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Chat log from R3 of 2022: Western Bulldogs vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Sydney, R3 of 2022

PJ39301965: Evening all from sunny Cairns
PJ39301965: Mills to Macrae to start I think.
m0nty: Two early FAs against Paddy lol
frenzy: howdy
zadolinnyj: Lads ad wends
Torz: I turn the game on “Oh great mark Paddy”. FFS he’s already on -6
kascadev8: hard to find the chat tonight, hope everyone is well
zadolinnyj: Me vs hot pies this week in fanfooty sc. lets go
Dondeal: Both Buddy and Heeney got 5 sc for missed shot behind and English got 2?
pjw1234: just dunkley tonight with paddy on the bench and no loophole available.
DEESareSAD: The lizard is lovely
Jukes82: thanks for letting us know mate
pjw1234: trades this week got bowey and ducker butters out dekoning and preuss (hayes to ruck emerg)
MrWalrus: English not getting love tonight, has been actually quite awesome
Torz: Tom getting all the touches we want Paddy to get
wadaramus: Howdy from blustery Aldinga Beach.
wadaramus: Necking a nice new Regency Park Red Ale from Coopers, yum!
JButcher: English turning into a consistent, premium ruckman, Dean Cox-esque
MrWalrus: Weightman is a bigger flopper than Ron Jeremy without his viagra
zadolinnyj: Nice wada
JButcher: Very tasty drop that one wadaramus, cheers from an equally blustery Willunga
navy_blues: paddy doesnt miss his target by foot very often
DrSeuss: Treloar as my only unique. Be great if you could get a touch or a tackle – anything
MrWalrus: Paddy Mac can play a bit, can almost see what the recruiters did years back over the last few weeks
pjw1234: Looks like everyone has wind tonight
Baldfrog: Wish the swans players wouldn’t breathe near a doggies player they get a free kick
zadolinnyj: I lol MrWalrus. I mean who?s Ron jeremy
MrWalrus: Cold here in Craigmore too SA boys, on the Krackens
wadaramus: Just up the road JButcher, are you Alma Middle or Top?!
DEESareSAD: Finally Heeney went to the bench
wadaramus: Krackens Mr W?
zadolinnyj: Spiced rum wada. Heaven
JButcher: Sadly no beachside view for me Wada, I get a decent look at the Tour Down Under though
MrWalrus: Spiced rum Wada, perfect for the first Autumn chill
Dondeal: Paddy McCartin is like Brian Lake reborn
wadaramus: Spiced rum, sounds tasty. Port from my barrel is my warm drink.
arbel: decided to go gawn to english … like what has happened so far
Jukes82: lol
wadaramus: JackMac VC, go you good thing.
Crippa9: gawn to jackson for me
BigChief: I thought Mr Walrus was Ron Jeremy?
wadaramus: A few Gawn trades huh, English looking OK so far!
MrWalrus: Gawn, Dusty & Baldwin to Xerri, Lloyd & Hewitt were my fixes, will get Gawn later for less I think
zadolinnyj: No he?s dirk diggler BigChief
Gelly: i would say hes more like heath grundy
wadaramus: Why the porn star sledges for MrW?!
HolyNorf: definetly heath grundy
MrWalrus: My dad chief, apparently I take after him… well that’s what my mum says
Fatbar5tad: TEnglish for Gawn for me as I picked McInerney AND Chapman. Had to fix that clusterfuck.
Stikman35: Laddy BcCartin. Dondeal.
Fatbar5tad: Tell you what Walrus nice trades.
Social: When do they name the teams out west?
Pies20: Went cripps for zerret Whitfield to hewit got 400k but I’m shower need another back,
Migz: no idea, i read they got an extention to naming teams? would have to be by tomorrow surely
BigChief: Hope you got some of his money Walrus 🙂
Fatbar5tad: I’m so bad I needed five boost trades…
Nurfed: teams get named 230 saturday i believe
Fatbar5tad: So does Freo have the bug or is it still just the Weagles
BigChief: WA teams named approx 2.30 Sat
PJ39301965: The western derby teams are on Saturday afternoon
Gotigres: I fell asleep and my trades are locked in. I need Hayes or Dixon to play otherwise I’m a ruck down:(
Dondeal: English. 3 points for a clearance and inside 50
BigChief: Longmuir has it.
Fatbar5tad: Hayes plays surely Tiger.
MrWalrus: Cheers fat, actually not Lloyd, Green (looks seriously good) it should fast track me to complete team.
Gotigres: I hope so Fat
Pies20: I’ve alredy used 2 fatbar please that’s how bad i am 🤣
Raspel31: Rather chaffed with English must say. Back on the ground Mr Macrae.
