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Chat log from R5 of 2022: Essendon vs Fremantle

Chat log for Essendon vs Fremantle, R5 of 2022

LuvIt74: Decided to field Martin, wated to take Hayes 105 but to much of a risk in case Maginness plays or ends up the sub…
LuvIt74: That hurts though missing on a 105
kascadev8: carn Ridles lets go big boy
BRAZZERS: interested in how hobbs goes
LuvIt74: this is gonna kill me
Legix: cmon C Brayshaw
Baldfrog: Riddles, Martin and Brodie in this
BRAZZERS: thanks for the update, everyone has been waiting to know who you had in this mate
Baldfrog: And O driscoll
original: Can?t wait for that to not be a free
Baldfrog: Cheers Brazzers knew u cared
circle52: Only Martin and Brodie for me with O’Driscoll on the pine.
kascadev8: traded out luke ryan, lol
BigChief: Damn Brodie lasted 9 mins before benched.
kascadev8: go ridley
circle52: Martin on the bench as well – Looped him to take Hayes 105.
BigChief: Why oh why did I tip Ess?
duckky: Ess hasn’t had a forward line worth squat since Lloyd and Lucas
pcaman2003: Need Brodie and Martin to at least get 160 between them. Touch and go .
hinsch: I traded out Ridley this week so he should go big
Baldfrog: Martin due a quiet one pcaman
Baldfrog: Why Hinsch?
Catatafish: I didn’t trade him so he won’t haha
pcaman2003: Is Martin out there? Can’t see him.
RooBoyStu: Freo Heave Ho by 5 to 8 goals easy
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. I don’t need any more quiet players. Hopefully Martin picks up a bit.
duckky: Phillips about to be subbed out
BigChief: Phillips out
hinsch: Baldfrog was $200 short for trading in Hewett and Brodie
duckky: Muppett for Redman
duckky: Is Jade Gresham the real deal this year?
Baldfrog: Game is so soft now
LuvIt74: Cmon Martin move it mate…
BigChief: Duckyy Gresham sure is. Was going huge before injuries.
Ninty: Is Brodie feeling good today? 78% TOG is a career high 🤩
rupertmarn: Why is Brayshaw on the bench?
duckky: Thanks Martin
pcaman2003: Onya Martin. Whole lot more of that please.
duckky: OK Rowell to Gresham it is
duckky: Thanks BigChief
Catatafish: Go Martin
StuL: Martin will ton up today
Yelse: need martin to beat Hayes pleaseeee
BigChief: Need Raspel to teach Ess how to kick goals. Being from Eng surely he knows how.
m0nty: Guelfi playing CHF for Essendon is suboptimal
pcaman2003: Brodie overdue for the bench.
Baldfrog: Rasp in mourning Tottenham lost last night Chief
duckky: Guelfi playing for Essendon is suboptimal
kascadev8: Trossarddddd. sorry rasp <3
Ninty: Brodie on the pine 😡
BigChief: ffs pcaman you had to say that 🙁
duckky: This is a bit bottom 4 vs Bottom 4
Stu7: Off the pine Martin
Stu7: Get right Wright ffs
Stu7: StuL – let?s hope so
kascadev8: speaking about winning goals, nasty free kick from cr7
cmperrfect: 1/3 of Essendons best 22 still injured. Doing pretty well.
BigChief: Okay Ess keep kicking it to Martin as he is only 1 who can kick goals.
Ash777: lol all dons goals by martin
pcaman2003: Sorry about that Chief. I’ll hand over to 99
LuvIt74: bloody hell been away and just came back and seen Martins score and almost fell off my seat
wadaramus: You’d best use the cone of silence.
pcaman2003: Where is that tackle from Martin?
m0nty: Cox on Cox action
Hazza09: What?s your everyone doing with Rowell?
bones351: YourTOG is low enough now Brodie, you can come back on!
pcaman2003: Brodie finally on.
kascadev8: rowell to tom green hazza
BigChief: Rowell to Smith WB for me.
Ninty: Trade out Rowell and then get him back in when he has back to back 140?s r12-13
cmperrfect: Rowell to Bailey Smith if he gets DPP.
