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Chat log from R4 of 2022: Richmond vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Richmond vs Western Bulldogs, R4 of 2022

zadolinnyj: Hope this is close
Scottie16: Tigers in a nailbiter…
zadolinnyj: Because of Stewart I need gibcus to play out of skin
MrWalrus: Hope the umps swallow their whistles, McCartin was my Stewart
Ash777: Tigers should win this game.
Ash777: Got no answer for balta
cmperrfect: Go big English.
Migz: i think its sime for english to have a stinker and pop out a 75. cheers bloke
navy_blues: lol ash
cmperrfect: Just got the Kayo PIP to work. 2 games at once.
cmperrfect: Wash your mouth put Migz.
Gotigres: I think he will Migz cause I got him in this week
Migz: ok ok i take it back
Swans Star: hope Hayes is not the sub tomorrow for loophole
Ash777: keep english out of your damn mouth
zadolinnyj: Lol ash
Swans Star: surely you dont make a ruckman sub lol
Hazza09: Need a 60 from Gisbus and I?ll be happy
Ash777: You wont know with ratten
Migz: isnt there a rumor ryder hurt his leg at training just after teams were announced so hayes might be in
Nurfed: get on the field macrae
Ash777: if you didn’t trade out durdin you loophole him
zadolinnyj: Happy with dow
DrSeuss: Rioli if you take the kick in – take one step outside the square please ffs
Gotigres: You lazy basterd Short
Hazza09: Has anyone seen Gisbus?
bhg26: Doggies so good in front of goal
bhg26: Good duck
DrSeuss: Get off the bench Rioli
Raspel31: Come on you idjuts- kick straight.
pjw1234: Is rioli injured?
DrSeuss: Don?t think so pjw – went to the bench and couldn?t get back on. Was doing well then just stuck on the pine
MrWalrus: Oh hooray, we get doggies duck ball tonight, credit where due apart from paying them umps good so far
Gotigres: Gibcus just got a handball Hazza
Raspel31: Though Mr Hardwick is a pal and lives diametrically opposite me- kick butt Doggies.
GOATdusty: ignored Neales 128 vc score, stuck with Macca. Looking good
Hazza09: Gotigres he doesn?t look to bad when he finds the ball that is
GOATdusty: Broad looks like a good fantasy scorer this season
Raspel31: Normally my default cap GOAT- but, after last week, brave
DrSeuss: Dunkley on the bench for the whole qtr – wtf
cmperrfect: Knew if I took Heeney’s VC that McCrae would go big.
bhg26: Lmao I?m 21 in fantasy
Protocol: ive had an awful week haha, brought in bowey, and oliver and wines having issues
Phasir: If you write his name as McCrae you’re a certified nufffy, cm. It’s not edge, its potato humour.
AlsoGmax: Richards. 🙁
Raspel31: Protocol- tell me about it. Disaster week. Carn Doggies.
Cottees: the one time i do not go macrae as captain 🙁
original: I went vc neale. Oppo went vc macrae. Damn
Gotigres: Yes vc Macrae
DrSeuss: Of course I swapped the VC from Macrae to Dunkley this week
MrWalrus: Already locked Macrae in for my fantasy vc
cmperrfect: wtf are you on about phasir.
bhg26: I put the c on Macrae last second in fantasy walrus, should have done the same in sc
TheLegend6: Phasir adds absolutely nothing to this website
Raspel31: Well SC loves the Bont?
Raspel31: Come on Doggies!
Ash777: dogs are so woeful in front of goal
MrWalrus: What was Short thinking?!
DrSeuss: Rioli spending way too much time on the bench
MrWalrus: The Bont has been pretty great, wish he’d stop
cmperrfect: Migz sufficiently jinxed English. Thanks for that.
Migz: hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. i mean oops.
Raspel31: First time I don’t cap MacRae- aargh!!
Ash777: wallis in who is out?
BigChief: I would guess Richards out?
Migz: I Vc’d gawn so no cap on macca for me either. no complaints though
MrWalrus: I love Baker
TheLegend6: Vandermeer was reported as subbed at HT I thought
bhg26: What is JUH doing?
_Wang_: Me to walrus
MrWalrus: Also how bizarre is this dogs standing off the mark tactic, giving up so much ground
bhg26: Flower me goal of the year
TheLegend6: wowee what a goal!
MrWalrus: That Bolton goal, not as good as Baker’s spoil before, even Bolton would say so
bhg26: Are the bulldog players playing with razor blades in their hands
Nurfed: peaky bulldogs
DrSeuss: Get a touch Treloar – some involvement would be nice
circle52: Need a red cross on Vandermeer subbed for Wallis
AlsoGmax: Where is my VC Dunkley?! :/
MrWalrus: C’mon umps give us a break, if you can just be fair we may have this
AlsoGmax: There he is!
MrWalrus: Incorrect disposal! Libba just took the ball off Hunter! Can’t do that
Stu7: Go dunks
Hazza09: Don?t stop Macrae
navy_blues: 6 14 says it all really
GOATdusty: 9 15 says it all too
Raspel31: Think we all forgive Macrae from last week’s aberration- even if we stupidly didn’t cap him.
