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Chat log from R3 of 2022: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R3 of 2022

Protocol: hello hello
navy_blues: think suns can win this 1
a1trader: Late start for the footy on a Saturday, was forced to watch NRL
BigChief: Hoping Leon Cameron does not use Green as ruck again this week.
Baldfrog: Hey Navy did Jackson play alright last night didn’t see the game. Cheers
Protocol: had a spare trade this week and went crouch > green, anything more than crouch is a win for me
Gotigres: Put the C on Miller at the last minute.
navy_blues: yes bald gawn prob more dominate out of the 2 tho nut week b4 it was reverse lol so bit of a lottery
zadolinnyj: Lads. Still on a crows high.
Gotigres: *hitfield to go 130+ now that I traded him out
navy_blues: but
Baldfrog: Cheers m8
zadolinnyj: Good on butch for sticking it out and copping it like a man
Gotigres: Good start by Green Protocol
Fatbar5tad: Ash to Touk Touk. Tag time.
BigChief: Ash tagging Touk.
Silz90: Good job ash. keep miller to 50 please 🙂
zadolinnyj: Whitfield to get a million becoz I traded him
frenzy: hope Ash is a good runner
navy_blues: he wont keep up with touk
a1trader: Lukosius back in defence today. I dropped him because he was playing forward – probably get 130 today now
BigChief: Still no teams for WC v Freo?
TheFlagger: anyone know when the wc freo teams release?
Raspel31: Timely comment zado- just shed 3. Go cogs and Green.
BigChief: Was meant to be 2.30.
Gelly: goldcoast kicking out of defence is woeful atm
bhg26: Whitfield has to get to 10 first zado
Baldfrog: WC probably can’t field a team yet
Hazza09: Great Miller getting tagged
Yelse: gave whitfield one more chance prob gonna regret it
PJ39301965: That?s west Australian time Big
Catatafish: Or Whitfield does nothing because I didn’t trade him haha
BigChief: Nope PJ it was 2.30 east
Protocol: gave rowell another chance, nowhere near it right now
StuL: Green is scoring better than top premos
PJ39301965: It? was on the afl website yesterday showing 2:30pm west Aussie time.
Protocol: green is always classy with the ball
Torz: Miller copping a double tag 🙁
PJ39301965: I brought in Brashaw and Naismith. From those teams so I?m playing with fire
BRAZZERS: go to the bench whitfield you need a rest
zadolinnyj: Rowell to green this week
StuL: Rowell back to hugging opponents instead of going for the ball
Raspel31: Apart from Green and Cogs- neglected to mention Rowell. Has that bubble burst?
bones351: Why aren?t my comments showing???
zadolinnyj: Bubble gone
bones351: Haha now it works
BRAZZERS: rowell tagged last week, i’ll hold my judgement until half time
bones351: 5:30 Eastern for WA teams BC
kascadev8: Rowell just warming up
bhg26: Whitfield just out to spite me
_Wang_: Hi all
zadolinnyj: Assume we all have cogs
Silz90: how is cogs on 50? im not watching atm
_Wang_: Cogs wow
navy_blues: 9 poss and a tackle
Yelse: whitfield is done he is out next week lost me money ffs
Gotigres: Do something Miller
wadaramus: Still good even though we all have him!
Gelly: lol whitfield so bad
SwaggyP: lol i tipped the suns. I’m no good at this
Fatbar5tad: Cogs 74.5% pwnership
bhg26: Whitfield might nearly get dropped at this rate. Looks awful all the time, looks uninterested
original: Been a while since I?ve watched a Dermott commentated game. Yuck
Gotigres: Cogs not guaranteed to top up yet
Gelly: im surpirsed he did not get dropped this week
Baldfrog: Haha swaggy no you’re not
zadolinnyj: True true
Silz90: i hate tipping swaggy its so frustrating
Stikman35: Whitfield is going to get dropped next week
navy_blues: swaggy remember adel comeback last night….