Hazza09: Thinking Rowell to Rosas and upgrade to English
BigChief: But as soon as we all trade Rowell he will be used as ball winner again.
duckky: Someone tell Waterman to stop stealing goals from Martin
kascadev8: nic martin the best martin in the comp
duckky: What has happened to Dusty?
pcaman2003: kaskadev. Don’t tell Tiger fans that. They won’t have it. 🙂
mattmac24: Brodie to score a 200 if he ever gets more than 90% TOG
LuvIt74: I went Rowell to Brodie this was my only trade this week
BigChief: duckky he retired from Richmond. Going to Brisbane next year.
pcaman2003: Why aren’t CD paying perfectly done tackles? Missed one from Martin earlier,now Brodie.
mattmac24: Pca.. sometimes stats take a few minutes to be added score wise.
Number 8: MG is a revealing stat. Brayshaw 10 disposals for 17m gained. Good fantasy player, not sure he’s a proper footballer yet
pcaman2003: mattmac. Martin’s was last qtr though. 2perfectly good tackles. CD as bad as the umps.
Stu7: Wright on the bench – giving him a Rest from doing sweet FA
Stu7: This kicking is horrendous
BigChief: Smith goal hungry prick
LuvIt74: get martin off the pine
sMiles: nearly everyone has Martin on field I imagine, so … shouldn’t matter too much, right?
PowerBug: 18% of Martin’s owners have him on the bench
BigChief: Wow miracles do happen. Smith didn’t have a shot from within 50
mattmac24: One of my opps doesn’t even have Martin.. they have a team of players under 5% ownership and looking at 2500+ 🙁
cobrakai00: why would this site prioritise DT over SC? Fix it FFS
frenzy: L plate for Devon
Crowls: guelfi and smith should be full time vfl. both shit me to tears and not up to scratch
BigChief: Sad to see Bob Murphy in Freo colours.
pcaman2003: mattmac. Wowee! I might have to try that at this rate.
Crowls: heppel it is time to go back to leongatha mate
mattmac24: Pca, they’ve done nothing for the rest of the season just having a great round
LuvIt74: Martin hit a brick wall
kascadev8: havent see Ridley at all, hows he on 42?
BigChief: Cox beating Cox.
pcaman2003: mattmac My more fancied players are being creamed by my opponents hacks.
duckky: Muppet Muppett Muppett
BigChief: Muppet for Switkowski surely. Bounces ball while being tackled and then just dropped the ball.
DrSeuss: Hobbs seems to be going ok? How is his game for those watching?
Wahab_18: I’m going to fall short in a close one only due to Brodies TOG
tommy10: Hobbs = gun, tackling machine
Ninty: In hindsight we should have benched Brodie with Mundy and Serong back. About time to upgrade
beerent11: Couple of likely rookies coming along at just the right time.
BigChief: If that’s not Kermit worthy m0nty then nothing is.
beerent11: 36 is ok at halftime
beerent11: Trade him out wahab coz it?s not gonna change
DrSeuss: Cheers Tommy
Wahab_18: 36 isn’t the worry, the worry is Parish on 74
kascadev8: keep up with Ryan please Ridley
Wahab_18: Come on Brodie close as possible to parish please
BigChief: Okay Brodie we need at least 80% TOG this 1/4 please
BRAZZERS: you’re a spud kebab
hinsch: Did Chapman get on the bus to Optus instead of Docklands
wadaramus: The potato icon already clearly denotes this.
wadaramus: Noddy looking worthy of a spot on the ground?
Wahab_18: Parish must be doing Ramadan coz he doesn’t wanna sit and drink water
BigChief: Yet another spud comment from kebab.
beerent11: I?ve got him at m8 wadaramus
wadaramus: Nice beer, D8 with no E for me!
BRAZZERS: lol kebab, you’ve got to realize you’re no good at fantasy footy and need to give it away need season mate, spud farmer
Number 8: I don’t see O’Driscoll being dropped anytime soon
beerent11: Yeah I?ve also got 105 from Hayes on my fwd bench too though. Rookie roulette.
BRAZZERS: sydney star, has a source who says noddy is no chance to play next week.
wadaramus: Methinks NOD on the field for me next round!
StuL: We will need rookie upgrades soon. Not much on the horizon. So go Hobbs Angel of death
duckky: Perkins having a mare
beerent11: He knows his stuff brazzers
BigChief: How long before we look at upgrading Paddy Mac?
Number 8: Brodie’s kick to handball ratio is disgusting!
