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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Fremantle vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Western Sydney, R4 of 2022

navy_blues: lets go green machine
Ooost: Fucking Whitfield etc etc
The Hawker: Brodie off the a flyer
bones351: Brodie 100% game time!
MrWalrus: Preuss, you go mate
bones351: *tog
The Hawker: You jinxed it Walrus
bhg26: And Brodie on the bench
The Hawker: I meant bones, sorry
bones351: Ah damn he remembered where the bench was
navy_blues: like freo guernseys
bones351: Was never going to last long Hawker
a1trader: took Dixons 94 and traded Preuss back out…..looking like a bad idea
Raspel31: Am I the only one to bring in Preuss this week?. Didn’t want to but hAYES OUT.
DrSeuss: If only Whitfield loved the ball like Brodie loved the bench
cmperrfect: Me too Raspel. Money too attractive not to.
Migz: always risky bringing a 200k+ player in before 3rd game though.
Yelse: upset i missed green he is a keeper
cmperrfect: What’s the risk Migz, his BE is minus 26 and proj 57
beerent11: Bought him in this week instead of Cripps yelse
circle52: I left Preuss till next week
Migz: puts out a stinker, gets injured you don’t even 1 week of cash gen.
Hazza09: Everyone will be bringing in pruess next week
TheFlagger: fine wine mundy
bones351: His won’t make any money this week cm.
beerent11: Not this little black duck hazza
Jukes82: already had preussy start of rd1, enjoy wasting a trade lads
mattmac24: Would love Hayes to play one more and get enough cash to be able to ‘downgrade’ to Preuss
cmperrfect: Aware of that bones. We have 35 jukes. Hardly a waste.
Migz: pruess would have to hit another 100 + for me to consider bringing him in as r3
bhg26: Showerfield
cmperrfect: Each to there own Migz.
Migz: the other thing is pruess next week is coming up agains gawn
Migz: guess im just more risk adverse after i’ve made some aggresive trades the last few years and had it backfire hard haha
Gotigres: Looks like a mistake getting Green in
beerent11: Gotigres it?s not even qtr time. He got stuck on the bench. That?s ridiculous.
Pav300: agree Beer – hes in the guts, not a worry
navy_blues: green will stay in my side now i have him gun player
MrWalrus: Green a bad choice lol, good one, not even quarter time
Legix: Good finish to the qtr Jelly
spdysaint: O?Driscoll on bench. Gibcus on field
Migz: makes me sick to type it but ive been enjoying watching freo play. they play fast
Raspel31: So Preuss benched 33%- great way to introduce him.
MrWalrus: Let’s go Brayshaw, let’s hulk out and smash the tag
cmperrfect: Green machine building. Keep going lad.
Ninty: Don?t say it, don?t say it, don?t say it.. anyone know what?s up with Brodies TOG???
LuvIt74: @spdysaint same here and to make thinfs worse, i cant look dixon…
Ash777: chappy such a tease
cmperrfect: Standard for Brodie Ninty. Has tank the size of a pea.
LuvIt74: omg my spelling loop i meant…lol
Ninty: Must?ve gone out for smoko
Hazza09: Brodie gone home already
DrSeuss: Never trade a premium and all that – but Whitfield OMG – do something
Raspel31: Ah O’Driscoll was talked up- but did I listen. No.
bones351: I just spotted Brodie, the ball went near the bench!
TheFlagger: bench dpp for brodie
Yelse: thats it whitfield gotta go ffs never seen a premium become so bad
navy_blues: i dont rate whitfield as a premium
bhg26: I don?t want to trade for another couple weeks but Whitfield is going to lose too much money and points at d3/4
Hazza09: Geez Shitfield
zadolinnyj: Good to see walters back playing well
Gotigres: My reverse psychology with Green seems to have worked
sMiles: Whitfield walking around like he’s Zorko the magician
sMiles: Get back on the park Toyota Prius
bhg26: At this point Whitfield just needs to get 80
DrSeuss: Preuss and Brodie seeing who can have the lowest TOG.
bones351: I’m liking play being on that side of the field right now. Brodiant gomoff and Priests can’t get on haha
bones351: Geez. You know what I mean haha
Gotigres: Brodie, going well
Daitro: Brodie don’t need no TOG
bhg26: I?m currently first in Victoria in fantasy
TheFlagger: darcy lol
Torz: NOD is actually my D1
Migz: Noddy! shame he is on the bench but make the moolah you little calf
Oddsy5: i cannot believe how well Brodie scores with such little TOG. keep him on he racks em up!
zadolinnyj: Nice bhg.
bones351: He needs the breaks Oddsy
MrWalrus: C’mon Brayshaw
Yelse: can whitfield get to 80+?
mattmac24: Yes Kelly!
bhg26: Probably not yelse
Yelse: whiffed needs to grow his hair
Oddsy5: makes sense bones and im a fan of it. go hard when ur on get off n recover for another crack
MrWalrus: Didn’t realise O’Driscoll was on the bubble, oh well will be an easy pickup still
zadolinnyj: Was sub first game MrWalrus so still cheap
Hazza09: Still worth getting O?driscoll?
Migz: nods BE next week will probably be in the -50 range assuming he gets to 80~
BigChief: Need Kasca to tag Kelly.
frenzy: shatfield to NO’Ddy
beerent11: Uh oh
beerent11: That?s why I?m not bringing in preuss
m0nty: That’s what comes from learning the craft from big Mummy
beerent11: Gun
Hazza09: What did Pruess do?
