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Chat log from R3 of 2022: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R3 of 2022

exatekk: Hey all. go crom
zadolinnyj: Rochelle in middle
TheFlagger: come on dawson go big
BigChief: I would love to see Adel win, just can’t see it happening.
MrWalrus: Might settle in for this one, should be bruising,.
exatekk: me either Chief, just need to not get smashed in the clearances
Protocol: that was a stretch wow
BigChief: Let’s go Cows
MrWalrus: The only thing worse than Port is the Pies so go the Camry Crows
navy_blues: any of u crows supporters got keays in your side?
Ash777: now for the real game.
exatekk: nah…dont ask me why
Crowls: The only thing worse than an eagles supporter is a crows supporter. Go Port the real SA footy xlub
navy_blues: i think he goes under the radar a bit
navy_blues: but worth considering for sure
BigChief: Dawson the game has started.
TheFlagger: keays cleaned up his disposal this year which is great for his sc
Ash777: Looks like keays will be crows top scoring player this season.
Torz: Get on the field Crouch
TheFlagger: crows putting the heat on
Fatbar5tad: Fuck Port. Hinkley our man on the inside.
wadaramus: High pressure low quality start to the game.
wadaramus: You lurking PAFC?
wadaramus: JButcher?
zadolinnyj: Was weird Dawson and crouch starting on bench
TheFlagger: love that celebration
DrSeuss: Ok decent first touch Rachele –
PAFC4eva: here wada watching battle for the spoon
wadaramus: There you are mate, high quality showdown start!
PAFC4eva: alright if your a crowy
DrSeuss: How was that in the back? Umps making some fun decisions this weekend so far
wadaramus: Virtually nil all at present!
Yelse: two crappy games to the eye tonight
wadaramus: Awesome tap to advantage there..
PAFC4eva: love a ranga ps how does marshall get a game after 4 possies last week
wadaramus: Fucking umpires!
Fatbar5tad: Himmelberg is horrible.
NewFreoFan: Marshall has to have nude photos of Hinkley or something
m0nty: Contact free on Butts
Protocol: wines spends more time on the bench than he does the field
zadolinnyj: Swallow ur whistles ummps
JButcher: Wines has a niggle i reckon, no other reason to only have 64% TOG in a showdown
PAFC4eva: ha ha nude photos in gay bar
wadaramus: I love the way players fire up after getting an undeserving free kick..
Yelse: seems a lot of premiums spending too much time on the bench this year
wadaramus: Come on, lets go! You got a free goal mate!
PAFC4eva: cmon wada you sound like bhg
JButcher: salty already wada?
wadaramus: OK, sorry mate, will temper the bias 🙂
wadaramus: You know I am right though right?
Protocol: there we go, ollie off with a blood rule
bhg26: You have summoned me PAFC
DrSeuss: Another shady free against Rachele
Ash777: sammy mayes delivery you a new goal
Protocol: need him to get some junk time now haha
PAFC4eva: just waiting for a comment bhg opps dixs not playing
Ash777: delivering rather
TheFlagger: uh oh butters
DrSeuss: Powell Pepper you stupid flog
Torz: Butters with his weekly Band-Aid
bhg26: Hes practicing at home PAFC
JButcher: Plays better injured Torz haha
TheFlagger: great start dawson
PAFC4eva: in the lounge with his own whistle
Torz: Is Crouch playing as the interchange steward or something? Ffs
arbel: Powell pepper is just a clunky idiot.
m0nty: Butters gone forward
TheFlagger: uh oh
Ash777: bet heaps of ppl bought in butters
TheFlagger: Dawson has been sensational
Torz: Dawson is the Crows best player
DrSeuss: Butters back near the middle. Powell Pepper is still a hack
wadaramus: Started with Butters, good job Dawson!
