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Chat log from R5 of 2022: St Kilda vs Gold Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs Gold Coast, R5 of 2022

Gotigres: Which Rowell will turn up today? Under 75 Rowell or 100+ Rowell?
kascadev8: maybe 150+ rowell
Gotigres: That would be great kasca
DrSeuss: 150 from Miller would do just fine as well
bushranger: As I traded him this week hopefully the under 75 version. Sorry fellas
kascadev8: ill take a 150 from witts rowell touk and sinclair 🙂
bushranger: at least 100 for Touk please
TheFlagger: witts under 100 would be lovely
Migz: only 102 points to go bushranger haha
TheFlagger: but unlikely
DrSeuss: Anyone running with Touk today?
ajconodie: That’s better Touk.
bushranger: slowly does it Migz
kascadev8: Ross on at stoppages Seuss
Yelse: steele touk and witts under 100 would be lovely and hayes 50s but not looking good already
Tangent: Just Steele for me
DrSeuss: Cheers Kas – hopefully nothing too extreme
ajconodie: It astounds me that Hayes wasn’t on a list until this year.
Tangent: Holy shower I forgot i’ve got Hayes as starting ruckman
Tig-Train: No love for touk today I see
TheFlagger: 3 clangers 20% d.e hurts
Migz: hayes had a tackle in the middle. missed that didn’t ya CD ya cheeky dogs
circle52: That will help Milles DE
TheFlagger: deadeye levi
kascadev8: starting to think it wont be 100+ rowell today
Migz: does Levi legit have the worst ball drop in the AFL
Tig-Train: Time for rowell to go? not as good as his first games made him out
Tig-Train: Being a Carlton reject probably tells ya that something is wrong with him
StuL: Gresh would have been a better pick than Rowell it seems
Raspel31: One hadball Rowell? Hmm, can only improve from here.
TheFlagger: mckenzie double ton
J.Worrall: Ross with Touk?
Tangent: Big end to the quarter Rowell #proud
DrSeuss: Hayes getting a lot of bench time
Hazza09: Ffs Touk, come on
AlbySmedtz: Q. Are there more players in the Gold Coast team with ‘goalposts’ in their surname, than Jacks in the Stkilda team???
Catatafish: Did the Saints forget Hayes is playing?
TheFlagger: how long do the suns keep this up
LuvIt74: @Cat i was thinking that myself, bloody shocking
TheFlagger: mabior all class
SwaggyP: Mabior is an unreal player.
Bluebagg11: Bye bye Rowell
kascadev8: wakey wakey Rowelly, i miss the old rowell
m0nty: careful Jack with those arms out
SwaggyP: Get the BE Rowelly
Tig-Train: Hayes just looking at the ball and getting points now?
TheFlagger: rowell to who next week
circle52: Hands in the back apparently non rule thie weekend
FlyinRyan2: witts alright been on the bench for a while?
mattmac24: Rowell straight to Gresham?
Tangent: What was that rule? ‘arms out 50’
Pokerface: you need to be more specific m0nty. first names don’t cut it
NewFreoFan: We’re all stuffed if the Saints get someone with the surname Jack
kascadev8: @NewFreo maybe they sign Jack Jack?
Pokerface: lol freo
ausgooner: Hayes!
mattmac24: Saints to draft Jack-Jack from the incredibles
Pokerface: kas, not sure if comms would call him Jack, or Jack Jack. Seems they want to do that when firstname=lastname
Stu7: St Kilda deserve to lose this with woeful kicking
Gotigres: Knew I should have fielded Hayes instead of Grundy
LuvIt74: Hayes done well in 2nd half
Pokerface: i want north to recruit a cat B Brazillian soccer player called Jesus. Just for the crappy puns here on good friday
Ooost: *only now people knew they should have fielded Hayes over Grundy 😀
AlbySmedtz: If only Markov had a double LL in his surname…
NewFreoFan: They’d probably go with JJ I reckon
Pokerface: did people actually trade steele out after rd2?
zadolinnyj: what?s wrong with Rowell. thought he was going to be season keeper after round 1
Tig-Train: Yes poker lol
Pokerface: good grief
zadolinnyj: premiums are like marriage Pokerface. stick with through the shower storm
Pokerface: zad – is Brodie a premium?