StuL: Someone here used to get the heavy metal references
Ash777: dons letting martin down
colin wood: Need a Ridley ton FFS
BRAZZERS: surely darcy is a ying yang?
wadaramus: I was disappointed to lose to Freo in Rd 1, but they are highly competitive.
duckky: What the hell was that free for?
wadaramus: I tell you waht though, these fucking umpires are a stain on the game.
BigChief: Umpire abuse in middle duckky.
beerent11: Ridley no longer a top liner Colin
duckky: FMD – ill disciplined lot!
banta: Disgraceful umpiring
Catatafish: Riddles and Whitfield are a bit vexing
DrSeuss: Chapman FFS – what are you doing?
LuvIt74: @beerent i agree gotta go and Martin has done jack since quarter time
MrWalrus: Lol disgraceful umpiring but yesterday was fine? You guys are cooked
BigChief: Is Brayshaw an AFL standard player yet Number 8?
Manowar: yeh mint Freo, smash these losers!
StuL: MM sure looks like a twit. Bombers will be relegated at this rate
cmperrfect: Bombers looking fwd to another top 10
BRAZZERS: hobbs looks good, not convinced yet fantasy wise. needs to back it up next week
cmperrfect: Pick.
StuL: Hobbs Angel of Death however m/
Ash777: get Laverde off Taberner lol
MrWalrus: Time for someone to complain about Brodie TOG
StuL: O driscoll a cut price premo scorer. Would have been
pharace: Nice spot up BigChief
banta: Wtf is that for? Ridiculous
banta: Umpires have ruined this game
Manowar: so sad! W. Brodie on the bench again!
Wahab_18: Parish copy Brodie and go to the pine please
a1trader: I remember a couple of guys telling me I knew nothing about the game bringing Taberner in last week. Going ok today
wadaramus: Massive 3QT from Freo.
Oddsy5: essendon traffic cones! no pressure at all lol
BRAZZERS: brodie has been low 70’s tog every game this season, you should be used to it by now geez
MrWalrus: And there it is
pharace: Seems it is Mundy or Brodie, not both
wadaramus: Freao have been great, but the F50 frees have sucked.
Ash777: Taberner is good as long as he is fit
Thomas1234: Ash I?m into girls but Taberner is very fit
duckky: That should have been a free to Wright.Would have been one for Tavener.
Ninty: Anyone know why Brodie has low TOG? Haven?t seen it mentioned here
wadaramus: At least NOD on the pine is making me cash 🙂
Silz90: A1 good trade but surely he won’t be a top 10 fwd
Ash777: He has a tiny tank Ninty
Oddsy5: ninty pretty sure he gets gassed quickly, so just plays in bursts
Silz90: If brodie avg over 75 its a win considering we paid 200 odd for him
Manowar: bye bye Truck!
mattmac24: Brodie has got a lot of his points from final quarters in previous games, he may still hit 100
spdysaint: Brodie spends time on the pine because he is unfit
a1trader: Silz, just thought he was good value after being out most of last year with injury
Ash777: This is like the dons of old. No defensive mindset
pharace: Brodie’s work in and under is outstanding, but not a big scoring game today, pivotal in win if happens though
Silz90: Freo have a softish
Silz90: Freo have a softish draw coming up so it could work out well. Nice pod
MrWalrus: Brodie close to pick of the year for those who started him, why the complaints?
original: Wouldn?t mind a walters goal
Catatafish: No idea about Brodie complaints, he’s been a star pick
BigChief: original you really can’t have Walters?
pharace: Walters can’t buy one @original
dabombers: Please tell me its not me. But watching footy this weekend has been ruined by umps.
masterhc2: get a big dog up you bombers
kascadev8: i like walters still missing them, gives ridley kickins
pharace: every weekend @dabombers – but losing exacerbates it
m0nty: Umps have had no effect on this game. Essendon not good enough at all.
dabombers: This game more of the tip of the iceberg not the genesis
Manowar: yeh, the umpires tried to cheat Carlton out of a win today! but failed!
Silz90: Who badly needs a Ridley ton. My h2h is going down to the wire
DrSeuss: Chapman and Brodie need a bit of junk please.