kascadev8: hinge back to terrible, on his last hinges in my team
Torz: Butters looks fine
Ash777: Dawson killing Hinge
Protocol: houston jumpers not looking to happy
2Ph0nes: i assume you’re 12 with that line
m0nty: Berg 2 Berg for that goal
TheFlagger: dawson highest TOG is handy
bhg26: Why are you doing this to me hinge
JButcher: Ollie get on the flowering field
zadolinnyj: Hinge on bench equals big score. Hinge on ground equals no score
Gotigres: Well done Hinge, you have reached double figures
PAFC4eva: looks like hinkley got some nude photos of marshall
kascadev8: rachele kick another bag
zadolinnyj: Rochelle a goal sneak but terrible tackler and bad in middle. Not hard enough
m0nty: Mead HODLers happy
Torz: Mead knows how to find it.
wadaramus: Cheap 50’s ruin the game.
wadaramus: Why is AFL umpiring so insipid?
BigChief: Tough on a 3rd gamer Zado
wadaramus: That free kick, and others, are fucking pathetic.
exatekk: doesnt help when 30% of our list are potatoes wada
zadolinnyj: The word interpretation wada. Old days rules were clear. Drop ball free, holding the ball 180 degrees
zadolinnyj: Not tough just when he?s on my ground he has scored bad
beerent11: So much anger.
JButcher: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
wadaramus: Fucken pathetic shit.
zadolinnyj: Those frees need to be 25 not 50
BigChief: Poor call on Laird compounded by dumb 50m penalty.
wadaramus: What’s so funny JButcher, that Port can only kick a goal when the umpire gives a free kick or 50?
Fatbar5tad: Port need umpire goals or they can’t score. Forward set up is shocking.
beerent11: Somewhere the phantom is smiling.
Torz: Such a crap rule
wadaramus: It would be good to see teams kick goals without free kicks!
DrSeuss: How was that holding the ball. Port definitely getting assistance
Fatbar5tad: Ack. Got Mead on the bench.
JButcher: If the scores were reversed wada you’d be laughing too, any time you’re leading in a showdown is a happy time
wadaramus: Na, there has been nothing good in this quarter except for shit umpiring.
zadolinnyj: How many times do crows just kick straight to opposition
_Wang_: Any chance of a touch butters you squib
BurtCocain: what kinda injury is zak carrying?
DrSeuss: Screw you Powell Pepper – Butters gone super quiet since you steam rolled him
bhg26: Butters, after the game, you are grounded mister!
exatekk: ya have to admit wada, there are at least 4 of our blokes that should be bumped back to the sanfl
MrWalrus: Not Butters’ night constantly on screen & around it but just not getting to him
JButcher: From impact alone it looks like ribs @BurtCocain
DrSeuss: Yeah regularly gettng ignored when in space Walrus
wadaramus: Goal without a free kick, no fucken way!
zadolinnyj: Not happy that pepper spread butters
Ash777: ribs and trade in cursed
Torz: Skinner needs to learn how to tackle without getting a free away
JButcher: Goal with a free kick, no floweren way wada haha
wadaramus: Had the ball when tackled, play on in my book, but the AFL suck.
MrWalrus: Butters got clangered for that diving under pressure chest mark attempt before, CD no idea
BigChief: Not in the back Wada?
wadaramus: Maybe a tad in the back, but had the ball when tackled.
wadaramus: That was a fucking goal you stupid AFL cunts!
Ash777: was called dangerous tackle not in the back
Protocol: wines keeping bench warm haha
mattmac24: I trust the goal umpires decision in that case. Couldn’t be confirmed in the review
wadaramus: Dangerous tackle? WTF??!!
JButcher: Crows playing Marshall into another 10 weeks in the side
m0nty: Houston dropped 10 points there
Pies20: Lucky zads has butters as well could of bin game over
zadolinnyj: Massive push by Houston on smith
Ash777: Only Touk of the premo mids is going to rise from the looks.
mattmac24: Wada, Skinner pinned his arms and drove his head into the ground, has been called a dangerous tackle for a while
MrWalrus: Agree matt, Fair point call before.
zadolinnyj: And hinge pies
wadaramus: The vidoe clearly showed a goal, but the revert to umpires call, pathetic!