SwaggyP: Glad i launched Whitfield into the stratosphere this week though
SwaggyP: 1/3 so far and that correct tip was the dees
Catatafish: Whitfield was a shit rookie pick, looking at upgrades
BRAZZERS: gws were never going 0-3
tor01doc: Whitfield to Cripps this week
navy_blues: suns are getting killed on transistion
bhg26: Whitfield deserves a visit from Will Smith
Gelly: i love talking about whitfield
Hazza09: Is there a double tag on Touk?
TheFlagger: whitfield to bowey looks great so far
Yelse: whitfield doesn’t even have an opponent
navy_blues: swaggy did u tip carlton???
SwaggyP: Whitfield about as useful as wet cardboard rn
_Wang_: Reasonable start witts
Ninty: Whitfield GA. Here we go
zadolinnyj: Tom green great in Freddy got fingered. Can play afl too
Protocol: green and cogs really helping me climb this week, would love rowell to lift even more
Raspel31: Green a handy little pick-up- Whitfield- never ever.
BRAZZERS: he got a goal assist tho
zadolinnyj: GWS would you like a sausage
zadolinnyj: Rowell warming up now
kascadev8: i told u zado
zadolinnyj: Still trading to green
fruity: Come on Kelly do something…
zadolinnyj: Still trading to green. When u complain on ff the players respond
StuL: Green to be no.1 trade in. Talk tight.
zadolinnyj: Monty well connected
zadolinnyj: Kelly been forward
Torz: Ash looks to be blowing up already
zadolinnyj: Witts makes me happy
Yelse: preus not getting enough game time
MrWalrus: I like being a Green owner, plays like a SC god
kascadev8: 100% stul, watch it haha
Protocol: i lover early round ranks, sitting at 59 right now but will end up around 1-2k haha
zadolinnyj: Notice cd goes nuts early this year and nobody gets points last quarter
Raspel31: Green is mine-all mine MrWalrus!
zadolinnyj: Nice protocol. Should have joined our ff supercoach
DrSeuss: Preuss, Miller (c) and Rowell – could all do with a lift please
Hazza09: 2 tags on Touk
zadolinnyj: I was 2nd once half way through the season protocol and 2 weeks later 5000 due to injuries
MrWalrus: Miller (C) needs to bust this tag, I expect he’ll shred it up as the game goes on
DrSeuss: Oh and you too Whitfield – need to stop being a spud
original: I?ll take 110 from here miller
Protocol: thats rough
Raspel31: Iwas once 25000th but then my team fell to pieces.
Protocol: rowell showing some good signs
bhg26: Oh no Witts haha
Baldfrog: Haha Rasp I’ve been there
original: Came 20th one week early in the year a long time ago and maintained top 100 for a month or two. Was about 10y ago.
original: Downhill since
zadolinnyj: All I know is the stress of being in the top 100 makes you make disgusting desperate trades
BRAZZERS: whitfield lifting but needs to stop the clangers
TheFlagger: uh oh here comes whitfield
m0nty: Rowell haters where u at
fruity: Looks like Ellis is tagging Kelly.
Silz90: i won the highest weekly score years back, biggest fluke of my life
Gotigres: Get involved Miller you scoundrel
Protocol: held him, i was gonna ragetrade haha
Raspel31: Green, Rowell and Green- like taht image cos it won’t last.
BRAZZERS: bunch of muppets monty
Harmzy99: really enjoying the tags on Touky. Stay down son
zadolinnyj: I?m eating my words Monty like port fans last night
tor01doc: Nobody hates Rowell. Some of us just missed or passed
MrWalrus: Hating not having him ATM m0nty
Torz: Rowell might tackle his way to a ton today
navy_blues: rowell racking up the tackles
Gelly: rowell going for tackles record
m0nty: Rowell heading for 25 tackles for the game
zadolinnyj: Happy as he is in my team but aren?t we supposed to bitch about our players here Monty
m0nty: this chat is also for slobbering hero worship
Hazza09: Seriously Touk
BRAZZERS: all the hating has helped rowell and whitfield today lol
zadolinnyj: Lol
bhg26: Any criticism of Rowell will not be tolerated anywhere
navy_blues: lol
zadolinnyj: Hopefully will be contributing to that when Neale plays monty
Gotigres: Fiorini nedds to find teamates
Torz: Ash moved to Weller I think?
