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Chat log from R3 of 2022: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R3 of 2022

Protocol: got a nice 12k multi on this game haha, hope the boys pull through
zadolinnyj: Lets go neale
Gelly: pls dont do a touk tonight neale, everyone is relying on you
The Hawker: Neale getting the Touk’s treatment
zadolinnyj: Turner tag on neale
The Hawker: @protocol what.?
kascadev8: vc neale lets go
beerent11: Doesn?t matter really most would have Neale
beerent11: As c
Gelly: this looks like its going to get ugly quick
Yelse: this is going to get ugly
Dondeal: Neale should be right, all he needs is 10 touches to ton up
Raspel31: Stuck with Neale after Macrae- shake that tag baby.
Gelly: doesnt look like a hard tag
zadolinnyj: Lol
beerent11: Quiet one for hall would be handy. Bringing him in this week.
The Hawker: First 100+ win of the season coming up
kascadev8: carn the horne
beerent11: It?s Kayne turner. Not worried.
Dredd: The 1s are trying to outdo the 2?s effort earlier against North lol
zadolinnyj: Hall a seagull lost at sea. Where is he
Baldfrog: How can neale be on the bench and handball it?
Protocol: love it when the lions are firing
beerent11: What?re you doing here kasca? Cats are playing too.
Gotigres: One good thing I did was bring Xerri in
Raspel31: Why SC predicted 50 or so for Xerri confounds me.
Manowar: Stay off Neale
kascadev8: im attracked to the horne beer
Raspel31: Get on Neale.
Ninty: McDonald was a tasty get
navy_blues: why is ziebel on bench?? team is getting slaughtered and he is on the pine
duckky: McDonald burned me 2 years running – never again
Ninty: More contested possessions with someone on Neale
Raspel31: Great way of beating the tag Neale- sitting on the pine.
beerent11: You?re omnipresent kascadev
bhg26: Make them forget you?re playing raspel
Hazza09: Cmon Neale, already got shafted with Touk
Raspel31: Ah, the old invisibility game bhg-hmm?
kascadev8: rasp makes me go everywhere
MrWalrus: Ohh yeah, tag hard and true Turner
zadolinnyj: Anderson on neale now
MrWalrus: McDonald was awesome 2 years ago duck
Raspel31: You’re not coming to see the band in 30 kasca.
beerent11: Neale, 67 pc tog and a tag still on track to ton.
kascadev8: i am now rasp
Catatafish: One silver lining of a tag is a boost in contested possession ratio. Go Neale
Yelse: got rid of berry for bowey not sure about it anymore
beerent11: We got em just where we want em. Go Roos.
Catatafish: I’m Berry happy so far
Gotigres: Not that I have him, but what what is Ziebell actually doing?
bhg26: Chasing the fairies gotigres
Gotigres: lol bhg
Raspel31: Thinking about why he is still signed to the Roos.
TheFlagger: this will be a mauling
kascadev8: berry gonna do a r1 and go -1 in the 2nd half
Fatbar5tad: Wild Xerri. Play that funky music
TheFlagger: I hope so kas
beerent11: Yelse the reason you?re doubting that trade is the same thing that made you make that trade
amigaman: Did Rayner go home
2Ph0nes: xerri this is good, might have to get him
DEESareSAD: Only wanted 400 from my 4..
bhg26: I don?t think he made it to the ground amiga
beerent11: Will cost you an extra 80k 2 phones
Fatbar5tad: Hall in for Chapman. Like more than 23 thanks.
DEESareSAD: Only wanted 400 from my 4 players. Already at 130. Good start
mattmac24: Of Xerri keeps this up, he’ll be 300k after this round.
TheFlagger: turner has to be the worst tagger in the league. everytime he tags nothing happens. poor bloke.
2Ph0nes: yes i realize that nackers, was tempted this week but wasnt convinced yet. hindsight is a wonderful thing
kascadev8: Hall will seagull it
navy_blues: neale ouch
Torz: Neale sore ankle
2Ph0nes: gonna be hard tho, brodie is my F6 and my bench is Hayes and Martin
beerent11: Xerri Will be dp in 3 weeks too
PJ39301965: Hall won?t seagull unless Ziebell gets involved
2Ph0nes: if hayes plays poor or is dropped might have to be him idk
beerent11: Can you get Hayes to r3?
kascadev8: i threw some chips on the ground PJ, just on the halfback line for him
Raspel31: Yep Neale tagged then rolled ankle- bad week to cap, sigh.
wadaramus: Not a good week for the VC/C!
PJ39301965: Nice Kas hope it works
kascadev8: my captaincy now rests on crippa, i am scared
beerent11: Ahhhh well
TheFlagger: big conner nash will clamp crippa
zadolinnyj: Neale still going lads
beerent11: We just gotta stop living vicariously through these other young men.
Gelly: no good tagging if your team is down 10 goals
bhg26: To me they are old beer
2Ph0nes: i have preuss as r3, beer
BigChief: Wouldn’t think so Flagger as Nash will #2 ruck
bhg26: Older is should say
beerent11: Young men with more natural talent and a better work ethic than we ever had.
