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Chat log from R5 of 2022: Adelaide vs Richmond

Chat log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R5 of 2022

Manowar: u got this Crom!
mattmac24: What are the chances of K.Baldwin being named a sub for the bombers?
Stu7: Go Rioli
zadolinnyj: Go cows
Stu7: Mattmac24 – I reckon your safe – I reckon Cutler will get that gig
Tangent: Worpel out
Tangent: wtf
wadaramus: A finger caught his shirt, holding the man?!
rupertmarn: I’m sick of that rotten toenail advertisement.
Stu7: Pull your finger out Rioli
wadaramus: I’m getting sick of the Crows ineptitude.
zadolinnyj: Walker kicking still on point
DrSeuss: Rioli – want to do something? Get a touch, a tackle, anything?
DrSeuss: Nope. Head to the bench – good decision Dan.
Tangent: Not being bias or anything but you put Tex in a team like Melbourne he’s kicking 80+ a season with ease
frenzy: bit hard from the pie stand Dr
BRAZZERS: tex getting booed in adelaide lol
zadolinnyj: Serious can we have a round where the umps don?t get whistles
Hazza09: My opponent is projected to go 2300, unbelievable
zadolinnyj: 2300 will be average this round
Stu7: Just my luck traded Rioli in this week doh
zadolinnyj: Studs fault
zadolinnyj: Stu7s
Hazza09: Average? I?m projected 2150 thanks to Grundy and no English
DrSeuss: Rioli will come good, if his team mates look for him. Always runs to space, but often missed
Stu7: zaddolinnyj – what?
zadolinnyj: With McRae 300 it will be average
zadolinnyj: Stu7 ur fault re Rioli
Stu7: @DrSeuss – let?s hope hey
hinsch: I have Rachele and ObRien this game lucky to get 50 total at this rate
Stu7: Yep 100% zadilinnyj
zadolinnyj: Sloane copped it mid week in paper so expect a big heart game
Stu7: I could have looped Hayes in for 70 but chose not to thinking Rachele would have a big one – maybe not
BRAZZERS: tigers low possies team, rioli will have stinkers occassionally
Hazza09: So did Hinge get dropped or wasn?t he injured? How he got dropped is surprising
Stu7: Good boy Rioli
TheFlagger: dow making his brother proud
zadolinnyj: Should have been 50
Stu7: Hazza09 I thought he was injured
Stu7: Definite
Stu7: Definitely injured
Hazza09: Played Ressies today Stu
zadolinnyj: Injured
Tangent: I honestly don’t understand this HTB rule… Tex still owns Adelaide
zadolinnyj: Worst first quarter for short this year
Manowar: happy with T. Walker so far,
rupertmarn: Rioli is a man not a boy
pcaman2003: ROB doesn’t have to do much for his 20 points. Barely noticed him.
rupertmarn: Dow or Doh!
Tangent: The Texa
Catatafish: There’s the good old Dow family performance
Manowar: T. Walker hell yeah!
MrWalrus: Turns out umpires ate as rubbish live as they are on TV, friggen ridiculous
pcaman2003: I’m liking the bench time for Short. Keep him there.
Pokerface: hey all, just jumped on to find out what walrus thinks of the umpiring?
Hazza09: A fair few traded Dow in this week
Catatafish: I traded him in last week, despite being a Dow, so at least get something out of it..
zadolinnyj: Dow making cash regardless.
wadaramus: Well, that was excellent timing then Poker!
Stu7: rupertmarn – really!
zadolinnyj: MrWalrus ain?t wrong
Fatbar5tad: Go Crows
zadolinnyj: A lot of blood
DrSeuss: Rioli – any chance for more than 2 disposals per qtr?
