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Chat log from R5 of 2022: Brisbane vs Collingwood

Chat log for Brisbane vs Collingwood, R5 of 2022

zadolinnyj: Gents and ladies
Ash777: I traded out Hinge & Macdonald for
Ash777: oops for Hewitt and NOD
Cottees: Evening all! Got Neale VC, Rich and Daicos
Cottees: yeah planning to get NOD this week but hes emergency right?
zadolinnyj: Crisp, Neale vc, daicos
Ash777: He’s on sunday team so wont know for sure until tomorrow
Ash777: I have wines too but wont trade him out this week.
colin wood: O’driscoll will play lol.. dont stress
zadolinnyj: 100 percent colin
zadolinnyj: Surprised how many people Brought in prues on a suspension week
zadolinnyj: Ball
Tangent: Got the C on Crisp, no loopholeing per league rules
Swans Star: Apparently NOD will not be getting the Nod
Raspel31: Pooh- McGovern out as well as Cripps- pooh.
MrWalrus: How so swans
zadolinnyj: Source swans star
TheFlagger: so stiff if he does get dropped. either way he’s there for the daicos dpp swap so not concerned
Cottees: man I love Neale
Swans Star: Neale tagged by Pendlebury, thats funny!! I think Scotty is a little past been able to tag anyone lol
MrWalrus: Pendles couldn’t have gone with neale as a tag in his prime
Raspel31: Atta boy Neale- tagged but not thrown off- Pendles tag?
MrWalrus: Swans star, why do you say O’Driscoll out?
zadolinnyj: Please dont stress me this week crisp
BigChief: What is your source for NOD @Swans Star?
thesilentl: Umpiring atrocious already, both teams getting no reward for tackles
original: Crisp stop going to the bench so early and getting stuck ffs
m0nty: I can’t remember seeing Callum Brown play a good game.
Swans Star: Cerong is back, NOD out
zadolinnyj: Ur memory not the issue Monty
DrSeuss: Agreed original. Gets 2 touches in the first minute / goes to the bench for 10 minutes
zadolinnyj: Source
ajconodie: @Monty – Don’t you watch VFL?
Migz: NOD is on the bench though swans?
Migz: NOD is on the bench though swans? hasnt been dropped
Tangent: Hahahaha what on earth is this music?!
MrWalrus: Are you just making stuff up swans star because that’s a banning
Tangent: NOD listed in the extended squad… He will travel to Melbourne but in doubt to be in the starting 22
BigChief: What is your source Swans? Don’t spread false rumours as per chat rules.
bones351: Extended bench. Three of those players won’t play and one will be Sub.
MrWalrus: Why in doubt? Is this just your opinion? If so STFU
mattmac24: NOD extended bench but I can see him being used as the sub
beerent11: Where did you get that info about the doubt tangent?
zadolinnyj: Who?s your source tangent
Swans Star: im not speading false rumours, Cerong is back, so NOD goes out
Migz: yeah but 99% of the time the first 4 on the extended bench are the players and the 5th is the sub.
beerent11: Settle walrus. Easy big fella
MrWalrus: No one cares about opinion, for selection news facts or zip it
Migz: but the team sheet doesnt say that swans..?
Silz90: Go to fremantle twitter, they said ‘Serong, Pearce, Tucker, Wilson and Banfield are all potential ins.’
bones351: Have a look at that extended bench and see who you think misses out. Not confirmed but a very real chance.
ajconodie: @Swans Star – I think you will find it’s Erasmus who misses.
zadolinnyj: Correct
BigChief: Swans Star what is your source? Or is this just YOUR opinion?
Gotigres: I’m sure Cox can’t see the ball
MrWalrus: Sorry beer, bucks barracking every pies game just fires me up
beerent11: Been a fair bit of hype about him here in wa this week. Would be surprised if he misses out. Just my opinion walrus.
BRAZZERS: the o’drisdoll thing is all over the internet. It has validity
Swans Star: yeh its extended bench at this stage, everyone knows that sunday games the bench is reduced to 4
Silz90: cmon crisp good start lad
bhg26: Go crispy
thesilentl: R u ok mrwalrus? More unhinged than usual tonight
Swans Star: Neil Erasmus is a top 10 draft pick and it will be priority for freo to get games into him
bones351: Why is everyone so aggressive
mattmac24: Everyone knows that Swans but don’t just say NOD is out just because Seorong is back because that isn’t confirmed.
