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Chat log from R3 of 2022: Collingwood vs Geelong

Chat log for Collingwood vs Geelong, R3 of 2022

Protocol: next game, should be a good one
Protocol: this should be a good game
Baldfrog: Sh1t crowd
frenzy: well done duckwood
mattmac24: Good one Frenzy
zadolinnyj: Lets go stewart
zadolinnyj: That has to change to 25 not 50
mattmac24: I don’t see this game going well for Geelong tbh
Baldfrog: Stand rule is pathetic
mattmac24: If stand rule stays, needs to be more balanced, if players fake a handball, should be play on
navy_blues: when they made that stupid rule they forgot we all grew up playing with freedom on the mark
zadolinnyj: If u want to reduce congestion have one up in ruck and throw the ball in immediately on throw ins. They wait for everyon
navy_blues: its natural instinct
frenzy: we still nominate ruckmen
zadolinnyj: Yep crazy. Just penalise 3rd up and throw in immediate like old days. Mids won?t get there to conjest
navy_blues: beside concussion rules leave the game alone survived this long without the “new rules makers”
Protocol: that advantage call was awful
Yelse: has diazos moved fwd with maynard back ?
Baldfrog: The boys club have to make their $ millions income somehow
zadolinnyj: Correct navy. Rules are on the walls at G as u go up escalator. Adjudicate as written
beerent11: Poor old josh. They kept 35 for Nick. Probably had that his whole life.
duckky: Rules have been changed for TV. To get more goals so the TV can show more ads.
bones351: The 35 jumper goes to the first pick every year innhonour of Preeti. Will be interesting to see if that continues or Nic
BRAZZERS: this blokes name surely isn’t Reef, must be taking the piss
duckky: According to urban myth – #35 is reserved for the top draft pick of the year. The Prestagiacomo sacrifice.
zadolinnyj: But no more goals then old days
bones351: In honour of Presti that should be
Baldfrog: Probably made on a charter boat Brazzers
beerent11: Ahh thanks dukky and bones.
duckky: Coaches and teams learn how to counter the new rules in a few weeks Zadolinny
TheLegend6: Nick Daicos looks a special player
StuL: Too old too slow. Had enough of recruiting old hawthorn players
Baldfrog: Power did it last night duckky getting crows to concede 50m penalties
bhg26: Grundy isn?t setting the world on fire at the moment
DEESareSAD: Imagine people who benched Daicos right now😥
DrSeuss: Can Crisp?s missus give him a call at quarter time please?
zadolinnyj: Correct ducky. No point. Game was fast when 180 degrees was htb and dropping was dropping
The Hawker: Duckwood tasting his own medicine
Baldfrog: Don’t start me on htb zado
a1trader: Grundy quiet
bhg26: De goey isn?t afraid to have a shot
BRAZZERS: de goey could’ve been on a ton by 1/4 time if he kicked straight
Raspel31: Lock Grundy and Gawn they said- glad I didn’t.
bhg26: That?s one way of putting it a1
TheFlagger: sdk lol
navy_blues: pies are showing up cats lack of speed
DEESareSAD: Lucky I didn?t C Grundy. Stanley is ruining him
zadolinnyj: PENDLES has 8ndays to get rid of it. Pure class
DrSeuss: FFS Dekoning – easiest mark of the night and you drop it cold.
Baldfrog: I locked grundy
Gelly: they need to kick the squealing kid out of the collingwood cheer squad
Yelse: i think grundy always struggles against stanley
mattmac24: No ruckman should struggle against Stanley
BRAZZERS: hopefully maccas showed Grundy his SC score at 1/4 time
kascadev8: i agree matt
TheFlagger: where’s gary rohan
navy_blues: lolol
navy_blues: muppet adams
a1trader: Pendles is a freak
BRAZZERS: muppets are not given to forward play
Ninty: Holding the ball doesn?t exist tonight
StuL: We’re we favourites for this anyone? If so, shouldn’t be
Yelse: pies looking good but behinds might come back to haunt them
mattmac24: I think we were stul but I agree, Collingwood playing much better
kascadev8: crisp where u at?
