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Chat log from R5 of 2022: West Coast vs Sydney

Chat log for West Coast vs Sydney, R5 of 2022

bushranger: Good evening all. Hope your Easter is full of 100s
BigChief: JPK as sub is interesting.
PJ39301965: Evening all let?s go swannies
frenzy: pick 1 Dixon or Hayes for me
J.Worrall: Go Swans
Manowar: u got this Eagles!
pjw1234: Just some bench warmers in this. But did bring in williams given nic nat out for a few
thesilentl: Look forward to a big swans victory tonight after the Eagles gf win last week
Raspel31: Was I wrong to cap Paddy?
cmperrfect: Heeney. Arrr. Helloooo ?
beerent11: Haw haw haw. You rascal raspel. You didn?t do that. Haw haw haw.
m0nty: nobody shoot Paddy
gazza39: Nice loop hole game this for me
kascadev8: lets go
frenzy: what Paddy shot at
kascadev8: lets go witherden
BigChief: Kermit for McLean m0nty?
thesilentl: Eagles are really bad..but somehow hanging on
Stu7: Come on Blakey ya flog
thommoae: A few lines from Norf’s 1st quarter to be recycled here?
zadolinnyj: Good Friday footy average
Ninty: Is WILLIE taking the P155???? Get going buddy. Jesus Christ.
Dredd: Should have taken English as C? wake up Heeney
MrWalrus: Hanging on to a scoreless first quarter maybe
beerent11: Braeden Campbell coming along nicely.
Raspel31: Why the Weagles no score? Tactics ja?
BRAZZERS: heeney was always going to struggle with buddy out
thesilentl: Based on how they played being only 34 down is a miracle
hinsch: Eagles happy to have some of the big names back
Ninty: Anyone know what the Eagles score is? Seems to be on zero here
zadolinnyj: Should be negative 10 ninty
Protocol: 34 less than sydney
Fatbar5tad: 40 luv
kascadev8: slow down Lloyd, Hall to you should be achievable
thommoae: Bell resembles a young Mark Ella.
RooBoyStu: God bless you Water Closet (WC) and Port Adelaide love from North Melbourne
Ash777: barrass looks like he’s from the eagles 90s hayday lol
Raspel31: me just wonder- if the fat boys in Blue have no interest in scoring- why you do nuffink Heeney?
Protocol: hate to say it, but eagles were looking better without their “star” mids
pcaman2003: Paddy scored first qtr,so should be scoreless this qtr.
poolboybob: Gee how bad are Collingwood that they lost to the Eagles?
hinsch: The crowd will go off if Eagles kick a point at Optus
thesilentl: Not this bad @poolboybob…..bring back your wafl team
hinsch: NRL is on channel 92 if anybody is interested
Ninty: No thx hinsch
Fatbar5tad: west coast bagels
Raspel31: The tension is killing me.
beerent11: Pmac can?t score if the ball doesn?t go there
RooBoyStu: Naish to win WC Best and Fairest lol
poolboybob: First Eagle to kick a point should be chaired off at half time
RooBoyStu: RCH appeal better viewing ch7
zadolinnyj: this is like waiting for a plane to crash at an airshow simpson style
Raspel31: Game starting to tighten up.
pcaman2003: beer. Lloyd not doing too bad from the backline.
Swans Star: The scary thing is Swans are not even playing that well
thesilentl: What happens when the Eagles play Melbourne? Might be 200 zip
hinsch: how many 50m penalties for arms out have there been today
thommoae: Evening Swans Star. Anything you wanna say, at this point?
Ash777: send in those witches hats
Protocol: shuey and yeo, 5 disposals between the 2, not looking great
MrWalrus: Well on the bright side Witho owners will be happy
Swans Star: Yes. Sydney Swans are entering a 3-5 year premiership window
RooBoyStu: @silent shoosh they beat the skunks last week
BigChief: Great call on NOD Swans Star
Ash777: charity goal
Fatbar5tad: Absolute starfish Liam Rayan
zadolinnyj: Yas
Ash777: totally acted that 1 lol
zadolinnyj: a wc goal in the first half makes them better then port
thesilentl: @rooboystu if having a shit team means I can’t comment you should be banned from the internet
thommoae: Pathetic free. Ryan to be fined for staging.
