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Chat log from R5 of 2022: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, R5 of 2022

pcaman2003: I smell a flogging coming.
Cottees: pca, I am just hoping we play well
m0nty: yeah I have a Cats stack in DFS today
RenoMan: whatever happens it is still better than port haha
frenzy: the fickle cats
Swans Star: Ward to MacDonald, lets hope they both have better games than last game
Cottees: that is all I want. Attacking the ball hard. Good start!
Swans Star: Hats off to S Mitchell for playing the kids after a poor game, we cant expect them to play big games every game
pcaman2003: Cottees. Hopefully I’m very wrong.
pcaman2003: I need 174 from Stewart and Sicily for a win. Could be very tight.
MrWalrus: I feel that Sam Mitchell will prove to be a very good coach
Swans Star: This is awesome!! Go Hawks
Cottees: Go Hawks!
valkorum: far out 3 goals to hawks and not 1 possession to the cats
pcaman2003: SwansStar. But will it last? That is the question
Swans Star: @pcaman2003 the kids will get tired in the 2nd half, but atleast they have turned up to play hard
Urbs: Dylan Moore is winning the brownlow + coleman change my mind
pcaman2003: SwanStar. Can’t ever accuse our team for no having a go. Kids are very enthusiastic.
Gelly: respect my authority
Legix: Not one man on the line wow
pcaman2003: What horrible defence then. Oh dear!
Cottees: Need to not give away silly 50s
Migz: wow thats a shit selwood free. and an even worse goal allowed by hawks
Swans Star: pcaman2003: yep always need to focus on bringing through the next gen
pcaman2003: Keep going Sicily, but step it up Stewart.
MrWalrus: Slow down again Duncan or you might trick me into getting you in
Swans Star: J Newcombe is going to be a future star
zadolinnyj: go sicily
Cottees: Sicily 200 today?
Wahab_18: Loving it Sicily
LuvIt74: After all that Maginness is out bloody gutted i could have takes Heyes 105
Migz: siciliy on target for 250. Gonna be very dissapointed if he doesnt reach that
pcaman2003: Newcombe is like a bull terrier.
Stu7: Sicily is a gun
pcaman2003: Migz. If he does then I win. But would really like Stewart to lift.
Stu7: I?d be happy if Silcily hits 101
mattmac24: Yeah you could have Luvit but he could have also been the sub and given you a 5. Martin’s 76 was good enough I think
MrWalrus: Stewart doing fine, some more hawks points would help though
Stu7: @mattmac24 – true that
Swans Star: Would be nice to see Ward or Macdonald to have a break out game
original: Oh tommy Mitchell where art thou
Cottees: Sicily on fire! Yes
Legix: Sicily having an amazing qtr
pcaman2003: What a qtr from Sicily. Unbelievable! Going at 88% on a slippery ground.
Wahab_18: Stu same I need 101 from Sicily to win
mattmac24: Selwood.. lol. Time to hang up the boots after this season I think
robbieg: sicily lmao wtf
AlsoGmax: SDK looks like he wants to be anywhere else.
The39Steps: Selwood. So slow.
zadolinnyj: can sicily dig me out a win?
pcaman2003: Stop the clangers Tom.
Urbs: Double cape for Moore/Sicily surely
Stu7: @Wahab_18 – fingers and everything else crossed hey!!!
Swans Star: @mattmac24: totally agree, I think he has played one too many seasons
kascadev8: tf, sicily the premo is back?
original: Didn?t look like a free to breust
Migz: has anybody ever had a 100 point qtr
Swans Star: @Wahab_18 you got it in the bag
Stu7: Migz not that I?ve seen and I seriously doubt it
MrWalrus: Original, Stewart near burried him without it
mattmac24: Hawks to win by 120 points and Geelong to rip up Scott’s coaching contract!
Cottees: no not our Ruck 🙁 damn that is a problem
Swans Star: Reeves in so much pain!!
mattmac24: That looked horrible for Reeves
pcaman2003: mattmac. Geelong will keep fighting and I expect the gap to close during the game
Swans Star: Sad to see
pcaman2003: Poor Neddy. That looked nasty.