pcaman2003: Get moving Crispy. Get to the ball.
mattmac24: We are very lucky to only be 6 points down
Yelse: standard we should be 6 goals up but only 6 points instead
Gotigres: Get involved Crisp
DrSeuss: Crisp and DeKoning in this game – fantastic first half so far lads
2Ph0nes: dekoning on the ground? lolol
pcaman2003: Crispy heard our cries for more effort.
duckky: So Darcy Moore is practicing his Will Smith’s?
kascadev8: hopefully grundy does too pca
navy_blues: henry always fumbles or marks bounce off his chest
beerent11: Crisp the black and white Whitfield?
bhg26: Grundy you suck
_Wang_: Grundy lol
pcaman2003: kaskadev. Don’t have Grundy but opponent does. Voodoo doll in operation.
kascadev8: dont make me tag u pca xx
pcaman2003: kaskadev. I’m sure we went through all this last year. lol!
mattmac24: Gee the booing of Selwood is a bit much. Love or hate him, deserves a bit of respect
TheFlagger: boo boo boo
2Ph0nes: grundy done well here to get this score
pcaman2003: Great qtr Tom. Same again 2nd half please.
JockMcPie: selwood is a flog and deserves to be booed out of the game
Ninty: Pie fans have always been flogs. Could be worse, at least we don?t have JDG
Fatbar5tad: Exactly Boo Sel but worship a dog like De Go. Farcough
beerent11: Draft boys looking good
TheFlagger: boo both of them i say
kascadev8: just mad they cant kick straight fat
mattmac24: People boo Selwood but can guarantee that majority of supporters would be happy to have him in their team.
TheFlagger: onya stewart keep it up
Amare: Selwood needs to be a yobbo and slap a few women to get respect from pies losers
mattmac24: I don’t think Selwood should be captain next season though, time to pass it o
DrSeuss: Get involved Crisp – do something
DropCox: LOL @ all the triggered Cats fans
a1trader: Geelong made a mess of that!
Amare: DropCox still not over 2011 😀
2Ph0nes: Grundy flicked the switch
pcaman2003: Please Mr Crisp,I’m begging you to start getting involved. Pretty please!
navy_blues: selwood to slow
pcaman2003: Oh dear! Stewart doing the backward slide this qtr.
JockMcPie: gotta love selwood 😉
mattmac24: Geelong just shot themselves in the foot
2Ph0nes: liability
Stikman35: Well done captain magnificent
Rilian: Mare icon must be close for Selwood..
Gelly: nice lippa
mattmac24: Don’t think there was a single Geelong player telling Selwood that Henry was closing in.
a1trader: Geez, Pies look good
Fatbar5tad: One team is running and one team aint.
Fatbar5tad: Finals type game says Darce, Explains a lot DOH
piro: give scott another extension
Gotigres: Crisp is crap
kascadev8: get up crisp
mattmac24: Pies fans booing Stewart too? For what reason..
Ninty: Sickening
mattmac24: Oh don’t worry Piro, they’ll give him an extra long extension after this
pcaman2003: Starting to regret my Crisp selection.
Pokerface: cos he has teeth
BigChief: Sounds like all cats getting boo’d
StuL: If Danger wants a flag he should probably try the GFL
DrSeuss: Crisp?s missus already preparing her TikTok video for this week?
Baldfrog: Can Scott ring Hinckley hate to see him sacked
2Ph0nes: grundy been amazing this 1/4
PAFC4eva: scott and hinkley both getting extensions
Hazza09: Crisp back to his bullshit best
a1trader: Crisp plays in defence, the ball hasn’t been anywhere near there
exatekk: Port will give Hinkley a 50 year deal
pcaman2003: My round is already starting to look grim. Good side on paper but reality is biting me hard.
