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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Collingwood vs West Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs West Coast, R4 of 2022

Urbs: Afternoon all
SilverLion: Afternoon
m0nty: it’s Grawndy week
Hazza09: Crisp 7 minutes in and stuck on the bench
Nurfed: Hello all
SwaggyP: Crisp doing wonders again.
Raspel31: Stick with Crisp they said- he’ll come good. No thanks very much.
bhg26: Dare i say Whitfield>Crisp
Yelse: ffs pies lift!!!
Hazza09: Crisp can go this week if he stinks it up
original: Crisp wtf man. Glad you?re catching your breath on the bench after no touches
Gelly: i see the htb rules doesnt exist in this game
Yelse: this is pies standard vs WC game full of eagles intercepts
LuvIt74: Don’t worry Crips will ton up as i traded him out for Hewett this week…
hinsch: hopefully Crisp get to play the second half of this game
pjw1234: playing a pies fan in supercoach he has 5 going around (plus degoey on the bench). go eagles
pjw1234: only joking with the go eagles, never go against a vic club
Gelly: moore stealing crisp tackle haha
Gelly: i mean free kick
Raspel31: Pies are not strictly Victorian pjw- they inhabit a strange realm.
Hazza09: What a joke Crisp
Raspel31: Hated trading a primo like Crisp- leeching money. But is he a primo in this structure?
DrSeuss: Ahhh Crisp – this shit again.
Hazza09: Time to go crisp
Gotigres: Score 80 Dixon and I will loop you in for Martin
Swans Star: What a win by the Swans!!!
Pokerface: Pin pls
Swans Star: Some of the worst umpiring I have ever seen
Pokerface: dude not cool
mattmac24: Ginnivan got a rate last week, going full Selwood this week
Yelse: is Paddy Mccarty done for season ?
Ooost: So who is the more hated player this week Crisp or Whitfield?
bhg26: Too hard of a question ooost
Raspel31: Meaning Swans- other games are not mentioned.
bhg26: he came back on yelse
LuvIt74: i’m telling you crisp will ton up
zadolinnyj: No yelse. Not concussed
Urbs: Pretty sure we shouldn’t be talked about other games here Swanstar
zadolinnyj: Why people hating crisp with 10 left in 2nd
m0nty: No spoilers from other games please.
hinsch: Have only had one trade so far I am thinking max rage trades coming up
Torz: Looks like Pendles is taking the CBA?s and Crisp is floating around half back today
mattmac24: Good to see the Daicos brothers playing well
bhg26: because he sucks zado
zadolinnyj: Wonder if daicos has any kids he doesn?t know about. Another could really help pies
bhg26: Hugh dixon making some cash, lovely
bhg26: Wish i was a naish owner
zadolinnyj: What a kick
Raspel31: Not in any way intending to offend anyone- but come on Eagles!
wadaramus: N.Daicos a gun rookie!
Ooost: Yeah Dixon doing well making cash, have a loophole ready for him if need be too
beerent11: I think crisp is better across half back anyway
DrSeuss: Josh certainly enjoying playing with his brother. Also great comeback Crispy – keep it going lad
Raspel31: If you don’t got Horny Francis you gotta got Daicos.
bhg26: Who said crisp sucks?
beerent11: Some knob bhg. Can?t remember
bhg26: Bet they are eating their words right now beer
wadaramus: Maybe they said “crispy” sucks, like too crispy a chicken schnitzel?
Ooost: I was wondering where the Crisp haters are at too
wadaramus: Coach Simpson doing it really tough.
bhg26: Nope hes back under 50, spud
Raspel31: I sold Crisp and I am not eating my words- dauphonois cheese and ham on rye biscuits.
wadaramus: Love Fromager d’Affinois Raspel 🙂
Raspel31: Even though I spelt it wrongly wada. Very ctreamy and yummy- better than Crispss
zadolinnyj: Think bhg was saying boo urns not crisp
wadaramus: Damn straight, my favourite soft cheese 🙂
Raspel31: Dauphinois- simply superb wada.
zadolinnyj: I imagine ur house Raspel having many books and rooms made of mahogoney
Raspel31: Lol zado but i’m only 17 and still live with mummy and daddy.
