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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Geelong vs Brisbane

Chat log for Geelong vs Brisbane, R4 of 2022

wadaramus: Two late replacements for Tom Stewart?
missmagic: ratugolea
J.Worrall: Rock the Casbah, Mr. Neale.
pcaman2003: Hi People. Losing Stewart hurts a bit
navy_blues: tom stewart out
DEESareSAD: Trade Berry for Heeney or green. Or hold?
Raspel31: Indulgences craved in advance- burp. Long lunch. Go easy on Neale after last night’s debacle- plEEz?
navy_blues: connor will tag neale
Raspel31: I know navy- why they brought him in. Sigh.
a1trader: I hate having Rayner in my side, doesn’t chase or tackle
navy_blues: connor to pull a hammy early hehe
exatekk: Hi all!
Raspel31: Evening exat.
Malaka: O’Connor tagging Neale as expected.
Gotigres: Why is Stewart out?
wadaramus: Golden Point, carn Cowboys!
BigChief: gastro GoTigres
original: This lighting
Gotigres: Thanks BigChief
wadaramus: Bugger!
Cottees: man neale could of got a goal haha
a1trader: no free kick there
Gotigres: Show me some money please De Koning
beerent11: Long time sc player, this would be the first time I?ve had no cats I reckon.
Raspel31: Couldn’t care who wins as lomg as it’s The Lions.
Raspel31: Ditto Beer.
beerent11: Every bloody thrown in- Tom Hawkins dangerous here. We get it.
Pokerface: you don’t have SDK?
Gotigres: Nice mark by De Koning
beerent11: Stewart chucking a sickie. Just say you?ve got gastro. Works every time. No one wants that tap arse.
MrWalrus: Evening, wait where’s Stewart!?
a1trader: Watching at home Walrus
mattmac24: Has gastro walrus
beerent11: Sitting on the throne walrus
MrWalrus: Kidding, he’s sitting on my special bench with a hole in it, paddy Mac’s time to shine
original: Free for hawkins awful miss
BigChief: What is Richo on about? Zorko punched the ball.
beerent11: Anyone vc Neale?
navy_blues: whoever is on cameron is gettig flogged right now
Gotigres: 4 points for SDK for a contested defensive mark and effective kick about 5 mins ago is not kosher
original: Altho replay looks like he touched it, but didn?t have eyes on ball. Real grey area
bc__: Doing something with Berry next week
MrWalrus: Not me, went Clarry so Stephens became the best Brayshaw
beerent11: Going to see a movie bc? Catching up for coffee?
Hazza09: Ofcourse My opponent has Rich
Raspel31: Being a Pom I question taggers. Okay, Neale and Danger blocked out. make a truce- no taggers?
MrWalrus: Beer playful 2 nights running, fair enough too given the footy on offer
beerent11: Only the really smart people have rich haz
Hazza09: Yeah and I have Crisp Beer
Pokerface: do u question defenders as well? McStay, Hawkins blocked out
Tig-Train: Same @Hazza09 lol
Pokerface: oh wait you’re a Pom. of course you question defenders. I forgot Harry Maguire
beerent11: I have both haz. Evens out I guess.
BigChief: Nice start Neale. Show that tagger who is boss.
frenzy: neat trick that bc_
Tig-Train: Harry Maguire is a striker isn?t he? Haha
MrWalrus: Taggers fine so long as they play fair, hate the McCaffer style cheating prick tag
bc__: Scare tactics
beerent11: Started drinking alcohol again walrus. Think it makes me better.
BRAZZERS: good flurry by Neale and Berry there. Keep it going lads
Raspel31: Harry Maguire up for weightwatcher’s award as biggest loser- go Spurs.
MrWalrus: Rasp as a pom are you also confused why it’s not a free everytime someone throws themselves at the ground?
Pokerface: do u consider crowley cheating?
MrWalrus: Positively a performance enhancing drug for you beer, cheers!
Tig-Train: Reds for the Quadruple? woo
Raspel31: MrWalrus- cruel but fair. Only if someone’s dropped their wallet.
BRAZZERS: danger b/e 177, gonna get cheap
MrWalrus: Yes poker, often he cheated, the off the ball stuff is absolute garbage & actually against the rules
mattmac24: Not sure he’s even worth it Brazzers.
Pokerface: do u feel the same about defenders, who do exactly the same thing? except is a forward, not a midfielder, who cops it
BRAZZERS: yea i agree at this stage mate, inconsistant so far
MrWalrus: Yes Poker, apart from keeping touch, gra
navy_blues: wow bris not manning up
Ash777: anyone else hates geelong’s oval or just me?