Pokerface: Grundy that is – not Will
zadolinnyj: very interesting question. will only know when fyfe returns I think Pokerface
Pokerface: note to self – only acceptable first names are Max, Touk
zadolinnyj: yes to Grundy but pushing his luck. New sc rule is if they got payed they should not be played
TheFlagger: rowell to preuss via dpp somehow
zadolinnyj: this year was the year where ruck premiums have not been required like previous years
NewFreoFan: Saints have lifted their pressure this quarter
Tangent: I can see Freo winning the flag and Fyfe winning his third brownlow
NewFreoFan: In which parralel universe are you looking Tangent
zadolinnyj: like it in theory flagger but only change Rowell is going to get it a B at the start instead of the R
TheFlagger: go suns go
Tangent: Okay winning it all is a bit of a stretch but will certainly go deep into September
NewFreoFan: We haven’t faced a top team yet, let’s see how we go against anothert contender first
TheFlagger: At the end of the round nic martin gets dpp. swing him into the midfield after trading rowell, hayes forward, preuss
TheFlagger: preuss slots in r3
beerent11: Sinclair is a gun
frenzy: Leon might spit it with Preuss
Pokerface: if Pruess is R3 where do you intend to put Sam Hayes…
DrSeuss: Hayes, Touk and Rowell – Not ideal – get a move on lads
beerent11: Bought our boy in this week frenzy. Good so far.
Migz: i was 50/50 on whether to bring in sinclair or english. looks like both would have been a good choice. brought in englis
TheFlagger: actually preuss r2 swing english forward. wait a week on hyes
pcaman2003: Witts looks so lazy.
frenzy: nice beer
Stu7: 8 points disgusting
blashtroko: windhager tag on miller
DrSeuss: FFS Miller – get a touch.
NewFreoFan: Windhager is a hell of a name
TheFlagger: rubbish call umpire
NewFreoFan: Markov looks like a ye olde pugilist with that mo
Hazza09: Ffs touk
StuL: In German Windhager translates to Windhager
TheFlagger: groundbreaking stuff stuL
DrSeuss: Might have to trade Touk if he keeps getting tagged.
NewFreoFan: Das ist verr?ckt StuL
kascadev8: get on rowell
Migz: what role is rowell playing. doesnt seem right
Pokerface: you should do that seuss
NewFreoFan: Your chat can’t handle a little umlaut m0nty
Pokerface: try saying rowell role 5 times quickly
StuL: Lol freofan
wadaramus: Stinky third quarter from Witts and Rowell.
Ash777: Rowell must be doing a run with roll on Steele
zadolinnyj: happy with rosas
DrSeuss: Thanks Poker – I know I won?t, but damn it is frustrating to watch
pcaman2003: Damn! Witts benched again. What’s wrong with him? He’s playing crap.
Ash777: owen wilson was trying to say rowell all along
Raspel31: Thank you for your audition Mr Rowell but I’m afraid you didn’t get the job.
TheFlagger: miller worked really hard for that
beerent11: Lesssgo touk!
Stu7: Watch St Kilda lose this game
fruity: Come on Rowell.
Tangent: Hayes SC points for ballwatching
beerent11: Hayes is a genuinely good player.
Tangent: Rumour is that saints only picked up Hayes as he’s a Jack… found out he was good by luck
frenzy: when do new DPP;s come out
Pokerface: to be a team player King should really change his name to Jack..
Stu7: Gresham was a great cheap pick up – so happy with his performance
beerent11: Monday after the last game of this round I think frenzy
Pokerface: after this round Frenzy
frenzy: cheers
pcaman2003: I wonder if Witts has thought of tapping to his own players? FGS!
