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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Sydney vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Sydney vs North Melbourne, R4 of 2022

zadolinnyj: Go crows. Premiers
cmperrfect: To VC Heeney. Due for a big
cmperrfect: game
SydneyRox: is the game pushed back?
SydneyRox: so glad stephens is playing reserves for my Gawn VC!!
pjw1234: nobody except bench warmers in this, but opponent has heeny, horn, mccartin so will be just hoping they are all quiet.
MrWalrus: Go the Lady Crows, now overtaken the boys, show em how it’s done!
frenzy: nothing fancy today roos
SydneyRox: do you not even have horne francis on field PJW?
TheFlagger: as someone who doesnt own heeney, this will be a painful watch. next couple weeks are easy too
oc16: i think anything within 7 goals will be a good result for north
a1trader: are they Crowettes?
zadolinnyj: Did it last week cm and on the never again list
Stu7: Go Blakey
a1trader: McInerney should go ok today after everyone dropped him
bhg26: why are we still playing reid
zadolinnyj: I thought he retired in 201 bhg
bhg26: Never in doubt
zadolinnyj: In 2001 bhg26. Nice goal though
a1trader: maybe thats why he’s playing
TheFlagger: says a bit about logan mcdonald that reid is playing over him. key forwards do take time though
Ash777: Swans list is a bit weird. Still got Reid n Sinclair but they have youngsters that could get games in.
zadolinnyj: I like Logan but yes
m0nty: Xerri on track for 100 hit outs
MrWalrus: Reid is a gun, problem isn’t talent, it’s durability
Raspel31: On current scoring Xerri should get 60 for 100 hit outs. Off the bench Heeney- sheesh.
Swans Star: This the best youth I have ever seen in the Swans
Swans Star: Buddy
BRAZZERS: but his hitouts are shit, he could have 500 quality not quantity
SwaggyP: Xerri a shoe in for about 80 today
DrSeuss: Not watching the game, what is Blakey doing? Ball just not getting to him?
Swans Star: Blakey was always going to have apoor one because I just brought him in lol
Hazza09: Xerri will ton today
Manowar: Blakey still in shock! from the awesome umpiring last night!
Swans Star: how do I get a swans emblem before my name please guys
Stu7: @Swans Star same here story of my life
Yelse: why did i play P mccartin over hinge
Stu7: Blakey & Heeney wtf
Swans Star: @Stu7 I knew it was a mistake when I did but couldnt afford anyone else lol
DrSeuss: I guess Blakey and I have something in common Manowar
Baldfrog: Can confirm Stu7 usually stuffs up our team
Ash777: goldy on the charge
Raspel31: Good work Xerri- now get off your dainty butt Heeney.
Swans Star: Swans are going to get a rocket at qtr time
bhg26: Thanks Aaron
navy_blues: lol hall
bhg26: Flower me
Stu7: I had the choice of Broad or Blakey – obviously made the wrong choice
m0nty: Rocket doesn’t coach them any more, it’s Horse
DrSeuss: Haha Blakey takes his first mark – after the freaking siren. Well he can only get better right?
cmperrfect: McCartin tracking nicely Yelse
MrWalrus: Yelse PMac is a genuine good player and on track for a tonne, complaining about this is strange
Swans Star: anyone know how I get my swans emblem before my name please
Dogs5416: Swans star, if you find out about the emblem let me know lol
Swans Star: @Monty how do we get our emblem please
pjw1234: ?lick your name and then options
Raspel31: They’re fresh out of swans emblems Swans- have to get a Dons one.
Swans Star: and then lol
MrWalrus: Rasp, that’s a human rights violation
pjw1234: pick your team
Baldfrog: Free syringe with every Bombers emblem Star well worth it
cmperrfect: Slow down Lloyd, I’ll get you next week.
Raspel31: My bad MrHippopotamus.