Swans Star: Massive loss for the Hawks
MrWalrus: That is a bad one, i reckon he may have seperated the joint there, ouch.
Swans Star: Sicily on track for 248 lol
pcaman2003: Well played James,now your turn to shine Tom S.
Dredd: Ghee Sicily, I only need 173 from you
Ash777: Is lynch still injured?
mattmac24: My opponent only needed 50 between SDK and Sicily to win.. damn lol
Ash777: Looks like he’s going to be ruck for awhile now
Fatbar5tad: Waiting all weekend to watch us not turn up. Cheers.
pcaman2003: Sounds like a lot are needing Sicily to go big for their win. Good luck!
Cottees: What is mark record in a game?
MrWalrus: I’m Stewart + 72 v Sicily in the only league I can lose, it suddenly got tense.
Pavs: De Koning 7 with no possesions and 1 punch
Ash777: brian lake set the record at like around 40 marks
pcaman2003: Ash777. Just announced Lynch will play next game. He’s okay.
DrSeuss: Similar Walrus – had all my leagues covered even if Sicily went 140 – not feeling as safe now though.
Stu7: De Gone next week
pcaman2003: Stewart to Sicily. Loving it!
mattmac24: Geelong players must also be relying on Sicily to go big in Supercoach
bhg26: Sicily carrying my fantasy ranking
DrSeuss: Surely Scott makes someone accountable for Sicily.
Migz: macdonald making money from here. wouldnt be too much to ask for a 75 game from him and ward would it
Stu7: @DrSeuss – Scott has Sicily in his sac team
Dredd: No thanks Seuss
Ash777: cats their own worse enemy atm
Hazza09: Cya Ward
MrWalrus: We have one good umpire and 2 rubbish ones today I reckon, or they’re all 2/3 useless
Stu7: @Hazza09 – I ditched Ward this round
Hazza09: Ffs SDK, get a touch
Dredd: Just about half way there Sicily. Come on you good thing
Wahab_18: Sicily TOG making up for Brodie lost points coz of his TOG
kascadev8: captain sicily stop it
m0nty: geez Wahab give it a rest mate
kascadev8: wahab go to bed, brodie has it every week, deal with it
pcaman2003: kaskadev. You wish! 🙂
RenoMan: go Blicavs
Nurfed: these players are just mindless stat machines to wahab
pcaman2003: And her cometh the Cats as expected
kascadev8: pca i stole your voodoo, or at least i think its the right doll
MrWalrus: Spud, shhhhh, you’re going to look foolish.
zadolinnyj: keep going strewy and sicily
Dredd: Mitchell tryna to stuff me over.. leave Sicily on the ground man
Torz: Remember when O?Meara was going to be the next big thing?
Dredd: That?s why you leave Sicily on the ground.. muppet coach Mitchell
pcaman2003: kaskadev. I wondered where it went to.:)
Stu7: Sicily 9Now 9 DT points this round
MrWalrus: I do Torz, barely holds his spot these days
mattmac24: Torz, his first few years were so good but knee injuries messed him up
Pokerface: voodoo dolls are neither plastic nor inflatable kas
Hazza09: Get over it Wahab
Swans Star: we want Moore!!
pcaman2003: Go Mr Moore. Fantastic!
Pokerface: Four to the Moore that’s the score.
Pokerface: with apologies to Starsailor
pcaman2003: Pokerface. And you’re a poet and don’t you know it?
kascadev8: poker turning into the real slim shady or something
hinsch: Do the new DPP come into effect Rd 6
Pokerface: fat boy slim kas
PowerBug: New DPPs drop after the game today
MrWalrus: Who was saying Selwood has gone too long? Great call there
zadolinnyj: going to be a good game
kascadev8: Danger, trade him in
Hazza09: What?s everyone?s moves this week? Rowell going? Hinge going?
Pies20: I did for cripps kasca stupid I know needs 113 and i win
BRAZZERS: lol thats hilarious
Ooost: @Hazza09 Rowell and a rookie downgrade, not sure who is coming in yet though
bhg26: Rosas Ooost. Back to back 70s at 130k
kascadev8: any updates on Aaron Hall timeline yet?
