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Chat log from R6 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Adelaide, R6 of 2022

frenzy: Yo
Fatbar5tad: Afternoon all. Disrespect at ANZAC equals Suncorp belting.
navy_blues: hi all
exatekk: go crom
Swans Star: Good Afternoon everyone
Ninty: ?crom? is dumb, stop making it a thing
Swans Star: This surface is perfect for Footy
bhg26: Crom
m0nty: Surface is great but the wind makes it ugly.
Swans Star: @BHG26 how good is it we get to play on ANZAC day?!
exatekk: shut up ninty
bhg26: We are the main attraction swans star
BigChief: You won’t beat Hawks in Launceston bhg
bhg26: How on earth is schache playing again
m0nty: Kicker innerers are going to dominate today, Dale already doing so
bhg26: We’ll see bigchief
zadolinnyj: hey guys
BigChief: Yep, but that’s just my opinion of course 🙂
Swans Star: @BigChief Should be a close game, I cant wait
Pokerface: i realise im giving them licence, but what is crom?
Pokerface: so .. English.. did you guys hold or trade?
zadolinnyj: Hard to beat hawks there
bhg26: I like being a fantasy bailey smith owner, can have 30+ touches at a 20% de and it doesnt matter
m0nty: Bailey Smith stop turning the ball over challenge
Swans Star: @Pokerface I heard it will be 2-3 weeks. I was about to buy
zadolinnyj: Not wrong monty
Pokerface: @swans star yeah.. too long to lose premium points. can bench a rook. i traded to mills about half an hour ago
BigChief: If only he could hit a target m0nty
zadolinnyj: Held poker but Hayes makes it interesting. Witts and pruess until he?s back
Migz: (impossible) <- you forgot that monty
Swans Star: @Pokerface Good move
beerent11: Apparently a crows fan spelt crow wrong on a post in an Adelaide crows page. Became a meme.
beerent11: About as interesting as I expected it to be
bhg26: Going ballsy, trading witts this week to loop preuss in through dixon, then get hayes and premo in for hayes and ward
cmperrfect: That’s a very technical term m0nty haha
Pokerface: @zad yeah its tough to decide when its someone for your final team. i made a snap decision
zadolinnyj: Dogs won?t be able to run off crows Small?s. macadam looks dangerous
zadolinnyj: Great grab
Migz: shache stole that out of bounds kick from dunkley. bastard
Pokerface: @bhg thats a reasonable move. witts isnt far from topping out, and he won’t be your final 22. good move
robbieg: go crom
zadolinnyj: Mills a good option
Swans Star: Dunkley will probably go for HIA now 🙁
bhg26: i could get another 35k out of witts and trade grundy but i have faith in grundy on anzac day
Pokerface: @zad yeah, he was always on my radar. the indecision was losing enligsh.. i know ill be bringing him back at some point!
Swans Star: Macrae in the ruck WTF?!
beerent11: Dunks ok
bhg26: Bazlenka a freak
Ninty: Bailey Smith got going 🤩 vc
Migz: grundy looks so disengaged. Not surprising his scores have dropped right off. so i got rid of him this week to take prue
Raspel31: Hayes a big mistake but happy with you Mr Smith.
Migz: preuss score. if he changes around the byes i might bring him back cause he def has the chance to still be top 3
zadolinnyj: Crows defence is developing well.
bhg26: Its concerning migz, but historically ANZAC day is his day
Swans Star: @zadolinnyj Dawson is a star in the making
Raspel31: What’s your team zado?
Ninty: Grundy has had one stinker, scores not bad previous rounds 🤷‍♂️
Torz: How bad is Crouch going this year 🙁
zadolinnyj: Yep Anzac Day is a Grundy heart starter
Pokerface: @migz did u find the extra trades cheat code?
bhg26: Grundy will still be top 3 ruck
Swans Star: Macrae Smith Dunkley beast mode, who has all three?
Pokerface: nearly went parish as my english replacement. he was breathtaking last anzac
thommoae: The Ballarat wind. Nightmare. Suns d. GWS last year in a Force 9 gale.
bhg26: Supercoach gave it to us this year poker with the trade boost
Migz: sure did. I’m usually pretty conservative with trades so i don’t mind using the extra 5 early on to get cash flow
beerent11: Grundy will be at worst top 3 Rick by season end. They had too many talks last week. No balance.
zadolinnyj: Think you dodged a bullet there poker
Raspel31: Me SwanStar- thank god after last night.
beerent11: *ruck
Pokerface: @zad you dont rate parish?