MrWalrus: Silz, of course they are, doesn’t mean they drop a kid who has broken in into the 22 & got in the bests
bones351: Oops. Wrong button haha. Why is everyone so aggressively fired up about it?
beerent11: If there?s any doubt about noddys selection after how he played last week he might not have the js we think he has.
Yelse: Grundy TOG low too many balls the pies rucking assuming not watching yet
BigChief: Swans that is the definition of FALSE NEWS. It’s just your opinion, not facts.
MrWalrus: Silent, that’s almost a compliment if you think this is bad
ajconodie: Pendle’s IQ is off the charts.
thommoae: BTW kudos Dr BigChief – your ‘1 week’ call on Cripps’ hammie seems to be on the money.
Silz90: I disagree swans, with that logic, why isnt hollands getting games? or thilthorpe etc
Migz: [2] Griffin Logue, [3] Caleb Serong, [30] Nathan O’Driscoll, [27] Heath Chapman. unless he has injury hard to see droppe
Raspel31: Personally I find it enormously rude and a personal slight to see CRisp scoring well.
m0nty: The only reason NOD doesn’t play is if he is rested, which seems highly unlikely.
MrWalrus: Because it’s the chat rules and opinion is just that
TheFlagger: bring back the barometer
Swans Star: people are questioning me about stuff they already know, just because you are short on your bench,dont take it out on me
Silz90: I would be suprised if he got dropped walrus but someone is missing out.
mattmac24: That’s the basketball background ajcindie
BigChief: Thanks thommoae. With how Cripps ran down the race you could see it wasn’t too bad.
m0nty: anyway back on this game please
BRAZZERS: lot of ppl on the freo selection panel in the chat tonight
beerent11: Oh does peddles have a basketball background. Haven?t heard that before.
ajconodie: Why is Mason Cox?
TheFlagger: josh daicos looks so much better than he did last year. had a disappointing 2021 after a great 2020
Cottees: and they miss Hawkins push in the backs nearly every week, but get that push? lol
BRAZZERS: pies up for this
zadolinnyj: Good game so far. Collywobbles wasting shots
DrSeuss: Lol – yeah that?s a push in the back – ok umps
Tig-Train: TheFlagger I was thinking same thing, having nick there is bringing best out of him
MrWalrus: Yeah flagger, gotta agree there, looks proper good
Swans Star: These Daicos boys are going to dominate for the next 10 years
dezlav: Go Lachie you good thing
BigChief: Is that worth a holiday? 50m yes holiday, not sure.
TheFlagger: still cant believe nick daicos was a blues fan
Migz: well that was just fucking dumb
Swans Star: That was a dog hit. deserves a week
Gotigres: Josh Daicos just got 50 metres behind the goal line lol
zadolinnyj: He said 50 again even though he?s on goal line. Why
Gelly: should be another shot at goal, they got it wrong
Tig-Train: Deserves a week just for being that stupid
ajconodie: If Cox can’t clunk that he should not be seen in the AFL again. So frustrating that they persist with him.
Yelse: does neale really deserve his 40?
MrWalrus: Nah, as much as I like to see Daicos’ flattened that was late deliberate & nasty
BRAZZERS: lol nothing in it, you taking the piss
beerent11: My oath he does yelse
frenzy: CD pet
DrSeuss: Fa gan needs to work on why the Lions are such an average first qtr team.
MrWalrus: Cox played possibly the greatest half of footy ever then dishes this up every other time, hate that guy
kascadev8: neale op
MrWalrus: Lol Seuss, dodging the filter
ajconodie: MrWalrus – I bet I hate him more!
beerent11: What is op kasca?
sMiles: oopsie Gardener … if you’re gonna hit late, should have done it properly?
beerent11: Old person? I?m an op.
MrWalrus: You’re on aj, he gave you a crack at a GF, hate Sheed, you remember that yeah?
ajconodie: I hate them both lol
Gotigres: Grundy needs to lift
original: Taylor adams. Used to be good
kascadev8: neale is over powered, just too good
royboy16: not so sure about that block
zadolinnyj: Gardiner having a mare
DrSeuss: Weak – but Gardiner needs to be better than that
MrWalrus: How good was Moore then!? Unstoppable!
beerent11: Had to field suitcase in draft. Go boy
Silz90: moore and howe work well together
beerent11: Oh, I?m not op then
TheFlagger: mccluggage’s field kicking tonight has been elite
sMiles: catchy tune that
MrWalrus: Odourwise beer? Also Suitcases real name is funnier & so satisfying to say
zadolinnyj: Is it true that Cripps is one week
thesilentl: Has the htb rule changed, been so many clear ones missed tonight
sMiles: Is there a delay on everyone els’e comments too, or am I just being moderated? No worries if I am.
