Chat log from R4 of 2022: Gold Coast vs Carlton

bushranger: Big game please Touk
bhg26: Well that didnt take long
Gelly: weird starting time
navy_blues: go boys
Gelly: anyone tagging touk?
navy_blues: cerra on him i think
bhg26: Why do we have goal umpires?
Swans Star: Cripps to go large again, amazing how well you can play when not playing with a broken back lol
mattmac24: Who is rucking for Blues?
navy_blues: dekoning
frenzy: Cerra is a mistake that needs fixing
DrSeuss: Come on Touk – get involved. Need a massive game from you
BigChief: Suns working much harder than Carlton.
m0nty: 9-3 clearances Suns, Carlton needs to lift
BigChief: Missing Pittonet already and it’s showing.
bhg26: Georgy stop tagging please, for me
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Sean Lemmens, what a lemon.
bhg26: Captain touk on fire
duckky: Rowell doing crap without a tag.
DrSeuss: What is Rowell doing today? Dew doesn?t have him playing a man again does he?
BRAZZERS: touk gonna loose a shit load of cash
Hazza09: Ffs Touk not again
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. About the same as Touk Touk.
bhg26: Touk looks clueless
duckky: That’s Took, not Toke…
pcaman2003: Lucky for me Witts is making up the Touk short fall.
BigChief: Blues look lost. This will be a flogging.
DrSeuss: So Touk and Rowell having no impact and still killing the blues.
m0nty: Fisher a bit of a handbrake forward of centre smh
Stikman35: Rosas first game? Lionel Ritchie
Stikman35: Nice Witt?s.
Stikman35: Cripps. Scary
m0nty: I bought Cripps in AF this week, this is my fault
DrSeuss: WTF happened to Cripps?
bhg26: Can you ban yourself m0nty
Torz: Left hamstring for Cripps
pcaman2003: My opponent had the C on Cripps. I win.
circle52: Left hamstring for Cripps confirmed,
Danstar: Needed approx 60 points from cripps to win match
mattmac24: Not good for Carlton, this could be the start of a decline
duckky: Cripps? Crap!
pcaman2003: Nice comeback Touk,keep going Witts and Hewie
feralmong: My opp in league has Cripps C and macrae VC. Just turned the matchup.
bhg26: McKay broken nose, Carlton flowered
DrSeuss: Traded him in for a week
circle52: Farrar also possibly out with hammy.
pcaman2003: Everyone offloads Crippsy now.
ajconodie: Hewett will have to stop tagging you would think.
bhg26: Well i switched the c from cripps to touk last minute, didnt look good early but working now it seems
DrSeuss: He can still jog up the race. Let?s hope it?s just precautionary
Stikman35: Carlton no good once they passed the Blue mountains
circle52: Farrar out with hammy as well Atkins in
beerent11: I don?t have crippa but hopefully that?s the end of the carnage for this round
bhg26: Hinge first now Crippa, great
mattmac24: Need Doch and Witts to outscore Dixon(WCE) and Sicily
DrSeuss: Do something Touk ffs. Need someone to make up for Cripps – Rowell isn?t doing it.
Ash777: I forgot to attend my draft and ended up with lewis young as my ruck so glad he’s playing lol
amigaman: Never make a blues player C again. Should have known better
Ash777: lol mckay
Gelly: hit a target miller
MrWalrus: Fair effort from Touk with the tag, could go 130 if he Hulks out second half
beerent11: Sucks balls when one of your own players is tagging your captain
_Wang_: Witts gone full beast mode
BigChief: How many throws can Suns get away with?
bhg26: Witts carrying touk c, Cripps and Rowell right now
marls: Not watching the game. Whats Rowell doing?
MrWalrus: Week one I thought dodging Rowell was a terrible decision, looking good now.
mattmac24: Not much Marls
bhg26: Nothing marls
Ash777: having a mare
Gelly: is rowell playing a tagging role again, seems like hes following hewett pretty close
MrWalrus: It seems Doch is officially back, may be my big in this week.
mattmac24: Don’t think so Gelly, just not doing much
DrSeuss: I think Dew is making Rowell play more on a man – which is effecting his ball winning mindset
Ash777: footy gods say that’s not worth a 50 so no score
PowerBug: Can you please remove the tag and lock for Hewett and Miller. It’s misleading there’s no tag
MrWalrus: Touk 55 at HT, cue complaining.
Raspel31: Oh no- just home- captain Cripps subbed off- aargh- simply aarrgh.
Yelse: oh my ffs cripps why oh why and rowel u might as well not be playing
beerent11: Not worried about touk at all walrus.
Ash777: newman you muppet lol
BigChief: This will be a 10+ goal thumping.
mattmac24: Will be good to see if Chol keeps this up when King returns.
beerent11: Touk! Touk! All aboard!
MrWalrus: Where are all the Carlton lot? Usually very chirpy but all I hear are Crickets
ausgooner: cmon touk, need a huge second half from you
BigChief: They all crying in Lygon St Walrus.
MrWalrus: Probably cancelling their 2022 premiers tshirt orders
ajconodie: @Walrus – They are probably quiet because they aren’t winning. Just a hunch.
beerent11: They all turned off the telly when crippas hammy went PING.
fruity: No Cripps no Blues……haha
MrWalrus: Where’s navy? Loves dishing to tiges fans even when we win
MrWalrus: aj if they only spoke up when winning we’d not have heard from them for the last 10 years!
mattmac24: Blues were done once Pittonet was a late withdrawl, they don’t have another full time ruck
blonde0na: if only they were chirping about umpiring, hey walrus 😉
mattmac24: It’s almost like blues supporters have just been happy to see some good football
blonde0na: also lygon street will be going off tonight with the scuderia getting a win!