Swans Star: yeh I did that
bhg26: Earth to Heeney
MrWalrus: I’m not a large water dwelling mammal what gave you that ridiculous hypothesis?
pjw1234: submit down the bottom?
pjw1234: submit down the bottom? I think that is how i did it
MrWalrus: Oh wait, yes I am. Carry on
DrSeuss: Blakey stop whinging and get a freaking touch
cmperrfect: Heeney a kick away from the play so far. Get amongst it son
BRAZZERS: classic heeney
Raspel31: Put Heeney back on the bench- he scored more then.
bhg26: Umps forgetting we are the home team
navy_blues: go norf lol
DrSeuss: I was happy about picking Blakey over Bowey yesterday, today – not so much
SwaggyP: Just when we thought Heeney might turn into the SC gun we thought he could be.
Ash777: JHF looks like has RS all wrapped up now
a1trader: Off to Hollywood next for Ziebell
Baldfrog: Upset of the decade coming
Stu7: Can anyone explain wtf Blakey is not doing?
Pokerface: is it true some coaches ripped their structure apart to get heeney in last week?
zadolinnyj: HEENEY went from never again to in and now back on list
Baldfrog: *Century
bhg26: Getting the footy stu
hinsch: JHF helping out with my poor start, Oliver and Bowey
SwaggyP: Not getting disposals by the looks of it Stu.
bhg26: Fucking hell man up you muppets
MrWalrus: Heeney will be fine, JHF is handy, looks like Norf finally nailed a first rounder
DrSeuss: Blakey on the opposite wing to the ball and not tackling or attacking the ball when near it
Swans Star: N Melb were $9 to win this game
Ash777: maybe blakey is on a shutdown role
bhg26: Ziebell has spent this whole game with his arms in the air
duckky: I apologise to N Daicos owners in advance.
Stu7: Thanks guys for Blakey feedback
duckky: Whoever I have of Daicos or JHF on the bench scores well, the one onfield scores crap
bhg26: Fuck me umpires!
Ninty: Long way to go – still should be $9 to win.
navy_blues: omg swans are shocking
Tig-Train: North will still lose by 40 lol
_Wang_: Heeney every fucking year lol
Swans Star: Booooom
bhg26: Chad Warner is so good
bhg26: But we are so bad
DrSeuss: Looks like Blakey has been moved to Fullback on Ziebell. Reminder to never pick Swans players
MrWalrus: Heeney on track for around a hundred and could still go off, why the complaining
Swans Star: Twice now
zadolinnyj: Heeney 40 with 8 mins left
bhg26: 95% of commentary is just the commentators complimenting each others calls
Yelse: wonder if D stephens plays again this year
m0nty: North needs about 7 more goals to win this
mattmac24: Wow North.
Stu7: Blakey this is painful
bhg26: buddy has not been very good today
Swans Star: Reid would of been a great forward if his body held up
Yelse: whats parker doing today
SwaggyP: This is very reminiscent of the suns upsetting the swans a few years back
DrSeuss: Blakey is playing fullback – I need to never pick Horse coached players again.
beerent11: Had to field rowbum and Campbell in draft this week. Working out ok.
bhg26: Why did amartey get dropped but mclean is still playing
beerent11: And Warner
Stu7: Parker and Blakey have been out on the pi55
Hazza09: Still think Stephens will be back
Pokerface: this has to be good for stephens
bhg26: Never in doubt
Raspel31: Perhaps not getting Horny Francis will bite me on the bum.
bhg26: I just need to keep bagging our players
Hazza09: And if not he can go for Erasmus next week
MrWalrus: Good question BHG, swans to win by 5+
Swans Star: Swans are entering a 3 year premiership window opportunity
Gotigres: I got rid of Stephens for English
DrSeuss: Please bag Blakey bhg – for the next hour
bhg26: Blakey has been woeful
Tig-Train: Swans arent in any premiership window lol
Gotigres: JHF should lose about 6 points for 2 turnovers
beerent11: Jhf looks pretty special. Bout time we got one.
Raspel31: I’ll settle for the tackles Heeney.
fruity: are we going to hear about every goal that Frankiln kicks from now on….Commentators GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!1
DrSeuss: Blakey seems to have a role on Ziebell – should be great for his fantasy scoring ffs
Gelly: i cant wait for franklins 1006th goal
MrWalrus: Fruity, it’s kind of their job, literally in the title in fact
JohnHoward: heeney with the most underserving 50 point half ive seen, tell me champion data dosnt have their favorites
Hazza09: I have Blakey in draft
Gotigres: Why did Xerri go from 40 to 34?