Pies20: Yeah but don’t won’t to reverse that psychology that gear, I’m still in it just zads
wadaramus: Sorry mattmac, a push in the back used to be a push in the back, tackling from behind was legal, AFL sucks.
mattmac24: But it didn’t Wada, you could not clearly see a gap between ball and post, it is not 100% certain it was behind the line
PAFC4eva: you alright wada might need a roly
MrWalrus: No it didn’t clearly show a goal, it clearly had the crucial frame missing, umps call correct
wadaramus: Pin arms, good technique, get some grass in your mouth coz it was face first, free kick.
mattmac24: Wada. It was a dangerous tackle, used to be legal because the education on head injuries was minimal, not anymore.
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, because we couldn’t zoom in to see if it was 1mm across the line we cancel the goal, unjust!
MrWalrus: I’ll give you the tackle one wada, way to many great tackles being penalised as “dangerous”
wadaramus: You guys have lost the plot, reward the highest percentage, not the least.
MrWalrus: Wada, goal ump called point, review inconclusive, umpires call, it was correct
Ash777: I think it was a behind but only like a mm.
arbel: Cmon butters get invole
zadolinnyj: Happy with crouch.
PAFC4eva: put a bit of floyd on during half time wada
wadaramus: A roly PAFC, you mean a giant spliff?
wadaramus: Man PAFC, I am a Floyd fanatic, don’t need Wish You Were Here to calm me down, need some umpire sackings!
wadaramus: MrWalrus, if the video umpire couldn’t call that a goal, we are beyond redemption.
PAFC4eva: bit of comfortably numb will do the trick
wadaramus: Best solo ever PAFC.
MrWalrus: The replay was inconclusive, no way could you say he hadn’t touched it before the ball fully over, umpires call correct,
PAFC4eva: fav floyd song
MrWalrus: Was actually a review not ruined by a guess for a nice change
mattmac24: The video umpire’s job is to determine that it is 100% a goal. If it isn’t 100% a goal it’s the goal umpires decision.
wadaramus: Bullshit MrWalrus, it was across the line, did you have a magnifying glass the AFL didn’t have?
PAFC4eva: by the way congrats last week walrus i had a real stinker
wadaramus: SO you’re telling me you could see a minor fraction of the ball not across the line?
MrWalrus: When did he first touch it? Before the frame you’re talking about is when Wada, correct call
mattmac24: Did you get the magnifying glass out? It couldn’t be determined by the tech they have so it is inconclusive.. Let it go
wadaramus: For me PAFC, if I had to pick one, it would be Time.
zadolinnyj: In the words of dumb and dumber, so ur telling me there?s a chance
MrWalrus: Unlucky PAFC, team is solid, will be a good rematch I reckon
wadaramus: Complete speculation, this is why it should have been awarded a goal.
wadaramus: Haha zado!
MrWalrus: No, that’s why it shouldn’t, goal umpire said point, can’t overrule on speculation
mattmac24: No! That is why it wasn’t because if it can’t be determined, it goes back to the goal ump’s decision which was touched.
wadaramus: Deliberate out of bounds, more superb umpiring! Fuck the ALF!
mattmac24: If the goal ump said it wasn’t touched and called it a goal, it would have been a goal. Smh
zadolinnyj: Should not have been a free since it was a spoil
wadaramus: Stupid goal umpire MrWalrus.
Protocol: wines starting bench again? my dude is actually the benchwarmer
Protocol: ahh, hes out now, lets get some junk
2Ph0nes: tampons are required for a few in the chat tonight
mattmac24: Might be time for you to turn off the game Wada!
zadolinnyj: While Motlop is playing port can?t win a premiership
JButcher: Wada goes waa waa
Andrew1234: Dawson getting tagged by drew
wadaramus: Not yet mattmac!
Hazza09: Ofcourse my opponent doesn?t have Butters
DrSeuss: You spelt Powell-Pepper wrong Zado
MrWalrus: Hahahaha, I can agree with that wada
zadolinnyj: Massive throw
TheFlagger: far out tagging a winger
Tangent: Lol bullshit
Tangent: From a throw to a goal
TheFlagger: as long as dawson cracks the ton im a happy camper
Gotigres: This game is killing me. Butters 31, Hinge 33 and Rachele 26
Andrew1234: Can?t see a ton with Drew on him
mattmac24: Probably the only good deliberate oob I’ve seen for a while
beerent11: Not Robinson Crusoe there gotigres.