Wahab_18: As if he’s still on the bench
pharace: Off Mundy, Brodie wants to come on!
dabombers: @monty. I agree. About da bombers but ump standards are really low at the moment.
m0nty: Chapman junking it up
Wahab_18: Brodie running laps around the boundary
original: That happy with O?Driscoll from round –
BigChief: at the moment @dabombers? They have been bad for many a year.
original: Rnd1
original: Flower off heppell
Thomas1234: Got 10 points for all of that Monty
dabombers: @bigchief. The rule changes seemed to have confused their oxygen deprived minds.
pcaman2003: Just back from dinner. Did Martin go home ?
pcaman2003: Naturally opp has O’Driscoll on field and me on my bench. Put Brodie on field. What a weekend.
Wahab_18: Does parish not take a rest?
BigChief: kebab obviously he does with 89% TOG.
Wahab_18: Flower sake get off Parish
wadaramus: Not too much in it pcaman.
kascadev8: lol chief
Hazza09: Horrible TOG Brodie
pcaman2003: Can’t believe Brodie still only playing 61% TOG. Get a new tank
Wahab_18: Finally now Brodie catch up
wadaramus: NODdy injured.
MrWalrus: What? Brodie’s TOG is low? No way
Ash777: Hind needs to be dropped for his lack of performance
DrSeuss: Not much contested stuff so Brodie less likely to get it, even when on the ground
pcaman2003: C’mon Martin and at least get 85.
BRAZZERS: Tabs go deep 50, 10 snags a chance
Ninty: No tank Walrus, heard it from me first
colin wood: Move Ridley up the ground Rutten you spud
dabombers: Lots of junk time scaling points to come.
Hazza09: You complain alot Wahab, come and see what my opponents score against me every week
Wahab_18: Flower off Parish
fruity: Brodie has his own “RESERVED” sign on the bench…
kascadev8: flower you too wahab, dont talk about my boy parish like that
Silz90: Wahab you complain more than my missus.
Ninty: My grandma gets more game time than Brodie and she?s been dead for 300 years
MrWalrus: This Brayshaw guy can play a bit, heard he wasn’t AFL standard
Wahab_18: Thanks freo coach im gonna lose coz of you
BRAZZERS: kebab you potato, no one cares
kascadev8: wahab surely youve learnt not to bet, you never win
masterhc2: that walker bloke is bloody quick
dabombers: Anyone noticed the AFL app has taken off ump names and numbers from team lineup pages. Maybe hatemail is stacking up.
BigChief: Just delete your account kebab. Nobody cares.
Ninty: Probably from moron bomber supporters mainly
pharace: @ Ninty, that puts you at about 200 years then 😉
Wahab_18: Gonna need Sicily to score 130 to win now coz of Brodie TOG and Parish not resting
Catatafish: Can’t to luxury trade out Ridley and Whitfield.
pcaman2003: That’ll be Brodie finished. FGS!
BigChief: dabombers they are still there for games not started. Been like that for a long time.
Cottees: Wahab, just cause Parish has a tank and Brodie doesn’t lol
beerent11: I sidewayzed riddler to Sinclair this week. Better for my state of mind. Highly
colin wood: Pies to go in as favs Anzac Day wouldn?t have thought that 6 weeks ago
Migz: i watched whitfields game, he used to be KOTD by CD. Now he is getting shafted.
DrSeuss: Brodie back on for the last minute
beerent11: Noddy ok?
kascadev8: Parish clearly rested for 14% of the game
Wahab_18: Yes Brodie junk it up boiii
Gelly: and what a minute it was
beerent11: This Brodie tog whinging has to stop
pcaman2003: Martin very disappointing 2nd half. Thought he would ton up after good start.
Catatafish: @beerent11 I’ll bet! I was focused on the NOD trade, and also wait and see stupidly
Tangent: Hello Sean Darcy, welcome to the team
bones351: Nice work Brodie and NOD. That will do NMartin
mattmac24: That’ll never happen Beer.. lol
dabombers: @bigchief. Only on website. Cant see any reference on mobile app.
Catatafish: 260k player averaging 100 and there are complaints l0
BRAZZERS: please give wahab 2 spuds he deserves it
bones351: Would be good to see Hobbs continue getting games. Play the young guys on ball more.
bones351: It is an unusual thing beer, but he continues to score well
beerent11: Haven?t been watching. Was noddy injured.
Catatafish: Yep blood Hobbs with more games, worthwhile in the long run
bones351: Thigh corky beer
Tangent: 2250, done for the week,

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