Tig-Train: It?s a joke JohnHoward
Pokerface: champion data doesnt have their favourites
frenzy: want another this season Beer
SwaggyP: Xerri bro what happened
Hazza09: How is heeney on 50
beerent11: Me too haz
beerent11: Yep frenzy. That?s for sure.
Pokerface: that would be his 6 tackles
MrWalrus: OMG you guys, next you’ll say the umpiring has been good, stop complaining about nothing!
Manowar: Scale Heeney back u fools!
beerent11: Gave away a free gotigres
MrWalrus: Heeney is on 50 because he earns everything & is effective plus defends like a champ
MrWalrus: CD can be a joke but they don’t intentionally rig things
Pokerface: go Elleegaant
MrWalrus: I’ll complain at the drop of a hat but some stuff today is mind-blowing
MrWalrus: I need beer
bhg26: 35 fantasy to 47 supercoach is not unheard of, look at aaron hall
Gelly: can we keep the chat about whitfield pls
JohnHoward: CD scoring is subjective, so yes it ‘rigged’ in a way
bhg26: you mean showerfield gelly
MrWalrus: Except Hall is less good
m0nty: Whitfield nowhere in this game smh, LIFT
MrWalrus: Rigged would imply intent, classic dodgy little Johnny misinformation
Raspel31: A point well made MrHippopotamus.
bhg26: Look at my team icon walrus, you dont have to tell me that
DropCox: m0nty I guess you could say, Whitfailed?
MrWalrus: bhg, I’m just backing you up, you’re right but sorely outnumbered
bhg26: People acting like a 10+ sc score compared to fantasy is something that has never happened before
m0nty: Kayne Turner tagging Whitfield right out of this game
Raspel31: Xerri backwards is irrex and I was most irrexed by that qtr young fellow.
frenzy: Turner must have nudie pics to get a game
Ash777: ok turner is forward tagging blakey
bhg26: Why do we have goal umpires
Gelly: hopefully ladhams subbed out and xerri will get easy hitouts
Hazza09: Ladhams concussion
Swans Star: Swans will just run away with it now
bhg26: As a swans fan gelly, no
Raspel31: Bit rough there Gelly- would suit me but poor form.
Baldfrog: Xerri will be the most traded out this week
Gotigres: Get your arse off the bench Xerri
SwaggyP: Xerri sleeping with the fishes
Hazza09: Mills looks sore
Gotigres: lol That is not what I typed
Manowar: H-Francis good, must be shattered he had to play for Norf
bhg26: Wow, north free in front of goal. Shock
Raspel31: Heeney cannot get his mitts on the pill but boy can he tackle.
bhg26: Oh that is ridiculous
Baldfrog: Yet Carlton have done nothing for 21 years lol Manowar
Yelse: has seri lost N1 ruck?
Yelse: xerri
fruity: JHF rising star this round…….
zadolinnyj: Lol
SwaggyP: How many careers have Carlton blown the last 25 years Manowar?
TheFlagger: they put goldstein in the ruck when the game is on the line
navy_blues: 8.1 by norf not yd his freebie giving lloick ins
bhg26: This is cheating, umpires deserve abuse
Raspel31: Xerri back on the bench after 5 mins- looking good.
spdysaint: Xerri has 12 more hitouts so he is still the main ruck
Manowar: 3 & 0 soon to be 4 & 0 don’t be jealous!
marls: Anyone watching. What?s (not) going on with Xerri? Goldstein getting his points?
DrSeuss: Has Xerri been off the bench this qtr?
Gotigres: Xerri on the bench again
navy_blues: giving lloyd
Baldfrog: It’s working Flagger
bhg26: Xerri going downstairs
SwaggyP: Xerri down in the rooms
pjw1234: syd no ruck is hurting
JohnHoward: xerri just has a cut. getting stiched up
Swans Star: Umpires are playing well for North
Gotigres: a few frees to north
navy_blues: go norf
bhg26: This is getting beyond ridiculous, 3 frees in 3 kicks
Baldfrog: Vicco umps doing their job
TheFlagger: regardless of umpiring this is pathetic by sydney
DrSeuss: Blakey and Xerri have stopped – at least JHF going well, but everyone has him
Swans Star: Cant win games when its a lop sided free kick count
MrWalrus: Nah umpiring is fine, can’t blame them for your team sucking.
