the AFL forget that the rules are a bit grey and a great part of the game is the emotion of the 50/50 call.
Ash777: The abuse rule was fine but the dissent rule is just too much
MrWalrus: beer, I am genuinely falling out of love with the once great game all due to this constant urge to change for no reason
pjw1234: Making the players robots will make the game worse not better
Jolles: Pay them more, train them better, stop the encroachment of PC and leave the rules alone.
Baldfrog: And get rid of the numpties in the vicco media
wadaramus: AFL umpiring/rules suck. I’m watching TOOL videos on you tube.
Catatafish: Dissent rule is ludicrous, and of course it is all ‘up to the discretion of the umpire’ great for consistency
Baldfrog: Hammer or chainsaw wada?
Raspel31: I’m against you Baldtoad- so behave.
Valorlonga: Is anyone here an umpire/ex umpire at a high level, because if you are, like me, you know why umpiring is a shit show
Catatafish: Teams will be needing video footage of umpires for their next game based on this catshit approach
wadaramus: Parabola Baldfrog 🙂
MrWalrus: Get rid of media numpties full stop, you have heard the garbage Ricciuto dribbles
hinsch: Need a big score from Steele to make up some of Hayes
MrWalrus: Lol Wada, that stop motion stuff is the stuff of nightmares
st_steve: @wadaramus I hear Sidchrome has a great new video on YouTube about its wrench sets
Baldfrog: Rasp you just worry about Tottenham many need to
pjw1234: marshall hobbling as well
Raspel31: Being new to this game can you loop Hayes to a ruck you should have bought?
MrWalrus: And if you haven’t treat yourself to the Opiate LP
Raspel31: Cheeky Hairlessamphibian.
beerent11: Yep raspel
wadaramus: No hex sets here st_steve, just world class prog metal m/
Protocol: why cant field umpires be as good as goal umps
Baldfrog: Haha
m0nty: back on the game please
wadaramus: MrWalrus knows his prog shit.
DrSeuss: Cameron needs to give Whitfield a consistent role again – halfback or wing – shouldn?t be a forward pocket ever
Baldfrog: Seen Ramstein tick tack good video
wadaramus: Sorry m0nty.
Baldfrog: Oops
st_steve: Haha wadaramus, I was being silly. Might throw ?nima on next.
beerent11: Was it you walrus that said you were done with all of this last week or another salty Richmond supporter?
Catatafish: Back on the game: Shitfield still a useless muppet
Stikman35: Preuss is no goose in scoach
Baldfrog: Walrus said he was done and never coming back lol.were you an actor Walrus
Catatafish: But also, Cameron a useless coach
wadaramus: Watch Rammstein set TOOL’s drum kit on fire at Adelaide BDO, I was there, epic shit!
bhg26: Whitfield 25, here he comes
Pav300: I feel sorry for Hayes but Marshall is an amazing high fantasy scoring ruck when solo
Ninty: Preuss lol
MrWalrus: It was me, I’m just here for you guys and my team, the AFL can blow me
original: TGreen scoring is unreal
BigChief: Marshall in rooms now
bhg26: Yeah about that pav Marshall down to the rooms
Ninty: Marshall just gone down to the rooms @Pav300 😬
Torz: Ryder sole ruck has come from nowhere
poolboybob: Taranto magnifying glass
Raspel31: Moral of story- pick 2 worst rucks when play eachother. Happy endings.
pcaman2003: Hate it when Gresham continually bombs the ball forward instead to a team mate.
wadaramus: Yep, fuck the AFL MrWalrus, they are self serving sucks.
Gelly: about to have 0 ruckman stkilda
Pav300: Yikes
bhg26: Whitfield absolutely shambolic
Gelly: i would not want to ruck against pruess if im not a ruckman
beerent11: Might finally get a usable vc score with Steele
pcaman2003: Hate you Gresham. 40 at half time,3 kicks 1 tackle and a behind since for 1 point. Useless!
Catatafish: Come on Gresh
beerent11: Glad to have you walrus. Be sad to see you go.
m0nty: Cogs with the weak handball again ffs
frenzy: any chance cogs ffs
MrWalrus: Preuss is about the scariest guy in the comp, neck and neck with Charlie Dixon
DrSeuss: Whitfield just gets ignored by his teammates – they look at him and still don?t give it. I Feel bad for him
wadaramus: Lift Gresham!
Catatafish: Shitfield is garbage, trade out and never again listed
Raspel31: Hate is a hard word pcaman- I prefer abhor or detest.
MrWalrus: I’m not going, reverse psychology doesn’t work on me 😉
Ninty: Whitfield spud icon
Yelse: whitfield wtf can’t hold a mark ffs
bhg26: I repeat. Absolutey shambolic!
dabombers: Glad I never have and never would own whitfield
beerent11: And ignored by me Seuss
MrWalrus: Did you see FF1 was ranked 52nd best league, that’s crazy good
DrSeuss: Probably shouldn?t drop easy marks though wtf
Stikman35: Missy is on fire
pcaman2003: Horrid qtr with Gresham and Kelly not scoring. Lift please!
