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Chat log from R3 of 2022: Carlton vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Carlton vs Hawthorn, R3 of 2022

Stu7: Who will tag Nipple Cripple Cripps today?
navy_blues: big one plz capt crippa
PJ39301965: Afternoon everyone
kascadev8: lets go crippa
DEESareSAD: Cripps and hewett
bc__: Let’s go Sicily. 150 baby
pcaman2003: Afternoon! Have Cripps and Hewitt,but I feel like a traitor
DEESareSAD: Dam should?ve Captain Cripps rather than Neale
pcaman2003: I need 180+ from Crippa to be fairly safe
kascadev8: lift hewett haha
DEESareSAD: What do you guys think par will be this week? I reckon 2150
amigaman: Jeez I hate the advantage rule. If you stuff up they take it back
TheLegend6: 2.2k will be par
2Ph0nes: exactly, 2200 minimum
DEESareSAD: Curnow would?ve been a nice starting pick in hindsight
zadolinnyj: still think 2300 par
2Ph0nes: im on pace for high 2100’s and i’ve been rubbish this week
pcaman2003: 2Ph0nes. I’m the same. Really disappointing round so far.
HolyNorf: went 2400 first two weeks now on track for maybe 2150
zadolinnyj: i?ll get just over 2300
mattmac24: Me too 2phones, not having a great Round and my opponents are having their best Rounds 🙁
zadolinnyj: looks like that won?t be the highest in Fanfooty supercoach page
DEESareSAD: 2300 par with players like butters, hall, macrae, touk and many C options underperforming?!
pcaman2003: The Blues are looking the real deeal. Making the Hawks look very average.
PJ39301965: I?m projected at 2190 after my 2540 last week. Lol
zadolinnyj: Some bother like english and dunks over performed so will balance
bhg26: I have only 2 players over 110, absolute mare
pcaman2003: From chocolates to dung in a week. The wonders of SC.
zadolinnyj: if you had the c on cripps will help. many would
HolyNorf: put the c on neale off cripps about 20 minutes before the norf game, love supercoach
mattmac24: Has the C on Touk Miller, worst captain score I’ve had in a long time
kascadev8: go crippa, captain fantastic
pcaman2003: Glad I don’t have Titch this year. Spudding to perfection.
Raspel31: That’s the spirit Crippsy and Dichers.
pcaman2003: Ouch! That qtr really hurt.
navy_blues: captain fantastic kasca? yesterday u said u were scared to have c on cripps lmao
DrSeuss: Cripps – Great. Hewett – Not so much.
PJ39301965: Glad I moved ward on at 180k
kascadev8: never in doubt navy haha
mattmac24: Yeah me too PJ. Looked great in the pre season but his disposals are garbage
user_five: ward should still make a couple of bucks. who did you trade him for? there aren’t really any cheap replacements playing
Migz: yeah but wards job security is A+ let him be a slow burn. not like there was heaps of rookies
Catatafish: Lol Ward to 6 touches now
mattmac24: I got Xerri in for Ward, wasn’t worth it having 180k sitting on the bench
SwaggyP: Hewett had a nice run. Good things never last
wadaramus: Nice two game streak Hewett! Only 1st quarter though, reserve judgement until half way through the second!
pcaman2003: I sniff a 100 pt loss coming.
wadaramus: Oh, it’s 6 minutes into the 2nd already, Hewett you hack!
navy_blues: u guys the way u give up on players would be using 10 trades a week lol
wadaramus: Get in on the party Georgey boy.
StuL: Hewett was a mistake then. Bloody hell.
m0nty: Curnow SC POD working well
StuL: I didn’t listen to my own advice. No hewett
Dredd: This just makes Port look even worse.. and the blues play them in 2 weeks lol.. Port Pretenders to be 0-5 hehehe
wadaramus: A.Healy going off in the CWC Final.
duckky: More concerned about Sicily than Hewett
mattmac24: Hewett is fine, spent a bunch of time on the bench in the first quarter
wadaramus: Sicily is +1, why isn’t he racking up cheap possessions?
user_five: Hewett never had a SC friendly role
user_five: and this is his first game with both walsh and cerra. was always going to be pushed out a bit
DEESareSAD: Hewett is literally priced at an 80 average. What he was getting was way overs and you shouldn?t expect that.
DEESareSAD: Ward having a nice quarter now.