mattmac24: C’mon captain Touk! Need a good score from you
kascadev8: whitfield wtf haha, howd u get up that high
zadolinnyj: When is Bowes back
zadolinnyj: May need oxygen kasca
DrSeuss: Touk might be trouble today, Suns players not experienced enough to help with his tag or look to get him involved 🙁
BRAZZERS: preuss good, glad i stuck with him at this stage
sMiles: Let’s go Preuss
DEESareSAD: I only want 80 from you Preussy
zadolinnyj: Terrible
Gotigres: Who was that Suns player who went out of bounds
Hazza09: This is hard to watch with Touk
Pies20: Got miller c should of gone neal
navy_blues: caleb graham
zadolinnyj: Still 9 minutes for touk
Gotigres: Thanks navy
Ninty: Whitfield and Preuss building
Gelly: darcy out again haha
navy_blues: yw
Raspel31: Am I the only one with Cogs?
zadolinnyj: Almost a muppet for caleb
Pokerface: were people actually trading out whitfield? They were just trolling werent they?
LuvIt74: i was going to trade steele out and bring in Miller but opted not too for another week
zadolinnyj: Definitely Raspel. U r Nostradamus
bhg26: Class from Chol
Pokerface: wow luvit. yep do it next week. great move
_Wang_: Rasp lol
JohnHoward: operation trade whitefiled back in. rip
Pokerface: sorry couldnt find the sarcastic emoticon
cmperrfect: get off the pine Green ffs
Oddsy5: need touk to go good in my $100 league and him to go bad in $50 league ffs
navy_blues: dont like hill always trying to do the impossible be a lot more value if he stuck to basics
zadolinnyj: Ur the Kane Cornes of ff Raspel except when he is make stupid comments he is serious
navy_blues: no way ump
hinsch: Whitfield to Bowey last week plus $100k in the bank happy so far
zadolinnyj: U are being hilarious
kascadev8: i like raspel
Dondeal: That’s BS. Rowell got 1 point for contested handball and defensive clearance from I50
JohnHoward: keep on telling ya self that hinsch. embrace the L
zadolinnyj: Raspel is a comedy genius. Always good for special comments kasca
Ninty: Can?t believe I traded out Cogs. Oh well Fiorini going ok with the big C. Double that score 🤩
cmperrfect: Grunglish to Prueglish looking good.
Baldfrog: Good to see Mr workchoices making an appearance John
LuvIt74: Your thoughts on Preuss, looking good thus far, traded Gawn to bring in Preuss which was hard but i wanted Cripps
Raspel31: I like raspel too.
bhg26: Gold Coast needed that
Hazza09: Is Ward to Xerri worth it?
a1trader: Rowell on Green now
navy_blues: xerri might be ok but wont be tonning up against a reserves side every week like WC
tor01doc: Hazza – no
Raspel31: If Cogs doesn’t ton from here I will run down the street naked.
JohnHoward: preuss have my babies, so happy i start4ed with him
Silz90: i think xerri is a must have for cash gen, can you trade someone else besides ward? just needs one big score for $
mattmac24: Xerri is looking to take over the no.1 ruck, he wont smash out huge scores but he’ll make good cash
bhg26: Ward may be in for a big one soon. If he was remotely efficient last week he could have gone 90+
Baldfrog: Agree with Navy 1 good score against Wafl players
kascadev8: no haz
Baldfrog: Had a little bit of sick in my mouth at the thought of that Rasp
BigChief: Again Raspel? Didn’t Kasca make you do that last weekend?
Raspel31: Xerri should go to ruck in position changes so a defo keep.
Stikman35: Glad I didn?t trade Whitfield.
Fatbar5tad: I started with X but not sure I’d jump on.
Silz90: plus xerri will be dpp in round 6
Pokerface: sydney next week.. who does he ruck against there.. i think he’s worth it if you arent on yet. brisbane this week
Yelse: who’s the most chosen players?
