Chat log from R3 of 2022: Melbourne vs Essendon

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Protocol: cant wait to see how Martin goes tonight
fruity: Dees without Bronw will be interesting..
TheFlagger: go dees
fruity: Brown
Amare: Let’s go umps
Yelse: do i bench rachelle or martin or haynes
a1trader: my opponent has the VC on Nick Martin – Must be expecting another moster score
Protocol: its a tough choice
Yelse: or dekonning
TheFlagger: rookie roulette
frenzy: surely the dees dont let martin run free
Protocol: youd think theyd have others too worry about first
Gotigres: Watch Bowey go 50 and Gawn go 150
a1trader: yep, agree Gotigres. People are jumping too soon on Max
Growlers: Tonight we will see if all those coaches who traded Max out will be found out! Time will tell.
navy_blues: melb by a mile
Protocol: set and forget for a reason
2Ph0nes: Gawn 200 plus
Growlers: Any late mail on tonight’s games? Apart from ben Brown?
navy_blues: be watching hobbs tonight
Legix: Gawn gonna break records tonight
BigChief: Gday all. Tipping Gawn to get 130+ tonight.
Yelse: benched martin rachelle and hayes in the end watch them go big
Gotigres: Why Navy?
m0nty: new liveblogger tonight, treat him nicely 🙂
Gotigres: I’m already admitting that Growlers. Of course I will regret it. Might reach his breakeven of 200
navy_blues: my sons played against him from juniors and he comes from near me
navy_blues: just curious really see how he goes
Fatbar5tad: We are always nice monty.
BigChief: Hobbs is not playing navy.
Yelse: already regretting martin bench decision
Gotigres: Is he playing navy?
Catatafish: Martin nice start, hoping for a massive Gawn game!
2Ph0nes: navy on the piss
TheFlagger: weiiiiid
navy_blues: late out? he was named
Torz: Hard to bench a bloke who had 130 last start
Silz90: evening everyone
navy_blues: ok my bad
Silz90: would you field: ward or macdonald
BigChief: He was named as emerg navy
Crippa9: Nice work urbs!
2Ph0nes: he’s named in the VFL yes lol
StuL: Come on Parish. Don’t die.
TheFlagger: ward
Yelse: was thinking melb will keep the ball away from martin
frenzy: Urbs and spices
2Ph0nes: lol melb isnt putting planning into a second gamer lol
zadolinnyj: Yes martin
Ash777: I had traded out mcgovern for Martin.
MrWalrus: I expect Max will ton, regardless though no regerts, happy with what he got me.
wadaramus: Risotto balls into pizza and red wine, happy Friday peeps.
wadaramus: Carn the Crows!
Gotigres: Time for a 15 minute rest on the bench Gawn.
StuL: Good start Parish.
zadolinnyj: Yes wada
Torz: Max gets a free kick for running himself under the ball
wadaramus: Do you really need that long on the bench Bowey?
Migz: wow. i have gawn so ill take the points but thats soft. He just got worked under the ball. HORRIBLE call
Migz: agree torz. you see that a dozen times a game.
navy_blues: happy with gawn to english plus max will drop in price
Catatafish: Play on from kick ins Ridley!
Gotigres: And Gawn got 11 points when others would get 6 points
m0nty: May taking kick-ins
original: Should be HTB on bowey
Fatbar5tad: Come on VC Clarry.
BigChief: Duhram never had that. Fritch had it.
original: But that?s htb haha crook
navy_blues: not htb against ess when its etween melb players legs
Migz: well 11 points doesnt sound wrong. free kick + long kick + inside 50 +score assis
Crowls: Another night of One eyed umpiring
Fatbar5tad: Crows have dudded me. I thought Pedlar was out and I tried to loophole Martin. Have to play McGuiness, Pedlar, Durdin.
Ash777: he dragged it in first navy
Fatbar5tad: Which one should I play lads?
original: Yes but if he doesn?t have possession at all how is he meant to get rid of it? He dragged it, yes, but it was gone
upweydons: Should be play on re harmes free
zadolinnyj: Durdin mare
navy_blues: spot on original
MrWalrus: VC Clarry but no loop, get that BE son, Captain Touk has got your back!
Ash777: Durdin probably the best option
Crowls: Do umpires practice or watch tape,. Cause this is sithouse
Fatbar5tad: Leaning that way zad.
BigChief: He obviously got it out @Ash as Fritch was sitting on the ball.
Fatbar5tad: Cheers Ash. Maguiness doesn’t get near it. Quality selection ha ha.
zadolinnyj: He look good week 1
original: Hope they rewatch last nights performance. Free kick dogs
Migz: i traded out maginess this week. he was literally my last pick and all i could afford that was playing. but trash
Fatbar5tad: Yeah but I have Chapman. Ugh. So many sins!
BigChief: Cmon Petracca do some thing please.
Ash777: I got macdonald instead of magiuiness
TheFlagger: baby bombers so brave
Legix: Good start Caldwell
a1trader: Parish is quiet
Migz: hes on 31 chieft haha. thats on target for 120
beerent11: Swapped Gawn for Jackson this week
Fatbar5tad: No beast mode for Gawn, Clarry 40. Bowey 28. Happy days!