Swans Star: @BigChief How good is the Swans youth!?
BRAZZERS: if wahab has the perma spud, sydney start needs a perma kermit
RooBoyStu: Just remember last week
BigChief: Agree with that @Brazzers
kascadev8: chat more entertaining than the game, lets go
thesilentl: Just remember you support to roos
Swans Star: How good will it be when the two best forwards in the game come back in?!
Jukesy: Brazzers aren’t you the guy who said not to prove a point between players with SC scoring on FANFOOTY?
Ninty: Hawk and Jezza play on Monday @Swans
Raspel31: Perhaps time to dump my 5 WC players?
thesilentl: Can we just let wc and the roos sit out the rest of the season, they are wasting valuable game time
duckky: Wow … Is plugger pulling on the boots again Swans Star?
dipstick: has anyone heard commettis son the The Beast? Sounds like he has aggits the size of rockmelons
duckky: Some teams need the win @thesilentl
RooBoyStu: Add the black and white stripes of Port and skunks @silent
Raspel31: On a positive note JJ Kennedy will now be very cheap.
Swans Star: Hats off to the Swans recruiters
Ninty: I?d be silent after last week @thesilentl
Ash777: pies should of sat out last season if that was the case lol
RooBoyStu: Lookout Rd17 @silent
pcaman2003: These umps need Specsavers desperately.
thesilentl: Umps taking pity on wc as well
Swans Star: No Buddy, No Papley, No JPK = No problems
BigChief: duckky I thought it was CAPPERRRRR coming back.
Stu7: Trust my luck as soon as I bring Blakey in after 2 good rounds he has a sh1t last 2 rounds – time to go
thommoae: ‘No JPK’ lol SS – he’s a star of days gone by methinks.
kascadev8: rasp jjk maybe not so cheap now
zadolinnyj: kennedy goal was good
Ninty: No NN, no Gov, no top ups = just problems
Fatbar5tad: @Swansstar give us hell Quimby!
Swans Star: @Thomo you need a few old heads to guide the best youth in the game
thesilentl: This is the worst half of football by any team in a decade
pcaman2003: Is Paddy doing lots of spoils to be that score?
Raspel31: Can someone nudge fat Paddy and see if he’s still breathing?
Stu7: pcaman2003 shocker isn?t he – I benched him this week and will probably trade him next week
Swans Star: Dont forget guys Papley is a current All Australian
frenzy: Capt in the CD team of the century
dipstick: @stu7 well i brought in sinclair so lets hope my lucks better
pcaman2003: Stu7. Will be traded soon. His average won’t improve much,if at all.
Raspel31: So Xerri tonned up- who to loop- Martin or Rachele?
Stikman35: Dixon is a SuperCoach ruck pig
Ninty: How do I get Rioli off the ground
Ash777: Rachele. Martin is currently a proven scorer.
royboy16: Ninty, Simmo already has that covered for you, he is off the ground
mattmac24: I’d put Rachele on the bench before Martin. Thinking the same if Paddy Mac goes over 80
Raspel31: Think so too Ash- cheers.
Ninty: Thanks Simmo, hopefully I have an incomplete team now
Ash777: 3 games of 80+ for martin I think
thesilentl: So Andrews 50 last night confirmed as correct by the afl…..then ronke doesn’t get pinged tonight for the exact same th
Ninty: Andrew?s fault for having 3 metre long arms
dipstick: Dennis Commettis son The Beast is twice the size of Hulk Hogan…fucken ginormous
mattmac24: And that, Silent, is why everyone thought the umps for favouring the pies last night
Raspel31: My waters just burst.
thesilentl: No that would be anti pies bias @mattmac24, getting a call correct isn’t favouritism
Raspel31: Sunday 22 released so get onto looping.