zadolinnyj: Sounds cooler if u say roommates instead of mummy and daddy Raspel. Grandmas boy best movie ever
a1trader: Grundy and Gawn back in favour now
Raspel31: But you nail
zadolinnyj: Not yet A1. Cash still going backwards
_Wang_: Grundy solid
Raspel31: But you nailed it zado- do like a good book. Carn Spurs and may Pool whip City. Now back to the footy.
wadaramus: I’ll take 1-0 to the Reds.
navy_blues: great smother
bhg26: I got a toe fungus ad on this page so I might leave for a while
Raspel31: I believe Wang spread it bhg- isolate now.
zadolinnyj: Wish he took that. Amazing leap
_Wang_: Haha wow
Migz: honestly surprised so many people havn’t gone grawndy. set and forget is the best part of rucks
arbel: Collingwood should duck more. The amount of head down and arms lifted is a joke
bhg26: Always knew crisp would come good
Migz: unlucky to rioli. he dropped the ball in the tackle. shouldnt mouth of though
beerent11: Game?d be boring if we all went the same migz. Sides get too ssmey as it is. That?s why I prefer draft.
MrWalrus: Well done umps, ruining another game, well played, at least you expect for the pies
beerent11: *samey
BRAZZERS: damn, shoulda got naish last week.
Raspel31: It’s not about winning Migz- it’s about annoying people.
beerent11: The important thing bhg is, did you learn anything?
bhg26: No i did not beer
Yelse: ohhh myyy that was a dive by rioli
beerent11: Gee that Darcy Moore is a vicious player
Migz: and for once it was a legitimate dive yelse. didnt go for the free haha. bad call
Yelse: if the post wasn’t there would have been throw in
Hazza09: Is Nick Daicos a keeper at this rate?
zadolinnyj: Vicious beerent. The way he allowed Rioli to dive at the post was negligent
Migz: daicos potential m8 or last upgrade
zadolinnyj: Will tire late in season Hazza
bhg26: Daicos > Daicos
Raspel31: Is the Pope a Buddhist Hazza? Um, err, yeah.
Hazza09: Lol Raspel
wadaramus: Is a frogs arse water tight?
TheFlagger: d6 keeper with dpp lets hope
wadaramus: Does a bear shit in the woods?
MercAm: I am sorry, but how is that 50?!
zadolinnyj: Lol rasp
The39Steps: If Pete Daicos shot blanks the Pies would be rooted.
navy_blues: knocked ball out of his hands quite easy erc
zadolinnyj: Another good last coming
wadaramus: Time for Crispy to get crisp.
DrSeuss: Crisp – great comeback, but no need to stop now.
frenzy: Dixon a keeper, paying the rent. could do with sum CD luv
navy_blues: so who is trading crisp??? lol how attitudes change
Nurfed: thankfully the seed was super strong 39
Urbs: Should be a good finish to this one!
Raspel31: Well, I went Crisp to fat boy McGovern and money in the kitty. No complaints yet- burp.n
bhg26: i always stuck by crisp navy
beerent11: Think someone here said they traded him to Hewitt navy
BRAZZERS: garbage trade in reality buddy, like those muppets to traded gawn only to bring him back next week lmao
zadolinnyj: 1 week does not make a season
beerent11: That?s not good for deshitblokey owners
MrWalrus: Elliott should have been HTB then too, shame he’s injured, been really good.
Yelse: moore signs a huge contract then disappears whats with players doing that
zadolinnyj: Been paid yelse. He?s done trying
DrSeuss: Crisp has gone back to sleep I see
MrWalrus: Umm, man in front not a rule anymore? You can’t pay a mrk because it looked good.
Migz: dixon has copped a rough score i reckon. couple of tough marks and 10 touches + 4 tackles. for mid 40s
wadaramus: Scores stuck?