navy_blues: Butts on fire M0nty
m0nty: not so much a cape from the Dogs mids as a Justice League
robbieg: here comes the weekly single digit 2nd quarter from dunkley
zadolinnyj: Started with him poker and now on my never again. I don?t like trading a premium
zadolinnyj: Robbie?s I think against crows he will keep going
bhg26: Have a shot rachele youre 35m out
Pokerface: zad some starting steele said the same and traded him. I reckon parish is just starting to hit his straps this season
zadolinnyj: Sure he will prove me to be an idiot poker. More mid time with zerrett out
Pokerface: lol naa not saying you are an idiot for trading him. just think he’s going to be a nice pod
DrSeuss: FFS Libba – how many 1m handballs can you miss
original: Cmon treloar
m0nty: Laird paying a lot closer attention to Bailey Smith this quarter
Raspel31: That vaunted Doggie trio gone a tad quiet- lift lads.
bhg26: Get your 2nd best mid tagging, smart
DrSeuss: Bailey Dale’s kicking is highly over rated
arbel: Bont 2 this for 22? How many tackles cos that score seems inflated
zadolinnyj: Justice league turning into the averagenders Monty
m0nty: who brought the kryptonite
Raspel31: Damn- Bailey Smith spends far too much time on the bench.
bhg26: Bailey smith on the bench? preposterous
zadolinnyj: Cook showing signs each week
zadolinnyj: Umpiring been quite good
DrSeuss: Traded in Smith this week and put the VC on him while Dunks and Macrae dominate – YAY
zadolinnyj: Smith finishes strong DrSuess
TheLegend6: Get the ball Dawson
AlsoGmax: This was going to be the week I finally traded out Ed Richards. Alas.
zadolinnyj: Gollant will be great in 2 more years with size
DrSeuss: Well only 4 possessions in the 2nd qtr Zado – should be better than that at least
navy_blues: smith feeds off macrae gets lots of handballs from macca
navy_blues: so if macca is benched most times smith will drop off a bit
DrSeuss: Also Dogs haven?t been playing a lot of their mark and kick game. Baz with 0 marks
Manowar: k’mon O’Brien
cmperrfect: That’s what they said about Fogarty @ zado.
Manowar: no he won’t
zadolinnyj: Fog cat leap and lazy.
zadolinnyj: Was average in sanfl
zadolinnyj: Smith forward and Bont mid
original: Please AT please
cmperrfect: Libba gonna post his yearly 130 odd.
DrSeuss: Smith playing outside, lazy footy after his first quarter – standing off contests.
arbel: How is bont on that score? 6 posi’s for 46? No scores so pretty much every disposal has to be contested, effective and t
Torz: Crouch drops a mark and runs straight for the bench
Migz: 6 tackles is 24 points arbel.
BRAZZERS: he did run pretty hard though
Gelly: i think smith needs another breather on the pine
fruity: arbel: Its the Bont…He’s like Dusty and Gawn they just have to look at the ball from the bench at get points…lol
Gelly: umps not going to pay frees to weightman now that he blurted out about trying to play for them
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
arbel: @migz. Thanks I’m on phone so can’t see tackle numbers. Still he always gets inflatef scores
Fatbar5tad: Jacrae hello?? Need you to catch Steele so onya bike!
Migz: oh i agree arbel he is def KOTD but i dont feel like today is completely BS
DrSeuss: Libba might get contested possies but he hasn?t hit a target for the last hour
Torz: Did Bailey Smith have calf strapping at the start of the game?
BRAZZERS: who cares, thats a muppet selection anyway
Migz: mccomb hitting 30 points running at 20% DE means he has a fair bit of room to move
Manowar: B. Smith disappointing today, only 93% TOG
MercAm: What are dogs doing though lol
DrSeuss: Dogs playing horrible football – can?t hit a target with a kick or handball – nothing flowing
robbieg: crouch survives one more week
zadolinnyj: Crows pressure good
Raspel31: Macrae done zippo since qtr time??
Stu7: Off the pine Rachele ya dudd
MercAm: Wow, nice goal. But cant tell if good pressure/footy by crows, or just horrible stuff from dogs
Stu7: Go Dunkley you good thing – you?re making up for my dudds
kano: 20 frees to 4 in two and a half quarters of footy.
Fatbar5tad: Jacrae shithouse
zadolinnyj: Umpiring been good. Number of free differential irrelevent. How many bad calls? Not many.
Stikman35: Surely no one is running with Rachele on field. Not calling you Shirley
zadolinnyj: Classic movie Stikman35
fruity: Rachele your a dudd.
Stikman35: What?s his break even
Migz: i have rachelle and hayes on field. Fade me x)
cmperrfect: Ok gents. Neale, Petracca or Cripps for C ?
Hazza09: Cya Rachelle
Stikman35: That game was over fast. Stiff migz
Hazza09: Time to go
zadolinnyj: Neale
hinsch: cmperfect Neale by the looks for me
fruity: cmperrfect…Oliver gets my (C)
Stikman35: False acci. App woke up game wasn?t over.