BigChief: Which Hayes though GoTigres? Sam or Jack?
MrWalrus: Hayes plays or Ratts should be sacked, the only good thing for the saints so far
Gotigres: Jack BigChief. St Kilda
frenzy: you can get a cream for that Raspel
Raspel31: Agree MrWalrus- madness if he doesn’t.
navy_blues: english on fire
BigChief: he will play or as Walrus said Ratten should be sacked.
Fatbar5tad: Cheers Chief.
Social: Hayes could play anywhere on the ground, don’t see why Paddy would force him out
DrSeuss: Treloar do something other than handball ffs. It?s you Vs English
m0nty: Ugle-Hagan smashed by a double big Mac combo
Fatbar5tad: Sympathy Pies…but not on Saturday…
BigChief: Surely Wallis is not injured already.
Raspel31: Lol frenzy.
MrWalrus: I could smash a double big mac combo right now
Pies20: Hopefully a good game fat should see where we are at this year, looking forward to it
dipstick: welcome to my team Speaker No… big maxy was told to pearce orf
Fatbar5tad: Both teams trying to play a more open style. Some recent Pies Cats games have been snoozefests.
Pies20: Yep totally agree fat
dipstick: @walrus those 2 small big mac deals for $8 are chefs kiss
m0nty: It really is amazing how often the Bulldogs get front half free kicks.
zadolinnyj: Lloyd back
dabombers: Who de-Gawned this week? Did you do it for a Heeny 73??
original: What?s going on with liba?
BigChief: Agree m0nty. That should have been HTB against Ugly-Hagan
Migz: liba is becoming a forward pocket
dipstick: I deGwned for English. A no brainer
Migz: ai hope the 6000 people who brought stephens in arent gonna be too mad
MrWalrus: I degawned to play Hayes on field
navy_blues: syd not hitting targets at all
Migz: risky move walrus since ryder back this week
Hazza09: How is Heeney on 41
navy_blues: 4 tackles helped heeney
zadolinnyj: Tackles and contested
dabombers: Did the supercoach ruck setting go back to 2021 mode!!
The Hawker: How was that kick from Treloar ineffective??
original: Have the VC on amartey, dang
Gelly: almost all his possessions are contested too
MrWalrus: It’s ok Migz, got English for DPP backup, he’ll play though, started Stephens too, he’ll be right… I hope
Raspel31: Guess we all vceed Macrae- hmm?
Nurfed: another forward free sheesh
kascadev8: no Rasp 🙂
MrWalrus: Because CD said so Hawker, no other reason at all
mattmac24: That’s the smart move Raspel, I’ve VC’d him every round so far
Gelly: stephens having a mare
Torz: I’d love to be a bulldogs forward. You get free kicks for existing.
Migz: stephens lost 6 points in the last 5 mins haha
a1trader: Hickey 91 – unreal
navy_blues: hickey doing well
mattmac24: That free was there. Swans player had a first full of his jumper
The Hawker: Well CD is dumb isn’t MrWalrus?
zadolinnyj: Vc on heeney for some reason
fruity: l thought l put the VC on Macrae but didn’t ..l gave it to Petracca…
Hazza09: Might go Shitfield to Llyod next week
BigChief: I put vc on Neale.
Moona: Evenin all – Macca VC for me
MrWalrus: Sure is Hawker, sure is
biggs2dujj: Dylan Stephens is a spud.
wadaramus: Must be a strong left to right breeze inside the dome, shit kicking from the Dogs.
MrWalrus: VC Clarry but no non players to loop, C Touk seems a good idea to me.
bhg26: This. Is. Shithouse.
Fatbar5tad: VC Clarry maybe Neale against the Roos at home
MrWalrus: Anyone here the coach of Voss Deferens?
BigChief: Maybe dipstick @MrWalrus?
beerent11: Trade him out then biggs
MrWalrus: Well dipstick or whoever, good luck, you’ll need it against the mighty Squids 😉
AlbySmedtz: Put 42 and 20 2gthr for Bulldogs
beerent11: Anyone go Gawn to English?
BigChief: Watch Gawn go 140+ this week because so many traded him out
beerent11: Like this camera angle a lot
Migz: wtf is this camera angle
Fatbar5tad: ha ha Beer 😀
mattmac24: Most likely Chief, can’t believe people traded him
beerent11: P Mac going super duper
Migz: the only thing gawn hasnt done is take marks. if he starts clunking another 2-3 contestest marks a game he goes to 110+
beerent11: Out!
wadaramus: Looping PMac, come on Heeney, lift!