BigChief: Not sure how C. Brown gets games.
frenzy: my pup has op
sMiles: @thesilentl has been hard to watch, hey
BRAZZERS: lol he just dropped the pill inside 50 lol
m0nty: Cox got to the back side
MrWalrus: Yeah Silent, I feel like the excellent “interpretation” from the first couple of rounds has regressed
StuL: Poor old Mason Cox. I think it’s time for his career to go to the big Texas bbq in the sky.
BigChief: That’s not a push in the back. SMH
Gotigres: Nothing to Grundy for a clearance?
zadolinnyj: Shower but not a free
Migz: wasnt adams like a premo like 4 years ago. mid back
Yelse: this is bull umpires have been shocking this quarter
Str1k3_M95: S. Pendles with a pricetag….
Torz: Lions getting a good run Yelse
thesilentl: @sMiles neither team should bother tackling, getting punished more than rewarded for it
marls: twice as many for
Gotigres: Cox looks (pardon the pun) like he is hearing where the ball is rather than seeing where the ball is
zadolinnyj: 4 years a long time in footy migz and had lots of injuries
Raspel31: Have to have enormous admiration for Cox whilst thinking he is a waste of space.
Yelse: need grundy to lift asap 2 opps don’t have him
sMiles: Shit – Fort can kick, hey?
Migz: that is berrys 3rd direct goal assist
kascadev8: crisp gone to sleep zzz
RooBoyStu: Umpire both teams equally FFS and stop favouring the underdogs. Nothing powers me more than that
Yelse: T adams TOG low
beerent11: Neale dominating. Surely everyone?s vc.
zadolinnyj: Unless u count the out on full smiles
Yelse: that was a scoop throw in the centre
BigChief: Beer I went with Macrae as VC this week.
DrSeuss: Only just realised Nick Daicos hasn?t touched it this quarter – his brother taking all his touches
thesilentl: @rooboystu what game you watching? Underdog getting stuffed here
BigChief: Silent both sides getting shafted by umps.
Raspel31: I thought I was sole oner of Neale Beer- hoodwinked.
beerent11: Pretty safe there too bigchief
MrWalrus: Sorry Silent, umps poor but you lot getting the best of it
Gotigres: Lohman looks alright
beerent11: Lohman looks likely
TheFlagger: lions have so many x factor mid forward type players. makes them so dangerous
thesilentl: Delusional as always @mrwalrus
MrWalrus: Lohman looks very alright
Tangent: Lift pendles
Legix: Could of sworn McInnes kicked a goal against the crows
MrWalrus: Says the guy saying umps are ripping pie off when they have double the frees
zadolinnyj: As a neutral I agree with MrWalrus but it?s bad forboth
gazza39: Grundy disposal is less than ok
Water: Lohman a downgrade target in 2 weeks for sure if he holds his spot
original: Harris Andrew?s real weird play
bhg26: Grundy not good
DrSeuss: I am biased – but I don?t remember too many contentious calls – a couple here and there for each team
royboy16: cox – a stat
Tangent: McInnes didn’t play against the crows lol
mattmac24: Didn’t even play against the crows Legix
BigChief: Legix he didn’t play against Crows mate.
thesilentl: @mrwalrus anyone who thinks free kick counts should be equal need to give up footy, the worst take of all in footy
Gotigres: Bronx cheers for Cox
zadolinnyj: When does Cox swim the 100 tonight
Fatbar5tad: Grundy fmd
MrWalrus: Didn’t say that silent, settle and watch your team lose because they’re not good enough
sMiles: Haha zadoliinnyj Cox confused with the umpires yelling ’50 Free’
bhg26: Grundy 69% tog not good
thesilentl: You claimed free kick counts matter so just cop your shit take
MrWalrus: Nope, wrong, go bears
thesilentl: There you go walrus, free kick count levelling up must mean its been a well umpired game
Yelse: cox cameron and grundy and add kreuger all sharing ruck work shocking
zadolinnyj: Easy lads. Enjoy the game and the loveable umpiring
sMiles: Pick it up Neale… Need 200 from you 😉 ha – everyone has a VC anyway, right?