Pokerface: guess its lucky Markov isn’t at saints with the first name requirement
Stu7: Miller has been quite the last few rounds – are people going to keep him?
StuL: Might have had to go Grundy to Hayes, if I didn’t already have Hayes on the bench
pcaman2003: Stu7. Still averaging 114 so will keep for the moment.
Stu7: pcaman2003 – cool
Pokerface: you a fantasy player or something stu7
mattmac24: Definitely keep Stul, he will be fine.
Stu7: Yeas Pokerface – play both – I love SC better but gave more at stake with Fantasy
pcaman2003: Put in some hard yards Witts,you great sloth.
Pokerface: ok, i guess in fantasy they do do weird reactionary trades like that then
TheOnyas: onya steeley
Stu7: * gave – have
Tangent: SC runs circles around DT
TheFlagger: get on the pine witts youve earned it
pcaman2003: TheFlagger. He can’t yet,too busy butchering the ball and his score.Lol!
pcaman2003: But right on cue,Witts on the bench again. 158 last week to this.
TheFlagger: shows how shit de koning is
Stu7: Off the pine Gresham
mattmac24: Not really surprised Pca.. Witts was rucking against no one last week
TheFlagger: 0 tackles for touk.
pcaman2003: Mattmac. Very true. Must be okay without an opponent only.
beerent11: Plenty do those trades in SuperCoach too poker
LuvIt74: Glad i got rid of Rowell this round now i just hope Maginness doesn’t start so i get Hayes score
Pokerface: beer – trading out touk cos he was only on 85 at 3/4 time? ok.
cmperrfect: Picked the right week to bring Steele in. Nice.
Pokerface: but yes beer, i guess people did also trade Steele after 2 rounds
Hazza09: Not good enough Touk
cmperrfect: Thanks you Hayes for covering dumb as a hammer Pruess.
Ooost: Ya’ll acting like you’ve never sideways traded before 😀
Stu7: Suns are comin g
kascadev8: rowell if u get to 75 ill keep u one more week
Pokerface: not a bonafide uber unless injured, no
pcaman2003: Nice Gresham! Makes up for Wittless.
Tangent: Gresham by fair and EASILY the best player in SC
hinsch: Witts 37% efficiency WTF, would be a good score if he was even 50%
Yelse: need two more disposals from forint to win multi and he on the bench 🙁
fruity: Hayes is on the slow boat to China to get to 100
beerent11: Gee those cheap mid price fwds have been good, gresh, Brodie, cogs, etc.
Pokerface: +xerri
beerent11: Yep xerri
Napper: Why do Gold Coast players get no points for things they do while Saint kilda just keep getting scaled up. Great
beerent11: Rowell to lose money this week. Be is 68
pcaman2003: Napper. Mystery of the ages
Catatafish: Rowell to Touk for me I think
Stu7: Higgins what a day
kascadev8: go rowell you can do it
Pokerface: who mentioned this sc badgering to update shield yesterday? its getting really annoying now!
Napper: Steele had gotten around 15-20 points for scaling. Give points to players that do things in the game
Manowar: Manowar advises u to go from Rowell to S Walsh!
BRAZZERS: crouch bin, 12 possie 1/4
beerent11: Me pokerface. If you do it, it stops.
Hazza09: Cya Rowell
Tig-Train: Poker I just had to change it to anything for it to leave me alone
Pokerface: i don’t want to do it!
Hazza09: Something not right with Miller, just not the same player he was
Tangent: Come on crom
fruity: Bye Rowell
beerent11: Put on your big boy pants poker. Change your shield.
pcaman2003: Opponent has Steele,Sinclair and Hayes. I hate my opponent.
DrSeuss: Miller isn?t making tackles like he used to. Seems to be shying away from getting into it.
beerent11: Getting more attention hazza
beerent11: Still 32 touches. Going pretty well
Pokerface: i like my common shield as it is.
Pokerface: just needed to clean up his disposal today would put him bck around 120
Pokerface: 5 muppets hurt

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