BigChief: Migz he was on 12 when I commented and then got 2 kicks and a hb
SwaggyP: Staring down a 100 point blow-out.
zadolinnyj: He won?t get 200 with that attitude migz
Gotigres: Keep going Martin and Bowey
navy_blues: bad goal kicking tonight
BigChief: Can someone please shut BT up? He has no clue.
zadolinnyj: Agree
duckky: McGrath tagging Petracca isn’t really a lockdown.
Hazza09: I think that?s it for Gawn, has to go now
duckky: That was a free against Petracca. Umps pet
upweydons: Ffs free against Petracca
original: No free on petracca then, crazy non decision
Oddsy5: how was that not HTB on petracca! whole game stopped
Protocol: this umpiring haha
Ash777: they’ve lost the whistle
navy_blues: agree duckky
BigChief: Should have been duckky.
arbel: In what world is that not holding the ball on petracca
Migz: you know its really bad when their own team mates stop with the ball
BigChief: OMG he actually did HB it. Didn’t think he did.
JButcher: Always going to be a massive loss, but the Bombers are seriously missing Zerrett’s class in transition
Amare: Essendon what a rabble
beerent11: Nice to hear to Shane Warne stand side of the ground.
Crowls: Feel like cancelling my membership to bombers. Even with umpires crucifying us. Total lack of effort from many player’
duckky: About bloody time
Crowls: Put Shiel on Traxxas cause he is trucking useless doing anything else
Migz: i think melb are just a lot bigger around the midfield. when you can’t break tackles and they can it looks like lack of
Migz: effort. but its not.
TheFlagger: bombers will be fine just playing tough teams.
duckky: Shiel finally pulls his finger out
duckky: Now he will go back to sleep for 3 weeks
Fatbar5tad: They do lack grunt in the engine room though. Need a big bodied mid.
beerent11: Lessgo riddler!
duckky: Hind is having a shocking season
TheFlagger: dunkley wouldve been handy lol
Crowls: Dunkley would look good in our midst!!!
AlsoGmax: Well, at least Max is taking some marks.
Yelse: pahhh gawn is shocking this year
TheFlagger: kick the bloody pill bowey
BigChief: The umpiring is shocking. Screw the no abusing them.
Fatbar5tad: Two FA no disposals this quarter Bowey
MrWalrus: C’mon showdown! This is not much fun
wadaramus: Pretty scrappy game, I’m going over to the main event 🙂
exatekk: seeya there wada lol
MrWalrus: I think if Bowey bombs you really got what you paid for, not a gun link up half back
beerent11: Coopers vintage 21. Lovely.
Fatbar5tad: I reckon 75 is a good return for Bowey
Pies20: I got sucked in walrus 😒
TheFlagger: Bowey already has 100k price rise basically so anything extra is luxury
Ash777: Martin’s hands and vision are so good.
Migz: shiel is trash
wadaramus: Coopers Regency Park Red Ale, delish!
duckky: Fuck I am getting splinters in my head from banging it on my desk
Crowls: Surely we are entitled to a refund for Shiel
beerent11: Looked for that today wada. Not at my local yet.
BigChief: Shiel sucked Ess in for sure. Worth a can of coke and bag of twisties at most.
Protocol: whats been up with devon smith lately? really dropped off
wadaramus: Yeah, was at the Moana Heights bottle shop but not at Dan’s.
fruity: put the VC on Petracca , should have picked Oliver..
wadaramus: Bought a slab tonight after getting a 4 pack on Wednesday,
NewFreoFan: AC Cola and Costco Cheese-its BC
duckky: Depends what type of Coke Chief
Pies20: Hmm we must live close wada?
DrSeuss: Keep relaxing on the bench Gawn – you have had a huge night so far.
Yelse: seriously gawn get of the pine
Catatafish: Any time you want to contribute Gawny
beerent11: What?d it set you back wada?
Fatbar5tad: Rest easy Maxy!
wadaramus: I’m down the dinge Pies20.
BigChief: Maybe Ess thought they were getting Shiels from Haw.
Crowls: For to like the way Jackson and fawn are sharing time…..
DrSeuss: Its ok guys – he is back on for the last minute. Big contribution coming
wadaramus: Only $65 for a full slab, 5.5% Red Ale cans.
Ash777: phillips wining the hit outs against gawn
Pies20: Good bottle shop moana celebrations just across the road
MrWalrus: Nice Wada! Showdown started
wadaramus: Normally I only buy Pale Ale by the slab.
a1trader: you wouldn’t expect to be leading by 9 ppoints when you only kick 4 goals in a half of footy
beerent11: That?s not too bad. Rangas are 50 bucks here now.
DrSeuss: Phillips making Gawn look very average. How long is too long to hold him as a ‘premium’
wadaramus: Pies20, it has the best craft beer fridge on the Fleurieu.
mattmac24: talking of beer in chat? This game must not be a great watch
wadaramus: Rangas beerent?!
wadaramus: Righto you lot, switching chats 🙂
arbel: @seuss … traded him to English this week and so far no regrets
beerent11: Coopers orange wada. Pensioners piss.
wadaramus: Magnificent beerent!
wadaramus: Coopers is mothers milk 🙂
kascadev8: texxx
J.Worrall: Tex you beauty!