Swans Star: How good are the McCartin brothers in defence!
thesilentl: Comments like that is why umpires always look to even up free kick counts
Swans Star: Shuey should put the same effort into his footy as he does with wrestling lol
DrSeuss: Blakey maintaining his status as my worst trade in so far
Stu7: DrSeuss – same here
Stu7: 14 possessions for 38
Stu7: Dudd
Ash777: lloyd muppet lol
Ninty: Dixon stopped at HT
thesilentl: Swans
Ash777: A little pressure and swans look for the nearest pond.
pcaman2003: Blakey! Lol!
BRAZZERS: lol this is pathetic
thesilentl: Already on the flight back @ash777 , no point playing hard when the game is done
pcaman2003: On a positive note,WC making the Hawks look much better.
beerent11: Good Friday. More like bad Friday. Am I right? Huh? Huh?
pcaman2003: beerent. Exactly right. This game is scheissenhausen
colin wood: $ for Dixon
MrWalrus: I’m good beer, playing gin and drinking, how’s the game?
RooBoyStu: What was Parkers BE a must get in the next week or 2
LuvIt74: Why the heck, every time i check in Dixon is on the pine.
RooBoyStu: Supercoach i mean
Wahab_18: Heeney getting points like this is a close game and everyone else getting scored normally wtf
frenzy: 184 rooboy
pcaman2003: Get up to 80+ Paddy. You can do it.
Wahab_18: flower off heeney ffs
RooBoyStu: Is already in my team but in 2 or 3 weeks every novice will have him @frenzy
MrWalrus: Time for the seagull to swoop!
Wahab_18: flower sake go get some rest heeny you flowering shower
Dogs5416: Heeney more goals, disposals, marks, tackles and better efficiency than McLean, scores less in SC
Raspel31: From nothing the Heeney phoenix rises.
mattmac24: Heeney has the 3 frees against and McLean has 3 frees for, easily makes up the difference
bushranger: Good man Heeney . That’ll do
beerent11: Dunno about Parker. Been pretty average lately. Don?t forget who they?re playing.
m0nty: that was em-Barrass-ing
bushranger: Parker has been a favorite of mine but he does throw in the odd shocker
Dogs5416: Matt the frees make it a breakeven,. The goal, more disposals and 3 tackles, score involvements and inside 50’s
pcaman2003: Wake up Paddy!
Protocol: gulden and warner are gonna be superstars
Dogs5416: Have heeney Infront of McLean, surely
beerent11: Parker wouldn?t be far off earning mid fwd status.
Stu7: Come on Blakey ya flog
fruity: enough rest Henney time to get back on the ground..
Catatafish: Fucking Naish why didn’t I pick you
Wahab_18: nah stay on the bench heeney thanks
BRAZZERS: naish was 189k, think that turned a lot of ppl away
pcaman2003: Time for Paddy to go. 32 pts 1st qtr,only 38 since. Pfft!
Protocol: i love the warner and gulden bromance haha, magic happens when they get the footy
Raspel31: Heeney might get a decent score one day with time on the ground.
DrSeuss: Blakey – promised so much – delivered so little.
fruity: Heeney jus tlost a point while sitting on the bench..doh!
Stu7: Pcaman2003 I?m selling him next week
Catatafish: I was more on job security ironically
pcaman2003: Stu7. Might do the same.
StuL: Tackle and free to Dixon 1 point.
Dogs5416: McLean didn’t touch the ball last quarter, 3 touches in the last half. Outscores heeney. Pisstake
Dogs5416: Psssstake
duckky: A bit strange having a military commemoration on Good Friday
Dogs5416: Not really, if they play away next week 🤷
duckky: They will still have a military commemoration then too
Dogs5416: Without their home ground, done the away teams way

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