MrWalrus: Grabbing, hitting, eyes off the ball is BS cheap cheating, the best defenders don’t resort to it
mattmac24: Berry doesn’t look good with a shoulder
zadolinnyj: How are we people.
zadolinnyj: Bugger, why is Stewart out.
MrWalrus: As much as BT’s ridiculous commentary
Raspel31: Whas taht metaphorical or empirical zado?
mattmac24: Doing well Zado. Stewart has Gastro
Gotigres: Did you have a day without beer, Beer?
DEESareSAD: Fuck Berry was actually doing good for once
DrSeuss: Brisbane defense looking horrible tonight
MrWalrus: Cup half ful Rasp
mattmac24: Umps missing a lot of calls tonight, shocking both ways
beerent11: Not lately gotigres.
zadolinnyj: Thanks Mattmac. Staying at the pub for more beer has hurt missing that
beerent11: But had a break for a while there. Didn?t like it.
DrSeuss: Umps have been terrible – both ways. Another terrible free for a player taking a dive Walrus
MrWalrus: Commentary trend: undisciplined free = antagonist flopper gets rewarded
Raspel31: Beer- stay strong. I gave up booze 3 seconds ago. Carn Lions.
CaptainWho: Berry back on
zadolinnyj: Thinking we should have a Saturday night game. When someone mentions umpires we all drink
BRAZZERS: we can see the icons buddy
Gotigres: That’s the spirit beer
MrWalrus: This rewarding staging is genuinely killing my love of the game quicker than any other stupid”interpretation” I can reca
navy_blues: not a richmond game then zado lol
beerent11: Not often the top scorer for a team has the padlock icon.
Migz: i cant imagine a worse combo than bt and richo. i wish they would hire radio commentators
zadolinnyj: Not crows either because I?m shocking as well
DrSeuss: Zorko is great for run off half back. Not so great for defensive set up
beerent11: Sprits and beer gotigres
MrWalrus: Lol navy, fair call
zadolinnyj: Agree MrWalrus
BigChief: Raspel did you give up or run out? LOL
Ash777: BT was a radio commentator lol
zadolinnyj: Surely we petition for the race caller to come back. He was great
Gotigres: I meant that’s the spirit, beer lol
Migz: then why does he dribble so much shit ash. he waffles so much
DrSeuss: It?s like flopping in the NBA – if Umps reward it, it will just keep getting worse.
CaptainWho: Brenton yeates was a good caller
beerent11: Usually good games between these two clubs
Ash777: I think the radio delay helped him.
Raspel31: Back with fresh supplies BigChief.
beerent11: D rich. My man.
BigChief: Did you go with red or white tonight?
original: Not sure what adams complaining about
zadolinnyj: Duncan could be interesting up forward. Price will drop this week but not huge
mattpanag: this is a great arm wrestle so far!
Stikman35: Hope berry plays this game out. Need a few more price rises from him
DrSeuss: OConnor jumps on Neale?s back. Nah all good – good tackle. These umps are horrible all round tonight
MrWalrus: If by great you mean scrappy & mediocre…
navy_blues: danger needs to go to vfl way he is playing
mattmac24: Agrees DrSeuss. Been plenty of those calls missed against both teams. Otherwise a good game so far
Oddsy5: berry tough as nails
cmperrfect: Where’s kasca
Migz: imagine if blix was actually a good footballer
Yelse: i am upset i replaced berry with bowey.
Migz: i legit hate people who can’t kick and play afl
beerent11: Maybe out on a date cmperrfect
Yelse: with ll these tagging happening lately every round gonna be low premiums score
StuL: You know what we need? A ruckman. This Fort bloke goes right
Stikman35: It?s ok Migz. Good cash flow still.
Migz: just like centres who can’t shoot free throws in basketball
beerent11: Maybe not
Stikman35: I mean yelse
MrWalrus: Hahaha, oh beer, you’re shredding it up tonight
Raspel31: I should like to register a new word- pooh, simply pooh. Forgive me m0nty.
DrSeuss: StuL – you can have Fullarton. His hands are like concrete
zadolinnyj: Will be changed to Winnie @Raspel31
Stikman35: I like having two games on in tandem. Half time is a waste of time. Golf is a ways away.
Ash777: There’s something wrong with the way cats train their rucks I think.