Gelly: give goldy a spell
SwaggyP: North kicking straight and punishing Sydney to the fullest
Ash777: tigers win games with lopsided frees all the time lol
DrSeuss: Get off the pine Blakey – God knows you don?t need the rest – get a touch
Raspel31: Swans- you have your colours. Think we all believe Swans will still win but step up lads.
Crippa9: lopsided free kick count lol how about some discipline from the swans
bhg26: Fuck me rowbottom
Tig-Train: Well stop giving away free kicks? lopsided doesnt always mean wrong
Swans Star: Blakey has splinters on his butt from sitting on the pine for so long
bhg26: North getting frees for taps on the behind crippa
MrWalrus: Of course I’m joking, yet another one sided disgraceful display, this season has been atrocious & impacting results
Gelly: i mean norf did have 10 frees for htb
MrWalrus: 2 or 3 games every week get officiated to death
_Wang_: This umpiring is terrible
bhg26: 45 frees in less than 3 quarters walrus. They need to back off a bit
DrSeuss: Of course Xerri and Blakey are my uniques in about every league match up.
Tig-Train: Who has blakey and then complains about having him
wadaramus: Watching the AFLW today, completely different set of rules!
Hazza09: Ofcourse Blakey having a mare when I need him in draft this week
Raspel31: Blakey had 83% time on ground- more than enough to show he’s useless.
cmperrfect: Heeney to FF for the last and a lazy 3 would be nice.
navy_blues: lol warner
Gelly: wada, i was thinking the exact same thing, htb doesn’t exist for them, or deliberate out of bounds
zadolinnyj: Correct wada
navy_blues: lol florent
Raspel31: And still no Xerri?
navy_blues: cant blame umps there
SwaggyP: Goldy’s still got it
Swans Star: Its Umpires v Swans, who is your tip?
wadaramus: Every other level of Australian Rules Football is officiated in the right spirit, except the AFL!
bhg26: Even if you dont think swans are getting stitched up, 47 frees in less than 3 quarters is ridiculous
MrWalrus: Are you serious navy? That was ridiculous
DrSeuss: Oh sweet Xerri back on for the final minute?
MrWalrus: Saints v Tiges last week was worse, hate umpires so much
navy_blues: florent ran to far and warner kicked low or goal that was swans stuff up MrWalrus
bhg26: Swans v Bulldogs was worse walrus
spdysaint: why did i not start JHF this year?
MrWalrus: Too far? Wouldn’t have thought so
zadolinnyj: Lets just agree umpires have been extremely consistent being shower every game
TheFlagger: should be complaining about how shit your team is playing rather than the umps
bhg26: If youve been here, i have been saying we are shit, i havent said that we are good
Pokerface: geez, i was half tempted to throw the vc Xerri’s way with no Hickey. how underwhelming
MrWalrus: Blues supporter ought to know about having a shower team
zadolinnyj: Experts would agree MrWalrus
Swans Star: How many top 10 draft picks has Carlton had in the last 20 years? lol
bhg26: Very rich from a blues fan flagger
TheFlagger: how is carltons drafting history relevant when discussing how poorly sydney is playing?
Swans Star: When was the last time Carlton made the semis? lol
zadolinnyj: Wonder if anyone jumped on Parker after week 1
TheFlagger: I’m talking about the performance today by sydney. not the finals history of carlton
beerent11: I nearly started him zad. Dodged a bullet.
bhg26: Umpires acting like that is the first no look handball in history
zadolinnyj: We got you flagged. We are certainly not talking about the lack of Carlton finals. BHG stated early that sydney was awfu
MrWalrus: Sydney haven’t been great but when the umpiring is like this it makes it very, very difficult
zadolinnyj: Lucky beer. Spidey tingle said no
Grimes Jr: go Hall
Gotigres: Paddy down in the rooms
bhg26: Fucking hell Errol you idiot!
zadolinnyj: Guts by heeney then
bhg26: what could parker have done there
Ash777: the amount times swans caught says something about the free kick count lol
zadolinnyj: Was a rubbish call. Fell on it with two tackling
Yelse: wtf P Mccartin out conclusion?
duckky: WTF? Are the umps making up the rules now?
zadolinnyj: They would be overly cautious with mccartin
MrWalrus: Apparently some would say they’ve been good duck
bhg26: Is speed a north supporter?