Torz: Scores not updating?
zadolinnyj: He had hands after miho
Hazza09: Have scores stopped?
navy_blues: yes CD on strike lol
Manowar: Manowar will update you, P Cripps – 203
Raspel31: Everything has stopped.
zadolinnyj: Fair to say yes
Yelse: standard pies
m0nty: I’m givin’ it all I’ve got captain
beerent11: Cmon eagles! Would be some win.
beerent11: Watch the game
MrWalrus: If WCE win this, hilarious
cmperrfect: Lipinski experiment has expired. Sigh.
zadolinnyj: Monty just don?t have the powuuuurr
zadolinnyj: Cm did u actually vac heeney. Good if did
Raspel31: Back on the bike M0nty- peddle furiously.
navy_blues: turns power back on
Migz: take my legs m0nty. they are worth about 60 watts at the gym
Pies20: What is the scores? How much we down by?
zadolinnyj: Have you tried turning it off and on again Monty
Migz: 3 points pies
cmperrfect: Yes I did @ zado
zadolinnyj: 3 points down
zadolinnyj: Well done cm
bhg26: Go crispy
cmperrfect: Watch McCrae pull a 160 now zado. He was my C.
MrWalrus: Lol Zado, got a loop cm?
Gotigres: fOMG dixon. Well done.
LuvIt74: Dunno how many Crisp owners were going off after the 1st, told you he’ll ton up
bones351: Go Dixon!
zadolinnyj: Is Dixon score correct
zadolinnyj: Will loophole
frenzy: good boy Hugh
beerent11: Oh yeah, forgot I?ve got Dixon
Raspel31: Sorry-Urbs is in charge tonight. Step up fat boy McGovern.
zadolinnyj: Bird in the hand cm
cmperrfect: Yep, looped Owens onto the field @ walrus
original: Did Dixon just score like 40+ points
Hazza09: Dixon R3 can?t loophole
Ooost: I’ll take those points thanks Dixon
Ooost: bhg26 you seen any Crisp haters?
zadolinnyj: Hope Hayes I?d defo out as I?m moving English forward and loophole Hayes to dixon
Gotigres: ton up please Dixon
cmperrfect: And another loop to take Dixon. Thanks Baldwin. Yes.
Migz: they obviously heard me complain about dixon being on 46 points
original: Didn?t bother swapping hayes and Dixon spots and can?t loophole Dixon on field
zadolinnyj: Ooost only in his bathroom mirror
Hazza09: How did Dixon get to 92
Raspel31: Trying desparatetely to factor Dixon in.
exatekk: dammit i took SDK over dixon.
bhg26: Lol zado
zadolinnyj: Great game
Yelse: ffs umpires
Gotigres: pies fans will be more feral than usual. Won’t be safe in Melbourne tonight
BRAZZERS: great decision
Swans Star: Incredible AFL!!!
cmperrfect: Hmm. Now a conundrum. Take Dixon or pray Martin outscores him?
navy_blues: was thinking same tigres
Swans Star: Huddo best commentator in the game!!
zadolinnyj: Bird in hand cm
Gelly: chances of hayes being the sub?
Migz: silly question imo. take the 90 + from a rookie. martin could hit a 30 as easy as a 90
navy_blues: wd weagles!!! thats for bestcoast for sure
zadolinnyj: Very good swans star
Ooost: I’m looping Dixon for Rachele and keeping Martin on field
cmperrfect: Dixon locked Migz.
navy_blues: who is this crisp guy?
Scottie16: Lovely Eagles, just lovely
bhg26: We call him crispy navy
Tig-Train: Lmao collywoobles
bhg26: At least for this week
frenzy: west coast has done it hard for weeks
zadolinnyj: When will we know if Hayes playing7
MrWalrus: Hope Hayes isn’t sub, think I might risk it anyway
Migz: great call cmp. even if martin has a killer game is the extra 10-20 points worth it if he has a stinker?
Raspel31: McGovern- this qtr zippo= sigh. But on ya West Coast.
zadolinnyj: Hayes out on
Migz: dont wanna play rookie roulette
Ooost: Crisp 😀
Urbs: Who do we reckon for the star?
bones351: Sub out Rachele or Martin to take Dixon’s score?
Swans Star: Miracle and Marvel!! Well said Huddo
cmperrfect: Agreed Migz. Not worth the risk.
PowerBug: Mihocek
zadolinnyj: Rochelle
Gelly: zado is he still emergency though? or did ratts say who the sub will be?
bones351: Leaning that way Zado

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