Stu7: Walkers having a blinder
Stu7: @DrSeuss – ha ha so true hey
rupertmarn: Rachele having a stinker
Hazza09: Considering Cripps to Docherty this week
zadolinnyj: Cripps back soon
Stu7: Hazzs09 good choice mate
Catatafish: Keays cementing himself as a must have premium
zadolinnyj: Jack finished?
beerent11: Maybe not must have but pretty bloody good
bones351: Short and Rachele for me in this one haha
Catatafish: He’s on his way was my point, if he continues this form
Baldfrog: Where’s Tig Train and Grimes Jr? The mouths disappear when they are losing
beerent11: Agreed
zadolinnyj: I agree catatafish
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers
Catatafish: Probably a decent POD although not sure his % ownership
zadolinnyj: Staging twice nank
kascadev8: cata keays ownership about 1.5% dont ruin it for me, heh
Baldfrog: Nank been to Rances flopping school
wadaramus: Staging earns reward in AFL.
Dredd: Rachele cementing himself as one, if not the most, frustrating rookie..
Stu7: Rachel?s another Rowe
Catatafish: Rachele is a Rowe incarnation. But still good $$
EatEmAlive: 14 free to 7 and all the adelaide fans are in an uproar that Richmond got 2 in a row!
hinsch: Rachele has a BE of 10 going to be close.
thommoae: Cannot pick Rachele ar all; benched when he scores, on field when he’s MIA.
Catatafish: He’s been on my bench since round 2 because of this
zadolinnyj: Free count irrelevent really. There is nothing saying both teams should get equal frees. Boos are about inconsistencies.
pcaman2003: I suspect Short will get 80+ 2nd half
beerent11: Same here catatafish will miss some big scores but this more likely
beerent11: Here?s hoping pca
EatEmAlive: It is relevant, because Adelaide been getting a whole lot of garbage free kicks the whole day, yet still sook up a storm
beerent11: But gee rachele looks a player
zadolinnyj: Fran-ton looks like Ben stillers special character in tropic thunder
pcaman2003: beerent. I’m hoping he doesn’t cos my opponent has him,but will probably still ton up.
zadolinnyj: Through a Richmond supporters lens
kascadev8: nank the flop, heh
zadolinnyj: There has been a lot of rubbish calls and missed calls. It?s a trend by umpires for weeks
MrWalrus: It is pretty bad, not the crows ones called as much as the tiges ones not
marls: Some terrible flops by Nank. Biggest unit fell like a flower
MrWalrus: Loving it live, hope it’s close, footy is awesome live!
MrWalrus: So crows should have more marls? OK champ, hit the meth pipe again
zadolinnyj: I wish holding the ball and dropping the ball were just called the old way. No more interpretation
RooBoyStu: Don’t blame the umps tiger fans, blame no more Mrs Hardwick, since she has gone it’s R.I.P Richmond
MrWalrus: If that were the case Zado you’d be 3 down, agree regardless though
BRAZZERS: every game someone always sooks it up with the umps when their team is losing lol
EatEmAlive: There is only one trend. Richmond losing the free kicks by at least 10, and the 50m count by 3-5 each and every week.
zadolinnyj: Just prefer to know it?s clear then getting frustrated in the lottery that is umpiring
Ash777: Umps are just convenient to blame when a team is playing bad
EatEmAlive: Despite this I wasn’t complaining, but find it amusing that the Adelaide fans sook up a storm when Richmond get 2 frees
zadolinnyj: I think we can all agree that walker is full forward in the racist team of century
RooBoyStu: Walker wouldn’t make the moustache team of the century
Baldfrog: Rachele has his BE then
zadolinnyj: Goal kicking accuracy hurting the rich and short owners this week
zadolinnyj: Lindon Dunn would make that team and dippa captain RooBoy
Baldfrog: Rooboy whats happened to your horse?
RooBoyStu: How Century starts 2000
RooBoyStu: Night Raid transferred to QLD to Tony Gollan had a trial on the 12th. Ran 2nd is back big time.
zadolinnyj: The last 100 years could be the century.
RooBoyStu: Set for BIG Sprint races in QLD over the next few months
Baldfrog: Oh Nice
RooBoyStu: My prediction Richmond turn on the blowtorch and win by 20pts
zadolinnyj: Likely
duckky: So what was that 50 for?
zadolinnyj: Rioli put ball down but shit 50
EatEmAlive: Another gift 50m penalty to Adelaide.