PAFC4eva: reckon hes gone exatekk if we dont start winning
banta: Ginnivan is a dog
Fatbar5tad: Can’t wait for the Port v Cats blockbuster
Gelly: comon crisp, come forward and kick some goals
Baldfrog: Up to Afl to endorse it tho isn’t it Pafc
Gotigres: Keep going Grundy
StuL: Ginning has a head you want to hit to be fair
exatekk: i dont like the bloke, port could do better
mattmac24: Me too Pca
PAFC4eva: here or there fat
DrSeuss: A1 – Crisp has been playing mid – just not getting involved. Noble and Howe are defenders though.
Fatbar5tad: At Cat park
Pies20: Did not expect this what ever happens pies looking ok this year love the pressure
Ninty: Looks like I?ll have to trade out Esava, cooked ankle
BigChief: Bucks to head back to Port next year?
Baldfrog: Kochhead has to go too
PAFC4eva: good dont have to use my ticket on that one
bhg26: Yeah call that back ump
mattmac24: Not liking the thought of Cats Vs Lions next round
pcaman2003: mattmac24. I think there’ll be a few of us this week. Disappointed that Crisp isn’t playing more mid
Fatbar5tad: Sidebottom dropped that cold
PAFC4eva: wouldnt surprise chief
Migz: how have they brought all these ruck rules into the game and i still have no freaking idea why they call some
Fatbar5tad: Workrate is telling. Five pies to one cat all the time.
mattmac24: Pca. Touk Miller as Captain was the nail in the coffin for me
PAFC4eva: could be worse matt melbourne thursday night
Yelse: never understood the holding against a ruckman in centre bounce
pcaman2003: mattmac. Have Neale who’s not doing much better.
m0nty: Dahlhaus looks extremely bored
PAFC4eva: could be nail in coffin for hinkley
Hazza09: Crisp most traded this week
pcaman2003: Stewart hasn’t added much to his 77 point half time score.Pooh!
Yelse: surprised not more ppl at the ground
BigChief: He looked close to crying @m0nty LOL
mattmac24: Not gonna be much better on field Monty.. lol
sMiles: need to get rid of Crisp
a1trader: what was Grundy on at half time?
BigChief: Aus 3 down for 6 runs.
Pies20: I think half left during that quarter yelse
navy_blues: well scott needs to play youth hate to be drafted to geelong they never get a game
Stu7: What a dud that Koning is
Ninty: Dahl 50 point quarter coming up
mattmac24: 33 trader
Stu7: Grundy was in the 30?s I think
Ninty: The youth we are playing are getting killed, more 30 year olds thanks
Pokerface: not sure what else you expect from a key defender in his 2nd game Stu!
2Ph0nes: grundy was 34sc at half time
Stu7: More than 21 would be good
Pies20: 100 poker obviously dah 🙄
navy_blues: youth are the future and the speed from the youth are killing geelong tonight lol
Torz: Crisp will put the cape on this quarter
Ninty: Actually his 3rd game poker 😆
DrSeuss: Hope you are right Torz – God knows he needs it
Pokerface: P plate for SDK, L plate for Reef. btw, how late at night is it when you decide to name your kid Reef?
Pokerface: oh yeah forgot that 1 game
Pies20: Dalhouse woeful kick
pcaman2003: Crisp is like a rabbit in the headlights and looks frozen when near the ball,which isn’t often.
Hazza09: Looks like Crisp teased us last week
Hazza09: He can go
Ninty: Would be winning if SDK could hold on to a grab
Gotigres: Panic time for Collingwood
navy_blues: geelong coming
pcaman2003: I hate these clangers for a fumble under pressure without possessing the ball
bhg26: I heavily dislike you Cripsy
Gotigres: Wow
bhg26: Crispy rather
marls: It seems it?s either N Daicos scores or Crisp does. Never both.
Yelse: what has happened here pies literally stopped
DrSeuss: How TF does Crisp have the 4th most possessions for the Pies – has been terrible
Fatbar5tad: jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaa
_Wang_: Far out choke time
Ninty: Geelong farmers have lifted
pcaman2003: bhg26. Crisp playing like a man on the take. Horrible game.