BigChief: Anyone else notice players coming back from H&S are not great?
Pokerface: is it true people traded Crisp out?
ajconodie: Rich is strating to frustrate me.
royboy16: Wilson – well roved
MrWalrus: Silent don’t be silly the count doesn’t mean anything, pies getting all the love
Gotigres: Grundy to Preuss?
royboy16: sMiles – my vc
cmperrfect: L Neale. 3 votes.
RooBoyStu: @silent nobody said they should be equal, but take your one eye out of it and glue magnifying glasses to your eyes
MrWalrus: But zado, it’s my turn to go fishing & I have a whopper!
mattmac24: Pies aren’t getting all the love but they’re getting a little love, umps not great both ways.
zadolinnyj: My opponent went straight c on neale. Confidence
ajconodie: How do they pull a free when both players are grappling?
mattmac24: Gotigers, can imagine half the owners of Grundy would do that
sMiles: Preuss my c
zadolinnyj: Seems to be a problem BigChief
BigChief: Didn’t you see the jumper stretch @AJ?
bhg26: Cripps my c
Tangent: Wish SC could patch loopholing, does my head in
cmperrfect: Cox needs to stand and and get his hands on it.
Pokerface: Pin? 55% TOG?? cmon son get in there
ajconodie: @BigChief – Apparently not.
zadolinnyj: Looks like Cripps will be my c
thesilentl: Only one fishing here is me mrwalrus, lions with more frees now mate time to change your allegiance
Migz: grundy doesnt seem very engaged?
mattmac24: I disagree Tangent, it’s part of the game, that’s why they do a rolling lockout
Fatbar5tad: Grundy to permadonut.
zadolinnyj: Daicos coming back well
Hazza09: Useless Grundy
kascadev8: brodie grundy? more like brodie sleepy
hinsch: I have VC on Neale opponent has C on Grundy happy so far
sMiles: Jesus Grundy … Maaaate. hurting in classic. Rich maaate … hurting in draft.
Pokerface: that’s not why the rolling lockout is there, its a byproduct..
Tangent: Don’t you think it puts casuals at a disadvantage? And it’s always more fun when you’re relying on 1 player
BigChief: Too many talls for Coll is hurting them.
mattmac24: It’s one of the reasons Poker, allows players to change their teams mid round including on and off the bench for loophol
thesilentl: 100% @bigchief. Id expect a pies tall to be ‘injured’ soon for noble
frenzy: 25k traded Cripps out
Pokerface: good grief. no, it was never the reason for the rolling lockout. it was always a byproduct
MrWalrus: So you’re saying you’re losing because of the umps silent? OK, who’s delusional now?
mattmac24: Don’t think so Tangent, plenty of ways to make loopholes work as a casual player.
kascadev8: wheres rasp? atletico lost lets go
Pokerface: just logged on guys. Has walrus mentioned the umpiring this game yet?
Social: Gloves were meant to be off last week Fagan
zadolinnyj: Raspel in his library writing some final quarter zingers
BigChief: Kasca you lost Raspel? Did you leave him at the bottleshop?
Pokerface: missed most of first half – was Lip injured or something to explain that TOG?
zadolinnyj: Richmond?s not playing poker
Tangent: Lol I was doing SC for 2 years before I knew what loopholing was, and that’s only because of this site
mattmac24: Rolling lockout allows you to change your team mid-round, that means being able to change your captains
Pokerface: yes thats what it means.. but thats not why it was introduced.
wadaramus: Back from dinner in the Dinge, how’s things going?
Pokerface: it was to do with late outs, teams named on different days etc
wadaramus: Neale VC looking promising 🙂
BigChief: Gday @wada. Neale tearing Coll a new 1 tonight.
MrWalrus: Umps been poor but even poker, 6/10 id say
beerent11: Is anyone else getting told to update their shield constantly on the sc app?
Pokerface: thanks for the update Walrus. I’ll file it with my other Walrus critiques.