Catatafish: Higgins killing it, Shitfield showing his #1 draft pick credentials
Ninty: Marshall is cooked, no chance to come back
Gelly: marshall looks cooked
bhg26: Fuck you whitfield you actual disgrace of a football player. Embarrassment to the game of football
poolboybob: Himmelberg kinda sucks
beerent11: Get paddy Ryder in next week
dipstick: ohhh great. the blues are flying, n.bartos style, whilst shitfield and sjit stein are stinkin out my team.
Stikman35: Settle on garbage comments on Whitfield.
Fatbar5tad: Not great bringing on Rojo here
poolboybob: Who gets sacked first, Cameron or Hinkley?
wadaramus: Totally excellent 3rd quarter Gresham you hack!
MrWalrus: Marshall just a big corkie?
Stu7: Keep going Steelo
MrWalrus: Thanks Richo
Raspel31: Insensitive as it may sound, I would rather lose my ruck on 95 than 19. Oh no, Rowan back
Ninty: Marshall on and he moves like me (not good)
Gelly: whitfield needs a rest from doing nothing
Ooost: Gresh has caught a few in his trap
wadaramus: Chester Bennington, One More Light, superb.
Ninty: Whitfield with more disposals than Flynn. I see who CD loves now
pcaman2003: Kelly might be my next trade out. Having poor 2nd halves killing me. 10 points this qtr
wadaramus: Yeah, have a spell on the bench Gresh, you deserve it!
dipstick: right. so another jack off. saints going down like flies
Catatafish: I think Cameron is a shit coach, but I like seeing GWS do crap. So I almost prefer him coach
pcaman2003: Wada. Would like to kick him up the bum for having a nothing qtr. Very hit and miss player.
bhg26: Saying himmelberg has had a shocker would be an understatement
wadaramus: I would like to reverse the trade!
sMiles: I don’t know if it
Fatbar5tad: Such an ordinary quarter by the Giants. Basic skills.
MrWalrus: Seen the clip where a dude gets on stage & he drops them sits on him without missing a beat wada?
Baldfrog: Pretty happy with pruess for Jackson
zadolinnyj: who wins this lads
wadaramus: I’ve not seen that one MR Walrus?!
bhg26: Actually don?t know how Whitfield is getting a game
jfitty: If that cooked chicken icon was ever going to get used m0nty, surely it’s on Whitfield right now
pcaman2003: So Hayes is out for the year according to BT
Ooost: Preuss for Jackson. Good move!
Stu7: Gresham has scored 4 – 100+ out of his last 5 games so he hasnt been a total loss hey
MrWalrus: Sinclair has snuck up, GWS for me still zado
DrSeuss: Cameron needs to put Whitfield back at half back, Taranto in the middle with Green and Kelly – useless coach
pcaman2003: Stu7. True,but games like this can cost a win. Would prefer someone more consistent.
beerent11: Did that too baldfrog. Used the cash to turn Rowell into tracca.
Dredd: Looks like Hayes for Hayes is a trade for next week now lol
MrWalrus: My son showed me that one wada, not sure where it was but awesome stuff, dude is a genius space cadet
Baldfrog: I went Rowell to brayshaw freo one Beer
Stu7: pcaman2003 true that – I was just talking about SC scoring
st_steve: Went Hinge to Rosas so I could go Rowell to Miller this week.
beerent11: Hayes for Mayes dress?
MrWalrus: Hayes for hayes, hold English, Whitfield stays, Pray to the fantasy gods.
beerent11: Like that too bald. Well done us.
pcaman2003: Stu7. He had a 51 2nd game so hoping for better or out he goes.
Baldfrog: Went Ronald McDonald to rosas thru dpp steve. Yes Beer
Stu7: pca,an
bhg26: Whitfield made me an atheist walrus
Fatbar5tad: Might want to tap Miller on the shoulder steve. Been a bit sluggish.
Stu7: pcaman2003 yep I saw that hence my comment about only 4 out of 5 cheers mate
Raspel31: Having brought you in at the 11th hour in a sudden burst of stupidity we at Aspel and co wish you the best Mr Hayes.
dabombers: Who wins from here tackles vs hitouts?
Ooost: People are holding Whitfield? 😀
Fatbar5tad: That’s tough Rasp.
Stu7: Ooost – yes for now
pcaman2003: I just need Kelly and Gresham to kick to team mates and not the oppo.
bhg26: Give foxfooty the mare icon
dabombers: Sound on kayo??
Gelly: and there goes the signal and sound
Gelly: whitfield must be working the soundboard
Catatafish: I would trade Shitfield for any fucking thing now. My approach is rookie cash generation early. The cunt is gone this we
Baldfrog: C7 feed tonight
pcaman2003: Sound is back
dipstick: SC is about luck. half my mates traded Hayes OUT for preuss and half kept him. either kissed or bitten on the tip.