2Ph0nes: de koning has been moved forward, icon change monty
bhg26: Seems like ever since Crisp moved to the midfield Collingwood have done nothing but concede goals
bhg26: Therefore crisp is the reason Collingwood blew their lead
Ninty: Boy oh boy
Ninty: How old is Holmes, been very good
BigChief: Wow Cats have fought back.
navy_blues: unlucky howe
Hazza09: Crisp has been horrible
duckky: The cats have moved SDK and Blcavs into the forward line and put some speed into the backline.
bhg26: Beautiful hit from Stewart
thommoae: Poor old Jack = personality disorder. He was “Crispy” last week!
Gotigres: Grundy has been on the bench for quite a while
Migz: what did selwood do? why do they keep booing him
JockMcPie: he existed
duckky: He got a dodgey headhigh in the first quarter.
mattmac24: Because Collingwood fans just love to book players
DrSeuss: Can Crisp get to 80
bhg26: Because he is Joel Selwood migz
Migz: fair enough, he is a dog so boo away haha
pcaman2003: That’s it! Rage trading Crisp as he’s useless as TOAB
duckky: This umpiring is awful.
navy_blues: unlucky geelong there ball was touched
banta: Terrible umpiring
kascadev8: not even the tiktok could save crisp
Ash777: go the draw
Fatbar5tad: piesride
bhg26: And that is the first error in Pendleburys career
navy_blues: multi back on!
_Wang_: Man what a choke
a1trader: good win cats
duckky: Crisp sold Pendles into trouble
pcaman2003: The fat lady sings loudly.
kascadev8: wooooo
Amare: Where are you now Pies flogs?
2Ph0nes: pies quite in the chat
Ninty: Dahl been great, youth fresh legs
navy_blues: colliwobblesssss
mattmac24: Was a scrappy win
duckky: If Geelong win – Jezza for star.
Fatbar5tad: Go Clock!
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
kascadev8: Pies in the mud hahaha
kascadev8: at least that Port kid stayed and accepted it, Pies too weak
zadolinnyj: My god. Just jumped over
BigChief: Not been watching last qtr. How did Coll lose this?
Fatbar5tad: There go the exits! Thanks Adams
duckky: They are playing a lot of downfields this year
Gelly: the old richmond choke
zadolinnyj: Lots of scaling to come?
MrWalrus: Where are the Pies boys
2Ph0nes: degoey should have been in the guts, waste dhim being plonked in the goal square all 1/4
duckky: They ran out of legs Chief. Also moved the slow talls out of the backline to the forwardline.
Ninty: How can they run out of legs? They?re younger?
Fatbar5tad: Boo him now you flogs
kascadev8: up the cats
bhg26: Good work fox footy lmao
PAFC4eva: 30 points up at 3rd quarter break bigger choke than ours
sMiles: lol – I love Collingwood
Gelly: daicos got cleaned up at the end
Fatbar5tad: Right to the Fox shit show after then game. Get fucked.
JockMcPie: we have no legs, we’re just not match fit yet 🙁 but great effort by us, im proud
BigChief: 9/9 tipping still alive. Thanks Geel.
kascadev8: i love it when collingwood choke, and they cant get the ball to elliot? idk
Ninty: Fox could at least let it run for a few more minutes, lol
thesilentl: Afl umpiring is the worst its ever been
mattmac24: Pies played really well, Geelong just managed to capitalise on some errors
thesilentl: Prob got 30 of the 40 free wrong both ways
MrWalrus: Yep silent but not tonight
monkebuket: +1 Fatbar5tad
kascadev8: cracking game, gg
duckky: The upiring must be fine thesilentl… nobosy seems to be complaining 😉
Amare: Suck it JockMcPie
2Ph0nes: too bad cats can’t play like this when it matters, you know finals
jakem1717: Free kick Geelong

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