EatEmAlive: No one knows what the 50m is for, the commentators bamboozled. What garbage
zadolinnyj: You have to hand it back if u have possesion
Ash777: rioli drops the ball
NewFreoFan: 50 was there, you can’t drop it
Baldfrog: Nope rioli made out he was picking it up to waste time
zadolinnyj: Commentators called it exactly as I stated
Baldfrog: Eatemalive needs to go to sepcsavers
Hazza09: Short having a mare today
TheFlagger: classic tigers footy right there
Tangent: Anddd here we go going to somehow lose this… typical
TheFlagger: richmond win by 20
NewFreoFan: A mare from SC pov, 10 disposals at 100% isn’t a mare of a game
pcaman2003: Hazza.. My opp has him so will ton up,so don’t worry.
NewFreoFan: keystone cops stuff at the moment this game
Raspel31: Rachele- methinks I should have taken the Xerri loop- sigh.
kascadev8: lift rachele, i need the monies
TheFlagger: dig deep crows
beerent11: Cotch starting to look zombie icon worthy m0nty
beerent11: You?re your own worst enemy rasp
Ash777: way for crows to blow this game.
EatEmAlive: Don’t pay the dropping the ball, no problem we’ll get the goal anyway. Go tigers!
Raspel31: Thanks beer.
NewFreoFan: EatEmAlive has found his voice again now they’re in the lead
TheFlagger: umps keeping the crom alive
EatEmAlive: Wow what Prior opportunity did Prestia have there?
Baldfrog: Plenty thats why it was Htb
DrSeuss: Umm Rioli – get involved perhaps?
kascadev8: hes a meatball, the prior is being cooked
pcaman2003: Keays very impressive,but such low ownership
Raspel31: What team do you support EatEmAlive- not showing.
BigChief: #freekickrichmond
Fatbar5tad: Fuck you Rachelle.
kascadev8: bye bye rachele, wont be sad to trade you
TheFlagger: in the back on laird????
Baldfrog: Thought Rachele would struggle today so put Hayes on field
Baldfrog: Well looped him
zadolinnyj: berry not afl mid level
TheFlagger: the crow tsunami doesnt stop
beerent11: Rachele is a small fwd on a shit team. This wil happen.
Ash777: rachele is going to be a yo-yo scorer
Baldfrog: Na zad good at tackling but nothing else
TheFlagger: yeah i looped him with c.macdonald. both probably end up around 40 so not much point
Baldfrog: Shower team unlike Norf Beer lol
Ash777: watch him get a 80 next week
TheLegend6: 23-11 free kick count is fun
MrWalrus: This is straight up fucking cheating right now
Fatbar5tad: Crows getting an absolute ride here
TheFlagger: you love to see it
Fatbar5tad: He is the Walrus – boo boo boo boo
EatEmAlive: Another BS free. Can’t touch Adelaide right now. Only frees Richmond get are out on the fulls.
kascadev8: go crom
MrWalrus: Seriously anyone going to say this isn’t a little BS right now?
TheFlagger: richmond brought their own umpires from vic tonight. classic vic bias
LuvIt74: Short ya spud
Ash777: salty tiger fans. love it
TheFlagger: walmart dusty just not the same
Baldfrog: Parker another richmond flopper sucked in
EatEmAlive: Joel Selwood would have got a Free there. Has got one his whole career for that, and instead it was a Free against.
Fatbar5tad: Nothing new about this. We got arse raped in our last match at the Croval as well.
MrWalrus: What’s wrong with you fucking biast cunts, this is straight up cheating
Baldfrog: Cotchin u dirty flog
TheLegend6: Any neutrals here have any unbiased opinion on the umpiring?
pcaman2003: Does short ever get contested points? Always looking for easy kicks that I can see. The new Seagull maybe
NewFreoFan: Back to the salty tiger fans of old
beerent11: Yes baldfrog norf are even more shit than Adelaide
Fatbar5tad: Compared to the Freo game you Tiges are getting off light.
pjw1234: last 5 minutes been a bit sus but before that ok. the crowd is getting into it
beerent11: I?m not delusional about my team
Baldfrog: What about Cotchins kickout Walrus that ok?