Pokerface: @beer yes!!
wadaramus: Easter weekend, footy on Good Friday, yeah baby!
kascadev8: yes beer, very annoying it is
zadolinnyj: Yep beer
wadaramus: Yes beer, lock in your colours man!
kascadev8: sure did BigChief, cant take him anywhere smh
Str1k3_M95: Yeah the rolling lockouts/reverse trade was introduced in responses to the heath shaw incident
MrWalrus: Always a pleasure poker
Raspel31: beer- I’ve asked m0nty to give you Essendon colours- the very highest honour.
Str1k3_M95: When he was ruled out on a monday and then was a shock inclusion on a sunday and many traded him.
mattmac24: Yeah I remember that Strike.. from memory I got caught up in that mess
zadolinnyj: I made mine Essendon Raspel to confuse the opposition to think I was shower
_Wang_: Hey all everyone got vc on neale?
Str1k3_M95: everyone did haha.
wadaramus: Ooooh, nice sledge zado!
Pokerface: if VS wanted to do it by design, they would do it like UEFA fantasy where you can choose dif captain after cap played
beerent11: I?ve tried putting in norf colours rasp. Doesn?t work.
dipstick: seems my comment of cripps hammy being higher strung than Cher in her black onion bag costume was inaccurate
wadaramus: Yes Wang man 🙂
kascadev8: rasp r u still in the bottle shop?
beerent11: Can?t believe he gets paid for that shit.
Cottees: Daicos taking the kick out ? Ok ill take it lol
zadolinnyj: To be honest wada I usually am owned by Raspel so feels good to fire a blank off
Raspel31: Neale slow start this qtr. And yes kasca- some more raspberry cordial?
beerent11: Don?t be so needy kasca. It?s a real turn-off
zadolinnyj: If only you could turn back time dipstick
kascadev8: beer, you can have rasp if u want?
BigChief: Time for some jello shots. Anyone joining me?
zadolinnyj: Lol Raspel. He?s has a bad 90 seconds
beerent11: No thank you
zadolinnyj: What we talking BigChief. Vodka raspberry jelly with whipped cream on top like a Santa hat. I?m in
Gotigres: Grundy will score 60 and I bet Hayes and Dixon both ton up
zadolinnyj: Will take me 3 hrs to set so maybe tommorrow
beerent11: Zork is killing rich this week
BigChief: Zado I have raspberry, orange, port wine and apple.
zadolinnyj: Macca looked good on lead
zadolinnyj: Port wine underrated
Yelse: too many balls for us tonight ball just coming out of defence Mcrea wrong tactic
Tangent: Pendles just slows down time, it’s almost like hes go another sporting background
zadolinnyj: 3 points only by Collingwood killing rich
Raspel31: I haven’t drunk port since I was last arrested zado- but true.
beerent11: Played lawn bowls as a kid tangent.
dipstick: @zado yes, if i could find a way…to unCapt cripps last week
zadolinnyj: Feel u dipstick. Was a bad Cher song joke so apologies
Tangent: Fun Fact: Lawn Bowls is responsible for the most deaths to players
beerent11: Doesn?t help either zad
zadolinnyj: So we?re you Dipstick and I missed it. Well played
Raspel31: Ah dipstick- vc on Oliver then cap to Cripps- quel desastre.
_Wang_: Grundy lol
Gotigres: How did Grundy go 30% de to 27% when WHE marked his kick?
zadolinnyj: You have to be kidding tangent
dipstick: @tangent true, because youre 90% dead when you start playing it
beerent11: Guess he got lucky tangent
BigChief: Get off the bench Neale.
Yelse: why lipinski low TOG
Pokerface: back on the bench again Pin. guess its comfy
Gotigres: ok, up to a huge 33% de now
Raspel31: More people die playing Lawn Bowls than any other game. True. Terribly violent game.
Yelse: berry throw
zadolinnyj: Raspel you jinxed Neale with that 90 second mark call
zadolinnyj: I?m imagining old people taking their teeth out and punching on
Tangent: That’s called devoting your life to the sport
Raspel31: Well, it’s hard to score from the bench zado.
thommoae: But you’re a bit biased, Tangent.
beerent11: Comment of the night thommoae. Dropped the mic.
zadolinnyj: Is neale ok
zadolinnyj: Sorry back on
BigChief: Neale back on and 3 disp already.
ajconodie: Aaaand the umpires ruin 5 minutes of good footy
Cottees: neale was just stuck on bench
zadolinnyj: Kermit for undies monty
_Wang_: To much whistle in this game
Tangent: Genuine question, does Cox have a disability or is just because he’s American?