Stu7: Bulldogs should be miles in front if they hadn?t of kicked so many points
TheLegend6: Mark and effective kick from English = -1 SC. Make it make sense..
BigChief: I am thinking Rich are home. Dogs playing shithouse.
MrWalrus: Stu it was Tiges defence that caused that, controlling the corridor
Raspel31: Off to see some music. Come back Doggies- own worst enemies.
Swans Star: Will the Tigers fall in a hole in the last quarter three weeks in a row?1
Stu7: @MrWalrus – cheers
MrWalrus: Wow, great non in the back for bont
MrWalrus: Absolutely put the saddle on then
zadolinnyj: Keep going gibby
Ash777: dogs are going to win on kicking 100 behinds lol 🙁
BigChief: yellow and black eyes again Walrus?
TheLegend6: Jack with the torp hahaha
TheFlagger: tiges are back?
MrWalrus: Nope it was a massive in the back
BigChief: Agree to disagree on that 1 Walrus.
TheLegend6: Thankfully Macrae with the C saving me after Wines and Clarry the other night
Stu7: How many set shots have the dogs missed?
Yelse: anyone else think the umps shouldn’t be in yellow tonight
BigChief: Nice throw from Richards LOL
MrWalrus: A few stu mainly tough ones though
Stu7: Cheers
TheLegend6: Why can’t the doggies kick for goal
Gotigres: Dunkley very bad kick
BigChief: OMG has Dunkley been to Casboults school of kicking?
arbel: Dogs their own worst enemy. 5 more scoring shots 25 down
Swans Star: This is a bad loss to the Dogs
TheLegend6: Considering Broad in SC. If he tons, that’d be 3 in a row.
TheLegend6: Wasn’t sure about Nank as captain but he leads by example very well
Swans Star: I dont think Tigers will make the 8
jakem1717: Pull your finger out macrae
MrWalrus: Lol, remember Dunkley’s dad, there was a bad kick!
original: Don?t like that being HTB. Treloar trying to kick instantly, htb
BigChief: Hahaha great call Walrus. I forgot Andrew was his dad
MrWalrus: Don’t do it legend, he’ll drop a 20 soon
BigChief: Or I should say IS his dad.
MrWalrus: Original, that is literally incorrect disposal
original: Sick of seeing macrae and other wbd flop and play for frees. Awful. Throw that head back again and again
exatekk: scores
MrWalrus: Like the Nank goal one, been a free for 100 years
DrSeuss: Has Bailey Dale hit a target tonight?
MrWalrus: I think we’ll make the 8 AND go deep in finals if Prestia can stay fit
kascadev8: evening all
Tig-Train: Choo chooo
Gotigres: Hi kasca. Ton up please Short, English and Dunks
Tig-Train: Swans Star? what would you know
The Hawker: If tiges makes top 8, hawks must make top 2 then haha
Gotigres: 150 please Macca
LuvIt74: its just a win against the dogs who have been shocking this season, asomething not right with some players and bevo.
Stu7: Dogs are sh1t
MrWalrus: Prestia is our key player, when he’s in we win and our list is actually really good
LuvIt74: dog doo doo
MrWalrus: Take us lightly at your peril, you won’t want to play us come finals
Hazza09: Get to 150 Macrae
TheFlagger: top 4 for tigers?
_Wang_: Macrae stopped
fruity: Please Macrae can l have some more…
Tig-Train: Everyone hating on Richmond and doubting because of a couple bad finishes? should be 4-0
TheFlagger: having 7 goal swings are an issue, not just a “bad finish”
BigChief: 4-0? Hahahaha now that’s funny Tig-Train.
Fangman: There is no should Tig-Train. Everything that happens, happens.
TheLegend6: We were in control in the games we’ve lost so not completely unrealistic
Gotigres: Durdin is now my captain
Olli32019: Work on your goal kicking you idiots
blonde0na: “in control”? carlton smashed you in every key stat and won by 25 points…
TheFlagger: maybe not completely unrealistic but saying you “should” be 4-0 is not right.
MrWalrus: 7 goal swings are normal this year, check the stats, was a story on and everything
navy_blues: thinks i must read 0″richmonds book of excuses” some good ones coming out tonight
MrWalrus: Agree, could have been not should be, we are good when up and about though, very good
GOATdusty: tig-train you muppet, you making the rest of us look like flogs
Gotigres: Still 300 points to scale
MrWalrus: Navy you have an actual tigers problem
DEESareSAD: 5 guns wtf hahahaha
Tig-Train: Carlton fans getting ahead of themselves as usual? will come back to reality in a couple weeks
BigChief: What was the margin to St Kilda? They flogged Rich didn’t they?
TheFlagger: living in the present. Used to disappointment so wont set myself up like that. But this team is completely different.
beerent11: Gee Dunkley must have butchered it.

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