2Ph0nes: dees ppl are ridicious sometimes, stop being logical mate lol
pcaman2003: Decent crowd for a Hawks/Blues game.
wadaramus: I’ll take a 90 then dees 🙂
Pokerface: they werent overs Dees. Priced based on his previous avg. He has a new role this year, where his scores should be higher
tor01doc: Glad I have COVID – couldn?t get to The G
kascadev8: lets go Day
pcaman2003: Off the bench Crippa
Migz: ward and macdonald both get a heap of the ball for first years. they get DE% up to 75+ they will start dropping 70+ game
DEESareSAD: I?m fine with 80 from hewett lol. Enjoyed his first 2 weeks so can?t complain
Hazza09: Is this what we will get from Hewitt?
pcaman2003: Our disposal is so abysmal. We’re getting smashed everywhere.
duckky: It’s one game. Don’t panic…
Pokerface: you are fine with getting his priced score? the very reason you pick players that price is expect their output to improv
Pokerface: otherwise you should just be pure guns n rooks
Pokerface: not panicing ducky, just couldnt let the ridiculous logic on expected output pass
Stu7: Gunston you flog do something
TheLegend6: Imagine calling a player a flog because he isn’t doing something on the field lmao
Dredd: Only 5 goals down.. hawks have played a lot better this qtr
PowerBug: Hewett’s role hasn’t changed @user_five. Just not getting much of it today so far
Dredd: Jiath should not be top scoring sc… he has looked horrible lol
Migz: imagine picking a Key position player in super coach haha
user_five: hewett’s a pretty unique defensive mid and I don’t think a healthy crip/wals/cer need another ballwinner
user_five: role should end up similar to how he was used at sydney imo
user_five: i.e. not SC-friendly
Pokerface: cos mids arent rotated at all during a game
BigChief: Cerra 10 disp, Hewett 9 disp. Don’t see the hate for Cerra.
frenzy: not enough room in the engine house for Cerra, with Walsh back
Stu7: @TheLegend6 its banter thats what you do on this site – did you really need to comment on that?
LuvIt74: Anyone know the news on H dixon hes listed to play i thought he was injured
user_five: dixon was out due to health protocols/covid exposure
Stu7: Dixon not playing LuvIt74
LuvIt74: @user_five thank mate and now hes fine to play?
user_five: that only lasts one week afaik, and that game he missed was last week
BigChief: @Stu7 Dixon named on the bench.
pcaman2003: Lewis is on fire today.
user_five: he’s snamed so i expect to see him in
LuvIt74: @Stu7 im confused so is Dixon not playing?
LuvIt74: My SC has Dixon as playing but ive heard all sorts of rumors so not sure whats going on
Stu7: Thanks BigChief – sorry LuvIt74 for the wrong information, when I chekced he wasnt listed.
Hazza09: This was going to happen with all the midfielders back, Hewitt can go in 2-3 weeks
Pokerface: he
zadolinnyj: Hewett always just a cash cow
Pokerface: he’s doing jobs in he midfield
beerent11: I reckon Hewitt goes top 6 to 8 defender. You?d be mad to trade him out unless you have to
Yelse: why areppl complaining about hewett do i need to remind you of some premiums scores that were below
zadolinnyj: Will be all based on break even beerent
Pokerface: not really. if you think someone finishes top 10 in their position, breakeven is irrelevent. d7 for me
zadolinnyj: Don?t think he will be top 10 but lets see
navy_blues: hewett moving now
zadolinnyj: That?s a lot of money on the bench poker
kascadev8: crippa is coming
Pokerface: i mean come round 20+ zad. floating d7/m9.
Pokerface: cos given i no doubt will run out of trades by round 16, ill need cover!
zadolinnyj: Fair enough.
frenzy: the bench icon depresses the shower out of me
zadolinnyj: Dp counts
Pokerface: who do you see as top 6 or so if you don’t think hewett is top 10.
HolyNorf: this is why you don’t panic about a player not even halfway through a game
pcaman2003: I’d like to see Hawks do a Geelong.
marls: Watch the Hewett comments change tone
navy_blues: lolol
kascadev8: waxing time crippa
zadolinnyj: Lloyd, short, Stewart, may, doch, hall, McGovern, Ryan, dale, young, sinclair, dawson
zadolinnyj: Perry man a smokey
zadolinnyj: Howe maybe
BigChief: McGovern, Sinclair and Young? HAHAHAHA
zadolinnyj: CJ up there as well
Yelse: sicily needs to lift asap
Pokerface: agree lloyd, short, stewart, maybe dawson.. the others are dicey. certainly they not a lock to warrant a trade
Pokerface: ridley?