NewFreoFan: Hey we were due at home Fatbar after years of suffering at the hands of Margetts
Baldfrog: lol I know beer never said we were champs either
Fatbar5tad: Nah Freo, I meant Adel v Freo. You blokes were robbed blind in that one.
StuL: I can’t see how Rachele will get a posession ever again. I just don’t see how it’s possible.
DrSeuss: Short needs to go back to hitting targets – just long bombing all game. Also Parker needs to learn how to kick straight
TheFlagger: tiges arent exactly 4th quarter specialists but they’ll win this
Baldfrog: Fatbar umps have given you 2 wins against brissy last 2 years wouldnt be mouthing off
beerent11: We were lucky we played wce in their first COVID game. We even nearly lost that one.
beerent11: The umpire dooming is relentless.
MrWalrus: We’ve got this, cheating umps and all
pjw1234: traded ROB to gawn and c him so fingers crossed
the dud: I swear laird has had some tackles not counted
beerent11: Sooking, not dooming
zadolinnyj: Is now a good time for me to mention the free ride Richmond are getting with the umps? Asking for a friend
Baldfrog: Dud has been a busy game may get them after game
beerent11: No team ever gets beaten. Always robbed by the umpires. Hilarious.
zadolinnyj: Cd hedging bets @the dud waiting to see who wins
Baldfrog: Walrus your friend Zad
zadolinnyj: You are getting good internet at that ground MrWalrus. Always shower there
MrWalrus: Had to bring my own Zado
zadolinnyj: Win or lose it?s still better then sitting at the gf with my Richmond
zadolinnyj: Mate
beerent11: Couple o goals to get to 50 Rachele
pjw1234: rioil rolled his ankle so rachele will have a big last 1/4
TheLegend6: Rachele stop
Ash777: rachele has turned on
Migz: rachelle got 2 points for a mark and goal?
beerent11: The boy is good
Migz: nm just went up :p
Fatbar5tad: Love that lazy analysis Baldy.
TheLegend6: get to 15 Rioli
Baldfrog: Thanks Fatbar
TheFlagger: looks like the pre season camps are finally paying off
Raspel31: Hmm- think we all bidding farewell to Rowell next week- thoughts?
Fatbar5tad: We are all amigos here. 🙂 Hope you hang on.
Baldfrog: I will be Rasp
TheLegend6: What’s this HTB rule with ducking? I’ve not seen it before.
zadolinnyj: Agree Raspel. Gave him one last go but Ying Yang from round 1
Baldfrog: To be honest Fatbar never thought we would get close
Fatbar5tad: George took his eye off the pill there
beerent11: Short can?t get back on
Fatbar5tad: You’re a different side with Tex
Raspel31: Oh yeah zado- and come on Short- get out there.
zadolinnyj: For sure
LuvIt74: Bulldogs & Richmond are cooked this year, very inconsistant…
TheLegend6: game over i think
TheFlagger: hahaha castagna
zadolinnyj: Hope tonight?s game lives up to expectation
TheFlagger: tiges cant play a 4th quarter
LuvIt74: @Legend well and truely…
Hazza09: Grundy, Short, Rowell what a mare of a week
Yelse: where has short been today ffs POD fails me as usual
zadolinnyj: Hard 2 weeks in sc for me
Ash777: big last half from ROB.
EatEmAlive: Can’t even get paid a mark. Seriopusly diabolical umpiring
TheLegend6: Good score looking like 2,200
TheFlagger: shorts not a pod really
Catatafish: Tex back in the saddle it seems, definitely lifts the crom
Baldfrog: That was a mark Eatem
zadolinnyj: Was lynch first hands EatemAlive
Yelse: do i take rachele or risk macdonald hawks
hinsch: Legend more like 2300+ in my comps.
EatEmAlive: If today is nor proof that Richmond get the worst umpring every week, then I don’t know what is. This is not a once off
pcaman2003: Who were those trading out Rachelle next week?