Moona: @bigchief – thats why im so tempted to put the C on him
MrWalrus: I agree Gawn will come good but Hayes needs to be on ground and Gawn will bleed cash, will make$300+ k trading him too
sMiles: Heeney train – Choo Choo
beerent11: Do it walrus. Do it.
Migz: but how much do you value a trade walrus. ive always had them at 100-150k depending on rookies that year. so its 2 trade
Migz: for 100k then
MrWalrus: Wada, do red ales let you see the future?
BigChief: Cmon Treloar, kick the damn thing.
MrWalrus: I did Beer, started Preuss & English too though, if not for that I wouldn’t have but gotta make lemonade
DrSeuss: Agreed chief. Takes a mark – ummm handball
wadaramus: Indeed, they open the third eye!
dipstick: @miggs what doyoumean? if hayes gos up 200K and gawn drops 100K thats 300K trade
MrWalrus: Exactly Migz plus per below perfectly placed to make it work so im happy
wadaramus: Need a bit more from JackMac for a successful VC.
DrSeuss: Macrae TOG has been lower than usual to start this season
beerent11: This games more fun when you take chances like that.
Migz: dip – yeah but you gotta assume you gonna trade hayes out at some stage because you will need a top 3 ruck brought in.
Gotigres: Hickey in the rooms
Migz: so now thats 2 trades you have used to gain 100k. minus potential points from having a premo ruck. its all luck anyway h
a1trader: English will get 150 if Hickey doesn’t come back on
MrWalrus: True beer especially when you planned for it being possible and start with 2350 average
BigChief: If Hickey inj that’s a huge loss for Swans.
MrWalrus: Trust me Migz, in my situation trading Gawn isn’t much risk, it’s almost compulsory
BigChief: Swans screwed. Ronke is a spud.
DEESareSAD: Heeney injured?
MrWalrus: And big win for English owners Chief
Dondeal: Geez Monty, crapped myself. Heeney subbed out?
m0nty: my bad, Hickey out not Heeney
Stikman35: Don?t put the medical cross on Heeney again please
BigChief: Massive win for English owers for sure Walrus
MrWalrus: Heeney fine, pretended to hurt his ankle earlier is all
PJ39301965: Selfless there Heeney
a1trader: Heeney must stink to be 30m on his own
DEESareSAD: Starting Grundy English preuss could be a master stroke here
MrWalrus: Geez PMac is good
Pies20: Dogs definitely getting kissed on the pecker with the umpires
a1trader: Dangerous tackle?? That was the worst decision I’ve ever seen
Yelse: afternoon gang… hows the game been ?
Torz: Dunkley?s tackling game has been epic this quarter
original: Free kick bulldogs
Yelse: geez really need macca to lift
MrWalrus: Hayes last week was worse a1 but yeah
MrWalrus: CD person has no idea tonight
banta: More terrible umpiring. Let them play! Stay out of it umps
Hazza09: So Neale or Touk C?
original: Holding the man LOL
Pies20: Great from bont then and w8man
DrSeuss: Dogs definitely getting the rub of the green with the umps tonight
banta: Bit of akermanis about weightman
frenzy: the Bont is a CD fav
MrWalrus: Shame W8man is such a stager, can really play
Pies20: Yeah agree walrus he’s on tonight tho
Pies20: Mcrae should get 120plus from here
BigChief: HTB against Libba? Nope.
Stikman35: Would anyone trade Rowell or berry to Cripps
Yelse: think stephens might get dropped next week
MrWalrus: Fair question Buddy asks there HTB on Libba then every day of the week!
Legix: Umpires should be wearing doggies jumpers
kascadev8: berry out of the 2 options stikman
original: Standard bulldogs umpiring
MrWalrus: Yes Stick, Berry first
Pies20: Swan’s getting robbed with the umpires, tipped dog’s hopefully they hang on
Fatbar5tad: Dogs getting a ride but not much of a tackle on Libba before.
MrWalrus: I’d use a different R word Pies, no lube
_Wang_: Do we lock macrae at 125
a1trader: Hard to know what score for McCartin to loop in and replace Rachele – maybe 80?
bhg26: Fuck this no abusing umpires shit. This is clear evidence they deserve it
MrWalrus: Fat, there were 2 blokes holding him when he went to kick it but missed, you can’t actually get more HTB!
amigaman: @bhg26 why so little TOG for Rowbottom?
Pies20: Htb fat on libba every day of the week
dipstick: @wang always, unless you wanna risk going someone for 150 which isonly 25 extra points
Fatbar5tad: Swannies still alive. Dogs would be kicking themselves but might miss.