Pokerface: i admit there may be added dpps that change the equation, eg zorko, pendles
zadolinnyj: McGovern is a never again for me but look at there start this year. I names 15 without Hewett. Lets see
DEESareSAD: Hewett should go 95-110. Definitely a keeper at least until the byes.
zadolinnyj: Ridley for sure. There are plenty for top 10. That?s 16
frenzy: no Rich
zadolinnyj: Hewett still a keeper probably till week 16. He will fade as never had to have so much running
kascadev8: Jiath too good, premium status
Pokerface: yeah but only a handful you can be confident in. the others are not guranteed to beat Hewett
zadolinnyj: Rich as well. So many for top 10. I have Hewett and maybe poker is right that he is spare dual but will take a lot not
2Ph0nes: game on moles
zadolinnyj: To trade when cash is needed
mattmac24: Carlton definetely missing McGov and Saad
BigChief: Hawks will win this.
zadolinnyj: I think this year there are no guarantees anywhere. Will change once youth gets battered and slow
DEESareSAD: Hawks won?t win this🤣
HolyNorf: id say hall, lloyd, stewart, rich and short are the only real locks to score above hewett, maybe a couple im missing
DEESareSAD: Btw I think Newcombe is tagging Cripps
pcaman2003: Where were we in the first half?
Stu7: Gunston has cost me my win this week – goes to show it can only take one player!
Pokerface: rich is not a lock 🙂 hall maybe on avg, but i think he misses games
kascadev8: cripps saving for the last quarter it seems
zadolinnyj: Dp good with Covid lingering
pcaman2003: Gunston and Lewis need to grab some marks.
cmperrfect: Uh oh, the Cripps of old is back? Fade out last qtr…
Raspel31: Seems so kasca- not committing.
Pokerface: JHF, Ward, Macdonald all benched. I chose of my own free will to field Stephens ahead of all of them.
Social: oh crippa nooo
pcaman2003: Crippa is sinking me. I’m a gonna.
Stu7: @pcaman2003 true that mate
zadolinnyj: How much was cj. Looks good this year
pcaman2003: Stu7. Thought I had hope at half time, but that’s vanished.
Pokerface: how much do u need from him pca?
zadolinnyj: Hewett above Cripps
pcaman2003: zaddonlinnyj. $459k. Will be similar price this week as BE was 121
zadolinnyj: Why did he score so bad last week pc. Injury?
pcaman2003: Poker. Way toom much I’m afraid. Around 180. lol!
zadolinnyj: Sicily is my mistake I think. Straight to Lloyd i think
Pokerface: oh i see
Pokerface: the ball was never up ports end last week 🙂
pcaman2003: Poker. If he puts in the effort there may still be hope
zadolinnyj: Fair enough.
pcaman2003: What a game!
Pokerface: what would you prefer pcaman. this hawks comeback to continue, or cripps to get 180
zadolinnyj: Surprised nobody complaining about Mitchell. Did nobody grab him
Stu7: @pcaman2003 – Gunston is going next week
Pokerface: i traded him to cripps this week. just didnt seem right
pcaman2003: Tough question,but I think a Hawks win.
zadolinnyj: Gunston kicks 3 and hawks Winn
marls: Can everyone relax? Not even close to 3300 yet. Plenty of in game and post game scaling to go
pcaman2003: marls. Can you ask CD to scale Cripps to 180 please?
marls: Or are you all AF players?
Legix: What a goal
LuvIt74: bloody spewing Dixon is named i wanted to use preuss score but now i cant swap dixon in with Hays
zadolinnyj: Wow
marls: pcaman2003: on it 😉
Dredd: Everyone crying about Hewett in the 2nd and now hes 5 off cripps.. lol
zadolinnyj: Cruel luv it
Pokerface: keep going hawks
Pokerface: why did you bench preuss in the first place
zadolinnyj: That one gunston
2Ph0nes: bigger choke job than last night
BigChief: CJ best on ground by a mile.
LuvIt74: I got rid of Tich after R1 i cant see him being anywhere close to top 8 mids, i also brought in Cripps this week
MrWalrus: Surely not another one? How good is footy!
pcaman2003: I’ll settle for a Hawks win over Cripps 180.