BRAZZERS: is butters hampered by that bump? Or just playing shit?
BigChief: Yes Butters you got a kick.
wadaramus: Why the fuck do we keep getting caught out over the back?
TheFlagger: Yea they might even swing him forward like last week. hes alright overhead obviously not sc friendly though
MrWalrus: Butters having an almost night Brazz, could easily go 80 yet
mattmac24: Just not getting any of it Brazzers
m0nty: Hinge and Rachele waxing, nice
TheFlagger: at least heeney only went in the 80s
Protocol: maybe wines does have a niggle, not in it
Pies20: Liberal did loose the election protocol maybe his mind elsewhere?
beerent11: Butters doesn?t matter most have him anyway.
Gotigres: Ok, now I am not going to whinge about Hinge
mattmac24: 50% in SC for butters, not fussed with a low scoring game from him, will jsut make a bunch of people trade him out!
original: Jesus deserves a fine for staging that and the flop early in the game
Protocol: rachelle picking up some junk
PAFC4eva: you heard that rumour to pies
BigChief: Junk 2/3’s way through 3rd quarter?
Ash777: Crows finds a good tall
Pies20: Yes yes i have pafc4 surely not?
PAFC4eva: surely if he is he could do better than steve
beerent11: What number is Jesus wearing original?
Yelse: is hinge the designated kick in ?
zadolinnyj: Massive hold on laird
Gotigres: Great couple of minutes by Hinge
a1trader: Hinge looks good
exatekk: funny zad, i had him all thru team picker, then he busts his hand, so i went to Titch, but yeah give him a few weeks
MrWalrus: I have the Hinge on bench regret, was him or McCartin though so hardly a disaster
original: Beerent haha not sure how keays corrects to Jesus on my phone
Pies20: 🤣 pafc4 you would think so, hinge lifting zads
Ash777: crows just hinging onto the game?
wadaramus: How was that HTB, fuck you umpire!
zadolinnyj: Happy pies
Pokerface: geez Walrus, must have strong defence. whose d5?
Ash777: port throwers
zadolinnyj: Massive throw. Come on umps
exatekk: imma guess Bowey
bhg26: Hinge never in doubt
Pokerface: does a cork bob differently in ocean when its off Kangaroo Island?
MrWalrus: Stewart, Crisp, Short, Showerfield, Hewett. 1-5
Pokerface: @exatekk yeah i thought that as soon as i posted
DrSeuss: Would love Butters to get to 80?you can do it
Pokerface: wow. that is def heavy!
wadaramus: How does McHenry keep getting games?
exatekk: i was wrong! my D5 is Bowey!
Tangent: Shut up wada
DrSeuss: Should have given it to Rachele
original: Shoulda let rachele mark it or kick it buddy
Pokerface: mine is mccartin!
kascadev8: mchenry robs rachele then absolutely sprays it
Protocol: my defence is a mess, we dont talk about it haha
MrWalrus: I’m heavy everywhere but ruck, go Preuss & Hayes with English pinch hitting via DPP
zadolinnyj: Agree wada. Rus around like a spastic. Needs to settle and focus on getting ball
Pies20: You have got me zads now I’m flowered mrouch and hinge helping you get away, clarry and English massive scores
Pokerface: wow, that’s different. love it
wadaramus: Really Tangent, that’s a super intelligent retort!
zadolinnyj: Who is who dares wins in gf SuperCoach
Tangent: He gives 100% day in day out and gets in there
Pies20: Play nice crows fans all get along please 🙏
zadolinnyj: Touk vs Neale captain could still help you mate. 1 injury changes everytning
wadaramus: His skills are insufficient for AFL, not saying his effort is not there.
