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Chat log from R5 of 2022: Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R5 of 2022

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Baldfrog: Hope Jackson can ton up bit worried about max getting all the points
bc__: Go Blowey
zadolinnyj: let?s go green
frenzy: howdy
pcaman2003: Hoping Kelly will have a better week after a poor effort round 4.
frenzy: Flynn could be in for a rough nite
zadolinnyj: Cameron said Whitfield has knee and foot issues. Why would they not get him right and rest him
kascadev8: go cogs, youre all i have
Baldfrog: oh god Eleni is umpiring
beerent11: Leon please get deboer onto clarry. Let?s get that be up even higher.
pcaman2003: Have 4 in this but Kelly my only POD.
hinsch: Oliver just put a little bit of effort in this week pls
kascadev8: ill tag you clarry
pcaman2003: Why does a backman like Bowey get benched after 4 minutes?
beerent11: Ranga on ranga action
zadolinnyj: Would love to see clarkson coaching gws. too much talent for what they give
Yelse: whitfield3 SC ? wtf
Migz: i saw whitfield get multiple ground balls and his CP has stayed at one and he went backwards. doesnt make sense to me
Migz: oh well
BRAZZERS: so many clangers form whitfield this season, so unlike him
DrSeuss: Agree Zado – Cameron needs to go
frenzy: people said don’t play the Perryman
Raspel31: Clayton, yes, you were a very naughty boy last week but prepared to forgive everything.
pcaman2003: See if you can find a team mate Kelly. Get your MOJO back please
beerent11: I don?t think I?ve ever seen a Melbourne supporter in the chat.
Hazza09: First Grundy now Gawn FFS
MrWalrus: Just want to say seeya later all, im done with this shit, see you in my next life
Baldfrog: Deesaresad Beer
zadolinnyj: I got Taranto so sorry everyone
Baldfrog: You say that every week Walrus
beerent11: Ahhh yes
pcaman2003: Shut the door on your way out.
beerent11: Green started well zad
Migz: oh walrus. i was the eagles game last night and im still here. quit ya bitching haha
frenzy: salty walrus
zadolinnyj: I know umps are ruuining the game MrWalrus but don?t go. Keep the faith
Baldfrog: Walrus should have been an actor very dramatic
beerent11: Toys out the cot
Catatafish: Hayes is my premo ruckman..
Baldfrog: They are zad thats why im back going to sturt games
zadolinnyj: GWS enrries disgusting
Yelse: geez this year premiums aren’t consistent mid as well have had all mid pricers
Migz: whitfield has been shafted more than what walrus thinks the tiggers were shafted
Catatafish: Whitfield has been consistently frustrating so far
BRAZZERS: walrus a sook
zadolinnyj: If I was back in Adelaide would go with you Ballfrog. Central?s fan but love the Sturt jumper
Migz: also my amazing either to back up gawns C last week with a C this week instead of macca … bad idea so far
BigChief: Lets go C Preuss. I want 150 from you.
Baldfrog: Just find the umps are fair in the sanfl zad
Yelse: whitfield score def wrong but CD won’t correct it
zadolinnyj: Need the double blues in afl
DrSeuss: Maxy not getting any marks or possessions so far – was marking everything last week
BigChief: Zado you like the baby blue jumper?
zadolinnyj: See what you did there BigChief
pcaman2003: Thought Kelly was my only POD this game,but have Bowey too. Come on you two.
Baldfrog: Nearly folded 10 years ago doubt that would happen
exatekk: walrus still crying?
zadolinnyj: And atmosphere makes you feel like ur in the game Ballfrog
Catatafish: Whitfield score was right, now a bit silly
kascadev8: time to start tagging Ash boy
zadolinnyj: The jumper not the team Ballfrog
Baldfrog: oh soz zado
Raspel31: Being new to this game why does the tall, expensive man Gorn do nuffink?
zadolinnyj: like the 80s and 90s doudle blues jumper
pcaman2003: Kelly was a sublime user of the ball once. What happened?
Baldfrog: signed a million a year deal pcaman doesn’t have to try anymore
Baldfrog: Look at grundy pcaman
BigChief: Raspel I think he is there for his beard.
beerent11: Jackson and Gawn total 13 points
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. Quite possibly. He’s just not with this year.
Raspel31: Ah, danke BigChief- ist gut ja?
BigChief: Almost as good as Grizzly Adams Raspel 🙂
Baldfrog: Is rasp impersonating a Jamaican tonight?
Yelse: all 3 rucks his game struggling
Baldfrog: Jackson to pruess soon
zadolinnyj: Grizzly Adam?s did have a beard. Happy gilmore
Hazza09: Obviously no tags tonight on Oliver, but 2 weeks ago Cameron the flog double tagged Touk
beerent11: Is pruess a keeper baldfrog?