Pokerface: kas yeah expected to play afl for maybe another 3 years before retiring to finding chips at the beach
Harambe: Bont is a chance for FWD status, CBA percentages this year 50, 52, 59, 68, 31
Dredd: Need an 86 second half Sicily.. come on lad
mattmac24: Rachele and Rowell for Rosas and a premo, maybe Steele
Pokerface: you all forgotten preuss due back?
Cottees: yeah nice staging mate
Dredd: Nice flop Hawkins
Hazza09: Does Flynn impact Pruess?
AlsoGmax: What nonsense.
MrWalrus: That was a terrible call, also amazing how easy it is to push Hawkins over sometimes
TheFlagger: shooting stars
mattmac24: Geez Hawkins really through some mustard on that..
Catatafish: Will be interesting to see if Preuss comes straight in
DrSeuss: One terrible call made even worse by another horrible call for 50m.
Ooost: @bhg26 yeah Rosas defs just not sure on the premo yet
don key: is it me or does Hodgy sound like a robot ?
kascadev8: weve got Sam Hayes now, would you go hayes + 80k or preuss?
mattmac24: Poker, concerned about Flynn’s impact on Preuss, also concerned about that Preuss is a hot head
don key: settle hawks
Pokerface: both
dabombers: Here we go again. Umps are shower!!
Hazza09: I prefer Hayes Kasca
rooboypete: what is titchell doing?
Pokerface: mattmac understand the concens, but preuss still gonna be no.1 there
Dondeal: If umpire feels disrespected then pay it. If instructed to pay it by AFL when a player waves arms then its a joke
Pokerface: for 200k he is still going to make major cash
Gelly: titch is putting his arms out giving away 50s
Cottees: deserved the disrespect for paying that free
Ash777: That umpire respect rule is a huge joke.
Swans Star: I would say Ward and McDonald will be having a rest next game
mattmac24: Yeah for sure Poker, I’ll consider bringing him in but will need to use one of the booster trades
dabombers: Look I get that the AFL wants to set standards for treating ump across all levels so we have umpires to play the game.
MrWalrus: Preuss not a hot head either, both his suspensions were laughable, penalised for being big and strong
mattmac24: But Hayes to Hayes in two weeks once Ryder is back will be a popular trade
dabombers: But this isn?t a great standard.
don key: agree dondeal
Stu7: Sicilys foot off the gas
rooboypete: How many handballs does Mitchell need to get to 100?
cmperrfect: Sicily only 1 kick this qtr. gone missing.
Ash777: just a real stupid head walrus
Dondeal: You don’t fix problems at lower level by making problems at AFL level – stupid strategy that will make things worse
BRAZZERS: season must be frustrating for those who have titch
cmperrfect: Ned Long a chance to come
Dredd: Bruh Hardwick, let Sicily take the kick ins you fool
rooboypete: I’m one of those Brazzers…
dabombers: Agree 100 per cent Dondeal
kascadev8: Ward disappeared again
Stu7: De Koning is De Going next round !
Dredd: Don?t say that @cmperrfect.. he is my loophole player if needed 😐
cmperrfect: In too perhaps if they want Big Boy FWD.
pcaman2003: Been away for 35 mins. My worst fears coming true with the Hawks letting it slip.
BRAZZERS: sorry to here, still might ton today. doubt it tho
Hazza09: Ward getting traded this week, over it
rooboypete: But who to Stu7? there ain’t alot to choose from…
Stu7: 18 more Sicily come on
pcaman2003: On a much happier note, I’ve won my league H 2 H
original: Ward and Macdonald gotta dump
StuL: It just has to always be a battle with the hawks wherever we are on the ladder
Dredd: Lift Sicily! Need another 72 from you please man. 70 odd at QT.. wake back up
Cottees: oh now it is push when it is against geeloing
dabombers: SDG is a slow slow burn. No money to be made til round 13-14
Ooost: agreed original, the slow burners have come to an end.
mattmac24: SDK’s BE is still -19 still has another week, maybe 2
cmperrfect: SDK bench warmer at best.