Tig-Train: American
zadolinnyj: Swallow the whistle umps
thesilentl: Umpires ruining this game, last half a dozen calls all wrong
JohnHoward: thats a bit harsh tangent, his actaully severly autistic
Yelse: they called blocking before the ball was even kick wtf
beerent11: Both
StuL: Americans think they are the GOAT but the reality is that most of them are the worst of the first world.
Moona: Too tall, therefore unco
ajconodie: These umpires need to realise they are there to control the game, not be the game.
Yelse: grundy TOG is poor coaching
RooBoyStu: @silent cue the song The Sound Of Silence after this match lol
AlsoGmax: Grundy has ruined my round.
zadolinnyj: If Collingwood wins the flag, would Cox be world afl champion. They say that for everything else
ajconodie: zadolinnyj – Not something you need to worry about.
Tangent: I still don’t think he’s as unco as ROB
zadolinnyj: AlsoGmax there?s plenty of time for other players to ruin your round
thesilentl: Another umpire apologist @rooboystu,
zadolinnyj: Lol aj
Raspel31: We all need a big Neale last qtr or the collywobbles settle in.
AlsoGmax: zado, yeah but they’d be spited by my hope already being snuffed out.
thesilentl: Pies lining gardiner up, will be sore in the morning but will have a few weeks off to recover
BigChief: Not a great 1/4 for Neale. Hope he doesn’t go to the bench again.
zadolinnyj: Coaches are resting premos as soon as there team is reasonably up this year. Frustrating
zadolinnyj: Lol Gmax
Migz: is zorko gonna get def DPP
Stu7: Caen Neale big last qrt
cmperrfect: Don’t make me choose a C Lachie. Cmon.
thesilentl: Took longer than expected but pies lose a tall to ‘injury’
Tangent: Stay low Neale
Stu7: Good start Neale
Tangent: Think I’m the only person who does not have Neale in my team
BigChief: Both Pendles and Zorko should Migz
Pokerface: are you coming last Tangent?
Gelly: darcy cameron subbed off with a broken fingernail
Torz: Pies were never subbing anyone off who was less than 2m tall
BigChief: Coll subbed wrong guy. Cameron stiff.
zadolinnyj: Think n daicos will get a rest game soon.
Tangent: Top 15% and leading 2/3 leagues.
italz: Took a risk and dropped grundy this week, feels good. Collingwood stink
Gelly: they should of subbed off grundy, been soft as butter tonight
Gotigres: To all those who said Cripps is now your captain, you made Neale stop, and have made me quite upset
Tangent: I traded Nic nat in for Grundy last week
Social: Grundy for Pruess this week
BigChief: Putting arms out is now a 50m penalty? You must be joking.
zadolinnyj: Crisp been good for my stress levels tonight
royboy16: arms out – its 50 mate? sp 50 for a teapot???
Yelse: Mcrea or gawn captain will be a tough decision
Gelly: arms out is 50?
zadolinnyj: I kept butters. Is that a mistake
DrSeuss: Arms out is 50m – what a ridiculous rule.
Gelly: new rule, if you look at the umpire its 50 as well
monkebuket: what does “arms out 50” mean?
Urbs: moore the elite fwd let’s go
cmperrfect: AFL getting more like fkn netball every year.
Gotigres: Arms out is 50? wtf?
Wahab_18: No more behinds please collingwood.. only when rich is on the bench
thesilentl: Arms out 50 may be the worst rule in afl history
gazza39: Remember when Grundy was a match winner?
BigChief: cmp netball is tougher now.
Social: junk it up lachie
Tangent: Que the lions fans
thesilentl: Love an even up free kick, gotta keep the free kick count dead even hey @mrwalrus
SwaggyP: What is Gardiner meant to do there.
sMiles: Grundy still is a match winner – for my opponents this week
Yelse: really don’t get grundy TOG really don’t
DrSeuss: If the arms is free and he drops it – its incorrect disposal. No prior.