Stu7: On no – Gunston touched the ball or did he fall on it?
zadolinnyj: Very good MrWalrus
LuvIt74: @Poker because Dixon was initially out and not nammed so i wanted to see what he scored thinking Dixon wasn’t playing
Torz: Sicily having a good quarter so far
Pokerface: west coast werent named until today. he was out through HS protocols like the rest of them. he was never out this week
zadolinnyj: He is Torz. I swear fanfooty is linked to players. Monty gives them a little shock and they respond
LuvIt74: That way if Preuss stank it up i could have rolled with Hayes as a second chance but thats gone now as dixon is named
pcaman2003: Hawks dropping lots of overhead marks.
Catatafish: I think the Hewett soothsayers have been wrong today
BigChief: Wrong there Poker. WC v Freo named at 2.40pm WA time yesterday.
Social: cmon ya bloody crippa
zadolinnyj: The old loophole luvit ruined my someone playing
Pokerface: oh ok late yesterday our time. stand corrected 🙂
cmperrfect: Neale as C not looking such a disaster now.
Pokerface: swear i checked afl site at night and sides still werent up
kascadev8: lift crippa, the blues need you
BigChief: They were there.
Gelly: carlton forever stuck of 66
zadolinnyj: Still a cash cow for me catatafish but pokers comment makes sense as mid and D reserve
LuvIt74: @poker all good mate
pcaman2003: Anyone know the crowd size? Looks quite decent.
LuvIt74: Cripps should score 115+
Gelly: 60k crowd
zadolinnyj: 50k plus
Pokerface: good goal reviewing
DEESareSAD: How the hell has Doch gone back 10 points this qtr
marls: 100 for Hewett. Reverse those trades, you panicky flowers
zadolinnyj: In my famous Sicily
zadolinnyj: No one was saying they are instantly trading. A cash cow means they stay until they are going to lose value or become pr
zadolinnyj: Face not famous
Legix: Sicily huge last quarter
Foursuits: Zadolinnyi your SC advice is a joke
zadolinnyj: On track for 2300 plus
Foursuits: Clearly no idea
Legix: What a game
zadolinnyj: Interesting Foursuits. One never seen you here in 13 odd years and two reveal your team name so I can get you advice
Pokerface: gunstall
DEESareSAD: Huge scaling to come
zadolinnyj: Maybe join the fanfooty sc fantasy and we can see
Foursuits: Great game, similar to last night
zadolinnyj: 1 more gunston
marls: Scaling has already been weird last 5 mins. Should be a lot to come
zadolinnyj: Team name Foursuits. Keen to learn
Gelly: doch junking up
Raspel31: One would think many to come. Go Blues!
Wahab_18: Wtf is titch doing on the bench.. Need 25 mate
pcaman2003: May have to drag out the defribillator.
kascadev8: lots for crippa Rasp, Day looks very good, eyes on
Pokerface: not sure people know what junk time means…
MrWalrus: Lol 4suits, wrong season to randomly pick Zado out, he’s killing it so far
Catatafish: Mega seagulling from Doc
Gelly: if you get subbed off you should not be able to play the next week, would stop teams abusing the system
kascadev8: is it ordering lots of kfc poker?
Foursuits: Please…Mr Walrus it is a sprint
navy_blues: whew
Social: go you bloody crippa
Migz: 300 + points to scale
Pokerface: bloody weitering. that mark should be worth a fortune
pcaman2003: First half cost us very dearly.
BigChief: Get rid of the sub completely. Both sides start with 22 and if injuries occur that’s bad luck.
marls: Agree Gelly. Just lots of soft injuries starting to sneak in
Migz: cripps and hewitt to hit 110 + sicily as well
kascadev8: cripps got 2 lots of +6 and goes down 5?
zadolinnyj: Think you mean not a sprint genius
Fatbar5tad: No junk time in that one
Migz: see you on the other chat boys
zadolinnyj: correct BigChief
cmperrfect: CD having a brain fart
Fatbar5tad: Thanks for the Durdin advice lads. Handy 65 there.
MrWalrus: Not a sprint but you can still lose if you don’t start well
zadolinnyj: I like him Fat
Pokerface: don’t think thats the answer chief,don’t want to go back to days of coaches putting injured/concussed players on field
MrWalrus: Just enforce the mandatory week off

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