Raspel31: Heeney- 10 touches?. Come on lad- at least lay a tackle.
zadolinnyj: By definition of the word interpretation they really r making it up Ducky
duckky: Well they have only paid 55 frees… The record was 132 (Ess vs South in 1977)
Gelly: that was a push but i’ll take the mark xerri
Tangent: Evening all… What’s going on? North winning? Ziebell 5 goals?
DrSeuss: Come on Blakey let?s get to 70
zadolinnyj: Wow
Swans Star: Big Kick
bhg26: Youre welcome seuss
Gelly: so paddy got the week off next week?
zadolinnyj: Xerri allergic to shots at goal
Swans Star: Blakey having a good 2nd half
zadolinnyj: They have given effort tangent
zadolinnyj: Games have been bad for 3 qrts but last art great
Raspel31: Heeney- not a touch this qtr? Knew the Heeney curse would hit me again- sigh.
Rebuild: Gee Blakey has come good. I’ll take that
cmperrfect: Yes Heeney.
Ash777: yep gelly
bhg26: Hall will get 5 points for that kick
zadolinnyj: Not confirmed yet gelly
Ash777: nvm paddy back on the bench
TheFlagger: wow
Yelse: wasn’t Hfrancis 102 at one stage
duckky: Yeah, but he hasn’t touched it since Yelse
zadolinnyj: Need a Benny hill music with the kick misses
wadaramus: Scores stuck?
duckky: McCartin back on
BRAZZERS: is Hayes cooked or will he get back in the saints team?
zadolinnyj: Looks like a sc issue not ff
Raspel31: Think so wada.
sMiles: scores are cooked, right?
zadolinnyj: Good question braziers. Would think if Ryder stinks it up he will be out and Hayes in for rest
bhg26: oh ffs
TheFlagger: one of ryder or marshall will get injured soon anyway. hold for now
MrWalrus: Can’t believe he’s out, along with the umps he sparked the comeback last week
beerent11: Happens in the last quarter nearly every game
Raspel31: Wanted to keep Hayes for another week Brazzers but no choice but to move to Preuss.
pjw1234: i kept hayes and got english so I can loop either forward or ruck
zadolinnyj: Draw would be fitting for non fan
zadolinnyj: I?m waiting for game 2 by press before hitting the trigger
Gotigres: Heeney got nothing for his goal
Gelly: never seen someone go backwards for kicking a goal
pjw1234: traded rachele as his preak even is 70+ for Pruess
bhg26: Players arent allowed to be frustrated anymore
Raspel31: Time to farewell the big Paddy methinks. Brave effort lad.
Gotigres: ok, now he has
zadolinnyj: Scores stuck Gotigres
SwaggyP: Oh dear Atu
Gelly: what a muppet atu
wadaramus: Great game, good effort Norf, go Heeney!
sMiles: Heeny train – choo choo
zadolinnyj: Yes heeney
sMiles: *Heeney
Swans Star: What a win by the Swans
Stu7: Heeney saved the day
navy_blues: rachele b/e is 42
Stu7: Fvck you Blakey
Gelly: 250 point of scalling to come
sammyo7: mcierney huge last quarter
mattmac24: Lol, Bonar subbed on to end up on -5
Tangent: JHF stopped working at 3QT it seems
wadaramus: I traded Rachele to Martin coz I wanted some cash back from the transaction!
bhg26: Mcinerney awesome that last quarter
navy_blues: i think syd very lucky shoulda won by 10 goals really
pjw1234: shit was looking at his ave 71. Oh well its done and never go back.
JohnHoward: heeney scored 138
MrWalrus: Boo Heeney boo, never again, boo!
cmperrfect: Is CD cooked? Score seems low.
mattpanag: about 300pts scaling to come.

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