Raspel31: Is Whitfiek
Ooost: I assume people keeping Whitfield is for bench cover? 😀
Raspel31: Is Whitfield a good rookie buy?
mattmac24: Impressive that both Preuss and Flynn have cracked the ton
Stu7: Nice kicking King 2 goals from 7 kicks
Gelly: still better than gws kicking
bhg26: No rasp, he won?t score enough for a 123k rookie
beerent11: Sinclair ton run continues
MrWalrus: Honestly Ooost if you’ve still got him holding is the only option, will come good, rook upgrades more important
cmperrfect: Pruuuuuuues.
gazza39: Supercoach is about skill, some have, a lot don’t
DrSeuss: Oh look – Whitfield coming off halfback – giving GWS run and hitting targets – seeing this Leon?
pcaman2003: Look where you’re kicking it Gresham FGS. Stop bombing the ball every effin time.
Torz: Greene back and Taranto has somehow spent more time forward than ever tonight. Bizarre coaching.
Gelly: preuss is like a beached whale when hes on the ground
DrSeuss: Also Taranto has missed Cogs heading to goal twice in the last 2 minutes
sMiles: whitfield will come good ;-p
Raspel31: Confucius say if Coniglio no touch the ball he is a small ant.
Baldfrog: Good scoring beached whale thanks Gelly
sMiles: toranto such a shit player – needs to offload
Catatafish: Woukd be
Catatafish: Would be nice if Gresham did something in this ratehj5
Yelse: whitfield has come alive where was this first 3 quarters
kascadev8: how is whitfield up to 56? stopped watching
Ash777: when smiles? because this is rnd 6 and he’s only had 1 good game
Catatafish: I’ll try this one more fucking time: would be nice if Gresham did something in this catshit game
Ooost: MrWalrus: perhaps
DEESareSAD: Callaghan next week?
MrWalrus: Whitfield is an A grade star, honestly the hate is a little misguided
Catatafish: Shitfield to Callaghan or Hobbs
mattmac24: That 48 for Callaghan at almost 200k isn’t great but there aren’t too many other option so may need to
bhg26: He definitely does not look the part walrus
MrWalrus: Dude is capable of dropping 200, when he does you’ll all hate not having him
Baldfrog: Hobbs only 50 last week
Ooost: MrWalrus indeed it is. But he’s playing out of position. (for SC)
poolboybob: Cleaver for King
st_steve: saints up by 1.6 meaning King could be the difference!
pcaman2003: Gresham was 33 at qtr time and now only47. Bye Greham,you’re gone
sMiles: I’ll pick up Whitfield when he’s 395k
Stu7: st-Steve ha ha such a positive outlook
frenzy: Sinclair is class
dabombers: 65 @Baldfrog!
MrWalrus: May even recover to 80 odd here
Ooost: Another victim of Gresham 😀
bhg26: Handy point
Ninty: Whitfield big last qtr
m0nty: Whitfield more DT than Sinclair
Baldfrog: Oh dabombers thought it was lower
Raspel31: Set Preuss free!!!
poolboybob: Nice one Himmelberg you potato
Gelly: that guy in the crowd is a classic
Stu7: GWS by 1 point unless King bombs a point then a draw,
dabombers: @Baldfrog. He?s a watch closely. If he gets 65+ Get him.
Ash777: give whitfield that garbage can
Stu7: Off the bench green
MrWalrus: Ash if Giants pull this off give Whitfield the X
pcaman2003: Gresham must’ve felt my foot up his clacker. Now firing up,but too little too late.
beerent11: Vc score obtained
Ooost: MrWalrus do you have Whitfield?
Stu7: Surprise surprise King kicks another point
Stu7: Can you believe that guy King horrid kick
pcaman2003: Why is Kelly on the bench you idiot?
Fatbar5tad: gws aren’t winning this.
MrWalrus: I do Ooost, I also think he is a very, very good player who can dominate a game like few others can
mattmac24: Whitfield is a great player but he is no longer supercoach relevant. Too much uncontested football
Swans Star: How many more chances does Cameron get?
st_steve: A valuable 1.7 from King the difference maker
poolboybob: Wonder where Cameron will be assistant coaching next year
Gelly: what a fizzer of a game
Bluebagg11: What idiot trades Steele after round two? Oh yeah it was me
MrWalrus: Contested ball isn’t the only way to rack up SC points
DrSeuss: GWS just need to get rid of Cameron – they look horrible – but plenty of talent
Fatbar5tad: Port poolboy
Stu7: Frankston
Stu7: Bluebagg11 lol
Baldfrog: No wonder you have bluebags
mattmac24: Correct Walrus but obviously Whitfield isn’t doing enough of anything else to score well. He’s done for supercosch
Swans Star: I’ll take Steele VC and Loophole Preuss
Stu7: Saints might just win this
Fatbar5tad: Blue bags or bald bags?
Gelly: are you allowed to play on 15m beyond your mark?
Fatbar5tad: Loophole Pruess oppo has Steele vc but hayes on field
Baldfrog: Hey fatty
sMiles: Steele saved me last week with a C after I messed up my VC. Wish I had him as VC this week.
Stu7: What happened to Marhsall
pjw1234: marshall just a bad corcky i hope
Stu7: pjw1234 thanks mate
Fatbar5tad: Cork stu

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