Gotigres: Standing on the mark is the worst rule if you ask me thesilent
Tig-Train: Guess the umpires got a mission at the break
original: Shockin ump
BigChief: OMG these umpires blatantly cheating now.
royboy16: not sure which free to rail against
dabombers: I thought Razor was bad. Must have passed the batton to this pillock.
sMiles: ok – c Macrae and … Umpires read hot – winning it …
Social: Corey Hart
thesilentl: All of those are free kicks @bigchief, problem is they only call them half the time which is why people get pissed
SwaggyP: Umpires really trying to get the pies across the line lawd
Gelly: make sure you keep your arms in your pockets brisbane
DrSeuss: Oh here we go. Time for the umps to swing the momentum
Cottees: remember earlier when the magpies supporters were complaining? lol, youre getting all the frees now
zadolinnyj: Please swallow whistle
Tangent: Goofy American spastic
Hazza09: Rubbish Grundy, he can go for Pruess
Tig-Train: All of those are frees hahaha you kidding me right
Stu7: Wake up Neale
mattmac24: Grundy for a free kick, 50m penalty and goal to win the game please..
sMiles: Let it Joe!
Gelly: remember when grundy would take marks?
Gotigres: Agree Hazza
royboy16: JOEY. he’s the difference
cmperrfect: Macrae it is then against Norf. Lock it in.
Yelse: remember grundy when he was 1m dollar man
thesilentl: Which free do people think wasnt correct? I’ll wait…..
Pies20: Settle tangent
Raspel31: Dats de way it looks cmperrfect- sigh.
AlsoGmax: Remember when Grundy was like an extra midfielder? Good times.
BigChief: Silent Answerth, Fort, 50m against Andrews just to name 3.
dipstick: @yelse when a man no longer works for food he loses his way,
mattmac24: Berry always looks sore whenever he gets tackled.. only a matter of time before that shoulder goes
Social: Rayner was good there
sMiles: Not even umps can stop the Lions
italz: Collingwood get in the binnnnn
Yelse: remember when grundy wasn’t a bench warmer
SwaggyP: McStay is going to get like 800k a year somewhere.
thesilentl: Lol @bigchief those were all frees. The Andrews 50 was a rubbish rule introduced pre season
BigChief: Take your black & white glasses off champ.
thesilentl: If you don’t knownwhat dumb rules have been introduced how can you say they are wrong
italz: Silent time to be silent i rekon
banta: Crisp diving in on top of tackles After they?ve been made to get it added to his stats is super piggish stuff
frenzy: set and forget, Lol
mattmac24: Umps haven’t definitely been generous to the pies this quarter
Tig-Train: Introduced but was only enforced round 1 and that play lol
BigChief: New rule for putting arm out? I don’t remember reading that 1.
MrWalrus: Silent, you’re making me look reasonable right now, deep breaths
gazza39: Remember when Grundy wasn’t injured, but the club was hiding it
Social: that was weak #7
dabombers: AFL rules committee- lets change all these rules for the fans. AFL fans – stop messing with our game.
thesilentl: Then stop commenting @bigchief. Any remonstrating.towards
gazza39: Please stay low Neale to lose that VC score
beerent11: Actually better for SuperCoach that set and forget is not the only way anymore.
Gotigres: May as well ban player on the mark
BigChief: OMG Silent you really are clueless. That was NOT remonstating.
thesilentl: a call is 50 now, dumb rule but a rule
Gelly: think i might go watch the netball now
cmperrfect: Junk it up now Lachie.
TheFlagger: trade or hold grundy
thesilentl: I agree @bigchief but they said if you do that it will be called remostrating. Far out you are dense mate
RooBoyStu: Time to retire Steele you’ve had a mare
blonde0na: AFL fans only think it’s messing with the game when it’s against their team 🙂
sMiles: Hold Grundy – Cameron done for a spell… sorry mr Cameron
Tig-Train: Silent it hasn?t been enforced since round 1?
Cottees: Silent, if that 50m happened to one of your players you’d be complaining lol
mattmac24: I hate thinking about trading Grundy but Preuss does look good as long as he doesn’t lose his temper
Stu7: Goo Neale you good thang
TheFlagger: whitfield lift mate
RenoMan: guaranteed last week silent would have been complaining about the Hawkins non call lol
zadolinnyj: Too many 50s this year. Crazy
gazza39: Grundy cooked
sMiles: to be fair… the umpiring has been weird and off tonight
beerent11: Ha flagger
Tangent: ‘abuse
thesilentl: What @renoman? Terrible call cost Brisbane the game, why wouldn’t i have an issue with it
dipstick: give grundy the dafodildo icon coz hes double fucking me
mattmac24: Silent, the issue is consistency. If they aren’t going to consistently call it, don’t call it at all.
