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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Essendon vs Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Adelaide, R4 of 2022

a1trader: anyone got walker?
Tangent: I do, Walker in the first quarter of the season is a machine
m0nty: Wright on Butts
pjw1234: not going to be a good day caldwell was on the bench and got a clanger
m0nty: Wright causing Butts some headaches, which should really be called Butts aches
Raspel31: Knew there was a downside to having Butts.
Ash777: This game is going to be umpired worse than the sydney norf game
Tangent: How is that not a free for Tex?
BigChief: Free for what Tangent?
yuhalo101: no surprises crowies winning the free kick count as usual
Tangent: The only surprise was Port Adelaide’s HT score against Melbourne
yuhalo101: so what you fellas think? oli wines =vaccine injury
Torz: No
Ash777: no
Gelly: here we go lol
arbel: @yuhalo … 1st qtr and 1 free the difference and no on Ollie. Maybe salty your team is doing horrible?
RenoMan: Nope
BigChief: no
SwaggyP: We are not booing that racist walker hard enough
Tangent: Post-Charlie symptoms kicking in
Gelly: wright just monsters butts
wadaramus: Adelaide lose just about every one on one contest, bloody frustrating!
Grimes Jr: how good would it be seeing the dons @ zip and 4
a1trader: bit harsh Swaggy
SwaggyP: You’re a rascal apologist trader?
SwaggyP: You’re a racist apologist trader?
RenoMan: alright fellas lets not get into this here
Tangent: Tex isn’t a Racist
SwaggyP: Except he is. So there’s that. Imagine defending that piece of garbage lol
BigChief: Swaggy must have a very short memory. Forgot what Essendon did 10 years ago.
Ash777: tex has already served his time for his behavior let it go
wadaramus: Swaggy must be an angel.
dipstick: @swaggy get educated. Theres a difference between racist and racism. Tex has done his course and learned
navy_blues: swaggy u seemed to be the only one complaining your footy club hasnt been perfect so shhhhhh
italz: Just relax and watch your juice heads play
Grimes Jr: #donsfooty #peptides
BigChief: Okay Dawson that’s enough muppets from you today.
MrWalrus: Tex not racist, just dumb and the dude was/is a c bomb
Tangent: What does that make De Ropey then?
SwaggyP: Makes him worse. Neither should be in the AFL imo. But hey, lots of people like to forgive.
DrSeuss: Where was this last week Rachele??
BigChief: Rowe is worse than Selwood for ducking.
wadaramus: Rowey the new duckwood!
Oddsy5: nothing i hate more than small forward little tip rats who duck into everything
Ash777: Rachele gave away frees last which ruined his score
Catatafish: Ridley having a lazy ‘you guys got this’ sort of game
Gelly: what happened to ROB? talk about fall from grace
Tangent: This Adelaide side needs to inject some Barry Hall type characters to lift our drive
Gelly: i might of spurred him into action lol
don key: a few duckers in game lately !!
kascadev8: Cmon ridley wake up. Lets go Verstappen
wadaramus: No bent fingers there!
Ash777: goal!
Tangent: That was clearly touched LMAO what a waste of time
Ash777: damn
wadaramus: Absolute joke.
Oddsy5: if that got called a goal i wouldve cried. common sense adelaide guys reaction said it all
wadaramus: It was called a goal, how do you overturn from that footage?
wadaramus: Yes Keays looked guilty, but the umpire called a goal.
Tangent: Because of his reaction lol? Arc 100% look at that even though it’s not the way to go
BigChief: Clearly touched and Keays reaction says it all. He knew he touched it.