BigChief: Lol Zado.
Baldfrog: Probably not Beer but where do we make money from?
Baldfrog: decent roookies very hard to find
cmperrfect: Its Pruenglish all the way for me this year.
beerent11: Tough one. I?m keeping Jackson til I can get to a premo. And chucking him into the fwd line.
kascadev8: stop clarry
beerent11: With him or xerri
BigChief: Whitfield looks cooked already. Can’t even run.
pcaman2003: Is Whitty cooked already. He’s a delicate creature.
colin wood: Whitfield done a rib?
Baldfrog: you can do that to beer havent used many trades and need to make more money
Baldfrog: Missed xerri got brodie
BRAZZERS: max flicked the switch
Hazza09: So nobody tagging Oliver?
cmperrfect: Hey m0nty, landscape on a mob device hides the team scores. FYI.
pcaman2003: Off the bench Bowey and get that ball.
Baldfrog: Melb getting lots of time to dispose of the ball
dabombers: Who are we bringing in next week. Time to cull Rowell and JHF i reckon.
kascadev8: rowell to green
Badgerbadg: langdon kinda looks like jesus
zadolinnyj: Horne still cash to come.
Baldfrog: Keeping JHF but dunno Rowell to
Dredd: Time to cull Grundy too
zadolinnyj: Okeefe was bad at Collingwood. How is he still playing
Catatafish: Depends on rookie scenario, but Rowell likely upgrade to a Touk or Steele for me
Ninty: Time to cull Whitfield. How?s the DT > SC conversion dead set yuck
dabombers: JHF is my M10 over last 3 weeks. BE will be borderline from now on.
zadolinnyj: Rowell to smith
pcaman2003: Rowell to Steele or Boak for me.
pjw1234: rowell to prestia might get it for free
TheLegend6: Prestia will be good for 3 weeks then get an injury
BigChief: Might be Rowell to Bailey Smith.
zadolinnyj: Sparrow thought he was one
dabombers: Gonna be a tough 3-4 weeks. Boosts in maybe 1 or two of them. Rosas and Pruest are def ins for me next week.
Yelse: rowell to green for me
pcaman2003: Thata boy Bowey. Keep going
colin wood: Get stuffed Ellani
zadolinnyj: rubbish free.great goal
Social: Evning legends, what happened in adlaide?
Baldfrog: Problem with dogs mids Chief is they take turns at scoring
Baldfrog: Ask Walrus Social
kascadev8: go crom, social
wadaramus: What’s wrong with Jacko’s SC, is DE is good?
Social: not the umps again
Hazza09: So Rowell and Grundy getting traded next week?
Baldfrog: What made u think that Social?
kascadev8: should just be rowell hazza
BigChief: Wada looks okay to me. 44 DT and 43 SC
Dredd: Without a doubt Hazza
Baldfrog: max came good why cant Grundy?
Dredd: Praying Oliver and Green can over Rioli and Short?s rubbish scores
BigChief: Baldfrog because Coll play 5 200cm players.
Baldfrog: Green is the one can he keep going all season?
NewFreoFan: Eleni having a mare
Baldfrog: True Chief but the yank should be gone this week
Hazza09: I?m liking Rowell to Green
Baldfrog: Eleni always has a mare
Social: the yank only got a fine
pcaman2003: Nice qtr Kelly and Bowey.
Baldfrog: Yeah social didn’t mean that he’s just a liability all round
Social: agree baldfrog, but looks super cool doing it
Baldfrog: lol Social those sunnies are appalling
Social: Corey Hart wants them back
Baldfrog: He should oinly play at marvel suits his superhero style
Yelse: grundy will be back drop cox and maybe cameron and he will get more than 65 TOG
thesilentl: Cameron has a broken rib so he’s gone. Cox out for mihocek
Pokerface: it wasnt grundys TOG that was the issue. It was his ability when he was on the ground
thesilentl: Grundy will come good, elite players don’t just forget how to play forever
Pokerface: yes but their attitude can
the dud: Ed Langdon missing a tackle
frenzy: Grunds price starting with a 4, yes please
BigChief: Sloane injury looks serious. Poor bastard if that’s the case.
Pokerface: grundy actually ahsnt been good for a couple of years. he blamed it on the bubbles etc, but would be good this year.
Pokerface: seems no different at all. i think he’s done as an uber
Baldfrog: None of the players on mega contracts Dusty Kelly or Grundy have been as good compared to pre contract.
Pokerface: yep
Pokerface: and buddy. but i guess he’s 10 years older now 🙂
BRAZZERS: lol dusty was injured last season and hasnt played this year, still won a prem after contract year.