Baldfrog: Speak for yourself beer afl wasn’t around when I played
mattmac24: This is a bit sad.. lol
beerent11: Did you play sanfl baldy?
navy_blues: cameron is so goal hungry never passes off
bhg26: Stop! Stop they?re already dead!
Baldfrog: Tried out but couldn’t get a gig
Torz: With this being a flogging, I wonder if they mothball Neale
zadolinnyj: Lol bhg
DEESareSAD: They are going to sub Neale out. I know it.
mattmac24: Time for the witches hats already?
zadolinnyj: You are better off running out an ankle then stopping
beerent11: Won?t be many 2500 scores this week
bhg26: North needed that
bhg26: Travis head taking inspiration from my batting
Hazza09: Neale running to the forward pocket
Gotigres: Berry on report for striking
BigChief: Berry reported
bhg26: Here come North!
zadolinnyj: Weak report
Baldfrog: Trav can’t save us every game Bhg
2Ph0nes: anything in it?
Gotigres: Not much in it. Probably a fine.
BigChief: Wouldn’t think so but who knows with mro
zadolinnyj: Nothing
DrSeuss: Razor with the AFL in his ear piece – ?make this interesting please?
Baldfrog: What a weak report
bhg26: Finch also taking inspiration from my batting
m0nty: Ford is finding some fair lanes
Baldfrog: Finch should have retired 2 years ago
zadolinnyj: Lol monty
BigChief: Neale moving okay for now.
bhg26: Look out Brizzy
zadolinnyj: Ford escort it over the line
Migz: cant wait till ford cops a falcon
zadolinnyj: Won?t happen migz. Ford Focus to good. Would have to be a laser
pcaman2003: Does Rich ever have an opponent? Gets tons of easy possies.
Baldfrog: Very pleased with him pca
PJ39301965: Ford Corr Tina and I Walker
m0nty: Ford is electric in F50
Pokerface: you assume m0nty had his pick of tonights games. he picked this one.
zadolinnyj: Very creative monty
pcaman2003: Baldfrog. I would be too if I had him. I’m looking at him closely to possibly replace Crisp.
2Ph0nes: ford looking second best
m0nty: this is the big DT game
sMiles: Like seeing Neale all by himself
sMiles: crisp is becoming Lloyd for me asap
zadolinnyj: This is the longest a ford has run for without breaking down
beerent11: Wrong page smiles
zadolinnyj: Lloyd better with no Dawson again
BigChief: How did Fort not get games for Geel? Oh forgot Scott is coach
ado88: Stop talking about other game please
sMiles: beerent11 – nah – this is the right page GO LIONS
Pokerface: did.. did you only pick this game for the Ford lines??
Pokerface: you hope he’s not Holden the ball
zadolinnyj: Monty started it
zadolinnyj: Neale captain and horne
SwaggyP: C on neale to add to my woes
BigChief: Who is talking about other game @ado?
bhg26: Haha a Ford Falcon!
PJ39301965: Ford falcon
m0nty: Ford Fal… ah bugger Kingy got it first
zadolinnyj: Yes! Ford falcon
ado88: Two people looking to trade Crisp, so good chance he had a bad game, was hoping to watch that game
kascadev8: stop butchering the ball hall ffs,
BigChief: And they are looking to trade him to Rich who is in this game.
Migz: i asked about that earlier 🙁
_Wang_: How’s this choke looking
Baldfrog: Leave rich alone he’s mine
zadolinnyj: You called it migz. King is on fanfooty stealing ur zingers
ado88: Yes but now I know Crisp had a shit game and was hoping to watch
Baldfrog: Grundy improved after 1/2 time ado
zadolinnyj: Stop talking about crisp ado
Migz: i knew that bastard was stalking me online
MrWalrus: Holy season saved but the Neale tag
BigChief: Oh no Migz has a stalker.
zadolinnyj: His ex team sux so might as well be stalking u online
ado88: Love this site wish I could get rid of the chat. Bunch of kids here
Baldfrog: Hope PJ has Neale captain to
BigChief: Stop your waa waa chat ado
zadolinnyj: Most of us old. You made a request and they stopped. Monty will nuke any naughty boys and girls
Migz: i captained neale after macrae pooed it up the other night. back to back bad captains 🙁
mattmac24: Or just don’t look at chat Ado?
zadolinnyj: He does baldfrog
Baldfrog: Cheers Zado feel better
zadolinnyj: Thats crazy talk Mattmac
mattmac24: Worth a shot Zado!
zadolinnyj: Neale trying but he?s a pack beast and north not trying so no packs
italz: Aaron hall hello?
bhg26: You?re breaking my heart Neale!
_Wang_: Lot did the same migz
beerent11: Touk into Neale here.
DEESareSAD: Had a good shot at round winner before Neale C gr
2Ph0nes: sure buddy lol
bhg26: McInerney brought his own footy
zadolinnyj: What were you projected to get Dee?s.
Baldfrog: Beer yo6ung doing well pity didn’t pick him this year
Pokerface: yeah i probably would have won this round too but for Neale C
Gotigres: Keep going Xerri
bhg26: Good game awareness Hall
BigChief: And I could have won if I had better scorers.