StuL: Scott’s contract should be week to week
bc__: How many Jabs for Berry at HT
mattmac24: Would be great if Ceglar was fit, I think he would be a perfect fit for Geelong
cmperrfect: Daniher a different player at the Lions. Must have really hated it at Ess
MrWalrus: Nothing wrong with the training ash, Scott simply doesn’t think they’re important, likes the fwd ruck, is a clown
DEESareSAD: Enough to keep him on track for 110 bc?? let?s hope
Stikman35: Ceglar used to be pie?right?
Malaka: Daniher had OP during his last few seasons at Essendon.
cmperrfect: And a little CBF I suspect malaka
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
Manowar: Daniher should have got the JAB, and stayed
mattmac24: Yes Stickman but never played a game for them
zadolinnyj: How strange are all the f1 cars now
MrWalrus: Could it be this is a good game? The commentary & venue are awful enough to hide it
Stikman35: Matt, yes monkey was too good to drop
beerent11: Really different zad. Should be a cracker season.
StuL: Cellar
StuL: Cellar could be the GOAT but he’ll probably never play a game for Geelong so no pou
beerent11: Boston brewery, the right , nut brown ale. Lovely.
zadolinnyj: Ricardo speed looking better beer
MrWalrus: Who Stu?
Yelse: do you guys think the change of positions into DPP will make teams more diff or more similar
beerent11: Couldn?t get much worse zad. Good to hear.
zadolinnyj: All depends on who?s got what cash yelse but different. Premiums getting tag make uniques popular
Stikman35: Underwear models down below threatening my focus
zadolinnyj: Report for what
Stikman35: Ads
Ash777: lol what a stupid report
beerent11: Suitcase was concussed then. Faked cramp so no one saw it.
mattmac24: Not sure about the report for rough conduct there.. bit soft
DrSeuss: Lions defense is freaking pathetic – man up on a player ffs
circle52: Rough Conduct zado believe it or not
zadolinnyj: We are 2 years away from being rubbed out for shaking hands before the game. Soft
beerent11: Can?t do that now zad. COVID.
MrWalrus: But at least the player whose feelings get hurt will get a free kick
zadolinnyj: Lol
Stikman35: McStay IS better than Sicily
Oddsy5: new icon on danger? berry :p
zadolinnyj: Reported for kicking the football coming soon to afl near you
mattmac24: Geez, Geelong’s set shot kicking is garbage
DrSeuss: Another 10m kick for a Geelong mark inside 50
MrWalrus: The game is getting actually getting soft, the thuggery out was good but footy is still a contact sport
beerent11: D rich is in the stall. Meat smokers know what I?m talking about.
zadolinnyj: They may drop the ladder from afl MrWalrus and give everyone a cup if it gets any softer
beerent11: Only one prize in pass the parcel ffs!
Stikman35: Daniher is the only player capable of 100 goals
MrWalrus: Change it to mixed, 6:6:6 is men women and other
zadolinnyj: Bench does look like a stall beerent
DrSeuss: Wrap him in some butchers paper Beer
Stikman35: Berry has gone the Lyric.
zadolinnyj: The problem is Mr Walrus, someone will identify themselves as a football
beerent11: Yes Seuss. You know.
MrWalrus: McStay really is an Agrade key forward these days
Stikman35: Go cats
zadolinnyj: Article today saying mcstay on vic club radar for trade
DrSeuss: BT really is an idiot.
MrWalrus: I wouldn’t, footballs are gonna get kicked
Migz: holy shit BT is a fucking flog
_Wang_: Migz correct
Stikman35: I love BT. True ornament. Love the legends while they?re around
zadolinnyj: Great grab mcstay. Fingertips
MrWalrus: Gotta go to Vic if you want to be a star, instantly makes you 15% better in the media
navy_blues: maybe just maybe bris might run this game out better than geelong
Stikman35: C Cameron may sneak in on his Harley tonight
MrWalrus: BT is a giant flog, being good at footy 40 years ago does not make you a good commentator
beerent11: I agree stikman. The new breed coming through are all boring as batshit.
Stikman35: Wash your mouth out Mr
RenoMan: I love BT adds some spice to the calls not just all formal
beerent11: Time to open the vents Seuss.
Stikman35: I don?t understand disrespect. I guess I?m old fashioned. If you haven?t something nice to say
Pav300: I agree Reno!
BigChief: BT is a massive cockhead.
MrWalrus: BT full of himself flog, goes on as though he thinks he’s more important than the game
Pav300: Negative Nellies should turn the tv down and listen to the radio
zadolinnyj: Just wish bt would spend more time learning players names.