NewFreoFan: Heeney has started his mega contract pretty well
zadolinnyj: That?s why contracts in nfl still mean you have to play well to get the big bucks
Baldfrog: Buddy;s the luckiest 3 games a year for a million
zadolinnyj: Dusty not about the money
Baldfrog: Brazzers you cant say that dusty has been as good really?
Pokerface: aaaah.. you forget dusty shopping himself around several years ago?
Pokerface: and noone wanted his asking price?
BRAZZERS: he’s already cemented himself as the greatest player to play the sport, not much left to prove nackers
zadolinnyj: Agents asking price
Pokerface: lmao, the greats play good consistently. not just when they can be bothered
mattmac24: Dusty the greatest player to play the sport..? Sorry what? He is a brilliant player but not the greatest
BRAZZERS: like danger? lol. dusty gets it done when it matters
BigChief: Dusty not even top 10 ever.
Pokerface: where did i claim danger was the greatest player to play?
beerent11: Hahaha brazzers you troll. Works every time.
Baldfrog: Brazzers must be under 20 seen many brillianbt players in my lifetime
NewFreoFan: Best ever is an impossible task, too hard to compare players across different eras
zadolinnyj: Leigh Matthew?s and gary Ablett jr went alright
Ash777: yeah no greatest is not in this decade
Baldfrog: Barry Robran and Poly Farmer
BRAZZERS: 3 norms 3 flags, jordan level. case closed, lol matthews already said Dusty is the best player he’s ever seen
Baldfrog: Russell Ebert was bloody good
Pokerface: flag doesnt make u great. flag is a team thing. many many greats dont get a chance at norm
zadolinnyj: Correct NewFreoFan. The Jordan Lebrun debate. Jordan bye the way
beerent11: Got em all biting. Waters boiling.
Pokerface: midfielders medal in any case
NewFreoFan: Besides we all know the goat was Pav
Ash777: lmao mathews
pjw1234: Dusty was top 10 in games that matter
zadolinnyj: Andrew McLeod got two in a row in to gfs and not even close
BRAZZERS: it does when you dominate them
Pokerface: dermot brereton won 5 flags. guess that makes him greater brazzers?
Baldfrog: Thought Wayne Carey was the greatest seems to change every couple of years these days
Pokerface: he took houli’s medal in one and picketts medal in another
BRAZZERS: you can make the agrument his isn’t, i can make one he is. so no one will win the discussion. its all subjective
zadolinnyj: Zac Dawson was amazing from first game but no medals or gfs
pcaman2003: Why did Kelly have an effective disposal and drop from 69 to 66? Very confusing!
Yelse: back to the game whitfield going backwards
Ash777: If you look at norms smith winners you know it’s a pot luck
NewFreoFan: No I won the discussion, it’s Pavlich, the Superpav
mattmac24: Trolling or not, he down right is not the greatest to ever play the game.
BigChief: Relton 100x better than Dusty
zadolinnyj: Surely Shane woewodin.
Pokerface: i will admit, he does have the most chopstick threats of all the greats
NewFreoFan: Damn, how did Relton take this long to get mentioned
kascadev8: dusty not as good
zadolinnyj: BigChief for the win
Pokerface: zad, brazzers is too young to know who that is
NewFreoFan: Relton narrowly ahead of Tambling
hinsch: Finish the argument Reece Jones has been suspended more that Toby Greene
Pokerface: relton is still rotting away on my bench as we speak
thesilentl: Arms out 50 @bigchief, time to stop sooking about it
NewFreoFan: Kosi wowee
Baldfrog: lol thanks freofan was googling trying to find his name
zadolinnyj: If I was the herald sun sc team I would hire Felton for special comments
zadolinnyj: Relton
NewFreoFan: Demons just doing party tricks now
zadolinnyj: Gee Melbourne are in beast mode
Badgerbadg: dees flicked the switch after than ump respect 50m
mattmac24: One of my opponents has May, Ward and Flynn.. what a week to go up against a weird team
NewFreoFan: Can’t disrespect the umpires so they’re disrespecting the giants
Oddsy5: gawn = beast
pcaman2003: Get back out there Kelly. I need more points from you.
Baldfrog: Not looking good Matt
beerent11: They should keep Flynn instead of pruess
Pokerface: that would set the sc pundits alight 🙂
m0nty: they should play Flynn and Preuss tbh
zadolinnyj: Wonder who fell for brayshaw
NewFreoFan: they need to try something, underperforming with their list so far this year
Badgerbadg: Dees are still such a feel good story- they were terrible for so long! I remember when they coped 200 against the cats
Hazza09: Will they play both Flynn and Pruess?