Thomas1234: Can fox please piss off kelly underwood. Unbearable ffs
MrWalrus: Well with or without them I’m going to enjoy this,Touk showing what class is
NickR9: blues are back
BigChief: Shut up Blonde. Some of us want to watch the race later.
Tangent: Are we all bringing out our Ferrari’s??
TheFlagger: dow might get a run at this rate ahahahah
MrWalrus: Lol flagger, like for like Crippa replacement
mattmac24: Loving Doch and Witts though
TheFlagger: thomson looking the better brother in his few games
Dead_Ned: Blues are not back
Ash777: back to lygon st blues fans lol
mattmac24: Suns are playing well though
NickR9: dynasty over
MrWalrus: True that Flagger, I’ve been loving his in and under work
thommoae: Kel’s voice could use a bit of coaching, but she’s doing alright Thomas; better than BT – but most are …
Ash777: suns look like they could push to finals
m0nty: I traded Anderson out for Cripps this week bleurgh
bhg26: This is all your fault m0nty
mattmac24: That’s upsetting Monty
Pies20: Bhg our game getting close
TheFlagger: put a 3-0 2022 poster in the trophy room
Tig-Train: Carlton season over? told you all not to get head of yourselves
bhg26: Im going to need a miracle from here pies
TheFlagger: season is not dictated by one game – dont get ahead of yourself
frenzy: Port Powder could get a win next week
spdysaint: miller 42% kicking efficiency. Wow
Wahab_18: Only way I lose is if Witts outscored Docherty by 56 which looks unlikely but scary
BigChief: @frenzy I think you mean WILL get a win.
MrWalrus: So does this mean the suns are flag favourites now?
mattmac24: Train, wouldn’t put them to rest right away, they’re having an awful game but wouldn’t count them out for the season
Pies20: 60 each from witts and touk doable to close for my liking bhg
Grimes Jr: Ahhhhhh, the carlton we know and love 😉
Ash777: looks like a 4 weeker for cripps with how high that hammy looks
pcaman2003: These last 2 games have done wonders for my SC.
MrWalrus: Cripps obviously very important though, how bad is the hammy?
MrWalrus: Oh, perfect timing Ash
BigChief: Be very surprised if Cripps misses more than 2 weeks
mattmac24: Don’t think they’ll rush Cripps back, it’s not worth it
Hazza09: Is Cripps injury bad?
thommoae: Ash got it right – 2 weeks might be a ‘stretch’, Chief.
wadaramus: Cripps C, but J.Witts is winning me my HTH 🙂
frenzy: glad ya could join us Cerra
zadolinnyj: Just got back from playing footy and Cripps captain out. Bugger
TheFlagger: De Koning to the vfl if pittonet gets up
DrSeuss: Amazing that Touk has 31 touches and has been pretty rubbish by his standards
TheFlagger: lewis young too if mcdonald is fit
zadolinnyj: What?s with Rowell? Cooked
dipstick: cripps hammy more strung up than cher in that black onion bag costume she used to wear
BigChief: Would not think TDK gets dropped Flagger. Plays 3rd tall fwd well.
MrWalrus: If Touk played for Collingwood he’d be considered better than Gary snr & jnr combined
kascadev8: if today could not get worse, crippa is out and rowell is low. pain
zadolinnyj: Lol
zadolinnyj: If I could turn back time dipstick
TheFlagger: tdk around the ground is no good. silvagni as the third tall is good. bring in motlop or philp
duckky: Any news on Preuss yet?
Ash777: no but it’s expected 2 weeks unless he can claim not intentional then 1 week
pcaman2003: Looks like McCartin to Doc this week coming.
Stikman35: Witts Gawn and Dixon performed well as a ruck combo this week
TheFlagger: have to worry about hinge’s injury too
duckky: Come on Rowell… Junk it up
Raspel31: I have absolutely no regrets about Capping Cripps- a man must stay true to his beliefs. But bummer.
a1trader: if you get 1 week for an unintentional high bump then 2 weeks for an elbow to the head seems minimum
BigChief: But if you get a fine only for an intentional hit to the guts (Draper), then who knows.
TheFlagger: unfortunate there is no consistency in the tribunal a1
circle52: McInerney got a week for intentional to the head so expect something similar to Preus. First one was to the head
duckky: The AFL and the tribunal seem to be going in different directions
bhg26: Get on the ground touk, games not over yet
fruity: well done Docherty you have been recruited to my team whether you like it or not….
dipstick: brrr, , bcckk , , , bcckkk,, , , brrrr , , ,bccc , , bck,,, rowell needs the chicken icon
pcaman2003: Hewett has been a revelation this year
beerent11: Shhh. It?s over bhg?.. it?s over.
BigChief: 31 points does not reflect the game. Should have been 10 goal win.
bhg26: If touk wants to kick a couple too that would be swell
Stikman35: What. Benched Witt?s! Fair enough
frenzy: gee thanks Cerra
TheFlagger: whats everyones score this week
_Wang_: Witts nice
Stikman35: Just under 2400 with some very average scores included
bhg26: Shithouse flagger, Hinge, McCartin, Cripps, Xerri, Rowell, Bowey, Cogs and touk c
MrWalrus: I got reamed by the fantasy gods and don’t want to talk about it
TheFlagger: ive got the same bhg. except ive got sean darcy 71 as well. stewart late out also.
duckky: 2172 Flagger. With Cripps and Rowell
kascadev8: unlucky zado
BRAZZERS: 2413 with cripps and butters
bhg26: Still somehow scraped 2200

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