DrSeuss: Xerri has run out of gas since half time
Pokerface: this Q4 action is not meaningless m0nty. You said it was the big DT game!
Pokerface: i know theres still a third of the round to go, but you have to assume 150s from those to come
zadolinnyj: It?s a week where a nifty team gets 2550 and wins
m0nty: very true Poker
bhg26: North need a goal here
BigChief: Do I see witches hats coming m0nty?
The Hawker: This is going to get very ugly
Gotigres: Just noticed Big O’s sc score lol
Ash777: 100pt+ drubbing on the cards
Pokerface: disagree zad, itll be a week where its not a template team. Brayshaw, ROB etc type team
zadolinnyj: What do you mean by going to be
MrWalrus: No pies supporters here either?
zadolinnyj: Monty?s restraint to not get the witches hats out admirable
Protocol: need it to go back so rich can crumb a few points
Pokerface: walrus pls
Pokerface: no spoilers
Gotigres: Neale will ton up. He looks a lot better this qtr
BigChief: haha Poker. I like it
zadolinnyj: I feel Horne has had a better game then his score
Fatbar5tad: I’m glad I spent all that money on Hall. And he gives me a Chapman score.
kascadev8: get the horne
zadolinnyj: That?s what I meant poker. A nuffy person team
zadolinnyj: Autocorrect changed it from nuffy to nifty
bhg26: Does McCluggage know he has to kick it between the big sticks
Migz: if neale dragged it out to 100 i would be so happy
AlsoGmax: Is Neale hulking up?
zadolinnyj: Mclug has always had a phobia involving the big sticks
beerent11: Big heart on Neale
zadolinnyj: If he gets to 100 it sounds like Dee?s wins it all
Manowar: Neale not good enough!
zadolinnyj: Why did geelong let this guy go
beerent11: Is it still April fools? Lachie young with a ton?
Ash777: I knew this would happen to neale yet I still put the C on him
zadolinnyj: Neale went up by 3 just sitting on bench. Must do it well
Social: jezza
bhg26: Best in the comp zado
Migz: was rayner a #1 pick or just a first rounder?
Raspel31: Lions might just hold on from here.
zadolinnyj: I think 2 but could be wrong
bhg26: Don?t doubt North rasp
zadolinnyj: Lol Raspel. That made me spit out my drink
Protocol: which was at 64 at HT, not getting the ball when we are winning :/
Catatafish: Rayner #1 pick, anyone get sucked in by the hype this year?
BigChief: Rayner was indeed #1 pick
navy_blues: wow cameron actually passed it off
zadolinnyj: Genuinely not expecteed
Protocol: rich*
zadolinnyj: Who was 2 BigChief
Migz: dang he was #1. wonder who #2 was
thommoae: Rayner accumulating $$ on my bench.
BigChief: Was it Andy Brayshaw Zado?
tor01doc: Unbelievably high number of Lions over 80SC!
Migz: come on xerri get to 90
zadolinnyj: I was asking but sounds like a good guess
m0nty: Ford Cortina tackle
Ash777: andrew brayshaw
zadolinnyj: Good player
Ash777: paddy dow was 3 lolol
bhg26: Good draft Ash
DEESareSAD: Shouldn?t miss out on too many points for my C as long as Cripps doesn?t go heaps more than Neale.
zadolinnyj: Jist googled and Rayner compared to dusty
BigChief: Just looked it up and it was Brayshaw. Also Xerri was 72 in that draft.
bhg26: Not quite 198 Neale but good recovery
kascadev8: harsh on dusty
italz: Give rayner a couple years, he?ll be elite
sMiles: Thank you Neale
Ash777: early dusty probably lol
Raspel31: Was stuck with you as cap Neale- full marks for tag and dodgy ankle.
bhg26: Until then we hang shower on him
beerent11: Tough motherfucker that Neale
Protocol: alot of the brisy boys gonna be elite, bailey is something to watch already
Migz: neale to reach 110?
zadolinnyj: How many times do they say that and they flop. Ugle suppose to be the next buddy
BigChief: italz he has already had 5 years. How many more does he get?
StuL: Everyone has c neale but you still want the bat raised
AlsoGmax: Lachie, you little anzac.
Catatafish: Not everyone, opp has Cripps which I was vacillating on
_Wang_: Big effort neale
Grimes Jr: oath lachie
StuL: Whisky time. Only have chivas extra tonight best Coast. Will have for him
zadolinnyj: How did Neale recover to 26 posis
kascadev8: captain cripps lets go
pcaman2003: And the Lions scrape in a win. Lucky!
zadolinnyj: I had to look up vacillating up @Catatafish. Impressive
_Wang_: Norf a disgrace
Catatafish: Seriously top effort from Neale though
StuL: Neale back from the dead like the cats tonight
feralmong: Lagavulin here Stu
DEESareSAD: Brisbane cracked 2000 sc wowser
zadolinnyj: I?ll pop a captains Morgan for bestcoast as well
StuL: Feral don’t do that to me. My favourite
zadolinnyj: Numb nuts will top our leaguelikely. Who is that
feralmong: love that smokey single malt
zadolinnyj: Could get 2400

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