DrSeuss: Martin?s SC is great – but seems like he hasn?t had a touch for 20 minutes
Migz: i think your wrong wad. the ball moved directions after it went past his fingers
wadaramus: They had to look at it 50 times to decide, way too inconclusive.
m0nty: 25 disposals for 69 is poor DTing
Gelly: hayes is not the sub woot
Ash777: preuss is gone
Migz: yeah just saw the replay for the first time ash. much worse than i thought last night watching it live
Migz: how has martin never been on a team. dude has a great kick and finds space
Ash777: need ROB to have a big 2nd half
Migz: why is redman taking kick outs and not ridley :@
Catatafish: Probably because Ridley can’t be arsed today
duckky: @Migz – Martin puts paid to the argument that there aren’t enough good footballers around to support a team in Tassie
Tangent: Fuck umps
pcaman2003: Ridiculous 50’s now. Next year 50 mtr penalty for moving eye balls sideways.
Gotigres: Geez, I thought I was doing well to take Dixon’s 94 and put Martin on the bench 🙁
Tangent: Walker is a certified star
Ash777: Martin has proved too good to be on the bench
Migz: 0% reason to regret that move tigres. Martin could have easily pumped out a 40-50 game than 100+. Would you rather gain
Migz: 15 points or lose 50.
Gotigres: Very true Migz.
Ooost: People have Martin on the bench? 😀
Ash777: put the cash signs up
Migz: i think people were looping him on the bench to get dixons score yesterday oost. most prob have him on most of the time
Ooost: Yaah Rachele higher than his BE now too.
bhg26: Okay hinge you can start now
Grimes Jr: go crows
bones351: Nice kick by the MHinge
Ash777: he heard you bhg
banta: Racists pig Walker shouldn?t be allowed to play. Disgraceful
bhg26: I have a gift
Migz: what did walker do again
Ash777: quiet banta
beerent11: Not a bad halftime score there riddler
Tangent: Alright switching to the F1
bones351: I chose to bench Rachele and field Martin. Not much difference at the moment
Ash777: walker called someone a racial slur or something
Ash777: has since apologized in person and served a stint away from the game aswell as other things
pjw1234: hinge hammy
Migz: what ever the bombers are paying shiel is too much
wadaramus: Bugger, Hinge injured.
bhg26: Ah flower, walk it off
duckky: Shiel has been shit since he was suspended for a bump the AFL wanted to make an example of
DrSeuss: Nick Martin really goes through some dry patches where he doesn?t touch it for 20 minutes
duckky: Who was the idiot that talked up Martin – he has gone backwards since
a1trader: 1 week for Rachelle
BRAZZERS: imagine complaining about a bloke costing you 102k lol
Gelly: rachele trying to get a week off
navy_blues: nothing in it a1 smith just soft
banta: AFL need to start dining players like Murphy, Rowe, Ginnivan etc who dive and act
Gelly: alf hates gut punches off the ball
banta: Nice to see you support racists Ash. You?re probably a sexist homophobe as well
Yelse: ffs got rachele on the pine and can’t bring him in.
Migz: rachelle gonna go up another $25k. this game and kick start his cash again
Migz: martin if he reaches 100 is due to go up 100k. amazing
bushranger: The sooking is hilarious
mattmac24: Geez Banta. Calm down.
pcaman2003: Massive qtr from Caldwell. Added 43 pts.
duckky: Same Yelse. I thought the 71 from Stengle was a safe bet
Silz90: Give it a rest banta.
_Wang_: Rachele on pine for me
bhg26: How on earth did you come to that conclusion banta
navy_blues: banta must be swaggys bro
a1trader: whats a heraphobe Banta?
pharace: Netball might be more you got then @banta
Yelse: didn’t like a heap of ppl trade out rachele
navy_blues: cmon crows bring it home
a1trader: is a heraphobe someone who can’t spell?
Oddsy5: 13k got rid of rachele lol
m0nty: back on the game please
bhg26: Boo hinge
Ash777: he said herophobe which is some with a phobia of heroes.
beerent11: Fair bit of rubbish in the chat today
Migz: 13000 people traded rachelle out
a1trader: rofl Ash
Migz: 1200 traded out rachelle for gollant. Ouch. atleast 3k traded him for martin
m0nty: I was expecting a bit of chat rubbish today with Tex back but that’s enough thanks.
Silz90: Dam hinge is done for the day. And opp doesn’t have him of course 🙁
duckky: The backs this year are causing headaches
beerent11: Watching f1. Was the hinge hammy bad?