Stu7: Driscoll maybe rooboypete
Stu7: Good stuff pca
Ooost: Yeah if SDK wasnt DPP I’d cash him in sooner rather than later
mattmac24: Don’t see much point in bringing in NOD after two price rises
original: Driscoll you?ve already missed an initial raise. Will keep SDK. As for replacing hawks mids, I?ll take anyone
Ash777: If you didn’t bring in NOD this week you already missed out.
kascadev8: nod about 200k now isnt he?
BRAZZERS: still got 32 trades, might use a bunch this week. How many everyone got?
Hazza09: Both MacDonald and Ward need to go, but only one can go this week
original: Picked NOD round 1 over Denver barass. Real happy about that
cmperrfect: Are the new DPP updates named this week or next ?
kascadev8: im down to 29 before trades for round6 brazzer
Ooost: 30, used a boost this week because of injuries / needed to win
MrWalrus: SDK is fine, Ward is gorn though
rooboypete: Got Driscoll already 2 weeks ago Stu7
Ash777: also SDK is still generating cash so keep him on the bench.
mattmac24: After Round 6 cm so should be added this week
bhg26: 29 trades and im going ward and rowell to green and rosas next week so ill have 27
dabombers: Its like Xmas eve as a 4 year old waiting for DPP?s to be released!! Whats Santa gonna give me!
original: Wouldn?t mind 15+ touches Atkins hehe
cmperrfect: Cheers Matt.
Stu7: NOD was 167k at the start of this round
cmperrfect: Hoping for B Smith to get FWD added.
original: 32 trades. Will off rowell this week to I reckon. Woeful
Stu7: Cheers royboypete
BRAZZERS: yeah i might use a boost this week, will be down to 29. been pretty lucky wiht my picks so far
MrWalrus: 28 here but not worried at all
Stu7: Sicily only 18 Fantasy points since 1st quarter
dabombers: B.Smith. That would make 100% dogs fwd line top 6!!
Stu7: 26 here
fruity: Thinking Short > Hewett this week..
frenzy: Is Short Inj
Stu7: Hewett is a gun
Stu7: Off the pine Sicily
dabombers: 26 here too. Still chasing cash gen. Up to 12mil team value. Need 14-15mil by round 12 I reckon for full premo
MrWalrus: Fruity, no you’re not, that’s just silly
mattmac24: Why on earth would you trade short?
Ash777: 30 left going to trade out rowell n ward I think
kascadev8: interested in Danger as he’ll be under 500k. not sure how to feel on that
cmperrfect: Looking at Laird and or Keays for upgrade next week with Sloane ACL.
BRAZZERS: anyone jumping on hobbs? or waiting another week
fruity: Walrus l want to get Hewett in so its either short or Sicily…
pcaman2003: Sicily going backwards fast. Last 6 mins from 101 to 91
dabombers: Rowell/JHF/Ridley out. Oliver/Pruess/Faras In
Wahab_18: Sicily trolling us who need the 101
mattmac24: Not worth it Fruity, find another way to get him. Don’t sideways trade performing premos
BRAZZERS: hopefully sicily scores no more than 100 kebab, make my night
AlsoGmax: I don’t mean to upset anyone, but Sicily may not actually ton up the way this is going.
MrWalrus: No, that’s not a choice at all unless Sicily is your D6 even then there must be a more pressing need
Ooost: Sicily 120 imo
Stu7: AlsoGmax yes very disappointing
kascadev8: Brazzers i hope Sicily gets exactly 100
AlsoGmax: Ooost, hope so!
BRAZZERS: hahah kas me too
dabombers: SDK to outscore Sicily at this rate.
Vich: whats that ranking look like fruity? 🙂
AlsoGmax: Did not expect to see SDK on 30 after three quarters. What a jet.
Stu7: I need 101 from the Sicilian
Hazza09: Not sure if Rowell needs to be upgraded to a premo in the mids or fwds. Need Heeney or English
kascadev8: Lippa got mid/fwd? wow
Dredd: Sicily was 68 at QT? dog act. Tbf Short, Rioli and Chapman absolutely killed me
Ooost: Sicily 😀
AlsoGmax: There it is.