MrWalrus: Working too, Green M5, Xerri F5 ave 2350, well until this week
Pies20: Not that i care really 🤣
Pokerface: crows fans so unruly they making the pies fan look civil
Gotigres: Great qtr Hinge
zadolinnyj: Gives 100 but does not influence play
zadolinnyj: Lol poker
PJ39301965: Evening all
Gotigres: Skinner subbed out
wadaramus: Surely you jest Poker?!
Pokerface: unsub him
MrWalrus: Yep Zads, you’re going huge this week it seems where most are having a poor one
exatekk: ease up poker. im being civil LOL
Pokerface: i never jest wada.
PJ39301965: @Zado, that would be me. Why?
exatekk: hey navy, just remembered why i dont have Keays
wadaramus: High quality 50 metre penalty there.
zadolinnyj: Your team looks good mate
Protocol: Marshall and Gollant getting a good run tonight
navy_blues: yes?
JButcher: Wada goes waa waa again
PJ39301965: Thanks,
Ash777: who would go bigger. Touk or Neale?
kascadev8: chat very interesting tonight
Crippa9: Better connection up forward tonight for port?
wadaramus: The AFL have to make sure goals are being scored by paying shit free kicks.
exatekk: low floor, high ceiling
BigChief: Is that a tacticle sub from Port? Skinner looked okay to me
JButcher: Fogarty gives real John Butcher vibes
Gotigres: Butters going backwards
Pies20: Sarcasm kasca?
zadolinnyj: How fresh does Fredrick?s look. Tactical injury maybe
exatekk: nothing wrong with skinner
wadaramus: At least I am contributing to the chat JButcher, you?
PAFC4eva: changed my mind on fogerty wada
zadolinnyj: I love a fired up wada. Banter beast
BRAZZERS: bitching about umpiring for 4 quarters isn’t contributing nackers
kascadev8: nah Pies, getting a good laugh
Pokerface: we should all catch up at the Ramsgate
Yelse: boak so under rated anyone got him
wadaramus: Bitch about something Brazzers knackerbags.
JButcher: I’m enjoying a Port win wada
zadolinnyj: Lol poker. They should play the actual game at rams
wadaramus: What have they got on tap Poker?
Pokerface: lol zad
italz: Freddyyyy
beerent11: Had him last three years yelse. Regretting leaving him out this year so far.
Protocol: i dont think boak is underrated at all haha
Gotigres: Have a rest on the bench Butters
zadolinnyj: Fredricks doing a touchdown dance
Pies20: Haha poker
original: Hope bitters can get to 65
Pokerface: have no idea wada. ask riccuito, he’d know
zadolinnyj: Fake an injury cook so we get a fresh player
wadaramus: Roo is bagging the Crows worse than me!
Pies20: If he doesn’t we will all be butters original
Protocol: Boak is like a fine wine, better with age
zadolinnyj: Angry spirits and fosters would think
Pies20: Hang on the other way round original haha
beerent11: Afl lebron.
zadolinnyj: O?Brien cooked. Needs a chop out
exatekk: afl charles oakley beer
Raspel31: Being new to this game I do not understand why Butters is not kicking butt tonight. Confused.
Gotigres: Do something Rachele
JButcher: Should’ve won by 10 goals, 5 will do though
DrSeuss: Need to get Rachele up the ground again
beerent11: Gone way back exatekk.
Ninty: What has happened to Butters?
beerent11: Hot in the kitchen ninty
Ash777: need wines to ton
Gotigres: Hinge just got crunched. Not sure if he’s ok
Tangent: That’s called effort… Love ya Ned!
zadolinnyj: Very new Raspel31. U can?t believe it?s not butters
DrSeuss: Got smashed by Powell-Spudder at the end of the first. Hasn?t recovered real well
Protocol: wines thriving right now
Gotigres: Hinge is fine
Fatbar5tad: Why throw the guy on the ground? Some stuff stuff by the Crows tonight
wadaramus: Tackled with the ball, tackle finished without it, free kick, fuck off!
Pokerface: between ppepper, butters and wines, port have a nice buerre blanc on their hands
zadolinnyj: Weak free
JButcher: Wada goes waa waa again and again
Raspel31: M0nty- I would like to lodge a complaint. The scores of Rachele and Butters are not moving.