Ash777: that spice is stale
Stikman35: Yes beer. A few were cast out but over the professional callers.
beerent11: Spot on pav300
BigChief: Hero??? Thats not what I typed. He is a flog and thats being kind.
Tig-Train: BT is a wank? has no idea
RenoMan: Taking BT over any other commentators at the moment on 7
Stikman35: I watch the game. Caller is just a background groan unless talented
navy_blues: brayshaw just as bad he is useless
Oddsy5: BT is a net positive for the game, calls out bad umpire decisions!
DrSeuss: Creeping up Beer
Cottees: man they love dangerfield
MrWalrus: Let me see, did you go for…. Homo?
duckky: I wish I could get a pillow as soft as these frees
DrSeuss: Desperation from Danger as he dives into someone?s legs
thommoae: BT does alright for a stretch – then tries to be clever and looks stupid.
DrSeuss: BS Free – let ?em play umps
Stikman35: Bt wins the count , just watch your favourite players and discover their own personalities if you are deprived of help
beerent11: Looking good now Seuss. Time to crack another beer.
zadolinnyj: Not to mention the in the back just before it Drsuess
Stikman35: Is Cameron playing
MrWalrus: Lol, worked out what you had typed Chief, can’t even think that one anymore, not that there’s anything wrong with that
Ash777: tombstone for narkle
zadolinnyj: Massive throw there
Tig-Train: Getting carried off? rolled an ankle? no clue lol
DrSeuss: Shows what a difference Big O makes. Fort is a good back up – Fullarton very avg still
MrWalrus: It’s a funny one tonight, bears have more frees but feels like cats being favoured
m0nty: we can see why Miers wasn’t best 22
mattmac24: I’ve never liked Miers. Give Frank Evans a go
Oddsy5: muppet miers that was so hard to watch
bc__: Berry deserves the ❤️ Monty. Can only raise 1 arm and a small chance of hitting 100
Valens: 100 percent Matt. Not sure what Evans done wrong to be out of the team for miers!
Ash777: Miers used to be good. wtf happen
Stikman35: Handy player Berry. But listed as midfielder only is a issue with SuperCoach
beerent11: Heavy storm outside. My 10 and 14 year olds come and sit against either side of me. Nice being a dad.
Stikman35: Lucky beer. Jealous
Valens: You?ll find Cameron in Adams? pocket Stik.
DrSeuss: Seeing a different side of you tonight Beer
mattmac24: Sounds nice Beer, my little boy was born a couple days ago, looking forward to those moments
MrWalrus: Dogs beer? If my kids did that I’d be trying to work out which stole my wallet
Stikman35: Double Cameron missing so far.
Yelse: guthrie really has fallen this year
zadolinnyj: Congrats Mattmac. Nice beerent. Classy
beerent11: Congratulations mattmac.
beerent11: Lol.Dogs are outside walrus.
MrWalrus: Congratulations matt, having kids is seriously the best thing you’ll ever do
Valens: Congrats Matt!
Migz: you know the best thing about the breaks between quarters is not listening to fucking BT
beerent11: Even when they?re older, they?re still babies.
Pies20: I think i have covid flower me
Pav300: Too right Beer – well done Matt
mattmac24: Thanks all! Yeah it’s quite special, now to wait to see if he takes after mum following pies or dad with Geelong! Lol
dipstick: im not gona lie. i put the E on SDK hoping i could loop him. hoping he could score over 40. fat fckn chance
MrWalrus: I’ve got a 6”5″ monster baby, he’s still my gigantic little man
zadolinnyj: No good pies
Pies20: Cheers zads
Yelse: anyone hear wines in hospital with myocarditis?
zadolinnyj: Good ending coming
MrWalrus: Lol matt, 2 off my 4 (so far) support Port, don’t know what I did to deserve that
gazza39: Love trying to pull off the loophole each week
a1trader: SDK not a big scorer but what he does looks good
Gotigres: Settle Neale, otherwise those with you as vc will take it
beerent11: Lucky loophole gazza
_Wang_: Gotigrex we wil
_Wang_: We will
DrSeuss: Lions getting no Umpire love inside 50 – Geelong another free inside 50 down the other end
Ash777: footy gods dont agree with that free
DrSeuss: Fort – 2 hands to his face – Free kick to Stanley wtf
beerent11: Rich takes every kick out
jfitty: Give Danger the cooked symbol
MrWalrus: That should have been ball on touhy then
original: Cam Guthrie where u gone man
DrSeuss: These Umps are cooked – Goal ump included
gazza39: Not enough take the risk on it Beerent
MrWalrus: Seuss even though you’re up in the count i reckon umps absolutely rorting your lot tonight
DrSeuss: Agreed Walrus but I am biased. Umpiring on the whole has been horrendous though. Wildly inconsistent
zadolinnyj: De conehead playing a good half
Raspel31: Neale you hero- learning to break the tag. Good lad.