Fatbar5tad: That’s why I started him Silz
Pokerface: exactly silz.. will be a great r3/d7 second half of season
Silz90: Yeh good call fat
navy_blues: cogs subbed out with hammy Rasp lol
Pokerface: hope its not chilly!
a1trader: Cogs – in 74% of teams
Raspel31: Lol navy- my worst fear. Who here is in FF leagues?
a1trader: Nick Daicos 82% of teams
kascadev8: whatd i do chief?
kascadev8: yes raspel
zadolinnyj: Yep Raspel. I?m making up the numbers
zadolinnyj: If touk stays down I?ll beat pies I hope
Raspel31: zado- you had a brill r1 score.
Pokerface: you work for CD zad?
kascadev8: im playing apache in 1
PJ39301965: I am rasp
zadolinnyj: PJ the team to beat I think
zadolinnyj: Nice poker. Very quick. Cd def make numbers up
zadolinnyj: Sad out with covid
Pies20: Me rasp I’m showerhouse, hotpies everyone will be happy to play
twinpeaks: Hope you are on the mend Monty. Preuss to R2 looking a great play in AF next week
PJ39301965: 1 lucky week Zad, still a long way to go mate.
Raspel31: Good to hear PJ- got Toumba and Warnie’s Heroes?
cmperrfect: Saad even @ Zado
zadolinnyj: In about 20000 place Raspel at moment so not great. The ups and downs with premos this year will keep it interesting
Protocol: thats a shame, anytime saad has the ball he does something brilliant with it
Raspel31: You had a fabbo r1 zado.
zadolinnyj: Ur basic structure is very good PJ. Should be a premium team later in season during finals
PJ39301965: I?ve got Benny?s all stars and bald
Yelse: are the players out coz they got covid themselves or family contact?
bhg26: Hey that?s me PJ
zadolinnyj: Not sure yelse
PJ39301965: Nice bhg,
zadolinnyj: Lol cm. Autocorrect
Baldfrog: Easy win Pj for you
zadolinnyj: I?m sad I can?t bullshower how good my team is when everyone can see it this year.
PJ39301965: Not yet bald
Yelse: i think all ruck men SC should be ruck/FWD
PJ39301965: Made 3 changes this week Zado.
Raspel31: Rowell’s tackles now equal his possessions-hm?
zadolinnyj: I did mate
piro: rowell gone all scott selwood
PJ39301965: Me too
zadolinnyj: What?s the tackle record
cmperrfect: some would be sad Saad is out though @ zado lol
zadolinnyj: Needed to happen and 5 extra trades
BRAZZERS: pretty content, only used one trade. Had to replace dusty
PJ39301965: and that the ton Rasp
zadolinnyj: Nice braziers. Was hard trading dusty
Raspel31: Cogs tonned so you are all spared my exqiusite nakedness for another week.
bhg26: Witts only 7 points for 3 touches, a mark and a clearance?
cmperrfect: hey Leon. How bout resting Pruess FWD instead of on the bench you flog
Baldfrog: The Queen and Camilla are sad Rasp
DrSeuss: Come on Touk – also come on Suns – your Captain is getting tagged, put Ash on the ground
Fatbar5tad: Piss off Taranto
PJ39301965: Wtf timmy
Protocol: atleast taranto can laugh at that haha
kascadev8: u should be too bald
Stu7: Go Greeny you good thang!
Fatbar5tad: Should be -20 for that kick
zadolinnyj: Who?s bringing in toby
Fatbar5tad: What happens to Green when Hopper comes back tho?
PJ39301965: That?s the same with Preuss when big Mummy comes back.
zadolinnyj: Will still be mid
kascadev8: whitfield looks good today
StuL: Toby is well amd truly never again.
cmperrfect: hey @ m0nty what happened to the Mr Football App you were building ?
Yelse: where whitfield disappeaed this quarter
Raspel31: Agree zado- you don’t change what aint broke.
Gelly: mummy retired PJ
bhg26: He has always come back Gelly
m0nty: still in the works cmm, next year launch hopefully
PJ39301965: @Gelly, they are picking him up in mid mid season draft. Announced today
zadolinnyj: He was referring to mummy saying on April fools day he?s back
DrSeuss: Suns getting no love from the umps in this quarter – plenty getting missed
BRAZZERS: preuss scored pretty well in the lead up practice games with flynn playing
zadolinnyj: Is that soccer monty
cmperrfect: looking fwd to it @ m0nty. Keeps us all in the loop.
bhg26: Tom Green is an absolute gun
cmperrfect: Green Lantern is lighting it up today. Yesss
DrSeuss: Touk as Captain is not going so well this week.