DrSeuss: I second Raspel?s complaint
JButcher: See what happens when you get off the bench Ollie, easy tons
MrWalrus: I like a bit of mead myself poker
zadolinnyj: That was terrible free as well
kascadev8: third rasp
Pokerface: it will pair well walrus
Pokerface: won’t leave us looking skinner though
zadolinnyj: Flower me. You can?t miss kick now
Ninty: Nothing worse than seeing a player with his arms out for deliberate than trying to keep it in themselves
beerent11: Engage hinge loophole.
Ash777: ROB over Gawn so far so good.
MrWalrus: Need the Skinner for the grappa
Ninty: Port cooked
kascadev8: was that mchenry stealing another rachele touch?
MrWalrus: It seems a game has broken out here
Fatbar5tad: Himmelberg and Marshall. WTAF!
Ash777: Go crows
navy_blues: senses some nervous ppl in room lol
Protocol: ump calls have been awful, but good game so far
zadolinnyj: Get crouch back on
beerent11: Go crows!
Ninty: Seems JButcher went the earl crow
Raspel31: I know kasca- outrageous. Who cares about the scores.
Tangent: Flashbacks to that Dawson robbed goal
Protocol: anyone else hold mead? not looking too bad
Raspel31: Despite not touching the pill I think Butters has had a great game.
JButcher: Still gonna win Ninty
exatekk: fuck me dead
Fatbar5tad: fmd they’ve given another 50 away
blonde0na: wada’s not going to like this
Ash777: Umps win!
MrWalrus: That’s not right
zadolinnyj: Great game umpires. He had played on. Stupid rule
Tangent: Green maggots strike!
Ninty: Not by 5 or 10 goals ay. Still an earl crow
DrSeuss: Umps deciding another game. Becoming a joke.
Tangent: Ball dont lie
Fatbar5tad: McKenzie again sensational
wadaramus: Don’t want to waa waa.
JButcher: Win is a win Ninty, shouldve been by 15 goals if we could kick straight
Raspel31: Well, Rachele lost a bag of points for that.
exatekk: omfg
zadolinnyj: No way
Fatbar5tad: After the siren kick! He’s been belted!
MrWalrus: Crowed too early again butch?
Ninty: Wowee boy oh boy
PAFC4eva: whoever wins a game between 2 cellar dwellers
Gotigres: Rachele just lost 13 points
navy_blues: here we go
DrSeuss: Missed a Rachele tackle earlier – getting screwed this qtr
wadaramus: Suck a fat one JButcher you wanker!
Ninty: Lol JButcher
zadolinnyj: Dawson will get a million for that
BigChief: Hahaha @JButcher. Eat that.
bhg26: Oh Butch
JButcher: Well played fellas we deserve to be 0-3
Gotigres: Oh wow, good kick
zadolinnyj: Go you flowering crows. Yes wada
DrSeuss: Yes – what a comeback. Nothing better than seeing Port lose lol
Ash777: That was a great goal
tor01doc: JButcher?.?
kascadev8: rachele trade out incoming
bhg26: Go crom
Tangent: Hahaha cry you muppet port fans
wadaramus: We’re shit, but at least we beat Port 🙂
Amare: hahaha bye bye Port
beerent11: J butcher copped it. Fair play.
Gelly: haha sucked in
MrWalrus: Dawson one milllllllion SC
zadolinnyj: We could lose every other game but this years great now
wadaramus: So good for Dawson to kick the winner!
Gelly: -100 for mayes
Fatbar5tad: Give butch credit, he manned up
MrWalrus: Also kudos Butcher for not just disappearing and copping his (deserved) licks
PAFC4eva: surely spotlight has to be on hinkley now
DrSeuss: When does Hinkley get the boot?
PAFC4eva: could be soon seuss
wadaramus: Now for the fun of listening to the Port ferals let rip on 5AA 🙂
zadolinnyj: Agree MrWalrus. He stayed and copped it. Well done butch
PAFC4eva: contenders to pretenders gonna be a long year
PAFC4eva: dawson deserves medal
wadaramus: Waa, waa, waa.

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