Migz: big backhand to the face of mundy i think
zadolinnyj: Wow
Thomas1234: green is something else
TheFlagger: who said trading in green was a mistake
beerent11: Legit Thomas
DrSeuss: Preuss in trouble or will be ok?
beerent11: Ahhh that would be gotigres
beerent11: That was
Migz: hard to say suess. not sure how much contact, i dont think they showed a replay
m0nty: Preuss was an elbow, got Mundy pretty hard, probably a fine though
Swans Star: Preuss dropped or suspended or injured next week
Migz: maybe all 3
TheFlagger: darcy is costing me big time
DrSeuss: Cheers Migz
GOATdusty: darcy b/e 191 lol
Swans Star: There are only three sure things in life, Taxes, Death and Carlton missing the semis
TheFlagger: only played one game so i can still get rid of him but really want this pick to work out. only 3% ownership
DrSeuss: Chapman with his regular 3rd qtr fade
Migz: why do you have darcy anyway? hes played 1/3 games as a 650k premo. lot of dead points
Migz: surely you would have swapped him to a playing premo 1st round
Migz: before 1st round*
Stu7: Come on Coni do something
TheFlagger: i didnt like any other ruck options
Migz: you didnt like grundy or gawn for the same price? :O
BigChief: 3% ownership because he is injured too much Flagger.
beerent11: Green went up 35 for those two goals
Swans Star: Preuss taps to advantage are rather good
TheFlagger: I have grundy, gawn was going to lose around the same cash and would cost me another 15-20k
Migz: nic nat probably a better option as well
TheFlagger: nic nat’s tog is bad and i thought the upside with darcy was too good to trade out
TheFlagger: Preuss matches up well with size against darcy, he’ll bounce back hopefully
beerent11: Tog is not the big deal people make it out to be
italz: Brodie is unreal
Stu7: Coni you dudd do something ffs
Migz: nah fair enough. If he started round 1 i agree a good pick. all im thinking is.. you have missed 200+ points so far+capt
NewFreoFan: Our usual goal kicking woes costing us
TheFlagger: im still rank 15K so not a horrendous start but it does hurt a bit with the late outs
Yelse: if brodie had more TOG might even be considered a keeper lol
beerent11: Is green playing fwd now?
Swans Star: Taranto in beast mode
Hazza09: Brodie tons on 68% TOG
beerent11: Nope yelse. Reckon they?ve got his tog worked out. Not an endurance athlete.
Yelse: you guys think Gawn can get DPP
pjw1234: walters pushed taranto into the ump. interesting to see if they do anything
TheLegend6: Be a game changer if Gawn can be a FWD
MrWalrus: What did Preuss do? Week likely?
Migz: is it too much to ask whits and conig to hit 90 each please
Swans Star: just a small fine
beerent11: Odriscoll looks to be cementing a spot
LuvIt74: i think having Preuss at his price was a no brainer as you can always use English as R2 when injured.
zadolinnyj: Prues elbowed Judy in head. Maybe get away with it MrWalrus
MrWalrus: Oh, thanks, will get a lot of those, likes being physical
LuvIt74: Preuss will make us quite a bit of coin…
MrWalrus: Whitfield on the charge too I see, C’mon Brayshaw get in on some action
Migz: whitfield doing the right thing, the forwards arent impacting the contest
Swans Star: Whitfield has amazing endurance
Gotigres: Brodie, wow
Swans Star: Freo have drafted well
Ninty: Brodie gone back to the pub
Oddsy5: will brodie can have my kids if he so desires
beerent11: Shooter!
Ninty: He?ll only be there for them 68% of the time
kascadev8: evening all
Torz: Gold Ninty
zadolinnyj: Lol ninty
Spifflicat: 34-14 frees is hurting
frenzy: yes Chappy tons up
Swans Star: Freo on the up!! Serong and Fyfe still to come back in
Gotigres: ton up please Green
duckky: That’s Perth umpirring for you Spifflicat
beerent11: Reward for sticking with him frenzy
MrWalrus: Scores stopped?
frenzy: back to back, beer
Stu7: Coni?s score stopped 30 minutes ago
italz: double tons because i got rid of him 🙂
bhg26: GWS forwards are so bad
Swans Star: Purple Haze
The39Steps: You can’t have possibly have a free kick count that is nearly 3 to 1.
cmperrfect: Great vision Brodie. Smart footballer.
DrSeuss: Who goes first – Hinkley or Leon Cameron?
duckky: Hinkley – Port’s President is slighly more nuts
Swans Star: Cameron, this list should be doing so much better
Hazza09: Did Brodie go home?
Silz90: what a dumb 50 to give away.
MrWalrus: As a Tiges supporter 39steps you of all people should know you can
beerent11: Stop that hazza
kascadev8: bye bye ryan
The39Steps: True @Walrus.
Yelse: geez whitfield comeback
GOATdusty: good comeback whitfield considering 7 clangers
Silz90: hopefully whits and brodie get some scaling.
duckky: Brodie will. Whitfield won’t
Swans Star: might be Preuss and Flynn next week?
sMiles: Preuss good
Silz90: true ducky
NewFreoFan: Crazy we got Brodie basically for free. Thanks Suns
DrSeuss: Umps have been woeful this weekend
italz: Suns are experts at getting rid of stars for pretty much nothing
Migz: gotta be the ton for NOD
colin wood: At a boy ton up Odriscoll
The Hawker: i love Brodie
Yelse: will press get suspended didn’t see the incident
MrWalrus: Lots of points left, did Brayshaw finish hard enough to ton?
cmperrfect: 250 pts to scale.

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