Stu7: @Hazza09 – same here mate
TheFlagger: dawson les go
Migz: sorry. I was also 100% sure i had VC on steele till i checked when i got home this morning and realised i didnt haha
Stu7: Neale
Stikman35: Going Neale as capt. But not confident
Migz: last night actually. I’m on a roll
Stu7: Migz – bugger!
wadaramus: Good onya Tex.
Migz: im captaining gawn. his last 3 scores vs richmond have been 145 147 163
Stu7: Need a trade fellas and I need your help – Brodie or De Goey?
Hazza09: Neale or Gawn can?t decide
BigChief: Damn I go away for an hour and Smith goes up only 20. Has he played bad since 1/4 time?
Fatbar5tad: Rachelle BE 6
Stu7: To bring in that is
zadolinnyj: Murphy running very well
zadolinnyj: Stef martin a shadow of himself
MrWalrus: Neither Stu, so what is going on?! How is Adelaide not losing?
Fatbar5tad: Great. Oppoents Ads is going to beat my Jacrae. Fuck off.
DrSeuss: Dogs have been terrible chief. Just bombing all of their kicks – not looking for runners in space
Stu7: Not very helpful MrWalrus
Gelly: stef martin is 35 years old
Stu7: Off the pine Dunkley
BigChief: Thanks Suess. Can’t believe Crows are winning this.
cmperrfect: Parker worth a look @ Stu ?
TheFlagger: dogs cant handle the heat!
zadolinnyj: Adelaide pressure has been amazing
BigChief: Heat in Ballarat Flagger? Surely you jest LOL
Ninty: Heaps of time to ton up Baz
Stu7: cmperrfect – thanks mate was looking at him too – you think he?s a better option?
BRAZZERS: schache putting the team on his back
zadolinnyj: Signs are good for next few years
TheLegend6: Cmon Dawson!
zadolinnyj: How?s that not holding the ball?
DrSeuss: Adelaide pressure has been good though. Dunks been amazing
wadaramus: How is that play on after being tackled and dropping the ball?
cmperrfect: As a fwd, he’d be a good POD and prob bottomed out price wise.
Raspel31: Da Dunks making up for Macca and Smith.
BigChief: Ball knocked out in tackle. Agree that should be HTB, but umps don’t think so.
MrWalrus: Yep stu, parker a fwd gift, was my big in this week
BigChief: WB need to play Sweet in front of Martin. Stef is past it.
MrWalrus: Because umps ate useless wada, loved you silly last week, hate you now
Dondeal: Has Cozier been playing in the 2’s? Not listed on Dogs injury list
Hazza09: Haven?t seen Rachelle for over an hour
bhg26: Does anyone have hayes and rachele on ground?
Rebuild: Dunkley needs 4 more marks for a quadruple double
zadolinnyj: How?s that not 50?
Raspel31: Hmm- no Macrae so whom to cap now- hmm?
Migz: come on man you gotta kick those. What is this cross wind
Hazza09: Useless Rachelle
Pokerface: and 5 more goals for a quintuple double
thommoae: Laird’s move to pay more attention to Smith – ‘smart’, as you say, bhg!
DrSeuss: Dogs deserve to lose this – tough to watch
BigChief: Crows look likely winner. Dogs struggling.
thommoae: … and let’s not forget 4 more clangers!
Migz: very poor awareness by tex
bhg26: Cant be right all the time thommoae
Stu7: Thanks cmperrfect and MrWalrus I?ll go Parker for sure
zadolinnyj: Fran tons best game
BigChief: Stu7 I should have put VC on Steele over Smith 🙁
robbieg: went c with macrae and not dunkley.. damn
bhg26: As Brett Kirk would say, were not always going to get it right. and sometimes youre not going to agree with us
Stikman35: Good awareness tex.
Hazza09: Is Macrae on a wing again?
bhg26: But thats okay, because just like you we care. Just like you we are passionate about the game
bhg26: So if you want to come along for the ride, join us on saturday arvos, because we just love the footy
TheFlagger: gotta love the crom
Stikman35: You lack sincerity bhg
zadolinnyj: Go crows
thommoae: Sometimes good to wait , see how it plays out before passing judgment though. Avoids ‘egg/face’ scenario.
banta: Bev is a terrible coach. Such low TOG to Macrae and not on the field when the game is on the line. Useless
wadaramus: Yeah baby, great game Crows.
Manowar: all you’re fault B. Smith
bhg26: Nah thommoae
Raspel31: Tink de Doggies missed English.
BigChief: What did Brodie Smith do wrong Manowar? LOL
Stu7: BigChief I put VC on Steele and Dunkley in DT ✅
Hazza09: Very poor today Macrae
TheFlagger: dawson poo
zadolinnyj: For sure Raspel
wadaramus: 15.8 would have been nice, less stress towards the end!
zadolinnyj: Now port loss to make this the best day ever
wadaramus: Go Wet Toast!

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