Catatafish: @duckky I have Ridley and Whitfield, I’d say more a migraine for me
Badgerbadg: Not watching this live- what was the crowds reception of Tex kicking goals?
Yelse: need crouch to get to 25 and bombers to win to win multi
Migz: if only ridley could take 10 more contested marks in the next 20 minutes that would be nice
Ash777: crowd has been civil badger
Oddsy5: muppet ridley
Silz90: Same cata and I have Rachel on the bench.
_Wang_: Ridley very bad this year
MrWalrus: Damn, I traded Rachele, to Martin though so not sad at all
Gelly: ridley doing a shitfield
bhg26: I love having Martin, Rachele and Dixon on my bench
MrWalrus: Hinge to O’Driscoll looks the go
MrWalrus: Whitfield ent ok, can’t be too sad with 90+
Ash777: Ridley been banned from kick ins again
dipstick: looking for wards to blues being on top
Tangent: And that’s the game. Well played bombers
Migz: its 7 points with 15 mins to go tan. dont over react
Catatafish: Not sure why you wouldn’t have Ridley take kick ins. This week by week taking turns is shitting me
Ash777: Maybe they prefer ridley up the ground for his marking
Migz: if he can scrape 85+ i might not have to cull ridley
Grimes Jr: Carn crows.
MrWalrus: Hayes not sub, the Dixon loop is on, bloke is pulling his weight even when not picked
beerent11: Odriscoll was projected to go up 12k if he got 34 points.
BRAZZERS: i traded rachele out fml, was desperate to get hewett in. needed the extra cash
Catatafish: From my prior watching Ridley stands close by with his back turned when not kicking in
Migz: he is 100% their best kick though, should be getting it to him more
Hooks: Traded Rechele? wtf
Yelse: comnnn martin get to 100
Catatafish: @Migz exactly
duckky: Essendon trying toi ice the game with 10 minutes left?
banta: How is that not holding the ball against Murphy?
navy_blues: cmon crows
Gotigres: I have both Rachele and Martin on the bench
sMiles: Hope bag the hinge… Hope i can afford one of guys from freo he
beerent11: Fomo hooks
sMiles: How bad, rather
exatekk: what about the hold on Gollant Banta, or do you just see what you want to see?
Gotigres: And Hinge on field of course
duckky: Muppett ROB
ajconodie: Dev Smith has done a bit.
Tangent: Draper should be building houses not kicking a footy… flog
beerent11: I reckon odriscoll might go up to about 160-170k smiles
Stikman35: Rachelle rising star this week obviously
Swans Star: Rachele a star of the future
Migz: well RIPley
beerent11: Maybe more. Not sure how the formula works.
navy_blues: after the siren win again?
bhg26: no one does beer
Hooks: What a game
Gelly: good game this one
Gelly: might have to raqe trade rids now if he out next week
Swans Star: Cracking Game
duckky: Why are Parish and Ridley off in the clutch?
Gelly: walker lol
Migz: ridley almost died duckky lol
fruity: NOD and Rachele bench warming this week .What was l thinnking…
duckky: A dead ridley is still better than some of the others they have in the backline
Swans Star: I guess you just have to be patient with Rookies
Hooks: Rachele on 93 still?
Migz: why would you have put NOD on the ground? Rookie roulette is just that. take the cash and be happy they are on your team
tommy10: Walker is a dead set flog
Grimes Jr: Wow, should?ve won that Adelaide. Dons to finish 12th
pcaman2003: Rachele 95,has 3 good touches then drops to 93. Lol!
tommy10: Glad I kept Rachele
Tangent: Bombers such a amateur side would be surprised if they make top 12
tommy10: Yeah like Crows will make top 12 lol
duckky: Picked your grapes too early Tangent?
Tangent: We’re the youngest side in the comp lol just watching our players develop into premiership players
tommy10: We?re missing like 8-10 of our best players lol Crows did well but they ain?t a finals side let alone top 12

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