TheFlagger: bowey has shot up this quarter
J.Worrall: Peter Perfect!
J.Worrall: What did he shoot up?
J.Worrall: Peter you beauty!
Protocol: cant get enough of watching oliver, works so hard
BigChief: Petracca having a mare.
Torz: 11% have Petracca captain in AF
Protocol: 11% in tears right now haha
Fatbar5tad: No feel for the game umpire. Absolute accident clarry
BurtCocain: not deliberate
kascadev8: Bowey up to 80? wtf
TheFlagger: thank you bowey much better than shitfield
wadaramus: Go Bowey!
Gotigres: I go and practice guitar and bowey moves up to 80 with only a few possessions
beerent11: Play guitar do ya gotigres
Gotigres: Notice I said practice beer, and not play.
kascadev8: good stuff tigres
Gotigres: I’ve only been practicing for about 16 months, so I’m very bad lol
beerent11: Why does jake stringer remind me of snake from the Simpson?s?
Gotigres: But thanks for asking.
Torz: Good call beer
Fatbar5tad: Can Clarry have his ton back now CD?
Silz90: Clarry might go 140 tonight
colin wood: Tracca is a champion footballer
Stikman35: Petracca = gilchrist
BigChief: Trac kicks the “goal” calls it touched and umpires ignore him SMH
Fatbar5tad: Yep, he walked Stiks
Fatbar5tad: HTB on nibbler lol
Pies20: Ton up bowey and gawn please stand up stand up
Stikman35: Anyone got Draper in their team other than Essendon hehe.
Yelse: need gawn to fire to 120 +
a1trader: Full time?
kascadev8: lets go ridley
Stikman35: Search simply red fairground. He?s BOG tonight.
DrSeuss: Come on Maxy – need a big finish here
Raspel31: Atta boy Ridley-atta boy Bombers.
Legix: BT’s lost it
2Ph0nes: this dumbass has confushed sheil with caldwell all night. muppet
DrSeuss: BT is an idiot
Fatbar5tad: 9 points to Clarry since 11 to go in the third. Huh?
Stikman35: Dees will have to choose their first ruck to remain successful
exatekk: how many durps bought in Jackson for Gawn?
beerent11: I think Gawn is still first Ruck stik.
Raspel31: Hmm, perhaps shouldn’t have benched Martin. Useful around the ground.
Pies20: Same beer
Ash777: Jackson still going to rise in price and has only 1 mediocre score
Stikman35: I see clear signs of a young fella destined to be better. Stands out clearly to me.
Ash777: Gawn is just not a 120+ ruck atm.
Manowar: That’s not Wright!
Stikman35: Gawn in my team. No trade here
BigChief: OMG Langdon.
TheFlagger: anxious wait for me with shrek darcy still in my side. im a nuffy
m0nty: well that’s just unfair
Ash777: that’s a betts special there
DrSeuss: Come on Maxy – last big push here
Grimes Jr: Melb scum
frenzy: would ya say Draper is a tap ruckman
Protocol: i swear some olive tackles have been lost this game haha
bones351: AFL need to check if Redman has a betting account. He wants Dees to win
Yelse: no love for gawn has gone backwards last 10 mins
fruity: Come on Petracca…3 minutes to ton up..
Pies20: Didn’t trade gawn either stick exa
BigChief: Wow Draper actually got a kick.
Gotigres: Obviously God has Brayshaw capt tonight
DrSeuss: Yelse – he has done very little for the last 10 minutes to be fair
original: Take Martin? Or play xerri or hayes?
TheFlagger: 20 marks is wild
duckky: Brayshaw BOG
Fatbar5tad: Clarry score no idea. Going up and down without him touching the ball. Pretty sure he’s been dudded.
Protocol: take martin
mattmac24: I’d take Martin over Hayes
Pies20: Roll the dice original
TheFlagger: bowey you beauty
a1trader: Petracca 50 pt quarter
Legix: Good man VC Oliver
Stikman35: Glad the jumpers didn?t suggest Essendon played tonight. My dad is watching the other game as a result.
BigChief: Is that Ess season pretty much done now?
TheFlagger: no chief theyve played 3 finals teams.
TheFlagger: I think they only beat 1 team inside the 8 last year and made it so they’ll be fine. not great for their confidence tho
user_five: May be a little early to call that Chief. Played 3 who are expected to hit deep in finals
JButcher: 20 marks is outrageous from Brayshaw, finally back in Fantasy relevant role
beerent11: I went Gawn to Jackson. 80?s are fine at the price. Investing elsewhere. When xerri is dp will have options to upgrade
Fatbar5tad: Bowey good lad
BurtCocain: captain akuei this week
mattmac24: Probably not Chief, played well against one of, if not the, best teams in the comp right now.
original: Jackson didn?t get 80 tho

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