MrWalrus: McStay must have suction cup fingers, love how good his hands are, one grab everytime
Gotigres: My season is terrible so far, but at least I didn’t get sucked in by Rayner
DrSeuss: So that was a correct disposal from Danger in that tackle? Then Cats mark inside 50 after another BS free
mattmac24: Yeah same here Gotigers
MrWalrus: Rayner is the worst number one since…. So far any I can recall, maybe Massie?
original: Would like to see a replay of this push in the back
Manowar: in the back…lol
Cottees: so many bad calls omg
zadolinnyj: Massive push
Hazza09: Another push lol
Cottees: another push?
Tig-Train: Lmao Hawkins gave umpire a little lip job at the break
Manowar: good umpiring tonight!
MrWalrus: Huge shove FFS, umpiring is becoming a complete farce, you couldn’t miss that!
DrSeuss: Lions getting absolutely rorted by these umps – another push in the back from Hawkins
navy_blues: hawkis protected
Manowar: Brisbane defenders stunned mullets!
DrSeuss: How can you both be running forward then he holds his ground. Fuck these umps
mattmac24: Definite push there from Hawk, these umps are crap
Silz90: Dam I got SDK on the pine :/ rookie roulette
MrWalrus: Seuss, this it what it’s like for us tiges supporters on a good week
Tig-Train: Hahahah rayner
_Wang_: Rayner lol
Oddsy5: rayner omg?worse than gawns last night
original: Lol no push
mattmac24: Same Silz, with the emg but no way to loophole
Manowar: Raynor no brainer!
a1trader: how do you kick it out on the full from the top of the square? Spud Rayner
zadolinnyj: On my bench with no e
Silz90: Sucks matt, watch him score a 30 next week if you start him
MrWalrus: Bench here too, happy with the cash at least
navy_blues: can loophole
Manowar: 64 points u must desperate, or your SC team just sucks!
beerent11: Manowar comin in heavy
zadolinnyj: Dropping the ball
kascadev8: play on
beerent11: Loves the !
Ash777: game ruined by umps
DrSeuss: Charlie tackled without the ball, then Guthrie drops the ball in a tackle – free kick Geelong
MrWalrus: Knocked out in the tackle is HTB if there’s prior! FFS they ruined HTB again
Silz90: def sucks manowar lol he probs outscores mccartin after scaling
exatekk: not really manowar. could be looping with Dixon like me
Social: Parfitt huge
Gotigres: Whoever said Rayner was the worst pick since…You must be thinking of Richard Lounder, 1987
Amare: suck it Andrews … sniper
jfitty: Where’s the Hulk for Mr Neale
mattmac24: Manowar, at the beginning of the season, getting a 60+ from your rookies on field is great
beerent11: Great effort under a tag by Neale
Social: I feel better now
Tig-Train: If I was Brisbane I would be refusing to play Geelong in Geelong lol 2 years in a row robbed
MrWalrus: Ahh, thanks Gotiges, that checks out
Manowar: good win Geelong (Umpires)
Amare: Stop sooking DrSeuss
zadolinnyj: Night lads
beerent11: No ! Manowar?
Social: haters whatever
navy_blues: lol mare every1 saw the favouritism u cant deny it
MrWalrus: Seuss, it probably wasn’t as bad as you think, but it was pretty damn bad, umps 2 votes
DrSeuss: Agreed Tig – also do all the proper AFL umps refuse to drive to Geelong? Can?t even be upset – just bewildered with umps
beerent11: Sure is zad
zadolinnyj: Duncan zero points in 2nd half
DrSeuss: Walrus – happy to suggest I am biased – Umps were overall terrible
Social: big outs, lots of misses, probably should have won by more
CaptainWho: Do I take DK 64 or rachele?
DrSeuss: Geelong certainly played the better game Social – deserved to win – I can agree with that
MrWalrus: I’d probably take the 64, could go 70yet too, nope social, incorrect, umps loved you lot.
djtranny: I don’t go for either geelong or brisbane – impiring horrendous in Geelongs favour… Prob cost Bris the game
Social: J Brown agrees with me
DrSeuss: Most agree Geelong played better. Most also agree Brisbane got screwed hard by the Umps

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