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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Hawthorn vs St Kilda

Chat log for Hawthorn vs St Kilda, R4 of 2022

Gelly: i think a few people, myself included can breath a sigh of relief that hayes is not the sub
m0nty: go Moore!
pcaman2003: Dylan Moore take a bow
Urbs: Goal of the year contender by Gresham?
Gelly: i think boltons was a bit better, no bias though =P
ajconodie: Lienert was a great pickup for the Saints.
Swans Star: @Gelly me too, I now have Mcrae score VC loophole
Yelse: ward i need you to match rachele or at least get to 80
pcaman2003: Get going Sicily
bhg26: Ward due for a break out eventually
Swans Star: Darcy who? lol
DrSeuss: How much does Ryder need to suck for a Hayes recall I wonder
DrSeuss: Damn – I am guessing that goal won?t help lol
Ash777: it’s going to take a injury for Hayes to get in
DrSeuss: Windhager started ok then stopped dead.
pjw1234: Reeves is going to have a long day
Yelse: upsetting ryder came back so early
pcaman2003: Lift Reeves and get competitive. Looks a bit lazy
Stikman35: Biggest enigma of round is Brodie. Still can?t work out his capability
Catatafish: Sinclair has come out of nowhere this year
beerent11: A Ryder injury is never far away
ajconodie: Unpopular opinion – Breust is a bigger pack skirter than Didak,
tor01doc: Nice pcaman!!
pcaman2003: ajconodie. That’s usually what small forwards do.
Stikman35: Skirting is a necessity. Otherwise no space to perform brilliance
thommoae: Didak was a walking highlights reel. Not a ‘Pies fan but he was great to watch.
m0nty: Didak and Breust, both fabulous players.
ajconodie: I didn;t say it was my opinion 🙂
Stikman35: Yes. The shimmie was sublime
beerent11: Is Steele ok? Not watching
MrWalrus: Stik, how is Brodie an enigma?
Swans Star: Ward and MacDonald have been very disappointing this year so far
Stikman35: Look up the meaning of enigma. His game time, his running style. The way he floats in and out. But he is smart.
MrWalrus: Oh ok, so you don’t understand what enigma
pcaman2003: SwansStar. I think the footy media got ahead of themselves.
MrWalrus: Means, because he is not real hard to work out
pcaman2003: Mmm! Hawks looking out of their depth here.
Stikman35: Cmon walrus. Read it yourself answers the question you asked me.
biggs2dujj: Now the Hawks can stop pretending and embrace a good pick
MrWalrus: No, I thought you actually meant something by that but really you were just try to use big words
beerent11: Haha my projected score is dwindling more and more as each game goes
beerent11: Ward on the move
MrWalrus: Brodie plays classic centre, he is very good at in and under as well as linking up, plays in bursts due to small tank
Swans Star: I knew Steel would go mega when I take Macrae VC score lol
Stikman35: Enigma was a very talented band in the 90s. But Brodie is on the bench often and sometimes scores in spasms.
MrWalrus: Ward has a real crack, just needs a bigger body which will come
ajconodie: Hayes back next week at least…….
Migz: hopefully thats a week for ryder + and extra week dropped for that 50
Stikman35: Steele coming good
Ash777: Took the risk of captaining steele
pcaman2003: No touches for 12 mins Gresham,so pull ya finger out
Tangent: Same here Ash!
Swans Star: Ward = Custard
BRAZZERS: brodie averaging 100.5 and muppets still complain it’s comical at this point
banta: Worpel wtf
beerent11: Gee we?ve been spoilt by rookie high scores the last couple of seasons. 40-60 is normal.
ajconodie: How good is CJ. Just doesn’t stop.
Stikman35: I?m not complaining at all about Brodie. He?s just very interesting
Ooost: Brodie has been an excellent pick this far
bushranger: Brodie has been an excellent pick in fantasy footy. Holds his spot in my team comfortably
Stikman35: Been in my team from start Brodie. Watching the games he moves differently and despite benchtime scores well mostly.
mattmac24: Ryder and Preuss both getting a week would be great, Hayes comes in, one more price rise and straight out for Preuss?
Ash777: preuss looks to be getting 2 weeks
Ash777: day out with concussion ryder a week looks certain
PowerBug: Day subbed
biggs2dujj: That’s the reason i held Hayes 🙂
beerent11: Is Steele a little handball happy this year?
pjw1234: cripps out with hamstring in the other game
Stikman35: Darcy Moore playing well
Gelly: well atleast hayes will get another gig
Tangent: Lift Steele
pcaman2003: Hang your head Gunston.
marls: LOL what? He?s playing well
Tangent: That’s the point… Never satisfied always room to whine and complain
Olli32019: God we are terrible today
snake_p: agreed Olli Witches Hats today
Catatafish: Any chance of Ward playing?
AlsoGmax: Ward and MacD volunteering for the chopping block.
Ash777: what be is ward?
mattmac24: BE for Ward is 9 so still getting a price rise but won’t do much after this round
beerent11: 9 ash
frenzy: another ton for sinclair, beer.
MrWalrus: Ward past his BE
beerent11: I?m gonna be patient with ward. The penny will drop with him soon if he doesn?t get dropped himself
BRAZZERS: ward plus 20k not worth even trading ffs
beerent11: Yep. I?d love to get him in frenzy but been a bit loose with trades last two weeks.
banta: Wtf is wrong with worpel? This is unbelievable bad
Ash777: I’ll see what ward’s be is before trading if under 30 will look at injuries first.
beerent11: Do you have him in classic or draft banta?
banta: I?m draft
beerent11: Thought so
MrWalrus: So hawks probably the bottom side we all expected then afterall, thats actually a bit of a shame
pcaman2003: Happy with Gresham and Sicily, but WTF Hawks?
Tangent: Start swinging this is what we love
fruity: time to ton up Sicily..
NewFreoFan: Come on Hawks, Saints are above us on percentage in 3rd now

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