Ash777: other than the tanking you mean badger?
zadolinnyj: Will be hard to drop flynn
NewFreoFan: Who’s fired first, Cameron or Hinkley
Hazza09: Flynn and Pruess together is not ideal
Badgerbadg: Tanking to get scully and trengove? lol
Ninty: Please tell me there?s a 1 missing in front of Whits SC score
Baldfrog: They wont feel as good if you stop feeling it
Baldfrog: Hinkley needs an extension
beerent11: This is the first week my Jackson r2 risk has hurt me.
pcaman2003: Get the ball Bowey. You’ve gone to sleep.
Stu7: Gawny to go massive
NewFreoFan: bit of bias there Baldfrog?
Baldfrog: Never Freofan just enjoy seeing his coke cans week after week
zadolinnyj: Bobby hill awful
NewFreoFan: Bring Choco back
dabombers: Im liking the SC update trade. As scores change so does trade plans. Updated 3x since round started.
kascadev8: why have you not used Ash to tag at all mr cameron
Catatafish: Whitfield out asap. Even getting the ball he’s clearly fucked someone’s wife at CD.
NewFreoFan: tag who? Oliver? Trac? Viney? the others can cover
pcaman2003: You’re allowed to tackle Kelly and kick the ball instead of constant HB.
mattmac24: Whitfield has had 2 contested possessions. Too much easy ball so scoring minimal points
wadaramus: Jackson spending a long time on the pine?
pcaman2003: Onya Bowey! Take a bow.
Baldfrog: Epl time then replay Crom v sooky sooky lalas
Ash777: lol every time bowey gets the ball the commentators have to talk about him not losing a game.
kascadev8: Ash777 did you know that Bowey is gonna have 12 wins from 12 games? incredible
beerent11: Was limping at the top of the screen earlier in the game wadaramus
NewFreoFan: Bowey not losing is the new Pendles basketball background
Catatafish: I agree with that, but almost 30 points leas and DE 71% can’t be that bad
pcaman2003: Bowey only 7 pts for intercept mark and goal.. Surely the goes up to well over 70
Ash777: Odds on Cameron to coach the next game?
dabombers: Take Cogs score or take a ping with Caldwell?
marls: Supermaning the whole team is so lame
pcaman2003: Hang your head Kelly for a terrible 11pt qtr.
zadolinnyj: Is that a serious question dabombers
Malaka: If Melbourne play their cards right, they could win this.
dabombers: Yeah. Traded back in Cripps to use as loophole. Not sure.
zadolinnyj: Cogs on track for 100
beerent11: You trade Cripps out and then back in to use a loophole?
dabombers: Caldwell due for a 120 at Marvel soon.
bc__: Whitfield get a heart for?
pcaman2003: Bowey owners won’t be happy with the low score he got for the intercept mark and goal. From 62 to 68. Go figure!
dabombers: Changed plans @beer. Decided Butters was better out over Cripps or Ridley to get in Gawn this week. Changed mind 4 times
zadolinnyj: He asked the wizard for it bc
frenzy: frozen???
DropCox: @zado he should have asked for courage
zadolinnyj: Bedford unlucky monty
zadolinnyj: Lol
Stu7: Off the pine Bowey
pcaman2003: Bowey finally on.
Social: Good to see Bruhn getting a decent run
banta: Why Jackson such low tog? Game is all tied up. Surely rest gawn and play the kid. So weird.
pcaman2003: C’mon Bowey and Kelly. Don’t stop now.
wadaramus: Jacko getting massive arse splinters.
m0nty: nominations for star please
loc1477: Green has been huge! Not sure what game the scorers are watching this second half he should be on 120-130
rupertmarn: Will Flynn keep Preuss out?
exatekk: rest the captain?? HAHA
exatekk: Gawn monty
frenzy: looks likely rupertman
pcaman2003: GWS are a rabble and the coach will be looking for a new job soon.
beerent11: They?re playing the best team in the comp by a mile.
thommoae: Dees will do this to other teams this year; they are a class above the League at this point.
zadolinnyj: GWS to use two rucks
Social: off the pine conigs
zadolinnyj: Look at that calf spasm
colin wood: Gawn surely to scale up well here
Oddsy5: dees are that good its good to watch. one of the 3 teams i like lol
Hazza09: How is Gawn only 125
zadolinnyj: Not many points left
kascadev8: have the last 3 mins off Green, youve deserved it
zadolinnyj: Not often the crows himmelberg does better then gws one
colin wood: Zado they?ll just take them off the no namers happens all the time
zadolinnyj: Anyone getting Toby greene
J.Worrall: Star for May – when else does a defender get it?
thommoae: Pcaman – Giants ain’t a rabble. outclassed tonight but they’ll be back.
dabombers: Cameron might have had enough of coaching.
J.Worrall: no scaling needed
NewFreoFan: they’re 1-4 at 73%, rabble like
Social: Hes achieved nothing with a squad of top picks
m0nty: new icon
BurtCocain: shitfield is gone after this week, why did i hold onto him
zadolinnyj: Maggnet

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