Raspel31: Okay, 2 tons- up to you now Rowell.
kascadev8: time to lift witts
zadolinnyj: Not happy with Kelly forward
fruity: Kellys got his $$$$$ he doesn’t care where they play him.
Fatbar5tad: 300k ruckman with 73 at lemontime. Not going that bad.
Pies20: No I’m feeling your pain seuss
TheOnyas: Onya Greeny
Protocol: happy with crouch > green now, cogs and rowell going well also
cmperrfect: Hey kasca – happy 2022 to ya
Pies20: Get a 100 touk please I’m flowered this week anyway
Pies20: Traded out Whitfield as well im a 🥔
piro: taranto 11 clangers?
fruity: The Cogs slowed down a bit…
MrWalrus: C’mon Touk, dig deep, everyone else, well played finish it off
bhg26: I reckon the giants are too far in front, might as well relax on touk
frenzy: you are an epic fail Lukosius, what was I thinking
Raspel31: Poor Rowell- those stubby legs chasing the GWS midfield.
kascadev8: bit like ur legs rasp?
kascadev8: happy 2022 cm
Raspel31: I have a very well turned calf kasca.
BigChief: Loved Touk’s game today.
Stu7: Put Green back on please
Protocol: green having a break was good, will probably stay on for the last 13
TheFlagger: leek aleer should play next week with haynes and phil davis injured
MrWalrus: Well not sucking was fun while it lasted booooo taggers
pcaman2003: Kelly very disappointing effort. Not working hard at all compared to Green
mattmac24: Not liking that I picked J.Kelly over Neale 🙁
Hazza09: Cheers Touk, unique for me this week out of all weeks
Raspel31: Must say Tom Green is a rather useful chap eh what?
zadolinnyj: Kelly being rested as they are so far in front
feralmong: hmm serong out had to pull my first trade. Neale in. Seems a good deal lol
pcaman2003: zaddolinneyj. Not sure why they’re resting him as he’s done SFA.
BRAZZERS: not as good as having Neale in the forst place and not having to waste a trade lol
Stu7: True that Rasp – I bouhgt him in this week
zadolinnyj: Injury prone pc
feralmong: true, but i put about 15mins into picking my team lol
Raspel31: Maybe time to upgrade Cogs.
TheFlagger: time to go witts
piro: 150+ for cogs
Ninty: Only 3 behinds for Cogs, not good enough for my team
Stu7: Thats it for Green damn!!
tor01doc: Rowell may not be a must after all
Baldfrog: And he’s not over 35 either Ninty
Stu7: I bought Cogs cheap $350K ish
mattmac24: Rowell might not end up being a keeper but he’ll make money
Baldfrog: Don’t think anyone thought Rowell would avg 120+ tho
tor01doc: True mattmac – was awkwardly priced
Silz90: suns mids getting smashed today, if he averages 100, he will be your last upgrade imo
Stu7: Green back on woooo hoooooo
tor01doc: A lot jumped on Rowell after his sensational opening week – chasing points
StuL: Rowell or Greene could be handy for m9 by finals.
navy_blues: omg choi
pcaman2003: Witts only on then for 4 minutes then off again. Damn!
mattmac24: Rowell a good pick if you started the season with him but wasn’t worth a trade
Gotigres: my worst ever non-injury affected captain’s score
Raspel31: For his price no complaints torc.
Baldfrog: Yep Matt
tor01doc: mm24 – thanks. That was what I was trying to say
Raspel31: Damn- that killed Rowell’s ton.
navy_blues: rowell u gotta let run and tackle not a tagger like last week
PJ39301965: You were saying Rasp
StuL: Rowell got a ton. Parish hot 97. Why all the complaints?
beerent11: That?s 200 if cogs kicks two of those points as goals
a1trader: no suns got to 100
frenzy: very costly Jack
pcaman2003: Kelly 32 pts second half…..pfft!
MrWalrus: Season over, thanks captain Touk
DEESareSAD: Good from you preuss

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