Stu7: Sicily nice work
dkeating48: Kolo is on. Whose off?
pcaman2003: Hawks and Cats games never disappoint for competitiveness
Torz: Funny how Geelong?s sub is a perfect like for like replacement. Hmmm.
fruity: Ok hows this sound Walrus..Rowell and JHF out, move NOD to the midfied and add Hewett
DrSeuss: That?s enough now Sicily
MrWalrus: That’s way better fruity, an actual upgrade.
fruity: Walrus ..Thanks
Stu7: One more DT point Sicily
Stu7: Nice coaching MrWalrus 😊
Hazza09: Does Ward need a symbol?
pcaman2003: Keep going Hawks!
TheGoffy: Thriller for me: Sicilly+58 Vs Stewart+Ward
MrWalrus: What’s par this week? I’m looking at 2350ish, I feel that’s decent
frenzy: what were people expecting from Rowell
Cr1cketeer: @TheGoffy you’d be stiff if Ward reached 58 from here
fruity: l’m looking at 2269
kascadev8: debut year i think frenzy
Migz: 2116 is par for top 10000 this round
MrWalrus: 80-90 frenzy, why I didn’t get him
Cottees: good one hawkins
Migz: top 10,000. 10k FF cut the three zeros off
TheGoffy: Let’s just say I would have liked that goal to feel safe.
AlsoGmax: Damn. Hoping for some gravy there.
duckky: Rowell’s DPP is interesting: Mid/Bench
Dredd: Fkn Sicily
hinsch: I will be about 2210 this week for another lose
mattmac24: Never expected Rowell to end up a keeper but making 100k would have been nice
Dredd: Of course Sicily is scoring again? too little too late dog
rooboypete: not a single tackle for Titch… not good
pcaman2003: Just cracked 2303.
dabombers: @hinsch. Feel ya mate 2224 and 100pts left on bench = loss
Hazza09: 2130 and had Hayes on the bench. Had a mare of a week
mattmac24: I finished on 2103. Not a good week for me
MrWalrus: I had C Touk (*sigh*) and Xerri bench, could have had an extra hundred with better choices
Swans Star: Incredible Football!!
Cottees: come on Hawks! you can do it
pcaman2003: Don’t want to be too obvious Hawks but a couple more goals would be good.
hinsch: dabomber I have NOD and Hayes on the bench and cannot loop, JHF and Rachele on the field
Hazza09: Ward went from 54 to 43
dabombers: @hinsch. Similar just add Xerri and take out rachel
mattmac24: Hawks deserve to win this, they have played well today
Oddsy5: im top 500 and scored 2150? bye bye ranking
kascadev8: wtf did ward even lose 9 points for?
Swans Star: Hawks just need a point
Swans Star: Its very hot in the Kitchen
Ooost: Go hawks!
Stu7: Geelongd fault if they lose this kicked too many points
Swans Star: The Hawks are home!!! Incredible victory!!
Oddsy5: lewis beast
Ooost: I’ll finish on about 2250, pending Sicily give or take.. Had a few points on the bench though. So not bad.
Cottees: come on!!! defend!!1
pcaman2003: Game over! Unreal! So happy!
Swans Star: BOG Sicily
VodkaHawk: Too good. Go Hawks
kascadev8: well played hawks, less choccies more goals at training for the catters
Fatbar5tad: Classic Scottball.
Dredd: Cats should be 1-4.. lucky to be 3-2 now
Cottees: omg I am so happy! excellent Hawks
StuL: Offensive breathing 50 metres
pcaman2003: Fantastic game and well played by both teams
TheGoffy: that last dinky kick by ward has sunk me. unbelieveable.
AlsoGmax: Good stuff. Have a great evening, all.
beerent11: Finally ward showing us something
Misternick: Big man Sicily BOG star
Cottees: Stu, you got paid a soft 50 too lol
Swans Star: Hawthorn too classy
frenzy: Welldone Horfawn
kascadev8: and saved me goffy, haha
beerent11: I hope this new 50 rule doesn?t fuck a grand final
MercAm: 2135 with Dris and Hayes on bench, ahhh
pcaman2003: Finished on 2307 so a good day in all.
TheGoffy: Now I’m undefeated the same way the blues are: I’ve lost one and the wins I’ve had have been dodgy.
frenzy: macdonald got dpp Lol

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