TheFlagger: rachele
MrWalrus: This actually needs an enquiry, absolutely disgusting
TheLegend6: Rachele junking up
RooBoyStu: It’s over Richmond, still laughing you got Tarrant
Yelse: Short is my POD vs opponents @ flagger
Baldfrog: Mc Donald hasn’t been good Yelse
beerent11: Rachele might pass short. Still making cash. Trade him out. Trade him out.
frenzy: good call beer
Migz: for what walrus? inquiry into how to not get caught HTB constantly haha
Catatafish: Rachele swooping in
TheLegend6: If Rachele gets above 60 it’s a farce
kascadev8: go rachele, late money man
TheFlagger: tasmanian tigers has a ring to it
Ash777: take rachele yelse. Macdonald hasn’t gone beyond 50
BigChief: Hahaha typical Richmond supporters sooking it up.
TheFlagger: ahh got it yelse.
RooBoyStu: Save our skins to return in a few years lol
Fatbar5tad: Rashelly going the junk!
Baldfrog: Tried to get rid of mcdonald this week but Eramus was dropped
RooBoyStu: @theflagger Tassie Tiger is an animal
pcaman2003: Accountable contested footy is testing Short out. Soft as butter.
TheFlagger: yep and also a team next year when the tigers get relocated rooboystu
Yelse: rachele only got 7 for mark kick goal?
RooBoyStu: Jack Riewoldt lol
beerent11: Will be scaled yelse
m0nty: Butts sore
BigChief: @RooBoyStu I think you mean WAS. LOL
zadolinnyj: Walker getting off chain early meant short did not leave defence
RooBoyStu: Tassie Tiger Jack Riewoldt hahaha
Fatbar5tad: Waiting for the inevitable Butts crack.
m0nty: Tigers getting crucified here
Fatbar5tad: HTB on Crouch?
zadolinnyj: The way frampton giving it to Richmond he must have bet on them
EatEmAlive: No prior for that, but Prestia earlier had Prior?
Zee94: Can’t wait to see the backlash against this umpiring lmao
RooBoyStu: @m0nty on the computer all day would do that
MrWalrus: Fuck you all, straight up cheating, im out
zadolinnyj: That was htb EatEmAlive
Baldfrog: htb against Valostin?
TheFlagger: ahahahaha
TheLegend6: The umpiring isn’t why we lose but it does make it tough for the players
RooBoyStu: MrWalrus take the box of tissues before you go
mattmac24: See you tomorrow Walrus!
hinsch: Tigers give away a lot of free kicks but not one 50m penalty for arms out
Fatbar5tad: Nah Zee only happens at Geelong
EatEmAlive: Gootta love the commentry. “They’ve Put the whistle away now” Only when Richmond should be getting the frees.
TheLegend6: Deliberate? haha okay..
pcaman2003: Vlaustin not HTB? Downright cheating. Should be free to Crows there. Good win anyway. Well played Crows.
EatEmAlive: The thing is, if this was just a once off, you wear it. When is the last time Richmond gets favoured like this?
zadolinnyj: That was a one handed handball by richmond
EatEmAlive: Put the whislte away After 33 frees to 13, let alone the 50m penalties
BigChief: Hahaha the Tigers are back according to the fans.
TheFlagger: go crom
DrSeuss: True Legend – Richmond been pretty average tonight – just bombing everything long all night
Urbs: go crom
Baldfrog: We are not a finals threat Dwayneo sheesh
zadolinnyj: Did commentator say crows are a finals threat? Lol. 2 wins
pcaman2003: My opponent is screaming obscenities at Short. Lol!!
Ash777: 2 goals from 16 entries lol there’s your game.
MrWalrus: Absolute disgrace, umps 3 2 & 1 points tonight
exatekk: go crom
BigChief: Can we all have some of what Russell is smoking please?
MrWalrus: Disgusting
exatekk: haha ok Walrus. was pretty one sided in the first half
pcaman2003: 8 tons to 1 very telling about work rate.
MrWalrus: Should we have won? We’ll never know
MrWalrus: Yeah, only 2:1 first half cunt

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