Hazza09: Put the gas symbol on Grundy, he?s done
Pokerface: 40 sc quarter from Pin. Now he’s finally allowed on ground
beerent11: Kinky dipstick
BRAZZERS: lol grundy averaging 109 heading into this. Muppets sucidal after one poor game lmao
dabombers: Tonight all these cooked calls have come from one ump. (12). Now Im no psychologist but he has issues.
zadolinnyj: One rule change from players wearing mime make up and communicating silently
banta: Grundy lol doesn?t look interested. Attitude problem. Paid too much
Catatafish: Off the fucking bench Berry
Social: sidebum needs a few skull tatts
Moona: Just like no. 34 last week da bombers
mattmac24: Just remember people traded Gawn after a couple okay games and he came back with a 160
thesilentl: @tigtrain @cottees the rule is dumb. The call was correct. Blame the terrible umpiring for the incinsistency
beerent11: Don?t have McRae so will take 120
Pokerface: some here traded crisp out after 2 average games.
gazza39: Whatever Brazzers, Grundy has become a butcher, time to let loose
RooBoyStu: Skunks didn’t chant in the 3rd qtr tonight lol
beerent11: Yeah you should all trade grundy out.
dabombers: That sounds like razors number Moona. Only kidding. I just reckon umps should be reviewed and these reviews are made
sMiles: great tackle
Pies20: I’d be excited if i was a Brisbane supporter
mattmac24: Become a butcher? Basing that off one game? You hold your premos unless they get injured or have consistently poor games
dabombers: Public and if they keep putting in bad performances they are docked pay or dropped from the big league
frenzy: Grundy’s gonna be juicy
RooBoyStu: Best thing about the skunks playing Good Friday Eve and losing is the sound of silence for the 4 day weekend lol
thesilentl: They do review and drop umps but they claim there’s noone better
beerent11: Ssshhh mattamac let em do it
dipstick: collingwood loses by 13 again
thesilentl: Lets face it the big issue is the constant rules changes
royboy16: enough. basta
Catatafish: As much as I’ve raged at Ridley and Whitfield I haven’t traded them. Hold premos until poor scores are a pattern
cmperrfect: No scaling. Put a fork in it.
Cottees: dipstick 7* lol
mattmac24: Yeah right Beer, sorry… Yes Trade Grundy, he’s awful!!
Hazza09: Piss weak Brodie, time to go
thesilentl: @distick back to school champ
mattmac24: Tad early there dipstick
italz: Lets face it collingwood are awful
dabombers: @silent #fakenews.
Pies20: Good effort pies, haven’t heard from you for 3years rooboy haha Muppet
TheFlagger: lightwork
Cr1cketeer: Lmao you only won by 7 calm down italz
Yelse: next week no darcy cameron and no cox grundy will lift off
DrSeuss: @silent telling dipstick to go back to school while misspelling his name. #irony
Pies20: Italz no expectations on the pies for the flag this year great win from a flag favourite
thesilentl: Lions beat the pre season wooden spoon faves by 7 at home…break out the grandfinal tickets @italz #muppet
Pies20: Muppet
italz: Hahaha and they?ve taken the bait
Tangent: 120 an okay C score?
Gotigres: There are better umps from NSW and Qld who are not allowed to umpire senior AFL
thesilentl: @drseuss using #irony whilst presenting an example that wasn’t irony at all…..#anothermuppet
BRAZZERS: need a kleenex you muppet? Sook it up, I’m glad your weekend has started with a loss. happy easter lol
italz: Take the umps home with you thanks
TheFlagger: i reckon 120+ is a lock for C. Otherwise captain macrae
thesilentl: Caught myself an @italz….spent all game talking about the pies #rentfree
Social: cockie signing footies hehe
italz: Silent make sure you cheer on brizzy when finals come xx
Gotigres: They are only allowed to be emergency umps
thesilentl: For another straight sets end to the season, no thanks @italz
dipstick: @silent go back to school yaself… the names dip 😉
Social: its almost like brizzy didnt lose last week
dipstick: @suess thanks 🙂
MrWalrus: Want some chips for the salt pies boys? Calling for umpire reviews lol!
thesilentl: Caught a big fish in mrwalrus, got ya mate
Dredd: Classic Pies fan? keep adding the salt to the cold pies.. and we were literally in second gear all night lol

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