Stikman35: Short. Corrective trade. And xerri. Cash gen. Forgetting about Cripps for now.
sMiles: something wrong with Stephens? on the bench again… FFS
Fatbar5tad: Parker by himself??
Yelse: stephens is gone next week looks like coach lost trust in him
MrWalrus: 1st week I thought Buddy may be cooked, I was very wrong I’m pleased to report
Yelse: need mills to get to 25 to win my multi gonna be close
Fatbar5tad: Short footsteps there Bailey?
jakem1717: Is Xerri a must have? Do I trade out Ward if that?s my only option to bring him in?
dipstick: yes, stephens has 9 points since half time. useless
Legix: same here Yelse. $440 if he gets 25
Fatbar5tad: A big score against no ruckman last week. Not sure he tons up regularly but I started with him and I’m happy enough.
Raspel31: Lot of time on the pine Macrae- guess not a cap option tonight.
banta: Below knees contact on Rowbottom??
NewFreoFan: Yeah I need 30 from Macrae, didn’t think that would be the weak multi leg
dipstick: @legix LOL just put your money in Bitcoin or a dozen other crytpo which are going to go up 20-50X within 12 moths
DrSeuss: Macrae on the bench again – what?s the go with his low TOG this year
MrWalrus: I’d hold Ward Jak, Long term should prove comparable but not awful either
zadolinnyj: Game at least getting interesting
fruity: come on Trealor , top the ton
wadaramus: Looking like Neale is needed with the C.
DEESareSAD: Scores frozen?
LuvIt74: @Jakem1717 I’d trade out ward and bring in Xerri every day of the week, I traded out ward after R1 to bring in Heeney.
zadolinnyj: Macca got crunched twice. Not good
Malaka: Go VC English!
MrWalrus: McCartin squared is pretty handy down back isn’t it, Swans have a nice team this year
dipstick: youre gone next week Bont.
zadolinnyj: Correct MrWalrus
MrWalrus: Another soft one to the dogs
Yelse: is macca playing fwd?
Fatbar5tad: Will Jacrae ton?
mattmac24: Hardly Walrus. Wicks jumped after the mark was taken, no need for it
MrWalrus: English gone beast mode since Hickey gone
Raspel31: Jacrae looks fairly nonchalant tonight.
Gotigres: Macrae won’t even ton
Yelse: macca prob go off last five mins as usual if follow last 2 games pattern
zadolinnyj: Surely everyone has Macca so a bit of a mr irrelevent
Gotigres: Miller or Neale capt
Stu7: I went Dunkers for VC
Fatbar5tad: No Jacrae for my opponent Zad.
zadolinnyj: I meant patty Mac
MrWalrus: Who’s your opponent fat?
Stu7: Get off the bench Heeney
kascadev8: looked at scores and see mccartin 90, then realised it wasnt paddy 🙁
Fatbar5tad: Family league. Don’t know who I’m playing here. In two FF leagues.
MrWalrus: Touk for me Tiges so probably Neale
frenzy: English TV Lol
Fatbar5tad: Cameltoes and Shooters 9 iron.
Fatbar5tad: Imagine reporting Tenglish. The mild mannered Tenglish.
Silz90: Hope English gets 5 weeks lol
Stu7: Game On!
banta: Lol Macrae is such a soft cat. Compare him to Cripps
Fatbar5tad: Jacrae gives up the 50 ffs
a1trader: Dunkley 11 tackles
DrSeuss: JMac having a MARE. Just not interested tonight
DEESareSAD: English gonna get done for that?
zadolinnyj: Surely not
beerent11: Oohhh cheaper McRae soon
banta: Cherry picker bont
valkorum: the bont just tonned in SC for that 🙂
MrWalrus: Who was trading Bont?
colin wood: Macrae -9 for giving a 50 away yeah?
Fatbar5tad: Do not listen to that Carlton supporter MRP
zadolinnyj: Should be colin
jakem1717: Dunkley ripped off in SC
Gelly: umpires win
Hazza09: Stephens will get dropped next week
Pies20: Mcrae average tonight, neale or touk c for me
amigaman: What did English do
beerent11: All my draft boys killed it!
wadaramus: Dunks 5 muppets.
MrWalrus: Agree Gelly, very unlucky the swans
DEESareSAD: English in a bit of trouble for high hit on Blakey
MrWalrus: CD person was a Muppet tonight, I’m starting to come to terms with this though, swings & roundabouts
dipstick: lloyd a nice easy 51 points from kickins. useless otherwise

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